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Arsenal 2-0 Cardiff: by the numbers

8 – Arsenal shots in the first half
20 – Arsenal shots in the second half
8 – Shots by Theo Walcott¹ (3 in the first, 5 in the second)
6 – Shots created for others by Theo Walcott
5 – Shots created by Walcott in the second half
3 – Number of shots Walcott created off corners in the second half
2 – Arsenal shots in the second half which hit the woodwork
1 – Shots by Jack Wilshere which hit the woodwork
5 – Shots Jack Wilshere created for Arsenal, all from open play¹
1 – Assist by Jack Wilshere with the outside of his boot
7 – Arsenal shots from set plays (all of which occurred in the second half and 6 of which were headed shots)
7 – Aerial duels Arsenal won in the first half (all in defense)
9 – Aerial duels Arsenal won in the second half (4 in defense, 5 around the Cardiff penalty spot!)
4 – Aerial duels Sagna won in the second half (2 around the Cardiff penalty spot!)¹
2 – Arsenal corners in the first half
10 – Arsenal corners in the second half
8 – Crosses by Arsenal in the first half (2 successful)
26 – Crosses by Arsenal in the second half (12 successful)
21 – Crosses Arsenal average per game in League play this season
67 – Crosses Theo Walcott has attempted this season (most at Arsenal)
13 – Crosses Theo Walcott attempted today v. Cardiff (season high)¹
5 – Crosses Theo Walcott completed today
1.6 – Successful crosses per game average by Theo Walcott (second behind Mesut Özil with 1.7)
622 – Passes attempted by Arsenal (551 completed)
166 – Backward
9 – Backpasses
18 – Passes from Koscielny to Mertesacker, the most frequent pass combination¹
12 – Attempted dribbles by Jack Wilshere¹
7 – Successful dribbles by Jack Wilshere¹
1.7 – Successful dribbles per game average by Wilshere
27 – Successful dribbles by Jack Wilshere this season in League play (26% of his successful dribbles for the whole season in one day)
5 – Successful dribbles by Jack Wilshere in or around the 18 yard box (of 8)¹
8 – Ball recoveries by Jack Wilshere¹
4 – Ball recoveries by Jack Wilshere in the opposition half

88 – Minute Bendtner first scored v. Cardiff
65 – Minute Arsenal first scored v. Newcastle
68 – Minute Arsenal first scored v. West Ham
31 – Minute Arsenal first scored v. Man City
80 – Minute Arsenal first scored v. Everton
2 – Minute Bendtner first scored v. Hull
29 – Minute Arsenal first scored v. Cardiff (away)
22 – Minute Arsenal first scored v. Southampton
19 – Minute Arsenal first scored v. Liverpool
47 – Minute Arsenal first scored v. Crystal Palace*
66 – Minute, on average, Arsenal first scored in the last five League matches
24 – Minute, on average, Arsenal first scored in the previous five League matches
6 – Arsenal clean sheets in the last 10 League matches
3 – Arsenal clean sheets in the first 10 League matches
8 – Arsenal clean sheets in the last 12 matches
9 – Arsenal clean sheets in League play this season (leads the League)
2 – Number of times Arsenal have failed to score this season (leads the League)
18 – Goals Arsenal have conceded this season (fewest in the League)


15 – Touches
3 – Shots
1 – Goal
2 – Aerial duels won
10 – Passes
1 – Key pass
2 – Goals scored by Bendtner in back to back appearances at the Emirates


¹Led all players
*You probably noticed that I didn’t include Man U and Chelsea, that’s because Arsenal didn’t score in those matches.

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3- ooooh’s in the 1st Half in liveblog 13- ooooh’s in the 2nd Half in liveblog 5 – Fuck’s in the comment section of the blog to every ooooh ! 50 – Fuck’s in the comment section when the goal was scored 20 – Yeah’s in the comment section when the goal was scored 3 – Christ/Jesus when the goal was scored…the rest are going to hell 10 – Fuck’s by me when i saw 5 added mins, 9 of them were wasted in a minute when Theo scored the 2nd goal 1 – “Thank god” i said making mence… Read more »


Shame Poldi couldn’t score, he was wearing this underneath his jersey:

I’ve seen dumber yellow cards.


Poldi “If I had scored I would’ve shown my shirt. It’s ok, I’ll show it now”

Kos “If I had scored I would’ve shown my pants. It’s ok, I’ll show them now”


Hey Big Mert please climb off those seats…..Right right.


Last day of 2013 – Top of the League

First day of 2014 – Top of the League


Runcorn Gooner

Last day of the 2013/14 season top. Priceless

Oor Wullie

Bendtner looked great before his injury. We need another option . Podolski’s amazing from the left, Walcott from the right but we’re now designed to hit the big target-man and without that we look flimsy


Rosicky squeezed in a pass to Cazorla through a very tight space. 10/10


Rosicky is an angel sent from heaven. No stat about his number of forward passes? I just saw a stat pic on twitter which showed almost ALL of his passes were forward and in the final third

Dingo Bruce

So we can all stop spreading the myth of Walcott being rubbish at set pieces now? I’ve never thought he deserves the stick he cops.


He was rubbish, but he improved with everyone he takes. though I still wish we score more often with direct free kicks, I miss those.


It almost seems as though Arsenal just dont ever practice direct FKs.


So how exactly did Szczesny make that last minute save? must be some voodoo shit. Had to have atleast 8 arms to save that! 10/10!!

Good stop to deny Mutch earlier on too.


Oxlade and poldi started season brilliantly then got injured And you would think after this goal Bendtner would have kicked on too. (especially in girouds absence)

Arsenal rulebook 101

“Thou shall play a blinder but pay for it with injury”


Flamini was way too complacent today. Misplaced too many passes which is uncharacteristic of him really and kept wandering forward when he was supposed to be the DM with Arteta playing a more advanced role. (i would think)

He tried too much and its a good thing Rosicky was brought on as he is much better at “trying too much” than the FLAMINI is.

Good solid win… did someone say Sp*rs????


Whenever i have seen Flamini and Arteta play, its Flamini who goes fwd and Arteta who sits back. I dont know why its setup like that but I guess its because Arteta is more effective at switching play and so may need some space ahead of him to pick the best pass possible. Also, Flamini ahead means we may have opportunity to win the ball back early in their half itself (something like what Rosicky’s sliding tackles do). Though i believe Arteta is much better at the 25 yard shots and should put himself in a position to take those.


Probably because Flamini is more of a runner than Arteta.
Mikel sits back and Flamini runs forward and back non-stop. It works well.


Why is it that when he first signed he was all disciplined, staying behind, protecting the back four, clearing shit up etc and now suddenly wants to be among the goals almost. i think the goal vs Cardiff has him wanting more if im honest.


I distinctly remember that he was going ahead of Arteta even in the first match they both started together, i guess it was a CL match. Napoli? or Dortmund?
I was left feeling – if only Arteta were taking those long range shots. He sat behind in games where we didnt play double pivot.


I agree about the flame not being too strong today, wenger made a mistake by not starting another box2box like rosicky to support the wingers, arteta and flamini together just dont make it flow, they’re as similar as koscielny to vermaelen. Other than that, we see how much we miss girouds ability to link up and support our amazing wingers and midfield. Podolski is part of that great midfield but when Özil comes back, hopefully they can replicate their Germany partnership!


These stats really show how well Wilshere played. When he plays in the middle of the pitch, he rarely disappoints.


1: Awful but bemusing attempt at a free kick in a dangerous position by a Mr. Bertie Sailor

Ozil is a goooooner

Hopefully I’m not slaughtered for this, but on the back of today and the possibility of Bendter re-signing, I’m inclined to say I hope he stays… I’m never going to forget what he’s said about our club, and the lack of effort/professionalism he’s shown but after Suarez’s “Let Me Leave” guardian interview, I think that could be forgotten in time. He’s come up with some crucial goals in the league, which have been the difference between 2 points and 6. He’s got (from memory) one assist, and four in the league cups as well; considering he’s probably only played 300-500… Read more »


2 – goals the big massive BFG should have had – 100% chance he is saving those goals for the Munich game.


woohoo, 5 successful dribles by Jack Wilshere!


1- number of premier league medal TGSTEL will have by the end of 2014


3- Number of times I wanted to Wank during the game…. Seeing Vincent Tan however didn’t help 🙁

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