Ryo could move permanently in January


Arsenal are open to the possibility of Ryo Miyaichi leaving the club on a permanent basis.

The Japanese winger has made 5 appearances this season, the last in the Capital One Cup defeat to Chelsea in October. While a loan move for this month has long been mooted, clubs across Europe have been made aware of his availability on a full transfer.

Miyaichi signed from his Japanese high school after impressing during a trial and signed a professional contract in January 2011.

He enjoyed a successful loan spell at Feyenoord in 2011, scoring three times for the Eredivisie outfit, and had a spell at Bolton, but last season struggled at Wigan due to injury making just 7 appearances for the Latics.

Arsenal’s willingness to let him go is down to increased competition in the wide areas where’s he’s competing with Walcott, Gnabry, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Podolski and Cazorla, and lack of playing time has arrested his development.

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raron aamsey

He was never, ever in a million years gonna make it. I imagine the marketing team have been begging Wenger not to get rid of him ever since he came here.


Hindsight is a wonderful thing. I think a lot of supporters had high hopes for him. I know I did after his shpell at Feyendoord.


I love your Steve McCLaren impression!


I think you mean Shteve.


Didn’t others like you say the same thing about a certain Aaron Ramsey o_O

Red Cannon

How was that even close to obvious when he was signed? To me he seemed like a potential world-beater when he was signed. He had/has great pace, trickery, and at least reasonably decent shooting ability. It’s unfortunate that he hasn’t developed in the way that we hoped, but that’s life in professional football.


Must be great to have a crystal ball.

If we never took a chance on players that might not make it, I can think of some players we might not have signed:

DB10 (considered a flop after his spell in italy)
Kanu (career in doubt after long term injury)
Overmars (career in doubt after long term injury)
Thierry Henry (considered an average at best winger at juve)
Cesc (just some kid, who knows if a kid will ever make it or not).

We can’t take the chances that turn into people like that without accepting that some of them will end up like Ryo. I for one hope he leaves the club and does well somewhere more appropriate for his level… and that we get a big cut of any future fees if he does make it big someday!

raron aamsey


Comparing Ryo to Dennis Bergkamp is a bit of a stretch, imo. Bit of a false equivalence there.

I know the arseblog comments are relentlessly and implausibly positive towards everything at the moment (and will then switch completely come March, when we lose a few), but surely people see that ryo was just a marketing exercise? Good looking, young, looks like he’s from one of those boybands they have… bring him to the pre-season tours in asia and whore him out for the shirt sales, then let him stew in the reserves or ship him off on loan for the actual season when actual things happen.

Sorry guys, I know it’s unpalatable but there it is.


Yes i agree total marketing excersize. I mean when have Arsenal ever signed a young player, and tried to develop him? What a great marketing tool he was, spending 18 months of his Arsenal Career playing for other clubs in the same league, and half a year playing in another country.

Considering all the “Asian lucky superstitions” bollocks that has been coming out of the mouth of some of the Asian owners (Tan, Venky’s etc), I’m real glad that the marketing team found a way to market a youngster in a few friendlies, than the rest of the club, who play week in week out, in the most exposed league in the world.

I really hope you dont work in marketing….


are you not a little positive at the moment?

Bartender who refused to serve Shawcross
Bartender who refused to serve Shawcross

No, I doubt it was marketing exercise. He’s not Kesuike Honda, Wenger probably has a good knowledge of Japanese football, Ryo was an unknown kid straight from his high school team who was highly rated by scouts. I can’t say for sure how good his is/can be/is not because I haven’t seen him play very much, it’s just that now is not the time to give a young guy so raw a run in the team, when he clearly lacks the maturity (football-wise) of Gnabry. I don’t see Wenger saying, “That face! I must sign that cute face. He reminds me of a Japanese JLS. Think of the Kyoto girls who will buy our shirts! I love it, I love it!”.


He has been plagued by injuries for the last two years–first, when he was on loan at Bolton during their losing battle against relegation, and then long-term ones when he was at Wigan. While at Bolton, if I recall correctly, he was even named player of the month.

This was a crucial time for his career in England. He definitely had potential, but injuries and his slight build didn’t do him any favors. He needed to be playing every week, but the injuries gods said “no.”


His name is Ryo and he dances out in Jan…


His name is ryo.
Ryo miyaichiiiiiiii
And he wont be going to Rio
Rio de Janeirooooooo!!!!

Parisian Weetabix

Dick move.

Bartender who refused to serve Shawcross
Bartender who refused to serve Shawcross

What’s the Japanese for douche….?


Shame really. He’s a really useful super-sub in FIFA purely for his pace. Though his loss might be mitigated if they actually rate Gnabry properly. There’s no way his sprint speed is only 77.


Edit him


Wellington Silva rocks!


Ryo no mo


I actually saw Ryo play while he was at Feyenoord when I was visiting my uncle in Rotterdam. He played well, was very dangerous and was behind a lot of their best work in a 6-1 win (they actually went 1 nil down, if anyone cares). I was excited to see his potential and my uncle said he was a firm fan favourite but itโ€™s interesting to see that as a teenager he could perform like that in Holland, while heโ€™s always been on the periphery of every game at Arsenal, even as heโ€™s matured. A less physically demanding league may see him flourish as thereโ€™s definite potential there.

Best of luck young man.


I acutally just looked that game up, big lamo that I am. He scored twice and set up another 2 in a win against Willem II. Given his struggles since, it may just have been a case of “William, it was really nothing”


Ryo had a promising start and he had good loan dols at bolton and feyenoord but he never really pushed on


I don’t think he did have a successful loan spell at Bolton. He was hugely promising and full of confidence at Feyernoord but Bolton was where his progress started to falter – not altogether surprisingly, imo, as Bolton’s style under Coyle and the style in the Championship in general didn’t suit him that well. He’s not a tough-tackler like Wilshire who thrived under that regime, and a lot of Bolton fans dismissed him as flimsy and useless, all of which must have undermined his confidence. He was loved in the Netherlands by both fans and his team-mates. Ajax wanted to take him on loan but it wasn’t possible at the time because he’d have lost his home-grown status. Hopefully they or some good Dutch club will now take him and he’ll recover his form. I wish him all the best. He’s a very likeable, hardworking player who deserves a successful career.


I remember watching him while he was in Feyenoord and I was so sure that he would make it. Oh injuries, injuries…


It will be sad to see him leave without using his special move, the “Hadoken” in a game for Arsenal.


Had the potential, looked great when playing in Holland. Might just be a case of being too light weight for the Prem. But it does open up space for a Draxler type of player.


I trust Wenger to make the right call on this one. I like Ryo, he has blinding pace, and I hope he has a long and successful career somewhere. But I think anybody would reasonably conclude that there are doubts that he can cope physically with English football. He’s already 21, but he physique just isn’t there.


Disagree about physique, he has the right height and all he needs to do is to bulk up and get more playing time, which he unfortunately isn’t going to get here. Shame because the injury to Walcott should’ve opened the door for him, we’re missing a player who can provide width and he looks like he could’ve been such a player.

Crying shame, I really was hoping he’d make it. Also, what’s the source of this information?


Yeah, a little nonplussed given Theo’s injury. Why not wait until the summer?


Good for him. I’m sure he’ll find a place in a good team in Europe. He looked good in Holland.


Headless, can’t cross, can’t shoot, can’t retain the ball. Time to go

Dr Baptiste

Are you talking about Gazza?

NB This is a joke and as such, should not be taken seriously as it’s very sad what’s happened to him.

The man who would be bling
The man who would be bling

Where should gazza go? To that great dressing room in the sky? That’s harsh man, really harsh.

Dr Baptiste

I get the feeling he moved to the premier league too early in his development and would do well in a slightly slower league like the Eredivisie, where you’re judged on technical ability rather than fast, direct play and have time to develop (I mean look at the Ajax players of past and present)


I hope he does, he’ll never make it here. So incredibly average.

Japanese hip

Ryo is opened a miso Katsuya back to Japan


Good news…couldn’t get past a single chelsea player


There is a video on Youtube of RYO destroying invanovic


Sad to see how injures have plagued his career so far and if all the Draxler rumours are to be believed then it makes total sense that we would be looking to offload Ryo


I trust wenger to make the right call. At the end of the day im all for great prospects and having talented youngsters. But were in a title race. If i had to choose right now between keeping miyaichi or signing draxler or playing gnabry/ox, the latter all day long.

Draxler proved he can cut it in bundesliga and the others have proved they can contribute when asked. Everytime ive seen ryo play he seems intimidated by defenders. That may be an unfair conclusion based on his playing time but such is the pressure of the EPL you have to hit the ground running. I personally hope for a loan deal or a transfer with a buy back clause. Gd luck Ryo

alfred Lee

Couldn’t get past a single chelsea player? Go youtube and find the video that he raped past chelsea defenders when he played for bolton.


I think it would be a big mistake to let this kid go. He could be a future world beater with abit of patience and trust


what makes you think that he will be a future world beater?


^^ And what makes you think he wouldn’t??


I haven’t seen anything to indiacte that he is world class potential. We wouldn’t be selling him if that was the case.

But really it is up to the poster who made the claim to explain why he has potential to be world class


You obviously didnt watch him at Bolton. He was tearing the top four teams apart by himself.

Battersea power plant
Battersea power plant

An entire article based on a single line and no quotes. Look at yourself before you accuse the likes of tribalfootball for click whoring next time.


Wtf Tribalfootball still exists? i think comparing arseblog to that is just wrong and dumb.


Unfortunately, I don’t think he will make it. Had bad luck with injuries and Gnabry is ahead of him now.

Jon Gunner

I am actually surprised he didn’t go in the summer and remember then saying that physically he didn’t seem to be improving.

If you consider he is 3 yrs older than Gnabry who is already at a higher level and will now start in front of him

Shame, but then they can’t all make it and if he stays he will restrict the development of a younger talent that will be looking to step up


Yeah i’ve never really seen what people see in him apart from oh he’s very fast, he was never gonna make it at this level not for me anyway. The dutch league is a whole lot of different to this premier league bad boy.

Not all stories can be fairy tales. good luck Miyaichi.

Ryo Fan

Nooooooooooooooooo ๐Ÿ™

Such potential there was when he was at Bolton. I remember seeing him destroy Chelsea (?) defences with his pace. The realist in me does recognise that so many players are ahead of him though.

My heart hope he stays and becomes integral to the first team but my brain understands the decision.


Absolutely correct. He was very good at Feyenoord. He tormented Ivanovic when he played for wigan against chelsea. He has got it all to make it. But too many players blocking his progress at Arsenal .He should move to a team where he can get regular football at this age.


Seems like a nice guy but not Arsenal quality.

He will do well in the Dutch league


Good luck and cheer-Ryo.

Daft Aider

He may well be a late developer but he’s nowhere near the finished article and looks very far from good enough for the time being, good luck to the lad though

Adebayor's Bellend



Wenger mishandling top young talent yet again. He should have been left in the Dutch league on loan for longer.

Dr Baptiste

Like Fabregas, Wilshere, Ramsey, Gnabry, Szczesny, Gibbs, etc… Mishandling like that you mean?


Still when you considered some of our best players in our past did not come to their prominence till their late 20’s (Wright, Henry, Gilberto) it is still early to write Ryo off. Other players that developed late in to their 20’s include Drogba, Luca Toni and Miroslav Klose. Ryo has a lot to improve before he can make it but has shown flashes of potential.


I think Wenger is letting Ryo go because he’d already secured Draxler signing?


I was hoping Ryo would make it at the club but he’s miles behind the likes of Gnabry and Oxlade-Chamberlain let alone our regular first team players. He will of course get better in the future and I’m sure he will have a decent career ahead of him but he’s not as Wenger would say ‘top, top quality’.

Good luck to the lad wherever he ends up.

Carlos Vela

you said the same thing about me, well look at me now at sociedad

Black Hei

You had your chance and you blew it big time at WBA, remember? Think it is the weather….

caveat emptor

Here’s a test: buy a portfolio of 25 stocks today, and then report back in a year’s time on whether you achieved a 100% success with each purchase. That is inherently easier than acquiring footballers since there is a lot more available information. This is just directed at all the folks pontificating with hindsight on all the bad decisions Arsenal (and really, all other clubs as well) make.


I like ryo but he have not the right biscuits

Tapscott's Testicles

Had high hopes for the lad. Thought he would make it with us. Not to be. Best of luck lad, best of luck.


Too bad. Hoped he would be able to show what he could do. The loans didn’t seem to pan out, injuries seemed to hold him back frequently, and now we have an established troop of wingers. Best of luck to Ryo where ever he goes.


Bit gutted to see him go if he does go of course. Had high hopes for him and he’s quick as fuck on FIFA! Lol
If he goes I hope he doesn’t become great at another club from a selfish point of view because maybe a bit of patience from him and the club and he could make it eventually.


El’ Miyaichi
Japanese midfielder prime suspect in Mexican bar shoot-out. Last seen carrying guitar case full of guns.

(Thought I’d get that in there while he’s still one of ours)

Merlin's Panini

I hope he doesn’t go permanently. I thought he just needed a decent loan move. Somewhere like Hull or Cardiff would be good for him, where he would get game time, and with it a chance to progress.
Obviously our squad is looking really solid at the moment and it’s going to be very difficult for him to get a chance just now.

With his pace though, if he could learn to finish, which may take some time, he could be an ideal replacement for Theo if he has another lengthy spell out.


I love arseblog… I started following on Facebook the other day…keep up the good work

Igor Stepanov's career
Igor Stepanov's career

Plastic fan ๐Ÿ™‚


Does anybody think Jordan Rhodes could make it in the Premiership? Blackburn have got FFP problems and might be looking to offload him to balance the books. With Wenger’s tutelage, could he possibly become a striker for us? Seems to be a lot of potential there.

Desert Fox

Was talking to a mate the other day about this – there must be something about him that is putting clubs off. He seems to be fairly prolific wherever he plays so it seems strange that he isnt being linked to anyone

Mate Kiddleton

Be sad to see him go, but the boy needs to play.


Showed glimpses of talent whilst at Bolton. But the big difference between Ryo & the likes of Gnabry & Ox is strength.


they should have put him on creatine , whey protein, PEDs and bulked him. Look how Ronaldo and Bale have physically transformed themselves to get to a higher level!


The battle for Ryo was always with Gnabry and Campbell. He has fallen way behind those players in far as playing time and development.
Hopefully he can form a decent career and make Arsenal regret losing him


I wish him well wherever he goes. ๐Ÿ™


This is a mistake. Needs more time. Hardly played recently. Is this 100% true? We want to get rid of this? — http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g1pA6Btn_1o

Davy Jones

Injury problems and by the looks of him, to little protein in his diet ruined his chances at Arsenal and PL football. But if he stays fit and move to a less physical league, im sure he will do just fine. Best of luck Ryo! Maybe we will meet again in the Champions League down the Line some time.