Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Suits you, Per

Arsenal have announced a tie-up with French fashion house Lanvin to provide tailored menswear for the team to wear when officially representing the club.

An announcement on the official site reveals:

Lanvin Homme will be worn by each member of the squad when on selected official Club appearances, including all home matches in the Premier League and Champions League as the players arrive at Emirates Stadium.

Although we here at Arseblog News were not fussed by Mathieu Flamini’s recent scissoring, we do like a man in a suit. It looks smart and respectable and is far preferable to a baggy tracksuit or backwards pants which are hanging down around the buttocks like Kriss Kross.

The statement goes on to reveal, “A pair of black derby shoes, a black silver-buckled belt and a pair of cufflinks engraved with the famous Arsenal cannon add the finishing touches.”

How splendid. We await news of our official cane and handkerchief supplier with great excitement.

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Brian Mendoza

Arsenal Gent will be most pleased I dare say


Does the Arsenal Gentleman approve? I suspect he would prefer something from Jermyn Street.


Now we got style on and off the pitch. Time to bring those trophies home and we are sorted.

Cant wait to see if the le prof is also extra fly this weekend at the emirates.


the last thing he needs is an extra fly…

he needs a button down coat or a poncho

Bould's Eyeliner

He should get velcro so he can quickly rip it open and then close it again. In case he gets bored not having to zip up his jacket….


Mozart kinda looks like the woman in the ring! its just his expression of his face.

Kenyan Gooner

look at poldi..wry smile thinking out loud..aha!!


Gotta say… Bac is the man. Seriously, he’s like a black Archer.


Gladiators on the pitch, Gentlemen off it. We are the Arsenal!


Arsenal Gent would love that! monocle anyone?


As far as I remember the spud players have shell suits 😉


The thought of Giroud in that suit!!!


Who the fuck is Kriss Kros?

Hans Brix

Who the fuck is Bren?


Not the mac daddy thats fo sho.

dink arnold

You sure missed the bus, something you should never ever ever do again

Harish P

When do they begin to wear such dapper item?


Southampton this weekend.

Though I swore they wore these suits, or something like it to the Liverpool game!?? Maybe even Dortmund?

Harish P

Hopefully they throw in a new coat for the boss during the games.

Mrs Bendtner's Greatest Son That Ever Lived

My GF has banned me from looking at pictured of the HFB.

Apparently she is sick of me swooning and knocking things over on my way down.


Holy smeg … my daughter’s spent the last year being depressed because Giroud’s married, and this isn’t going to help!


Kriss Kross won’t be needing them suits anymore as he has passed away a few months ago.


well, at least one of the duo

Hans Brix

Kriss or Kross?

I went to school with someone genuinely called Chris Cross. What on earth were his parents thinking?!?!

Ivan Drago

Arsenal, pure class




I fucking love your screen name


Saw them wearing them a few week ago and thought very class but thought it was a one off. Great to see they will be worn at all the games. Not only gives a smart look and touch of class but gives that little bit extra boost to confidence before a game.


I’m curious: why only at home matches?


That’s great, it may help Arsene Wenger with his zip problems


Wow, Ryo looks like a emo-kid in that picture.


What is the gentlemans take on shoez and the belt?


what the F*ck

just checked their online store. A t-shirt for 295€ are they fucking serious???? Pants (chinos, jeans) start at around 300 € as well..

Hans Brix

Arsenal pants? That’s hilarious! A big cannon in front of my cock!

Are the y-fronts or boxers?

Arsene McCloud

Mine’s already fully loaded.


I’m a fashion student. Lanvin is the oldest fashion house in Paris. They are ultra high end. And when it comes to corporate merchandising, they are extremely select – given that Lanvin supplies Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Air France and a few other airlines first class amenity kits and toiletries for hotels such as the Ritz Carlton, Dorchester, Sofitel et al, they are a super high end brand. I mean it makes sense that Arsenal has them as our suit sponsor, but those ensembles will run close to $10,000 each retail.

Zorro in the Box

So a matter of a couple of day’s work for most of the team…

Or saving up for Berahino…

Or a pipe-dream for the rest of us.

The Gooner Ramble

I suspect that Arsenal Gent would prefer us to be wearing something strictly Savile Row. We are an English club after all. http://www.jasperlittman.co.uk


Right my girlfriend is not allowed to see either Aaron Ramsey or Olivier Giroud in these get ups.

Thomas GG

Spuds can rock up to their home games in their Under Armour trackies as we arrive in our custom tailored Lanvin Homme suits. Makes sense really.

The fool of a Took

A perfect look for Arsenal! However, all GF:s are banned from seeing these fellas entering the stadium from now on.


I actually own a pair of cufflinks engraved with the official Arsenal cannon. Well the whole badge actually.


There is a couple of pairs available on the Arsenal store. Wore the coloured crest ones mine on my wedding day and wear the more subtle logo engraved into stainless steel at least once a week while being an evil suit.

Both designs are sturdily made and attractive and I wholeheartedly recommend them (in my capacity as an evil suit)

dink arnold

I think it’s stupid. I hated having to watch my nephew dress up in fancy suits when attending games for u14. No one should ever be forced to wear a tie.

Ian McF

Except it was the team that put the idea forward so it is something they actually want. Gotta respect that.

dink arnold

Well since you put it that way, I respect that the team wanted it, and since it encourages the seemingly wonderful team spirit that exists at the club I support the idea a little more.

It still irks the shit out of me, this high class suit wearing garbage. Clothes should never cost that amount of money. But at the same time the whole corporate football thing is bullshit, and I still contribute and watch.


This is a big step in the right direction and is to be applauded. We now look like we mean business instead of arriving at the Stadium looking like a bunch of refugees from an all night rave, we now look like we are serious. About time too !


I thought that all the players not on the bench should turn up in suits and the whole team when on away trips, class football club and players should show it!
no more adabayor fashion side shows.

Tinker tailor

Possibly Replacing Charlie Allen from Upper Street, which is a shame


I can’t really get to excited about this. I’d like to see an off-field “uniform” that allowed a bit more individuality but kept a common theme. Something like a nice pair of Chukkas, tailored slacks, an choice from a range of shirts, and a nice lambs skin leather jacket. That would be so much cooler and impressive. Some fancy suit place from Paris is too bourgeoisie for my tastes and having to wear a tie sucks.


We are Arsenal, we are classy.. So suits suite


I’m still more than a little surprised to see how many people think that being associated with an establishment that caters to such a small percentage of the general population is a good thing. There are plenty of ways to be classy. I just wish the club had found a way that didn’t have such an ostentatious air about it.


@westcoastgunner – You don’t have to wear a tie to Jobseekers. If you’re part of a classy elegant club like Arsenal, wearing a suit should be bare minimum.


On a serious point, I am still haunted by the memory of Djourou and the team descending the team bus to Wembley to play the final of the Carling Cup against Birmingham, dressed in dark blue shell/track suits. I remember thinking ‘what the hell.. do they not realise how important this is?’ I am not advocating formal over casual, but smart over sloppy and for God sake dress for the occasion. There is an old adage that no matter how egalitarian we all love to be: ‘If you dress like a winner you will be a winner, dress like a… Read more »

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