Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Szczesny injured while szcznoozing

According to reports in the Polish press, Wojciech Szczesny has suffered a slight ankle contusion…while sleeping.

The keeper, who is currently on international duty, turned up for training this morning but couldn’t do much more than a bit of jogging due to the pain. Jacek Jaroszewski, a member of the Polish national team’s medical staff, says he’s given the Arsenal number one some painkillers and they’ll now wait to see how he reacts although it’s not thought to be too serious.

If there are any doubts about his fitness it’s unlikely he’ll take part in either of the forthcoming friendlies with Slovakia and the Republic Ireland.

Given Szczesny has been rooming with Borussia Dortmund’s Robert Lewandowski we wouldn’t be surprised to hear the striker did the damage falling over theatrically while climbing into bed. The diving cunny.

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Giroud's hashtag

oh szczit!

Renan Metsik Romeo

That’s brilliant!


Maybe he was training in his sleep. Or Fabianski was chasing him with a blunt bloody cleaver




A blunt bloody cleaver? That just wouldn’t cut it….

Sorry 🙂


whoever thumbed can’t be the sharpest in the box but is definitely a tool..




I’m just suprised the case of United Player to the face didn’t produce any lasting effects. God, it was worrying when he just laid there afterwards.
I’d be surprised if he isn’t back in the number 1 shirt at the Emirates after the break though.


I’d be more than surprised… seeing as though it is his shirt, and fabianski is 21 & Viviano is 13.


I blame Arsenal medical staff for that. Fire them all now!

Henry's Right Foot

“In his sleep”=With some girl he met at the bars with that “lady killer” Niklas Bendtner

Nicklas Bendtner



Nikky tried to kill a lady once but missed narrowly..


He so nearly got there.


Sagna put it in the box for him but he STILL couldn’t score…

the only sam is nelson

Good move from Szezzer, couple of games rest just the ticket

and let’s face it, who amongst us hasn’t injured their ankles whilst asleep? common enough injury, right there.

roll on southampton and a fully fit arsenal knocking another six past the bemused saints


I’m told I once kicked an ex-girlfriend in my sleep and shouted ‘GOAL!’ My poor current (and soon to be Mrs Exile) girlfriend has only had to put up with me thrashing around shouting ‘Stop, thief!’. Such lucky women…


i just pray that arsenal should win a trophy this season,am so tired as a fan


Aww are you tired… poor you…

Have a kip followed by a vat of coffee so and cheer on your team :):):)

you whiney git…


If you’re only here for trophies, go and support Manchester United, their pathetic bunch of retards they call a fan base would be glad to have yet another glory hound. Here at the Arsenal, trophies or not it’s damn nice to see the team competing again.


Being tired is dangerous!!! Wake the f*** up… You might damage your ankle.

Canonbury Gooner

He may be a “diving cunny” but couldn’t he be our diving cunny?

We spent long enough over the summer chasing something similar.

Woj, have a word !!


A bit of rough to go with our genteel collection of gentlemen. Sign ‘im up


Rooming with Lewandowski, eh…?


That last para…hahahaha.. I love Arseblog..!!

Don Cazorleone

chute? trooper? plegic? graph? I need closure dammit!


“I remember my debut for Arsenal, it went very quickly and I am very proud to have played over 100 games for the Club now. I am sure the next 100, the 100 after and the few hundred after that will go by very quickly as well.”

Looking forward to that , Sir Szczesny !

Ever since he got into the first team, he is one of my favorite players! When everyone was desperate for a new goal keeper, i was more worried about losing him! Such an entertaining character!


I just remember wishing more than anything we’d sign a new keeper, terrified at the prospect of either Almunia or Fabianski (he was in one of his dire spells) between the sticks. And then suddenly this gangly Pole (whom I’d only ever noticed before on account of his interesting name) came along and seemed to put things to right. Got to admit, I never saw that one coming! Now the thought of making a ‘big’ signing in the keeper department seems completely redundant-a few cavalier moments aside, he is outstanding.

chocolate loyalty

I think he was at Brantford before, and he was loved there, fans were saying he had the making of a superstar….they may yet be right.
and hopefully a few more of our starters get injured in their “dreams”


Fabianski has become his worse nightmare

dink arnold

I swear, last week during my sleep I was dreaming of playing soccer (happens half often) and I saw the perfect pass to make, one of those dream passes and I kicked my bed so friggin hard, it woke me up and my foot hurt the rest of the day.

similar thing?


Having played rugby if you can’t do more than jog without pain its not a good thing…
its only slightly better than feeling pain as you think of a run

Pain tells you – hey me don’t run, you need rest not painkillers…
oh and i am a physical manifestation of the pain that dutch skunk caused with his only thing of note in the whole match.. the ungrateful man bitch

Tesco Light Mayonaise

Have a good word in Roberts ear about the arsenal.


Maybe Fabianski went all Tonya Harding on him while he slept

Neil #2

Totally off topic, but just read this article in the Guardian, and have to say that it does present another side to things:

(admission: and I’ve bashed Bendtner as much as any!)

Dr Baptiste

There are too many things wrong with his attitude in that interview that I’m struggling to form a real answer that makes sense…..

Naija Gunner

Thanks a lot mate, Wow after reading that article, I pity him greatly.

With all the things he’s facing with his carer and personal stuffs and getting abuses from some supporters, he still was able to cope with all that and calm himself up, not behaving like that dutch skunk celebrating like a wanker.

I say well done to him and apologise for the behaviour of some ignorant fans towards him.

And I wish him well in his footballing carer whether with Arsenal or other club in future.


You just have to love the arsenal players!

saif gooner

I can’t even imagine how that happened.


It’s awesome how all our players are picking up some minor injury or illness(some real some fake) so they can avoid international duty.


Not diving, divine.


Lol one cocky fan asked Wenger this on his twitter takeover.

Is your best piece of business A) signing
Fàbregas, B) signing Henry for £11m it C) convincing Conte to take Bendtner?


Szczęsny co ty robisz w nocy? ;D


Reminds me of the time Dave Seaman broke a toe while getting up to change the tv channel.


One…two…Freddie’s coming for you…


If there’s anyone in our team with enough wit or charm to convinced lewandowski that this is the place to be it is sczc.
As cunny as his antics were in the CL Against us I would welcome him with open arms in January if it were to be

Theo De Janeiro

Lewandowski is going to bayern munich next summer

Wesley Hoolahan

That picture is fucking brilliant. It looks like he’s levitating it.


Actually if you were to ask Brentford fans some of their all-time favorite players, Szczney would probably be up there.

As for rooming with Lewandowski, hopefully there will be some tapping up.

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