Boss puts 6 week time frame on Ramsey injury


After admitting yesterday that Aaron Ramsey would be missing for ‘some weeks’, Arsene Wenger has today put a time frame on the midfielder’s absence.

As Arseblog News told you earlier in the week, we’re likely to be without the Welsh Jesus for 6 weeks. Speaking at his press conference today, the boss said, “Aaron will be out for 4-6 weeks. I count six weeks.”

It’s a big blow as Ramsey had, until his injury, probably been Arsenal’s player of the season with 13 goals in all competitions. A 6 week absence wouldn’t see him return until mid-March.

Wenger also said that Ramsey’s injury and Flamini’s suspension had informed the club’s transfer activity on deadline day with a midfielder in their sights.

Follow all the Transfer deadline day action on the live blog.


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fuck i know!

Hopefully this prolonged injury doesnt kicked him out of the team of the season 🙁


Please make this your “lock screen”: Aaron Ramsey at his best.


Blogs if your there,Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors.


Skipper: “Kowalski options, give me options!”
Kowalski: “that kim Kallstrom fella from sweden”

Skipper: Noooooooo!!


A very big blow to the team. Wenger and last minute surprises…. COYG. Someone would be added to the team by 11 O’PM lool

Infidel Castro

The luck Arsenal have had over the years with injuries should really have us all prepared now for the usual 3 week setback that turns into 3 months. Hopefully he returns in time for that crucial period where we face a lot of c*nts in their own back yards before we finish with the c*nts from Manchester at our place.


That’s 6 weeks away from being 2-3 weeks away.


Exactly. In the summer we read that Sanogo would be back by the end of August, then September, then November ,then January… Now the poor lad is scheduled to be returning in February – that’s February 2015, I expect.

No way we could have antcipated Ramsey’s injury. I mean, it’s not like injuries are something we get very often or have any reason to expect when tired-looking players aren’t rotated.

Still, good thing we’ve got that new kit deal, best shirt deal the world has ever seen apparently, so no trouble at all in bringing in cover in midfield or that top-quality striker we needed last summer but which inexplicably slipped through our hands.

Meanwhile Podolski … If he wasn’t so laid back he’d have put in a transfer request by now, but I suppose the laid-backness is part of the problem.


To be fair, he was back in 3 weeks so the original prognosis was right, but did his muscle again in training (was he possibly rushed back?) But I get the frustration. Rambo is my favourite player and I’m peeved not to see him again till March.


Bucking follocks


Quick recovery Rambo! Hopefully this is not more than the stated time frame. Miss your high pressing game and unrivalled engine son!!!




Kroos? Sven bender or his brother?


FFS! Every season we lose so many players to injuries and relapses.
Whens Diaby gonna be offloaded? Ive never heard of someone havin so many injuries that last a bloody season. Apart from van pussy that is.


How do you off load an injury prone player? Who will buy him?

Wooly thinking.


The team has lost its balance since Ramsey has been out. Rosicky is the only other player who has the energy of Ramsey. The ox does too but he is still very raw, but maybe worth a risk.


Nonsense. The team continued its winning form with Ramsey out.

Arguably Ramsey is the form player but Jack is more critical to the balance of the team as he affords vertical penetration and an ability to beat one or two players on the dribble.

In Soviet Russia, WENGA sacks YOU
In Soviet Russia, WENGA sacks YOU

Unfortunately there are some mistakes that we keep repeating.

It’s always the same pattern:
Player is in form and becomes very important to the team
Overwork important player by doing little rotation even when it’s possible
Important player gets an injury
Other players get overworked to make up for lost body
Players get injured

Belfast Gooner

Various outlets reporting Arsenal are interested in Kim Kallstrom from Spartak Moscow. Swedish international with 107 caps. Not the most inspiring signing ever but can provide cover for central midfield and out left. Wouldnt cost a huge fee and might turn out to be a solid squad player. Still need a striker though!!


We need an elderly not very good left winger? When we’ve got Podolski and Cazorla? He must be very well rested, Podolski, only having played about 90 minutes in two years.


Also why, when we’re apparently trying to sign an ageing left winger on loan, allegedly so he can cover in central midfield, are we sending Frimpong to Barnsley?

Sure, Frimpong has his drawbacks, many drawbacks, chief among them being a tendency to pick up red cards Flamini-style, but he’s still an energetic and accomplished young player who really wants to play for us. Evidently Wenger doesn’t like him, on account of his attitude probably (shades of Lansbury), but if that’s the case we could at least wait till the summer before letting him go. If he’d had a few good games against the likes of Palace or Coventry in the FA Cup in our first team, his value would rise and his choice of clubs be much better. Barnsely’s like a death sentence for the poor lad.


kallstrom a winger !! i suppose to speak about him. he is not a winger he play CM


Well, in his pomp he played on the wing. I used to put him in my fantasy teams around the turn of the millennium, and he’d score quite a lot. I guess he doesn’t have the pace for that any more.

We seem to be replacing our grow-your-own policy, such a source of pleasure and excitement to many fans a decade ago – I remember how the Italian papers called us the kid pirates – in favour of the ultra-successful Allardyce method at Bolton of elderly former talents brought in on the cheap. Perhaps a cheeky last-minute bid for Peter Crouch?

Poor Frimpong. Much credit to him, though, for simply wanting to play regardless of whether it’s at somewhere dismal.


Deadline day! And wenger is still holding on to his purse! Cool. But on a serious note miraslav klose would be perfect backup for giroud plus his german and he is far more clinical than giroud


Bendtner already backs up Giroud.

if Giroud is knocked, a combination of Bendtner and Podolski should ensure sufficient firepower.

The question is more with getting someone in who can provide something different.

Pato is a loan option as he is quick and tricky around gaps. Considering we play Bayern likely with us mainly on the back foot, his pace will provide us a useful outlet.

He is also not cup tied.


Draxler deal being dead has been a big dissapointment. i just hate this so much.


I think the deal must have been made up by a rival to get arsenal fans hopes up and thus ruin the atmosphere at home this season. Standard.


Your disappointment is self created.

there was very little chance of this succeeding and he is simply over priced.

he is potentially very good but he isn;t that good at the moment.

Jovetic took in a similar goal haul over a more prolonged period and he went to City for 25m.

For the price they want for Draxler you could get Konoplyanka who can play to both feet across midfield with a lot of pace and have enough left over for another quality buy.

Draxler is a daft idea created mainly by media folly.


Dont be surprise if we sign klose on loan but then give him a year contract after we’ve seen his performace, but stll get a younger strker like that benfica guy rodrigo to learn from klose and giroud to become our future No9


If you buy a player like Rodrigo, you will likely miss out on a better striker in the summer.

Short term fix plus he is again cup tied.


Kallstrom i dont know who that guy is

Just because he is being linked with a move to arsenal
I wont start singing praises about him

I have never seen him play
He will get his chances to prove himself wit Ramsey out, Wilshere being a doubt


Your knowledge of footy is a bit deficient.

You need to be more aware of other leagues.

This player has CL pedigree.

Alex Cutter

Are you having a giggle?

The fool of a Took

Wow, this brings all kind of feelings, mostly hatred towards City who just shrugs of injuries by buying another 40m+ player and carries on.

It´s just fucking ridiculous, how can Arsenal be destroyed by injuries every fucking season??


City rotate. They don’t have a clear first choice and second choice to the extent that we do. This must help to keep the players on their toes and feeling that they’re valued members of the team, not a second-class fill-in who’ll only be used if the preferred player is unavailable. It’s also possible that rotation is why they don’t suffer from exhaustion, jadedness and pulled muscles and torn ligaments. Playing your best players into the ground until they’re falling to bits – as we did with Henry, with Cesc, with Wilshere and now with Ramsey – is apt to mean they won’t be available when you need them them the most – that’s been February for the past 15 years in my memory, when the CL knock-out stages arrive and we’re enjoying FA Cup replays against someone like Blackburn, or Orient, or Stoke.

To rotate of course you need to plan your squad and your transfer targets; to secure them at the right time (July-July) you need to be efficient and rich. Good thing we’ve had all these amazing sponsorship deals in the last two years, then. Good thing we’ve had a transfer surplus for a decade that’s currently standing at around 80m. Just a shame about the efficiency bit, the reluctance to plan for our needs and to use our available resources to minimise the chance of finding ourselves in an injury pickle when the tough end of the season kicks in. Shame about our apparent reluctance to learn from experience.

I can’t help feeling sorry for Gazidis. Remember last May when he was popping with excitement about how we could buy anyone, outbidding Europe’s top clubs, etc. etc.? He was also of course saying to Wenger, I’ve done my bit, I’ve got the sponsorship, now you can do yours. He doesn’t seem quite so bursting with joy and expectation in this window. He at least must be good at learning from experience.


Totally get your frustration, and I do think Rambo’s injury was in part due to over use, in part due to rushing him back too soon. But I definitely didn’t want a signing to take over his place in our starting 11, neither for Wilshere either. So in that sense, Kallstrom is the ideal signing. Fills in a gap when in need, otherwise happy to sit on the bench while our real stars take the stage.


We are not far off City in terms of quality or quantity :

Negredo – Giroud (Comparative goals in league but Savage would have you think Negredo is the new Shearer)

Agueri – ????? (Here is where Aguero’s 13 goal haul is telling and close to the GD between the two clubs. we don’t have someone like him)…he is of course out now.

Dzeko – Bendtner (TGSTEL has done reasonably OK considering less starts)

Jovetic – Podolski

Nasri – Walcott (both injured)

Silva – Ozil

Navas – Santi

????? – Gnabry

Boyata – Rosicky

Milner – Ox

Rodwell – Jack

Fernandhinno – Ramsey ( Kallstrom)

Toure – Arteta

Garcia – Flamini

Kolorov – Gibbs

Clichy – Monreal

Zabaleta – Sagna

Richards – Jenkinson

Kompany – Per

Nastasic – koscielny

Demechelis – vermaelen

Lescott – ?????

Clearly our shortfall is at Cback and in attack (Aguero) where we were in the hunt for a similar type player in Higuain and Suarez. Pato comes to mind as a loan option for us but we are not privy to the intricacy involving any possible move even if he is unwanted at club.

Other striker options touted have mainly been cup tied and useless for CL.

otherwise if you compare us to City, we have as much depth quality -wise so effectively you are perpetrating a myth.

Alex Cutter

Are you having a larf?


Källström atleast got a good left foot, but as a player he is pretty much past his best since he moved from Lyon to Spartak. Feels more like a precautionary signing if someone of Arteta/wilshere/flamini would get injured while Ramsey is out.


No Dench on the bench !

Merlin's Panini

I know nothing of Kim Källström other than recognising his name.
Signing a midfielder into his 30s who has never played in one of the really big leagues and hasn’t exactly set the world alight is a little underwhelming, but then I guess over 100 caps for Sweden means he can’t be all that bad, right?


Arteta 31.

Rosicky 33.

kalstrom is part of Lyon and has played CL.

He is not cup tied.

Some say over the hill, others say experience we need in the critical end of season.



Flamini 29-30.

Everyone clamoured for Wanyama, Mvilla, Capoue. where are they?

Who is helping to push Arsenal instead? Who came in for free to muted enthusiasm and has galvanized the team?

Kallstrom could be like Flamini, maybe not glamour but crucial to our practical function. That’s what we need right now.

Ideally we should have a striker but the market is very tight and most of the strikers touted are firstly cup tied. secondly they are not top end where we will impinge on our full ability to bring in the best (say benzema, Manzukic, even Falcao) in the summer should we load up on someone mediocre now.

The likes of Berbatov may be cheap but will weigh upon the wage bill and be a hindrance to be rid of since he will want a permanent move. Hence Monaco.

You can take Draxler but again I don’t see the function as we have enough attacking midfielders. he can be converted to a striker but that is a silly idea as it will take time. nor does he score any more goals than JOvetic who has been doing it for longer and went for 25m to City! He is also of course cup tied and for the price people want us to pay for him, you could get KOnoplyanka who can play across the midfield for 15m is more pacy and equally creative. Plus there will be spare left over for another player!

Why would you want draxler for that price? Simply daft.

Alex Cutter

Are you taking the mickey?


Im watchin Källström since he joined Djugarden! Seriously…this guy is class! he has the eye for the deadly pass and a decent strike! of course hes not rambo but a great addition for the squad! Cant tell u more beacause i cant be objective….i love this man!


Bendtner still gets a game for Denmark…


kim Kallstrom has a deadly shot, good free kicker, good long range passing but seriously thats in the past. used to watch him for Lyon and Sweden but does he have the legs….i really don’t know. I find the Klose rumors much more meaningful if we were to make that move. but I have my doubts about such rumors until we actually make the signings.
At this point any signing won’t take anything away from the team, so might as well do that.


Klose is 35!

And people are complaining about Kallstrom.

klose is OK for the slower Italian league but will struggle in England. We already have Giroud who is as slow as treacle.








Ramsey could be gone for more than 6 weeks.

Flamini has left Arteta exposed and if he gets a knock, we could slip in following 3 games.

Jack is 50-50 too.

Wenger is correct to put midfield ahead of everything else. No midfield, no goals. No midfield, no protection for the defense.

Kallstrom covers both DM duties and attacking mid (He also has a fearsome shot from range and set pieces)

He is a bit of Arteta and Rosicky in his play and has experience.


Reports coming out that Kallstrom has done his back in and could be out for a while.. Typical.


it is so weird,our new player has got injured and will be sidelined for three months,what on earth is going?he is here to provide service for the club,not to receive medical treatment and contribute nothing at the rest of the season.why bad luck always curses arsenal :(((.idk but probably the trophy seems to be out of our hand,not only becuz of the dearth of midfielders but also a class striker.i dont believe giroud himself is good enough to lead our team to the championship.Arsene is returning to his frugal policies,why he can maintain his stubborness that the team will end at the first place of the table with such a useless striker.the fact is that He is no match for suarez or augero.Have to admit that MC is most likely to be the leader after the last match,though i always set my heart on Arsenal.