Striker loan move delayed


Arsenal have delayed Chuba Akpom’s loan move to Brentford until later this month.

The young striker was due to join the League One club this week, but after injuries to Theo Walcott and Nicklas Bendtner, along with a favourable FA draw, the club have decided to put a hold on things.

Akpom, realistically, has little chance of making an impact in the first team at this point in his career, but with options severely limited at the moment, and Arsenal facing a trip to Southampton on the Tuesday after the FA Cup clash with Coventry, he’s being retained as some measure of insurance.

Akpom scored a hat-trick this week in the FA Youth Cup against Peterborough – video highlights here.

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Well, I guess that puts our situation in perspective.


Sadly, this means that a striker deal is not imminent at the moment.


Not a bad insurance to have around. The lad has made steady progress and it is not all that alien for a player to break into big times at such a tender age. We brought Theo here when he was 16 so I don’t see why we can’t keep a honest hardworking kid around

Master Bates

Theo and The OX were already first teamers..altho at lower leagues.

The only player(I remember) who stepped up having not played first team football is Cesc Fabregas….but he’s special


Oh dear.

Wrighty's Gold Tooth

Not a better club to send the lad too, especially with their quest for promotion. Worked for Szczesny. Come on you Bees!


Coventry game would be a great opportunity for him

Arsenal's Boss

Just get us a new striker Wenger


I thought Morata’s move to Arsenal had been delayed. Oh well..



Wenger's Zipper

We only spent money at the very last minute on 1 player for the whole of last summer, and to think that good mid-season winter transfer deals are always tough to come by… sigh!

Dr Baptiste

What everyone seems to forget is that this summer we didn’t lose anyone we didn’t want to lose and only added 2 players (and what a pair players we ended up adding). If we get anyone in then it’ll be short term at best due to the world cup and the best players settled right now at the halfway mark in most leagues, which means a second to third choice striker. Next summer is the best we can hope for the Costa’s of this world.

Fatboy Gooney

Good to see that,
Lessons have been learnt.
Now let akpom shine.


I wonder if one day I’ll be able to read about a youth player on arseblog without seeing the words “realistically, has little chance of making an impact in the first team at this point in his career”.


I think it is a smart move to hold him back. I guess the reason he is sticking around is that Arsenal are after a striker. Once a signing has been made, then he can go on loan. I see this as a positive sign. COYG

Big F**king Cameroonian
Big F**king Cameroonian

I don’t he is ready to perform at this level. better let him go get more experience.

Dr Baptiste

Like Gnabry? Like Wilshere? Like Szczesny? Like Gibbs? Like Chamberlain? These are all players that are either around or were his age when they first joined the first team. You don’t know if they can do it until they are given a chance. He looked good in pre-season as a youth striker coming into the first team.

Dark Arts.

I’m not so sure. He’s a strong and confident player. The main question for me is how quickly he’d learn to find space at the top level, because I think he’s got the character to finish chances.

im serious

Yes just what we need!

Hurray hurrray! i even wondered why we were going for Lewandowski. Akpom!!!

Dr Baptiste

Were we ever actually going to get Lewandowski? Especially as he had already said he was joining Bayern and subsequently has.



pauly bear

My spanish collage in work is a missive real madrid fan. He was sayin that di maria is very get able for a big premiership team. We should moveI think he would add great width and ozil knows him very well

Ye never know come the summer we could complete the trio and go back for benzima


Dan crowley looks like a cracking prospect! 4 assists and 2 goals very impressive.


Another midfielder?

Give me a break!

Dr Baptiste

Was there another player mentioned as the one in the article is a striker….. Do some people even know the positions our players play in? Next you’ll be telling me Ozil is a wingback

pauly bear

Yeah ur right lets get a big man up front and hit the long ball. Theo has to be replaced and as much as people like gnarby he wont cut it for the rest of the season. And ramsey is wasted playing on the right wing


Then it’s a good thing we haven’t signed that Gnarby fellow.


Would hate to look back on this season in years to come with regrets that we didn’t buy a striker in this window.
Utd, City and Chels will all buy massively in the summer making winning the league even harder.
Fair play to this lad… But it’s now or never for Wengers reign . Buy what we need!!

Dr Baptiste

Imagine if we went in for a top quality striker and he turned us down…. The players do have some say as well you know, it’s not all just about throwing money at a club.

Would any top player like to leave their team midway through the season, where they are probably CL cup-tied anyway and aiming for a WC place, where their performances may suffer as they settle in?


You’re right! Let’s curl up and die.


Yeah, I’ve got to agree with that. It’s not liking going to Tesco and buying a world-class pint of milk, these are real people and if they’re playing well in the run up to a world cup, there’s no chance they’re going to move to a new club, new team (and likely a new country) and jeopardise all that.

Realistically I think we’re going to have to get by on what we’ve got.


Yet he will find himself higher up the pecking order than Park chu Young.

Mark Hughes

To be fair, I’m higher up the strikers pecking order than Park Chu-Young

Fatboy Gooney

I agree with mark hughes…. lol.


Game against Posh youth was also showcase for young Dan Crowley who looks like a mini Jack Wilshere but with Ramsey’s eye for a throughball. He set up Chubas chances and scored himself. The future is bright with these lads coming through.


Good for him. Hope he takes his chance against Coventry.

That said, this is such a fucking shit situation. Everyone telling us we’re short on strikers, and injuries to Bendtner AND Walcott. THIS COULD ONLY FUCKIN HAPPEN TO ARSENAL


To all those thinking Coventry is an easy game or a game to experiment with young players,just a reminder we lose it we are out of the FA cup,it’s a big game simple. I have waited long for a trophy no underrating any team.



Not sufficient experience Akpom.

Strictly making up the numbers.