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Ozil: Dortmund are better than ever

Mesut Ozil believes Borussia Dortmund are better than ever but remains confident that Arsenal can end their trophy drought given their standing in the Premier League.

Speaking to homeland publication ahead of Wednesday’s crunch clash with the Bundesliga’s second-place team, the midfielder remarked that defeat at the Emirates two weeks ago was annoying and that BVB’s victory again marks them out as serious contenders for the Champions League title.

“There is no sting, but every defeat annoys me. Home defeats especially and in the Champions League even more so. We were about to turn the game around when Dortmund grabbed their second goal.

“Whoever beats us at home is naturally among the title favourites. Sure, why not? Dortmund was already a strong team last season and my impression is that they are better than ever!”

Quizzed on how he’s settled at Arsenal since his high-profile summer and what it’s like playing with ex-Dortmund hero Tomas Rosicky, Ozil spoke enthusiastically about his new circumstances.

“Frankly. Everything at Arsenal is great fun. The manager, the teammates, London life – I feel really great there. And the direct passing of Rosicky is there also…”

“Why not!” he responded when asked if Wenger’s table-topping Gunners can win the domestic title.

“Whoever is five points ahead after ten games has the potential to be the winner at the end of the season.”

Given his muted showing against Dortmund a couple of weeks ago – not to mention his status as an ex-Schalke man – Ozil will no doubt be looking to impress on home territory tomorrow evening.

It’s vital that the team as a whole puts in a decent shift, any slip-up and our hopes of progression could hang by a thread despite our fine start.

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Hope Ozil puts in his best performance for us till date tomorrow night. COYG!!


I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say no they are not.


They really have a soft spot for Rosicky in Germany. And remember the reception he got in Asia? The man is a global sensation, even Ozil must play 2nd fiddle.


Sorry, that wasn’t supposed to be a reply – not sure what happened there.

Why do you say Dortmund aren’t better? Maybe next year when they lose Lewandowski but this year they are a force.


The dortmund of present doesnt scare me. not like they did last year or the goetze, kagawa years…


What we should focus on is that we are better than last year and we smashed Munich last year… in Munich.


Hoping for a repeat of the victory in Munich. Wishing I was going too…..


He was not “muted” against Liverpool. People need to realise that this is the genius of his play – often his contributions aren’t in-your-face obvious. Against Liverpool, he may not have torn apart any defenses with through balls but was the one constantly orchestrating all the tens of 1-2s that allowed the team to slice them apart so often and constantly creating space for Cazorla, Ramsey and Rosicky with his deicision making and incessant runs. Just watch the Ramsey goal; he drew a good 4 players roughly towards him, then perfectly tipped the ball round them and Ramsey was in… Read more »


I thought he was muted anyway. I couldn’t hear him at all.


Well said mate. He’s the kind of the player that our opponents would double/triple mark, which still wouldn’t be effective enough to shut him down. When he realizes that he’s attracting a lot of attention, he simply shifts even more towards the wings/upfront, which gives more space to our midfielders to do their work. I think a lot of people are simply expecting every one of his touches to be perfect and when they’re not, they get a bit disappointed. It’s been a while since we’ve had a player who can take a lot of pressure off his teammates.

Clock End Mike

Mesut is also still in process of getting adjusted to the English League. I’m hugely impressed by how quickly he’s fitted in at Arsenal — he plays as if he was born to be a Gunner — but the speed and intensity of the game in England still takes him by surprise on occasions. Compare that with how quickly Flamini has picked up the baton, even after playing in Italy for a few years, and how well our HFB is now bossing the opposition after a year in England. However, tomorrow’s game should be the perfect stage for Özil’s skills… Read more »


They were pretty phenomenal in the first 20-30 mins at our place – pressing and harrying all over the pitch.

Be interesting to see the approach of both teams tomorrow, as both are capable of playing that pressing game, or sitting back and hitting on the counter.

This is what it’s all about though. Top quality teams playing top quality football.

jack jack jack

I got the impression when I was there that we were playing a team of 11 athletes. Those bastards harried us, sprinted forward, sprinted back for 93 fucking minutes. Apparently they ran a collective 11.5km more than us than night. Scary eh. I think that’s fine though if we hit our groove going forward and play with the speed and precision that we’re capable of, but didn’t produce in the home game. We seem happy to sit back and defend these days and hit teams on the break, so hopefully being away will play into our hands. Either way the… Read more »


Super charged up for this one, gutted I couldn’t get an away ticket


Speaking of away tickets.. how do you get them without being a member of Arsenal Travel Club? I have a great opportunity to watch Napoli – Arsenal in Desember, but don’t want a seat with the Napoli fans.


I know you can buy tickets if you sign up to be a ‘red member’ at, but I’m not sure if you can purchase away match tickets in this means. sorry, I don’t live in London so going to games is a rare occurance for me!

slightly off topic trivia: ian wright’s son plays with thierry henry in the mls, for the NY red bulls.


Mesut Özil.


I imagine you saying that like Hodor.

Not sure why.



legend of rosicky

hopefully rosicky would be a thorn to those ill spelled dortmund defenders!!! up the ante gunners plz another famous away win !!!!


infact when i watched the liverpool match match the first time, i thought that Ozil was not involved much. However, after watching it back again i think he was not that quiet and was involved more. I think he is just lacking a bit of aggression needed for the premier league. Its understandable because its a totally different league than he’s used to. Also needs to strenghten a bit with gym work. I have no doubts he will be at his peak next season, just as Giroud has been.


Dortmund are definitely one of the favorites for me in the competition, this was always going to be a huge test home and away, sure we got beat but it was a close game and by no means were we hammered or thought a lesson. Against a great side one attack can change a game, and that is what happened, this time around we have to be clinical, I really feel Theo’s pace and directness would be a massive boost for this game, alas he will not make it! Possession will be spread evenly in this game I feel and… Read more »


It’s also worth pointing out that Carzola looks like he’s coming into form which could make the difference tonight.


Jon – totally agree – Ozil makes the game look easy and often makes the difference.

Wenger Burger

Sad to see Hugo Lloris’s is being screwed in Tottencunts, at Arsenal, we substituted Flamini right away.


Straight away…after we let him play on!

2013-2014 = 2003-2004

Straight away, after he whizzed an inch-perfect, 25-yard pass to the Crystal Palace ball boy!


memory is not a precise thing, is it (in fact, loads of research shows this to be the case)

expectation bias is another thing altogether


there are fairly significant differences. Flamini was never knocked out / unconscious. Lloris was.

Seems like every single contact sport has well enforced rules for head injuries except for football.

Shame on both the spuds doctor and AVB. Anyone with even the slightest bit of knowledge about head injuries and/or other sports should have known that playing on was a very risky, potentially very bad for the player idea.


I wonder what the team will be and whether it’ll be much changed for Sunday. My understanding is that Theo will probably come from the bench tomorrow and that Flamini will be fit for Sunday.

Anyone know anything different?


Don’t think Flamini will be fit, nor Gibbs, Wilshere.


I thought he was going to be fit for Sunday…..


Got to be clinical in this one. Won’t have as many chances as we usually work in a match if we put a couple of chances away fancy a reverse score line 2-1 to the Arsenal. COYG!

Wenger's Aide

Özil Özil Özil Özil ÖzilÖzil Özil Özil Özil ÖzilÖzil Özil Özil Özil ÖzilÖzil Özil Özil Özil ÖzilÖzil Özil Özil Özil ÖzilÖzil Özil Özil Özil Özil *fades out*

2013-2014 = 2003-2004

Duh, duh, duh-duh-duh duh duh
Duh, duh, duh-duh-duh duh duh
Duh, duh, duh-duh-duh duh duh
Aa-ron Raam-seey
Duh, duh, duh-duh-duh duh duh
Duh, duh, duh-duh-duh duh duh
Duh, duh, duh-duh-duh duh duh
Aa-ron Raam-seey

The Emirates rocked on Saturday with this (new?) song for Ramsey. Loved it. Despite the cacophany of those Dortmund fans, I hope our away support can manage to make some noise too.


What’s that to the tune of mate?


I’ll take a point today if we can give Manure a kicking on Sunday. COYG!


1 today? Why not. Then take the other 2 tomorrow.




You mean the other three tomorrow.


“We all love Rosicky”


Cant we just f*ck this off and go for the league? W


No. No we can’t. ever heard that saying ‘aim for the moon and you might reach the stars’?

Also, not trying to be facetious, but what does ‘W’ mean?

Zorro in the box

Doesn’t make sense when the moon is closer than the stars.

Go for the Champions League because that’s what attracts players and motivates current ones.

And if someone could punch Van Persie in the throat along the way, that’d be just swell..

Clock End Mike

The worst result for us from this group would be to finish third and have to travel all over Europe on Thursdays for the rest of the season in the UEFA 2nd-division cup. And since we’re not going to finish fourth, methinks we’d better get through to the next round.


Super, Super Tom. Super, Super Tom. Super, Super Tom. Super Tom Rosicky!

Henry's Right Foot

I just have comment on the stark increase in the number of thumbs up going around since the close of the transfer window.


Personally think Ozil will have a big game tomorrow. he is in for a lot of stick at home (in Germany) and will have to up his game. But the other player who will want to rachet up his standards for the night is Rosicky. Ex-Dortmund, it will be a sort of homecoming for him and he will want to impress. Big opportunity for Monreal who will have to be careful going forward. he adds something to our game pushing up but must be wary of the space he leaves behind. Dortmund are a different calibre from Liverpool or Spurs.… Read more »


The only way for arsenal is to move forward.

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