Bendtner: Jenkinson plan worked a treat


Fresh from scoring his first Premier League goal for Arsenal since the Wall Street Crash in 1929, Nicklas Bendtner praised Carl Jenkinson’s slick assist and joked that he’d told his teammate pre-game that he should aim to deliver balls to the back post.

The Danish striker took only two minutes to open the scoring against Hull City last night, powering home a header from inside the six-yard box after a great cross by the right-back, to quash panic about his inclusion in the starting line-up instead of Olivier Giroud.

Speaking to Arsenal Player after his decent shift up front, the 25-year-old beamed: “It was a fantastic feeling [to score], I think my celebration showed that.

“It was a fantastic cross. I just said to him ‘Carl if you get chance put it to the back post’ and it happened to be on the first ball so it was quite funny. We had a little laugh about that.

“It was my first Premier League game this season – so I was very pleased that we won and I was very pleased with scoring in my first game.”

While he’s still a long way from challenging Olivier Giroud for a regular starting berth, Bendtner insisted that Arsenal’s current form and confident style of play is making it easier for other squad players to step up when called upon.

“It’s been difficult for the players who have not been in the team because we have had such a great form and the players who have played have been magnificent. This way we play now, it looks like everyone who comes in takes it in his stride and goes with it. There were some changes but everyone did really well.”

Adding to his comments in the press conference last night, Arsene Wenger heaped further praise on Bendtner for the way he delivered the goods last night.

“I told him ‘if you work hard you will get a chance’ and at some stage [Olivier] Giroud needs a breather as well. It’s good to see that we can rely on him and he can come up with a performance.”

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After that goal and performance you can swim anywhere you want baby!


Mourinho started the year off with relatively moderate comments about Arsenal and Wenger.
Recently he has started talking shit.



Because he’s an attention seeking mug, with not an ounce of class in his body. Plus he knows we’re serious title challengers.


the eye-gouging incident exposed him as a petulant little man. he’s not even funny anymore, just whiney and boorish.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

He was too stupid and/or self-obsessed to recognise that our form was not a three-match fluke. He’s only just realising that he has a fight on his hands this season. That’s why he’s starting up the mind games (unsuccessfully).


Great to see some personal development!

Good on you Bendtner!


Well said. I couldn’t give a fish’s tits about JM but I do care about thon Danish lad doing well. Was a cracking header and it’s good to see him look and sound happy.

Whether he’s with us for a week or a year it’s irrelevant, what is relevant is that if he’s happy it can only mean good things for us and him.


Bendtner Sign Da Ting…P45


C’mon! We all know he’s got a few screws loose, but you’ve got to be fair to the lad, he’s conducted himself very well this season. He understandably wanted to leave in the summer, went about it in a very decent manner and when it didn’t go through he’s just put his head down and got back to work, when many others would have thrown their toys out of the pram!

Considering how little game time he’s had for us recently, his performance was excellent last night and he deserves some credit!


People need to stop making excuses for him – just how many chances do you give him ?

It’s about the only season he has conducted himself well……!!!!


Fuck me dead some people are hard to please.

He is acting professionally. He wants out. We want him out. He’s never shied away from that truth. But the fact of the matter is, he’s here and did a job when asked to do it.

Let’s leave it at that.

For what it’s worth I actually thought he was pretty tidy, good link up, kept things ticking along. Scored a great goal that completely fucked Hull’s game plan of park the bus. Kudos?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Chances to do what? Settle down, work hard, and score for us in the Premier League?

What else do you expect of him? He’s doing his job and when called on he has done it well. Chance taken. Get off his back or you’ll look like a Mourinho. i.e. somebody incapable of recognising that the world he knew has changed.


Erm.. he’s spoken out against us a couple of times because we blocked his move to Palace. He also smashed the door to his gym in his speedos. If that constitutes as him conducted himself well this season, then it goes to show exactly what a tit he is. It’s great he scored, but let’s not pretend it’s anything more. He’s still a first class prat who has wasted every chance he has been given and will be out the door as soon as we have the cover and an acceptable bid. This is not a redemption. On the positive… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

He expressed disappointment that his move fell through, but in the same fucking interview said he was going to buckle down and do what was right for Arsenal and for him. He hasn’t detracted from the team spirit in an6y way, in fact he seems to be a part of it.

His behaviour in his own residence is fuck all to do with his value to the team.

He hasn’t judged you and found you wanting, so how about you do him the same courtesy, just for a couple of months?


[quote] Erm.. he’s spoken out against us a couple of times because we blocked his move to Palace. He also smashed the door to his gym in his speedos. If that constitutes as him conducted himself well this season, then it goes to show exactly what a tit he is. [/quote]

This is fairly good behaviour for Bendtner!


he should not be offered da ting. and he won’t be.

gooners n roses

Truth to be told i’m most comfortable to have him lead the line compared to other option we have if Giroud not available.


Damn right! For all the stick he gets, he can be a very capable striker on his day. I doubt we’d have seen a performance like that from Sanogo.

Zorro in the Box

You’ve seen about 10 minutes of football from Sanogo in an Arsenal shirt, the player who is highly rated across Europe, has done well for his national U21 side and who is yet to show anything.

You have literally no idea how he’d play.


I watched him in that U20 World Championship last summer, he certainly has potential but is very very raw as you would expect. So at the moment, I would say that Bendtner is the better option ( as crazy as it sounds ).

It Is What It Is

Sanogo is five years younger than B52 and has little experience of the English game.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

and as such he is going to need at least a season to settle in. He is one for the future, not for leading a team to the top of the Premier League this season. he may be great one day, but he is not likely to be the solution this season.


He swims where he wants he swims where he wants nicklas bendtner he swims where he wants

Hot Tub Repair Man

All we can hope for is the effort to go with his quality. TGSTEL needs to realise that he is at TGCTEE and he needs to put in top level performances when called upon and keep his mouth shut.

If he does this then maybe he doesn’t need to leave in January, maybe he can go when he picks up his medals at the end of the season.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

He put in the effort against Hull. So far he’s 100% as far as effort when picked to lead the team is concerned. In other words he did what we always wanted. Played as a striker, and scored in a win. Time to let him get on with it and just cheer him on.


He swims when he wants!


Jenk’s cross was so perfect.

But great job Nicklas!!!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Jenks cross was perfect only because it went where Bendtner told Jenks that he would be. Joint effort on that one. Good work by both players. I thought Hull got the measure of Jenkinson after that and kept him fairly quiet. He still needs a year or two of Sagna’s experience before I will be truly comfortable with him as first choice at right back.


Malcolm Christie became a car salesman after retiring through injury. True story.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

…but still looks good in Arsenal gear.

Maraoune Chamakh

I scored too

Ju-Young Park

I’m lost

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I’d still like to see a bit more of you. Why don’t you play mate? You looked OK each time we’ve seen you. What’s the story?


Bendtner wont leave in January. He will not risk the opportunity to not to be crowned a PL medal by the end of the season.

Richard Marshall

I think you have to play in a minimum of something like ten games, so there’s a pretty good chance he wouldn’t get a medal even when we do win the league.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

He already has 4 league appearances, to the best of my knowledge.

If he does stay I am sure Wenger will bring him on 6 more times, even if only as a token substitute. I fully expect Wenger to ensure his whole 1st team squad get enough appearances (injuries allowing) to get a medal should we win the league. While we fans might not see Bendtner as deserving of that on past behaviour I don’t think you’ll find Wenger sharing such a vindictive attitude should Bendtner stay and continue to put in the effort when called upon.


I’d obviously love it if/when we win the league…but the sight of bendtner getting a winner’s medal, and RVP not, would be the cherry on top!

Black Hei

I think RVP thumbed down that comment, which is otherwise “Fucking Excellent”

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

There’s that too.


I think people generally forget that bendtner can be a class goal scorer. I remember plenty of quality finishes in a red and white jersey. He scored bag loads of goals at sunderland too. It was just his attitude went wrong somewhere along the way.

Ive got no doubt if we have a switched on bendtner, hes the best back up option we have to giroud regardless if everyones fit.


Not sure 8 constitutes bag loads, but agreed he’s definitely a more than adequate back up. Would rather have him than, say, Danny welbeck..

Henry's Right Foot

If he scores 12 goals in all competitions this season I say offer the man a contract. He is a low risk high reward type of player if he gets his act together.


(low risk + if he gets his act together) = high risk 🙂


He is on £52,000 reportedly. Has been for years. The only way he would sign on is if he gets offered more like he thinks he deserves. Bit part player on £52,000? I’d rather get someone a lot better for a lot less, also someone who doesn’t have the high risk factor.

It Is What It Is

Having seen the calibre of his potential suitors, he’d be wise to extend the terms of his current contract.


…extend current contract, but for 30k.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Swish, any new player is a risk. Ask Spurs, or Man United even. We know Bendtner can do it. He did it on Wednesday. He did it 22 times before that. He is a part of the squad. he has trained with them. They know him and his play. If he thinks he should be at a top club then when we win the league (yeah, I know) then he will be at a top club, and if had a hand in getting us there a deal might well be possible. After all, we are a bloody upgrade on the… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

23 goals for Arsenal now.


Loved the picture.


Bendtner suffered when we started playing with one up top. He has always been better with a partner forming effectively with Eduardo (before leg break) and Luploi?! in his reserve days.


Bendtner for a medal !!


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Gunner Rob

Unless Giroud gets crocked I can’t see Bendtner getting enough games to be eligible for any medals, and there’s that small matter of actually winning the league too.


We will, <ate.
Come on. Be positive.

Bendtners deflating ego

If he cleans up his act and continues on in this vein I have zero problem with the lad. However, past experiences say he’ll revert to his old ways just as quick

Virginia Goon

Glad to see it come off for Nicky last night. Doesn’t deserve it with his attitude but maybe it’s a watershed moment for him. Where he realizes if he wants to be a part of the unit he needs to work hard and await his chance. These moments will only boost his confidence, or should. It is Nicky Bendtner….nothing is impossible with this lad.


Yes ….TGSTEL really needs his confidence boosted 😉

Eric Irish gunner

Once he’s wearing an arsenal shirt he should be backed

Arseblogger's arsecrack

“I don’t agree with the direction the club is going” – Van Persie.

Fuck off you cunt.

Also I don’t hear many people commenting on how much sweeter and more accurate and less wasteful we are with Gervinho out the side and Ozil in. Also dare I say that we’re slicker without theo? His stats don’t lie but I think we retain possession a shitload better without him.


Which is where Gnabry can be such an exciting prospect. He can defend, probably keep the short passing going better than Theo and also have the burst of pace.
However, Theo gives us something nobody else can, that extra second over any defender which enables him to make runs in behind even from a pretty deep position, he doesnt need to court offside positions to run in behind. With Theo, if we have another attacker who is decently quick on the other flank or centrally, we’d score drastically more goals like Real do.


and the thing you and a few others fail to miss is that Theo has that extra something, a certain je ne sais quoi. Yes he can be invisible at times but then he can pop up with a moment of magic just as quickly.

i want to boff bendtner and I'm not even gay

Funny how much more effective a 6 foot 3 striker is when played at centre forward rather than on the fucking wing isnt it?

German Gunner

Leave it


Funny how well we are doing someone has to have a moan about someone. Pleased to see Bendtner score and whats all this anti Theo stuff? FFS lets be happy.


He takes words litteraly. Bendtner “how can I score after 3 years?” Wenger “Easy.. Use your head” 😛 Three point happy days 🙂


Bendy is a bit bonkers (hey – alliteration!) – but he’s a better striker than many give him credit for, if not quite as good as he (once?) thought he was. His scoring record for his national side is quite decent. Well done – and to Denmark – first Victor Borge and Nina & Frederik, now Nick. Those under 45 may not understand the last bit….

fecal smear

Good on Bendtner for doing a job. As the article says, with enough hard work he can challenge for the starting position. In my mind, he is the kind of striker we want as backup to Giroud, and will be ideal if he maintains his work rate (from the Hull game), which shouldn’t be too much of a problem if he gets rest between games.


Was it Giroud or Bendtner? I suspect he was actualy face offed Giroud.


if he screws up next game it will be back to “bendtner is shit”. its like they say your only as good as your last game!

Mrs Bendtner's Greatest Son That Ever Lived

Well done, my boy.