Henry talks Wenger and Arsenal’s Bayern test


Thierry Henry has revealed that Arsene Wenger will allow him to train with Arsenal whenever he wants and described in warm terms the ‘father-son’ relationship that has developed between the two men over the years.

As has become common during the winter months Henry has been strutting his stuff at London Colney with the Gunners first team squad as he looks to stay fit before the New York Red Bulls kick-off a new MLS season.

Sitting down with Redbull.com, the 36-year-old spoke of the privileged treatment he receives from his compatriot and how the elder statesman helped him flourish as a footballer.

“We always keep in touch. He allows me to come and train with Arsenal whenever I want. That’s not something you can do everywhere.

“Just to be able to have his belief [in you] – he will let you take responsibility for your own future,” he continued.

“He knows when he has to talk to you and he knows when to let you… fly. He will help you along the way, but you need to want it.

“The way he sees the game is exactly the way I see the game. The thing with Arsene is that I can speak to him about everything, you know… life, a game, food, a destination…you name it.

“It’s like a father–son relationship. Sometimes you argue, sometimes it’s OK or not OK.”

A month before Arsenal go head-to-head with Bayern Munich for the second Champions League campaign in a row, Henry also took the time to weigh up the challenge posed by a squad under the control of another of his former coaches, Pep Guardiola.

“Arsène Wenger will always be special to me, but Pep Guardiola is very special, trust me, I worked with him and he’s a great guy, a great leader,” reflected Henry.

“Bayern Munich are already the best team in the world. It’s going to be very difficult, but if Arsenal can repeat what they did last year against Bayern at their place, it’s also possible.

“They just have to manage two games, because in the Champions League you can’t just play well in one game, it’s not enough. If you have five minutes when you are not in the game, then you can get punished. I guess Arsenal have the quality to do it and Bayern know that.

“I know when the draw came out everyone was worried for Arsenal, and rightly so, because Bayern are a great team, but I can assure you that Bayern were also not too happy to draw them.

“We’ll see. I guess for the neutral it’s going to be a great game of football. If you love Arsenal, I guess we are going to have to suffer a bit!”

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What a top lad Titi is.


“If you love Arsenal, I guess WE are going to have to suffer a bit!” 🙂

Red Cannon

The “we” part of that statement is excellent. The suffering part, not so much. “We” plan to be elated by sticking it to Bayern & knocking them out of the Champions League.


That leeds goal when he came back for his second spell….I swoon each time,The trademark finish,the fantastic fanatic celebration,the scoreline…

He may be cast in bronze but he’s still capable of Golden moments.

this is what memories are made of:-)

Titi is God

Still gives me goosebumps just thinking about it. “Henry, chance, goal!!!!!”


I do a little more than swoon…..

Mark Hughes


This is a handy link too….


Yaaaah, now crawl back from the hole you came out of and make way for a true legend in the form of Henry…


It’s a beautiful thing!


That through ball from Alex Song. Very sad still we got 15 million and he got a comfortable chair.


That first touch. So classy.

Mark Hughes

*blush* I know, i did have some quick feet

No Neck

i watch that goal often. makes me hard.

Ronald McBootysmacker

Please come back this season. You’ll be the chosen one to get us over the line I swear down. MISS YOU T_T.

Toby C

If only Arsene had a time machine as well as a magic hat.


and a new coat.



*Sobs uncontrollably


I saw the picture of this article first and I screamed a big “YES!” as I thought Henry had re-signed for a little while. Then I read the headline. It was still a good moment.


Was Henry ever captain? Very nice words for our leader, Wenger. Interviews like this will let other stars around the world know what a great team Arsenal is to join 🙂


Was Henry ever captain?


Dr Baptiste

This is a joke post right? Please tell me you’re joking….


To be fair you don’t know anything about ‘David’. He could be new to the Arsenal and never had the privilege of watching TT. It’s good to know he wants to know!


Yes, he was, in his last two seasons at the club.


Yes! Henry can fly!


Maybe he is right about Guardiola, but to me it seems he inherits teams at their peak who have world class players who are also at the top of their game. Messi, Xavi iniesta. Ribery, Gotze, Sweinstiger, Dante, Lahm. Either way, Bayern will not be happy playing us home and away, especially when they topped their CL group.


Please I wan’t ask mr.blog..is there anything wrong if Henry re-sign to Arsenal this January???

Dr Baptiste

Nothing wrong with it per se, but then he is getting older and i’d rather he left his legendary status alone now rather than looking like Bobby P at Villa, which was a real shame.

The mini comeback was great but I think even Thierry would admit that the speed of the Premier League and the speed of the MLS are completely different. Defenders have got younger (well, maybe not Chelsea’s) and as such are fitter, so even as an impact sub I think he may find it hard going. The mind will be quick still but the body will start letting him down.

Also, when you take the emotional side out of it, I’m not sure a ‘just stand there and stick it in the goal’ striker is really what we need right now.

Toby C

You’re not mr. blog

Dr Baptiste

Have you ever seen us in the same room?


It won’t happen, sorry!


Well..In that sense I’ll hope wenger will find someone!!

devil's advocate

Can’t wait to see him on Graham Norton on Friday!


Gotta love how Wenger let’s his guys come back and hang around a do a little training after leaving, and even other club’s former players wants to hang with us (Beckham), all while the Rednose writes a backstabbing book pissing on his former players.


Yeah even Cole attended the Arsenal Christmas party instead. We’re definitely the cool kids.


We need to win at home and a daw will push us ahead Munich


Or sign Henry for two month loan

Indonesian Gooner

I think Titi is over glorified. He was a great player, but with a lot of his flaws too, one of them being an intimidating and relatively uninspiring captain of the club.



..that *was* a joke, right?

Indonesian Gooner

Didn’t read Henry’s biography by Philippe Auclair did you little man?

Mills (the other one)
Mills (the other one)

I’m guessing you never watched Titi play did you mighty Indo Gooner?


I swear – this Indonesian gooner makes the most pathetic comments . Someone should really slap him silly.

But then again – as I said before, he’s just upset Arsenal didn’t give a toss about him during the Asian tour and all the publicity that went to his arch nemesis – The Running Man from Vietnam. Now that’s a proper gooner unlike the indo twat.


Indonesian Gooner is a pagan who trolls arseblog, pay no attention

Mark Hughes

Quite the jokers on here today. There’s being controversial or having a different opinion and then there’s just being foolish. I’m filing this in the latter.

Indonesian Gooner

Mark Hughes calling other people foolish? How amusing.

Mark Hughes

So what you’re saying is that I’m an expert in knowing who is foolish then, correct?


I can’t believe you said thing like this to our greatest player. Ever.


Saying someone’s “over glorified” implies that the sum of his character does not justify the respect he deserved.

Notice that I said “sum”. He has his flaws, sure. But that does not mean that his other plentiful good traits do not outweigh these. And plentiful they were.


Ozil , wilshere, cazola, flamini, Giroud Henry will be good for attack and defense for us


Privaledged to have so many Arsenal hero’s in my lifetime. I must say I think I am most fond of Thierry. When he talks he talks like one of us and he really knew what it meant to wear the shirt. God bless you sir.


I really hope we put it up to them at the Emirates this year, it fucking sickened me the poxy goals they scored last year and how they scraped through at the Allianz. The reason we get beat by the big teams is because they always get first run on us and we leave ourselves to much to do IMO. I hope this year will be different COYG


I literally just finished watching the Arsenal Legends documentary on him (also watched Bergkamp’s, gonna watch Keown tomorrow) and I was teary after Dennis’s, but now after that and reading this… Man…



Words can’t describe how much I love this guy. I still struggle to watch his leaving speech without filling up.

The sooner he comes home and helps us at whatever level is decided the stronger we will be.

This guy is already a legend, imagine if he manages us one day and leads us to glory. No-one ever will be bigger at Arsenal then him.


I can proudly say that as a stateside gooner, this man is the reason why my heart gravitated to the arsenal in my younger days. With very very very few games on the TV at the time, I always seemed to find an fa cup or cl game where he’d bring wine magic and pique my interest as a young player.


Some magic*

Merlin's Panini

aw, I preferred wine magic.

Why do you ask my name? It is beyond understanding
Why do you ask my name? It is beyond understanding

Thierry Henry, the greatest player to wear the Arsenal shirt and now six years after leaving he is still an Arsenal fan. Cut him in two, there’d be red and white stripes and when he takes a dump it comes out in the shape of a cannon.


You have just won the comments for today.

Ginger gunner

We should get him for 6 months loan then we won’t need a ST cause he still got the skills and short on him age is just a number and he will always be the best striker there ever was and one day he will be our boss and I know it can’t wait for that day


Don’t get Henry on loan.

His legacy is written and enshrined.

there are others available to us if need be.

Pato for one could be a good option if he shows the focus needed (which has been an issue with him of late)

he is unwanted at Corinthians and will need to perform to even be considered for this summer’s selecao.

what better place than to come to us where we have rehabilitated the likes of Metersecker and Podolski in recent vintage.

he is quick, tricky and has bags of Cl experience, crucially is not cup tied and is still only 24. Should he perform well with us, we should work in an option aforehand to have first right of purchase at a fixed price.

If he doesn’t work out, well he was cover we return him and move on in the summer.

Az Ahmed

My favourite non-Arsenal player is the one to solve our striker ‘crisis’. He is young, quick, a beast of a player. All he needs is a little guidance. Wenger has guided far worse types of players than him.

Just watch this (sorry about the crappy music)

and this (music muted by youtube, thank God!) and tell me he does not have Arsenal written all over him:

Whichever way you look at it, he would be huge for Arsenal, our very own Luis Suarez and because of the ‘baggage’ he brings he would come at a far lower price tag.


Andrew is generous with commentators and pundits. I am not.

They are paid way too much to offer such facile opinions and colour softer minds.

Be it bleating on about how defensively suspect we are at tedium for months before (last MOTD) Linneker made the point about our clean sheets or going on about how poor Ozil has been (Andrew has done a great service for all mankind with his piece on this on ESPN today)

Another point in case is the perceived ‘gulf’ in depth which the likes of Lawro or Shearer on the bBC or Savage or any of the numpties on ‘soccernet’ keep prattling on about.

Yes we are slightly less in depth than say City but we are in no ways as far in depth as they keep painting us. If so, we would not see the sort of regeneration in capability through our midfield through this campaign following injury to key players.

A direct comparison to City would suggest we are not as far off in quantity or quality :

Giroud – Negredo (Whilst Savage feels right to laud the Spaniard as the new Shearer, both men are on 9 league goals)

????? – Aguero (probably the difference between the two teams and it tells with GD the Argentines goal haul being close to the GD between the team. Also an indication of the capability type up top we are missing)

Bendtner – Dzeko (TGSTEl has done reasonably well considering limited showings)

Podolski – jovetic

Walcott – Nasri

Ozil – Silva

Santi – Navas

Ox – Milner

Gnabry – ?????

Ramsey – Fernandhino (Ramsey on 8 goals)

Jack – Rodwell

Arteta – Toure (Toure on 10 goals)

Flamini – Garcia

Rosicky – Boyata (we have one more midfielder to their one more defender)

Gibbs – Kolorov

Monreal – Clichy

Sagna – Zabaleta

Jenkinson – Richards

Per – Kompany

Koscielny – Nastisic

Vermaelen – Demechelis

????? – Lescott

not as far off as the media put it out to be and in all honesty, I’d take most of our players over City’s (Never mind comparing us to Spurs as they oft used to do…crickets chirping)

The two areas we need a bit of attention are possibly at Cback where we remain slightly light and of course one more striker (Aguero being a major difference)

A good loan on say someone like oh I dunno Pato could bridge the gap and a couple of big wins could bring us closer to City’s GD.

Az Ahmed

Let’s look at it this way:

Giroud = Negredo
????? – Aguero
Bendtner < Dzeko
Podolski < jovetic
Walcott Silva
Santi > Navas
Ox > Milner
Gnabry – ?????
Ramsey > Fernandhino
Jack > Rodwell
Arteta < Toure
Flamini < Garcia
Rosicky – Boyata
Gibbs < Kolorov
Monreal Zabaleta
Jenkinson < Richards
Per Nastisic
Vermaelen > Demechelis
???? – Lescott

Just for kicks, if picking the best team out of the two sides, I would have this line up:

GK – Szcezcny
RB – Sagna
CB – Kompany
CB – Koscielny
LB – Kolorov (KKK in defence!)
DM – Toure
CM – Ramsey
CM – Cazorla
AMC – Silva
AMC – Ozil
ST – Aguero

GK – Hart
ST – Giroud
CM – Wilshere
ST – Negredo
AM – Nasri
CB – Mertesacker
LB – Clichy

Henry! Chance! Goal!!
Henry! Chance! Goal!!

Good comparison Santori. Most so called analysts only offer flawed opinions without actually performing any analysis.


TT has already set his legacy tht wll be remembered for good, let him keep tht good memories for us ever, like mohamed alli wave for the funs when they still need u, not mike tyson insisting on the game destruct all u did for years, so if Thiery continue the game its on the next level now then will end up wth a fllng tht he gets off the pitch OMG


“The way he sees the game is exactly the way I see the game…” Titi eyeing alot more than training with Arsenal. Great players hardly make good coaches. But who knows?