Wenger: I have to rotate


Much like the earth itself, Arsene Wenger says he must rotate.

But he’s not talking about spinning on his axis once every 24 hours with respect to the sun at an equatorial speed of 465.1 m/s. Instead, he means he’s got to keep players fresh and free from injury by changing the make-up of his team.

And by make-up, we don’t mean the very foundation (geddit?!), but simply choosing different players for different games. With Hull City on the agenda tomorrow night, the manager has hinted that he’ll have to use the depth of his squad due to the upcoming, and very testing, schedule.

“I rotate considering the level of fatigue,” he told reporters at his press conference earlier. “We have some indications – my eyes, some objective data and as well some positions where it’s more demanding on the physical front than others.

“We have so many games that in some positions I will have to change; the full-back position is one that is very demanding. Central defence is a little bit less demanding on the physical side, it’s more on the concentration side.”

The boss also said that losing players when playing so many games was inevitable, and something he had to try and minimise the effects of.

“When you play so many games of that intensity, we expect to lose one or two players. In every single game I will rotate. I try to limit the number because I do not want to disrupt the balance of the team, so I do that in every single game.”

There could be starts tomorrow for Carl Jenkinson, due to injury to Bacary Sagna, as well as Theo Walcott, Tomas Rosicky, Nacho Monreal and Mathieu Flamini as the manager looks to rest some legs before Everton on Sunday.

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diaby's doc

. “We have some indications – my eyes,
some objective data” and here i thought vermaelen was the terminator?

Pacific Gooner

Henry for Giroud


Gay for Giroud


All day


Its great to have a squad deep enough to rotate 🙂


That it is. Out of the names blogs mentioned as potential starters, Jenko would be the only one i’m even remotely concerned about.

Gervinho's resigned optician

Yes it is, but concerning as well.

Because with Sagna back we become a tigher unit, and then’d have rotate even faster.


Pick me, pick me!


I am rotate too but nobody gives me a biscuit for it

Manchester Gooner

A waste of universal energy. Who would give a biscuit?


Does he produce a magnetic field that helps to protect us from solar wind? If so, give him a biscuit.


Do biscuits gravitate towards him? If so, let him get his own biscuits.


I love biscuits! oh! Bergkamp! I’ve turned into Arshavin!


So if Rosicky and Theo start tomorrow, both won’t play against Everton?

I thought Rosicky was Wenger’s go-to guy for big games. Anyway, both will run Hull over tomorrow.


i think everton only just fail to make the cut.


Everton will be tough. Off topic a bit, but what is it about United that turns people into such arrogant cunts? From Reuters: “The Scot acknowledged the work of his successor, Roberto Martinez, but suggested that not all the credit should go to the Spaniard. “He is doing a very good job,” Moyes said. “He has very good players there. I always told them they could play without a manager because they are very well organised. But Roberto is doing a really good job keeping it going.” “They could play without a manager” is something you can say about the… Read more »


They were playing without a manager for 11 years. I thought that was clear to all.


‘Play without a manager’. Isn’t that wot Manure are doing?!


Roberto Martinez is one of my favourite manager.


Rosicky, Walcott/Wilshere, Flamini as rotation players. Not to mention Poldi and Chambo yet to come.

As Jesse Pinkman would put it,

“DEPTH, bitch!”


+1 for the Breaking Bad reference

Walter White

And that young man was usually wrong. I was the brains of the operation and had to keep getting that druggie out of trouble.

Even my stupid brother-in-law, Hank, could realise that we are two or three players short. Without a couple of quality signing were gonna end up just like my poor DEA agent relative: not making it to the end.


I wonder if he’ll rest Giroud and Play Theo up top with Gnabry on the right wing?

Gives the tall Frenchman a few days to relax, and lets Walcott try out for the strikers role he always talks about.

Bergkamp Elbow.

With four games in eleven days (ending away to City having just returned from Italy) surely Arsene’s biggest call is how he uses Giroud. He’ll know that if we don’t beat Hull, and even Everton, at home, everyone’s legs will likely feel heavier for the two huge games. Regarding Napoli still being a huge game, even playing well it’s easy to go a couple of goals down in no time; dodgy pens, weird deflections, last man dismissals. Then the pressure is massive. From the sounds of it Arsene will aim to get our attacking game into full swing in the… Read more »


Can i just highlight the wonderful banner at the top of this page.




What does it say?


How many of us know that the current arsenal backfive of Sczesney-unique hair-bfg-Bosscielny-Gibo have never lost an EPL game while playing together? Unbelievable! I always knew there was something special about this backfive, even our lost games this season in the bpl Gibbs was taking off injured while the score was 1-1 against Aston villa and bfg was absent against man utd. This backfive have not lost a bpl game for close to three good years, wenger must know this and bar any injury, must feature this backfive in all our big games this season


Interesting. Long may it continue.

Pascals Head Wax

Sssshhhh dont jinx it

diaby's doc

Aaron Ramsey: Rotation? rotation is for the earth i basically can’t stop scoring, now is that done from the bench?


this made my day!!!!! hilarious! 🙂


Fact= our current back 5 have never lost an EPL game while playing together



Diaby's ankles

COYG is right – we have started Villa game with current back 5, but Gibbo was subbed on 28th minute


Kos was sent off


Gibbs injured after 28 minutes replaced by a right back
Koscielney sent off after an hour for winning a tackle and then not connectlng with a brummy bastard.

to 2 penalties that should not have been given (kos tackle and advantage played but then unplayed)
and a redcard for villa that never was
and a million other anti arsenal decisions by a ref who was seemingly just qualified from The Spurs Youth Indoctrination Division

So fact when this back 5 play together for more than 30 minutes together – they do not lose.


thank you for seeing things clearly unlike fans and blogs who chose to ignore what happened and abuse wenger and turn against the club with an army of idiots taking the cameras complaining….


Against villa gibbs was substituted on the 28th minute thanks to a head injury while the score was 1-1, so you see the backfive was compromised


The Invincibles is strong in these lads.


Give Ozil a rest Wenger.


Cazorla in the middle. Please! I miss seeing him there. And no I am not saying Ozil is doing a bad job. I just want that guy to be smiling again, get back his last year’s magic. After all he is our little magician.

Gervinho's resigned optician

Wenger is never gonna shift Ozil from the centre. (I would :))

Our nr 19 is special though, he’ll eventually find a way. I’m sure he’ll play a very important part in our season.


If anything is gonna derail this first-class train that we’re on it will be injuries. That’s why we need a couple of new faces in January. Top priority is a striker. It’s nice to see Podolski back but he is not the answer. We are not going to sign Suarez or any other top forward in the upcoming window, but a decent back-up is a must. Anybody but TGSTEL.

Dick Swiveller

I dunno, him and Theo could be considered decent backup, considering who they’d be playing in front of.

I see what you mean though, I wouldn’t complain at another CF, a proper one as I worry we’ll lack physicality without Giroud.

Problem is, I can’t see anyone of the required quality that’s available, luckily it’s not my job!

shereWil power

Mitroglou seems like a really affordable, decent option. Hope Wenger goes for him.


Fat Gooner being constructive in his posts!

Zorro in the Box

I want to see whoever comes in to be someone capable of doing the unglamorous defensive work as well as the trigger pulling up top.


I wonder whether Vermaelon doesn’t deserve a run out against Hull. He showed he’s still up for it against United and the BFG has played nearly as many games as the HFB and Ramsey. A bit of a breather couldn’t hurt him either!

Besides, Verm and Kos aren’t exactly strangers to one another, they even used to have a bit of a partnership of their own not too long ago! If we have the depth…why not use it?


If we are changing both the full-backs I think we should try and keep both the CBs in. Changing 3 of the back four is a bit much!


We can’t take Hull lightly… They just beat liverpool. The last thing we want is to be complacent, and I can see from posts above that some fans are.

We need to extend our lead so we should play our full strength squad.



I’d prefer we keep the back 5 the same. They are crucial to us in every game, Sagna has an injury apparently so we may need Jenks to come in for him, but no more.


Yeah it looks like Ssgna is injured so Jenk will have to come in. I just hope he keeps calm and solid at the back.


Sz jenko bfg kos monreal
Theo Rozza Santi



Your so confident you think we can start the game with 10 men. Its certainly a new approach to resting players!


And ozil.

Gooner til the end

Whoever comes in will be an improvement over past squads. Denilson, Squillachi, Hoyte etc etc


Give Jaroo a break. …

Özil Gummidge

He might not start every game but Podolski is a massive player for us.

The fool of a Took

Not to worried about the Tigers (lol), if we play Rosicky and Feeeo and are calling it a weaker side, our depth is beyond belief!

But I would still love to see a new striker who is just as good as the HFB in holding the ball and kicking defender to bits. Don´t really see the point in buying a speedy gonzales type of striker as our game is based on Giroud doing his incredible hard work. I hate to say it, but Drogba would be amazing for us, even though the guy is 32+ years old.

TR7 > CR7

Why would you hate to say it? He was the only likeable player Chelsea had. He showed that (unlike the rest of them) he wasn’t driven by greed when he gave millions to charity, he was a good role model because he took Guile’s advice and went home to be a family man (I mean he wasn’t in the news every other week for being a prick). Oh and yeah, he stopped a civil war… So that was good too I guess.


I think the fact that Drogba scored so many times against us is a damaging factor; old wounds and all that


I stopped reading after likeable.


TR7 > CR7

Touché Swish, touché.

Buy Me, I'm a CB

Maybe rest Kos, rather than the BFG. I think Jenks needs his calming presence more than anyone else.


I’d like to see more of Gnabry, he’s 18 and already had some big contributions against swansea and palace and his cameo against manure was pure class.. quite a prospect!


I’d give Kos a break and start Vermaelen. Not to denigrate Hull since they’re putting up a decent showing so far, but a match against a newly-promoted side is a good opportunity for him to get some game time.

Virginia Goon

Trust the squad. Very important 2 week stretch of matches. Stay strong, and play as a unit we will get through this thing unscathed.

ori e wa n be



Arsenal are going to have 9 days off between man city and Chelsea they can all rest then with some training in the sun some where to help them recover the next 4 games.


After next 4 games

Özil Gummidge

The centre backs are about the least in need of a rest.

palace gunner

The team need extra cover for when injuries or any sort of problem rotates i give a biscuit when the team our pressured but so far so good.

Jesus wept

That’s what I was thinking. I’m bonkers too.

is it just me

That thinks that vermalen could be än excellent DM. Arteta os getting up there, agewise, and to be honest, is to slow against better trams.

Pascals Head Wax

Yes its only you that understands


Bendtner : When is my turn?

Harish P

I think good rotation means starting against Hull with the following team; Fabianski Jenkinson – Koscielny – Vermaelen – Monreal Flamini – Rosicky Walcott – Cazorla – Gnabry Giroud An almost drastic change, but the amount of rest some players haven’t had is crazy. Also I think with the intensity of the following 4 games starting with Everton, it’s best not to take chances on the physical fitness that Szczesny and Gibbs have been prone to. I think thereafter, the Everton game should start: Szczesny Sagna*/Jenkinson – Mertesacker – Vermaelen – Gibbs Flamini – Arteta Walcott – Özil – Wilshere… Read more »


Someone seems to think that Hull and Everton are in the bag then…

Harish P

Someone seems to not trust our depth then…

Hardly in the bag, but not a bad opportunity to rotate. But what do you or I know.


start with:


after 60++ min, change tired leg with:


other changes depend on the requirement of the game..PODOLSKI is a must !! hehe

Gnabry's arse

I had a nightmare that Arsene rotated so much that I didn’t recognise any of the players on the pitch and hull took a 3-nil lead by half time. I burst into tears telling arsene to make his usual subs before the 70th minute