Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Ancelotti rules out Morata loan

Despite being linked heavily with a loan move to Arsenal in the January transfer window, it appears that Alvaro Morata will be going nowhere.

Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti seemed to leave no door open to a departure when talking about the club’s decision making during the transfer window.

“Our thinking is very clear,” he said. “There will be no new players and no exits. We have a very good squad.”

Further to this, the always excellent Sport Witness reveal that Liverpool have reportedly had an offer rebuffed, and that Madrid are not inclined to loan the player anyway, despite the fact he’s not playing as often as he would like at the Bernabeu.

An €18m summer fee has been mentioned, but it’s likely that Arsenal would have other targets come the summer.

Most of the English papers this morning have gone with an undoubtedly press office led line of the Gunners looking for a short-term solution to the striker issue rather than splashing out in January, but it looks as if Arsene Wenger will have to look elsewhere to find his man.

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I guess we’ll just have to settle for Jackson Martinez then.

remember the invincibles

I scouted him on youtube. I know I know, it’s a highlights package. But he was amazing!

Manchester Gooner

Wondering what the Club’s been waiting for.

For the run in, experience is key. No time for half-hearted loanees.

im serious



Well that’s that for this rumour. Hard to know where we stand on getting anyone in this window. Good thing Chuba is staying.

im serious

I call Seydou Doumbia!!


Ye Doumbia why not? A different kind of striker, more pace and poaching.


I would rather have Chuba try his luck than loaning in Morata. I think us having a look at Juve’s Giovinco wouldn’t be a bad thing.


As much as I like Giovinco as a player, what we need in a striker is someone tall and strong, with good positional play and clinical finishing. This is exactly why Arsene’s focus has been on players like Lewandowski and Costa rather than 5 foot pacey players like Giovinco who we have an abundance of, eg. Theo, Podolski, Ox, Miyaichi, Gnabry, etc.


As long as we don’t sign Berbatov. Regardless of where you stand on his work-rate and motivation, most of the advocates for his signing seem to conveniently forget that even if we sign him as a “stop-gap” for this season, it’s not as though he’ll magically evaporate come the summer. We’ll be stuck with someone who we’ll need to move on before signing a long-term forward, and we know how difficult moving on unwanted, lazy Eastern European forwards has proven for us in the recent past.


This applies not just to Berbatov, but any of the other “15 cut-price alternative strikers ARSENAL could sign this January” or “7 bargain buys who could propel ARSENAL to the Premier League title” etc.

Manchester Gooner

What does this lesson help us in our title challenge this season?

Since when do fans care about how much money the Club could save?

This January and under the circumstances we find ourselves in, anything to consolidate our chance of winning the title(s) this season is worth a try.


Our giddy perch atop the Premier League shouldn’t prevent us from maintain a sense of perspective. We didn’t expect to win the league this year, and we’re still by no means odds-on favourites. What we wanted was to be competitive, to be title contenders and give the Champions’ League a real go, and I think we’re doing well on both those fronts. With that in mind, it would undo a lot of the hard work and suffering from the past few seasons if we were to risk squad stability and an inflated roster by rushing into a short-term solution that… Read more »

Tommy Gun

@ goonerbynature

Agree completely. Especially the first paragraph.

buster bloodvessel

Why not bring back Nick Anelka??


Coz he’s old and slow and about as motivated as a wet cheese


He seems like a bit of a cock too. If you are going to make a political gesture then at least know what it means. And if he did know, then he’s still a bit of a cock.


Its ok, I’ve passed Garry Goals details onto Arsene


He’s only “top class,” and not “top, top” class.


Tomas Danilevicius’ head wished us Merry Christmas… Hmmm, I think Arseblogger knows more than he’s telling… Tomas is actually contracted to Parma now as far as I know.


Gonna be a tough job finding strikers this month. Teams in the title race for their respective leagues won’t let any of their strikers go and emerging talents that are getting game time won’t want to leave either because of it being a World Cup year.. That rules out your Costas and Draxlers. Only guys we can probably pick up are unknown talents and players not getting regular games which gives us very limited options. Won’t be holding my breath this transfer window.

Gary Baldy

Okay, this is going to be a long shot at a popularity vote here but I have wondered about getting Hernandes from Man U ?

If we can get the supply to him surely he can score ?

What say you chaps ? Reasons for and against ?


Little pee?

Are you taking the piss?

Gary Baldy

Okay, I have copied and pasted my comment here as it is more relevant, I meant to add this to my original comment, in the first place ! :-

I should add, that this may well be hypothetical, as Utd are probably not even be thinking of getting rid of him, particularly as the Dutch skunk and Shrek are a little injury prone leaving Welbeck as their 3rd option.

However, the ‘ Little Pea ‘ is not a regualr starter and he might consider a move somewhere else as a good thing.


But he looks like jimmy krankie

Gary Baldy

You mean ‘ Wee ‘ Jimmy Krankie ? !!!!

I see a theme emerging here, or should I say ‘ puddling ‘ ? !!!!


Urine the right pun zone


I do think he’s wasted at Utd and wouldn’t mind seeing him at Arsenal, really can’t see it happening though. I’d like us to go after Carols Vela, he’s playing really well at the moment and with the buy back caluse it should’t be too much a challenge for our commercial team.

Harry juke

Good! Now Sign Jackson Martinez… Morata wasn’t worth all this hassle. Otherwise buy someone like Dzeko or Hernandez although I doubt the Manchester clubs will gives us them otherwise all hail Lord Bendtner or the magnifique Giroud and the new kid Akpom

Manchester Gooner

‘doubt the Manchester clubs will gives us them’? They won’t.

Just buy that Colombian bloke Jackson Martinez.

Gary Baldy

I should add, that this may well be hypothetical, as Utd are probably not even be thinking of getting rid of him, particularly as the Dutch skunk and Shrek are a little injury prone leaving Welbeck as their 3rd option.

However, the ‘ Little Pea ‘ is not a regualr starter and he might consider a move somewhere else as a good thing.


We already have someone with an eye for a goal, a physical presence, quick and with a venomous shot, and he needs game time.

All hail our new striker: THOMAS VERMAELEN!


I would certainly try him in Fifa)

Rosicky's sprints...

Mmmmm loic remy is not a bad shot….


Remy is not available till summer,I’d call Jackson Martinez,he’s a gooner and has issued a come get me plea….but who are we kidding,the boss really wants Costa and will hold out till summer for him.


The problem with player from spanish is the language and home sick. We need a player who is quick to adapt with the tough game of premier league, not someone who’s still to adapt with weather and languange.
I’d rather prefer we sign from premier league club such as Dzeko, Berba, or Hernandez. But I doubt their club will allow.


City would be mad to sell Dzeko to us

buster bloodvessel

Rather have another stab at Demba Ba.


Best option by a mile if only Mourinho would sell. He won’t. FACT.

buster bloodvessel

Anelka wouldn’t need to adapt! Hit the ground running (even if no longer that quick). Can still hold the ball up as well as anyone I’ve ever seen. He’s also cheap, could get him on a nice short term deal and he’s no chance of going to the world cup.

All positives!

Red Cannon

That would, no doubt, ruin the great team chemistry we have & the feel-good aura in the locker room.


The Sun headlines tomorrow: CARLO ANCELOTTI QUOTED SAYING : We [need] new players [as soon as possible]’. CONFIRMED: MESSI TO MADRID


Berbatov, Hernandez anelka besides being unsufferable c*nts are also completely different players that may upset the balance of the team.

Loic Remy tho is a good january option

It all depends what the boss wants – if its a like for like cover for Giroud then someone like Shane Long is a decent bet.

hes big, strong and fast… not prolific but neither is Olivier


Ancelotti SAY-NO-GO

buster bloodvessel

Shane Long?!? For the arsenal?? Yeah I hear Kevin Davis and Steve Claridge are available too!


Fuck it bring back Henry………………and Suker! …..remember him…quality!


There don’t seem to be any outstanding candiates really. It’s going to be interesting to see whether anyone comes in or not.

Has anyone heard much about Vincent Aboubakar? A young Cameroonian player, who certinly looks good on YouTube and has been racking up the goals in Ligue 1.


Benteke (6’3, 23 years old) is still the man for me. Our system is based around a front man with power and strength to help bring our three attacking ‘midfielders’ into play in goal scoring positions. Whilst he doesn’t have the guile/touch of our beloved Giroud he offers great pace as an alternative. If you’ll allow, someone who’s both similar yet different; just what we want. With Theo now gone a player that will also allow us to stretch the game if need be must be the answer. I get he’s not in the greatest form, but he’s only just… Read more »


Just because the current system is based around Giroud does not mean we should bring someone in to strictly replicate that system. Giroud works because the 85% of teams we play against will try and deny us space and sit deep. he acts as a can opener allowing our midfielders to slip in through channels. BUT we already have Bendtner who does a similar game and he will be likely back end of the month. Meanwhile the 3 games we face in Jan in Villa, Fulham and Southampton should suggest we have sufficient firepower with Giroud and Podolski (and even… Read more »


Lavezzi and Reus fit that bill but they’re CL tied. Wenger blatantly won’t let us down. There’s too much to loose this year. Dare I say it, the treble!

A N Other

TBH – we knew that it will be difficult to source a world class striker in January. We should have bought that in summer and not look for stop gaps in a season we could win Title. What happens if Giroud goes off injured as well?


Bendtner comes back end of the month. The 3 games this month Villa, Fulham and Southampton should be OK for us. Podolski is available. We also have Ozil, Santi, Chamberlain, Ramsey and Jack to take up the slack. There may be some issue with replicating Giroud’s hold up play should he go missing for these 3 games but it is a slight risk. In any case, i don’t think any player coming in will make an impact until the third game at very least. City (and Bayern) thereafter will need someone IMO who can give us more (or something diff)than… Read more »


Please check out this link:

Jackson Martinez is in his best form/age in his career. got great power, speed and finishing skills.
As we know Arsenal play, he would fit in well, with his ability to score in tight situations!

And on top of all, he’s a gunner!!!!


Not a bad striker but he will cost us and is it necessary what we want to do spending money now for good capability when top quality will likely come on market in may with Manzukic, Costa, benzema and maybe Falcao?

The loan or a more economical purchase may be a better option this January. It is a very tight market but there are options.


Also he is cup tied.

Unless price is really reasonable (in which case we may see him as a replacement for a Bendtner departure in the summer), likely not.


What about Lacina Traore……..tall, pacey and a decent left foot. Whats more, monaco are looking to loan him too


I believe he is already spoken for?


berbatov is the best option. cheap. experienced. proven goalscorer. technically gifted. he knows he is not coming to be a first choice.and for those who say is nonchalent hey we have the king of nonchalance in mesut!!! and i don’t buy in the argument that he could disrupt the team atmosphere. Ferguson benched him the year after he was EPL best striker he did not complain that much… he is a good lad, very pro according to those who coached him . Technically he is awesome and can play in the Cl he has the level. Berbatov for 2million it’s… Read more »


Why did anyone think we would land Morata? Madrid will want to keep him and he is a tad inexperienced not to mention likely cup tied for CL. Ditto Jackson Martinez, Mitrogolou both of which are good strikers but not in the class of say Benzema, Costa or Falcao (or Manzukic) all of which may come onto market in the summer. If we spend the money on either, we will be less likely to buy a player in May. Both these players are also cup tied so you’ve spent a lot of money for a player who can only play… Read more »

non-flying dutchman

Jackson Martinez would appear to be a good fit for what I can see – and i cant help but think this £32mil clause is a nonsense and he could be secured on his market rate – Porto bought him for roughly £8 mill in summer 2012. is the clause for onwards movement before the contract has finished really going to be 4 times the rate at which he was purchased? – if so then he has some bad agents.

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