Villa 1-2 Arsenal: by the numbers


92 – Percent pass completion by Arsenal in the first half (397/433)
79 – Percent pass completion by Arsenal in the second half (191/245)
54 – Misplaced passes by Arsenal in the second half
18 – Misplaced passes by Arsenal in the final 20 minutes
10 – Number of misplaced passes by Cazorla in the full 90
7 – Number of misplaced passes by Cazorla in the second half
5 – Number of those second half misplaced passes by Cazorla that he played in Arsenal’s defensive half
1 – Number of times Per Mertesacker yelled at Cazorla after he made a poor pass that led to the Villa goal
1 – Number of misplaced passes by Özil in the second half (28/29)
0 – Misplaced passes by Özil in the Arsenal defensive half
7 – Misplaced passes by Wilshere in the second half
3 – Number of those misplaced passes by Wilshere that he played in the Arsenal defensive half
2 – Number that Flamini had (the whole midfield, save Özil, couldn’t pass to each other)
0 – Misplaced passes by Per Mertesacker out of 42 attempts
1 – Misplaced pass by Koscielny out of 43 attempts and it was a long ball
11 – Long passes Koscielny completed (of 12!)
73 – Pass completion rate by Giroud (32/44)
55 – Pass completion rate of Benteke (18/33)
1 – Bad pass by Giroud to Özil that was an insult to bad passes
67 – Percent of Giroud’s bad passes that were in the Villa final third
80 – Percent of Benteke’s passes that must have been headers (guessTimate)
3 – Perfect tackles by Per Mertesacker (3/3)
3 – Flying tackles by Flamini (3/3)
3 – Crazy tackles by Cazorla (3/3)
3 – Back tackles by Sagna (3/3)
3 – Kieran tackles by Gibbs (3/3)
3 – Successful dribbles by Gibbs¹ (of 4, Wilshere was 3/7)
2 – Handsome tackles by Giroud (2/2)
2 – Surgical tackles by Gnabry (2/2)
1 – Cheesy tackles by Monreal (1/1)
1 – Tackles to save the cause by Laurent (1/1)
0 – Jacked-up tackles by Wilshere (0/1) — he was the only Arsenal player to miss a tackle
5 – Interceptions by Flamini¹
1 – Broken nose by Agbonlahor
1 – Wispy mustache on Agbonlahor’s hideous face
17 – Clearances by Koscielny¹
13 – Koscielny clearances in the second half
14 – Clearances by Mertesacker
4 – Clearances by Lowton²
4 – Chances created by Lowton¹
7.1 – Clearances per game average by Koscielny
6.5 – Clearances per game average by Mertesacker
18 – Clearances Arsenal made in the first half
39 – Clearances Arsenal made in the second half
23 – Headed clearances Arsenal made in the second half
21 – Clearances Arsenal made in the final 20 minutes
13 – Headed clearances Arsenal made in the final 20 minutes
5 – Headed clearances by Per Mertesacker in the final 20 minutes
4 – Headed clearances by Koscielny in the final 20 minutes
2 – Clearances Villa made in the final 20 minutes
21 – Passes from Özil to Cazorla, Arsenal’s most common pass combination
19 – Passes from Villa keeper Guzan to Benteke, Villa’s most common pass combination

Mertesacker and Koscielny record (both players play full 90)

Played: 28
Won: 20
Drawn: 8
Lost: 0
Conceded: 14
Clean sheets: 16


¹Lead both teams
²Lead just his team

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Ozil made the pass to Monreal taking everything into consideration.

Angle of the pass.
Grass resistance.
Trajectory of Monreal.

That was trully magical10/10


“Matador. Look at him, so languid, look at him walking. He’s like a big, beautiful zombie,……, like a big, beautiful zombie. He just strolls around languid like, like smoke off a cigarette, you know. And then he jump out and just draw your blood.” – Ray Hudson

Sums up Ozil pretty well.

Infidel Castro

The Mertersacker & Koscielny stat of never losing when playing a full 90mins together makes me moist.


Your partner should be real happy about that, mine is 🙂


Think the Daily Mail’s Sami Mokbel ripped off your post, Tim. Today’s site featured the same stat.

A Yank in King Arsene's West Stand
A Yank in King Arsene's West Stand

I think I mutter to myself “just when you think you can’t love the BFG any more than you already do…” every week.

His 100th match for us tonight, as well!


He’s too slow for the Premier league “cough”

Canadian Gooner

2 – Number that Flamini had (the whole midfield, save Özil, couldn’t pass to each other)
I didn’t understand this one , can someone please explain?

Mate Kiddleton

It’s the number of misplaced passes from Flamini. The whole midfield’s passing game was bypassed in the second half by Villa’s long ball tactics. The ball was in the air half the time and we don’t have the tallest midfielders


I am proud/ashamed to say that this is the first Arsenal game I have seen in person. I was extremely impressed with our away support. my favourite chant: “you’re just a shit Brad Friedel, shit Brad Friedel, you’re just a shit Brad Friedel!”


100- percentage of games when the BFG and Kosc the boss have been outstanding (unless kicked off the park).
No reflection on Captain Tom that he can’t get a sniff.Love him even more for his quiet dignity.


Mathieu The SWEEPER

at one point he was almost clearing his own teammates legs just coz they happened to be in the way of the ball.


Two Arsenal players injured and had to be subbed nothing done to villa players just like the ox on the opening day villa thugs. One team playing football other not sure what it was ball spent a lot of time high in the air like a kicking game of rugby.


Agbonlahor should have taken a hint from the cricket world and just walked.


And not mentioned by the press, El whateverisnameis on Wilshire was worthy of a red as well


While I agree Arsenal have horrendously bad luck with injuries, I do recall Gnabry almost taking Baker’s head off.


Because taking a shot on goal and elbowing someone in the face are the same thing???


Right, well when gunnerjoe said “nothing done to villa players” I thought he meant that we inflicted no injuries upon them (hence my reference to injuries) rather than that the referee didn’t discipline them. My bad.


One deadly bullet by the Serge… that boy will be a beast sooner


Number of total knockouts by Gnabry – 1, also how do you actually pronounce his name?


I think his first name is same as the word “surge” and his last name is pronounced nab-ree.


Media say g nab ree

Arsene's Jacket

he is learning the ways of the poldi shot


“Kieran tackles by Gibbs”
I laughed.


HFB *swoon* tackles


2 – number of thunderous, full blooded BFG tackles made with his long, long legs.

I love seeing BFG make a slide tackle, it’s brilliant.


Aston Villa’s most creative player… Guzan


1 – BIG Fucking Shout at Carzola


Stats on Ozill are misleading. One great pass aside, he seems scared to take any chances and opts for negative sideways pass most of time. I want him to succeed, but don’t see point in pretending he is playing excellent when he is not.


I agree, if it wasnt for him we might even had won and returned to the top of the league. Damn it ozil, get your shit together.


I would agree to a point here, he frustrated me a little at times last night, maybe we expect too much sometimes. You do feel there is still so much more to come from Ozil though.

However, the pre assist was sublime and it’s that when it matters he is having an impact.


The whole point about Özil is the ‘one great pass aside’. He does offer a lot of work and movement for the team (if you watch, he is always there, offering himself as an option), but we spent the £40 odd million for a guy who can unlock any defense in an instant with one pass.


Delusion – when you dismiss simple, cold facts and consider your own assumed hypothesis as the final truth.


1- Big Fucking Growl at Cazorla 🙂

I thought Ozil was the stand out player, got a ‘hleb’ pre assist and hardly put a foot wrong. He bossed the final 15 mins in terms of keeping possession, which ultimately won us the game. Must be at least a 8 for that alone. His composure and intelligence (i.e. winning a corner rather than attempt a cross in the final stages) is vital in these situations.

2013-2014 = 2003-2004
2013-2014 = 2003-2004

Double no, triple thumbs up to this comment!


Watched it again, BFG shouted twice before the camera panned out…so it cud be more..


Whatever happened to Hleb?

Big F**king Cameroonian
Big F**king Cameroonian

16 – Minutes Arsene Wenger took to zip his jacket (Coming out late after half time) more than any manager in the premier league. No wonder the team started the 2nd half as slow as they ended the 1st, he had no time for the half time team talk.


Stupid thought — with all of the rumours (is it a done deal yet?) of us moving from Nike as a supplier, do you think someone has started sabotaging his jackets 🙂

Arsene's Jacket

I sure hope not!


Agree with you Mike – Ozil’s experience shone through in that period. While some (e.g . Szczesny) start hoofing it to clear and handover possession he knew exactly what to do.


Would love to see stats reg. Pass Completion % (in each half) and balls won/lost by our midfielders in this game please… Thanks

Gunner in Ghana

1- Shot by Gnabry that could kill a player.


Next he shud do an Ashley Williams on RVP…


@ KennySzczesny – 1st game? really pleased for you, I bet you had a great night. Our away fans are something special. Well done.

Mertesackers yell was the my most significant take-out from the game. Such passion, determination, pride in the team work – I hope it’s contagious!

2013-2014 = 2003-2004
2013-2014 = 2003-2004

Which of the following would ensure that nobody turned up to training late in the morning?

Penalty #1: 1,000 pound fine

Penalty #2: 100 pound fine + Big Fucking Growl followed by a Big Fucking Smack across the face by our debt collector


Santi’s fine…… £100 a second until he can get his car keys back (which the BFG is holding over his head).


In my opinion Poldi should start next game instead of Cazorla. In my opinion he will be suit better to our tactics. The space on the left hand side that we are having every game and hold up play of Giroud seems to be just perfect for his shooting ability.

I think, we are more dangerous with Podolski there than with Cazorla. Santi needs to find his best form again. Lucas and Gibbs cooperate really well.


19 – Passes from Villa keeper Guzan to Benteke, Villa’s most common pass combination


For those of you “complaining” about Özil, can i just point out it is his first season with us.
I remember a certain Bobby Pires having a quiet 1st season too and he didnt turn out too bad.
Maybe its his price tag that makes people think he should be giving 10 outta 10 performances every game.


Özil is one of the best attacking midfielders in the world! He done his part tonight, its scary for the competition when he starts doing much more than just his part! Every gunner at the moment has gone through a rough patch like; Mertesacker: was terrible in his first year, Koss the boss was very average at the start of his gunners career, Rambo was appalling at one stage, TR7 was fizzling out then he turned it around and won a contract extension a couple of years back, Szczesny was dropped last year.

In other words if this is a rough patch for Özil now then I can’t wait till he gets in form!!