Arsenal 2-0 Hull City: by the numbers


– Rank of Arsenal’s defense in the Premier League this season
10 – Goals Arsenal have allowed in the Premier League this season
1 – Goals Arsenal have allowed in the last 6 Premier League games
5 – Clean sheets Arsenal have earned in the last 6 Premier League games
1 – Clean sheets in the previous 8 League games
6 – Clean sheets in the previous 7 matches by Arsenal in all competitions
5 –  Clean sheets in Arsenal’s first 16 matches all competitions this season
17 – Goals Arsenal allowed in Steve Bould’s last season as an Arsenal player (1998-1999)

159 –
Shots Arsenal have conceded in League play this season
95 – Shots Arsenal’s opponents have taken from outside the 18 yard box (distance shot) while playing against Arsenal
60 – Percent of Arsenal’s opponent’s shots that they are taking from distance
2 – Goals Arsenal have conceded from distance shots in League play this season
197 – Shots that Arsenal have attempted in League play this season
72 – Distance shots that Arsenal have taken in League play this season
37 – Percent of  Arsenal’s shots they are taking from distance
2 – Goals Arsenal have scored from distance shots in League play this season
32 –Shots Arsenal have taken from prime positions (about 9 yards in front of goal plus penalties) in League play this season
12 – Goals Arsenal have scored from those prime position shots
24 – Shots Arsenal have allowed from prime positions in League play this season
6 – Goals Arsenal have conceded from those prime position shots
6 – Shots from prime positions Arsenal have conceded in the last 5 League games
0 – Goals Arsenal have conceded from those shots (van Persie’s header was actually from further out that you probably think)
6 – Prime shots Arsenal created against Hull today
1 – Prime shots Hull created against Arsenal
1 – Goals Arsenal scored in prime positions today (Bendtner)
100 – Percent chance that I am going to be looking at this exact data from last year and comparing it to this year
585 – Days since Bendtner last scored a goal in Premier League play (Sunderland 2-2 Bolton)
82 – Days since Jenkinson’s last assist
2 – Assists Jenkinson has for Arsenal this season
– Key passes by Hull City, the whole team, today
4 – Key passes by Özil today¹
3 – Key passes by Tomas Rosicky from open play today¹
– Key passes by Özil from open play today
2 – Key passes by Cazorla from open play today
2 – Key passes by Ramsey from open play today
2 – Key passes by Mick Bendtner from open play today
3 – Key passes per game average by Özil in League play this season¹
– Assists by Özil this season
5 Assists by Ramsey this season
176 – Passes Özil and Cazorla¹ completed (combined)
89 – Passes Özil and Cazorla¹ completed in the opposition final third (combined)
69 – Passes Rosicky, Ramsey, and Monreal completed in the opposition final third (combined)
55 – Passes Hull City completed in the Arsenal final third
10 – Passes David Meyler completed in the Arsenal final third²

– David Moyes wins at Old Trafford as Everton manager
1 – Roberto Martinez wins at Old Trafford as Everton manager


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Utter Dominance


I just found a stat that shows our dominance:

Apparently we attempted 804 passes today, with a completion rate of 90%, ie approximately 8 COMPLETED passes a minute on average throughout the game. When you bear in mind that Hull also had the ball occasionally, that is ridiculous.

Additionally, to have 90% pass completion at that speed of passing(and with so many players replaced and a striker who contributed less to buildup play than the man he replaced) is unbelievable.


There’s a flick Ramsey did in the first half
90% – chances people missed that moment of pure awesomeness.


I actually saw that. It was brilliantly cheeky.

oh robin

any video or gif of that flick, by chance?


Gunners still firing! Thought we were supposed to be in about 9th place by now? Shame Man U are hogging that position! LMAO!

Tommy Gun

Looking forward to Van Purstrings’ impending message to the Man U fans, which he should really do out of respect for theose guys. Lack of ambition, class, ability, rely on one player too much (not him), manager out of his depth blah blah blah. Enjoy thursday night footie VP, if you’re lucky. haha


Number of crosses Jenkinson has to make so TGSTEL can score. 1

I miss Bergkamp

Porous defense my Arse!


What about totall passes by each team?

Oor Wullie

I rate Jenks above Sagna for final ball. Once he sorts himself out defensively we’re going to have a very strong right back to fill Sagna’s boots once he goes (hopefully not at the end of this season!)


I think you’re getting ahead of yourself a bit to be fair. Remember those two brilliant crosses Sagna had vs Man U that no one attacked properly?

Henry's Right Foot

I rate any player that pulls on the shirt at the moment.


Utd 12 points behind Arsenal. Already. That’s fucking beautiful!


Even more beautiful would be 18 points if that result was reversed!! Till the next corresponding fixture then.


Can’t find anything to complain about at all, this team is a toally different beast than the one s of seasons gone by. Could go on about the open goal that Bendtner missed because last season that would have lost the game for us but the mental fortitude of our squad is something else now.


That cross from Jenks is really beautiful! Love that goal very much.


Don’t take this in a bad way guys, but can we please, and I mean PLEASE stop criticizing our players as soon as they commit a single mistake? For some weird reason all the good stuff Jenkinson has done for the club was washed away because he did a couple of mistakes against Chelsea in a shitty league cup.

Yes, players do deserve criticism but be gentle sometimes, the more pressure you put on a player the more likely they will make a mistake. Just my opinion.

Good game tho, happy to see some depth in the squad!!


What is the goal expectancy for shots in prime position? Are we out performing expectation 0.375), are other teams under performing expectation (0.25), or both? This discrepancy makes it look like we’ve been a bit lucky, and that it may regress; I certainly, however, hope not.

Özil Gummidge

2 – Seasons out of 21 that a team has won the Premier League from 12 points behind.

1 – Seasons that a team came from 12 points behind without having games in hand.

0 – Teams ahead of Man Utd managed by a skittish Kevin Keegan.

United are out of it.

Higuain's Biological Father
Higuain's Biological Father

I hope Wenger will still sign a forward come January despite Bendtner’s red hot form.

Burn Baby Burn

Doubt it will happen. Any striker worth buying will be cup tied.

Prince of impunity

Funniest bit is NickyB has more goals than Ronaldo and messi combined in December


Despite all the evidence, the pundits who were covering the Arsenal game felt the need to try and belittle our performance. I’m not sure who they were but from the way they were going, Hull were truly in the game, Tom Huddelstone is a better midfielder than most of our midfielders and we are still defensively weak.

Am I reading this right?
Am I reading this right?

Huddlestone better than most of our midfielders? Hull truly in the game? Defensively weak?

What are you smoking, dude?


Read it again…carefully…

2013-2014 = 2003-2004
2013-2014 = 2003-2004

Well done Robbie Fowler, first MOTD pundit to admit that Arsenal ‘could’ theoretically win the League.

The guy who said
The guy who said "Am I reading this right?"

Oops, my bad, Iceman. I misread your comment and thought that all those critiques were YOUR opinion, and not that of the pundits. I sincerely apologize. I stayed up till 5am to watch the match you see, and I didn’t go to bed till 7a.m., so when I read your comment I wasn’t in the best of shape consciousness-wise!


i was still shouting ‘betner out’ when the goal entered…. I was left silent after only 2 minutes


Now this is statistics I greatly welcome.

Defensive improvements.

If only the media ‘pundits’ take note… but then again, let’s just leave them in their little world:)


I was watching the game on Al Jazeera and Glenn Hoddle was commentating…. he then commented on how Monreal was our weakest defender….WHAT?!?! A full spanish international. Go and eat ass Glenn. You cunt.


Heard that too! Gave him the benefit of the doubt and thought he might be talking in terms of physical strength. Fuck him anyway!
Correction, I am just now remembering nacho is cut!


Any truth in this Morata loan talk?
I know wenger said no but he said no about arteta and cazorla more or less lol

Maybe it’s his way of saying yes when dealing with Spanish players?


Really impressed with the play of the fullbacks. Jenko’s cross was so begging for a goal it would have been a crime if Bendtner hadn’t put us ahead, Monreal’s ability to get ahead and get involved in the build-up play in the attacking half ultimately (I feel, anyway) led to Ozil’s goal. A lot of positives to take away. And what’s this? Has Ramsey not scored in a game? HAS HE LOST THE PLOT?! WHAT A DIP IN FORM THIS IS!


Also, PLEASE shut up with the transfer spam. Who the hell cares who we sign or don’t sign? We’re TOP OF THE LEAGUE! Focus on that. And if that doesn’t do it for you, then maybe United festering in 9th will. We’ve got a strong enough squad with the players returning from injury to make a serious challenge. BE HAPPY!

VeryXerioz dude

“0 – David Moyes wins at Old Trafford as Everton manager
1 – Roberto Martinez wins at Old Trafford as Everton manager” Few more matches before Ferguson is forced Outta retirement

Red Cannon

Like Scholes before him!

The fool of a Took

What the hell is going on?! There is nothing to bitch about, except some players ridiculous hair styles. I need my pessimistic Arsenal fix dammit!


I must say Nacho impressed me, just like he has done every time hes taken to the pith this season. He would definitely make starting 11 in most teams in the PL, all this competition for places! Its delicious!


Where’s the key at the bottom of the article?
It doesn’t say what the little 1’s and 2’s mean.


if memory serves 1 is leads league and 2 is lead both teams ?


0: The number of times the current Arsenal first choice back-five (Szczę-Sagna-Mert-Kos-Gibbs) have lost a league game when they have played together for the entire 90 minutes (without anyone getting substituted).