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Wenger looking for fitter Podolski

Arsene Wenger has admitted that Lukas Podolski is not yet fully fit after his injury problems, but has backed the German international to help Arsenal out of their striker ‘crisis’ when he is up to speed.

The former Cologne man banjaxed a hammy at the end of August, but despite making an appearance in the home game against Cardiff he was somewhat surprisingly benched for the FA Cup tie against Sp*rs.

And the Arsenal manager has made it clear he’s got more work to do on his general fitness before he’s likely to get a run in the side.

“Podolski is in the position of Chamberlain,” he said. “He has been out for four months and after being available, it doesn’t mean you are competitive in the Premier League.

“It takes him some time to come back. This week he looked sharper in training so he’s getting closer now to being completely fit again.”

The manager, as he did back in October, seems to have publicly called on the German international to give that bit more to fulfill his obvious potential.

“I believe when you are a football player, you can always improve. He’s working hard at the moment and he’s a fantastic finisher.

“If there’s one you want to see in front of the goal in a shooting position, it’s him. He’s certainly one of the best finishers I’ve ever seen. When he is physically ready, he will of course help us.

“He can play that central role when he’s completely fit. He came on in the recent game and was not completely ready but he is one of the potential assets we have there.”

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New guy

“one of the best finishers I’ve ever seen”?! That’s some high praise from the boss right there.


Hard to argue with that. Hammer lasertrons.


Time for Poldi to come to the party

He’s an ARSEt alright

the only sam is nelson

30 goals by the end of the season from Podolski, the Ox and TGSTEL would do nicely. I’d see Podolski getting half of them, the Ox 10 and TGSTEL 5, no doubt including the goal that seals the league title


You certainly mean the last minute 30 yard overhead goal that seals the title?

oh boy

But our last game is not against citeh… overhead kicks must be reserved to be scored against joe hart. How about a 30 yard screaming volley?

Burn Baby Burn

For the health of all of us fans, I really hope we don’t leave it until that late


I’d rather have Wenger run onto the pitch at the 90th minute of a 2-2 with Chelsea, in his suit and leather shoes. Wilshere sees his space and chips a little lobbed pass to the flank, Wenger hits a flying volley into the top corner. Howard Webb, unsure if this is against the rules, plays it safe and points to the centre circle. Mourinho’s WTF rage leads to a mild heart attack while Wenger celebrates by sprinting the length of the pitch to slide in front of the Chelsea fans.

Bould's Eyeliner

I believe Bosscielny has reserved the season clinching kick.


Podolski needs to step up his game. A lot depends on the fitness of our strikers in order to win a silverware this season.COYG

True Red

Poldi always looks fit to me

The Beast

Poldoski is the striker we need to sign this transfer window.


IMO Poldi hasn’t shown what he’s capable of,if Le boss says he’s got more to offer ,then he’s got more to offer…..that’s why he is Wenger…. if you know what I mean.

Harish P

Well if that doesn’t reinstate the faith of the fans with question marks over him, I don’t know what will. Wenger has one of the keenest football eyes. Poldi just needs to abuse his chances now with a solid goal tally, and assists when he’s out wide.


This is solid team management by Wenger – protecting Podolski from the press (and fans) while at the same time directing some positive pressure on the German world class potential. Looking very much forward to celebrating him in 2014.


Podolski > Negredo #Aha




Love the guy and the player, but don’t see him being a machine when it comes to the gym or the cross country runs. See him being more, ‘aha ha ha, I just hid in ze bushes and waited for you to do a lap, aha ha ha’.


Mmm, sounds about right and Wenger clearly agrees with you! It’s not the first time he’s hinted that Podolski is capable of far, far more than he’s shown up to now. Let’s hope the heavy hints and the time on the bench do the trick. Amazing to think that a player of his talent, who wasn’t usually injured, didn’t play 90 minutes all last season. It’s a World Cup year and I don’t suppose Podolski would be pleased to see Gnabry picked for Brazil rather than him, so that ought to be enough to stop him lurking giggling in the… Read more »


Yeah, I can see him stepping up and being the more direct wide player, maybe with Santi on the right drifting inside. Germany have so many wide attackers (Reus, Schurrle, Muller, sometimes even Ozil when Gotze is playing central) that he needs to end the season in good form. I’ve alway liked him since the 2006 WC, but I think he can be even better.


being the “funny teammate” actually gave me occasional places on the bench for the first team when I played youth football. too bad all my other footballing qualities are comparable to those in Podolskis left buttock.

this had pretty much nothing to do with anything except I’m getting old and when you do, reminiscing is a must.

Rosicky's sprints...

Show them left sword of thor….


I love Poldi!

palace gunner

Theo will be missed, ox soon back in contention, sonago never appears now podolski to get fitter, giroud 2 & bendtner


Podolski has the pace, adept strength, skill, and amazing finishing with his hammer of a left foot.

I love him but I hope we see more from him.


Poldi is my favourite player, so I hope he gets properly fit soon so we can see some German hammer-of-a-left-foot brilliance out there!

Davy Jones

Well he did score 20ish goals for cologne whom was relegated, which is pretty awesome. And he had one of the highest convertion of chances % in the League last season higher than Van Persie among others. So if he had been played as a striker last season he might have challenged for the golden boot. But Arsenal would have to change their playstyle abit, and we would have suffered defensively without Giroud whom is important on set pieces both ways. And in certain games against teams who park the bus, it is probably better with a strong tall forward… Read more »


He aint that great. Maybe he will contribute 5 or 6 goals by the end of the season. Trouble is he cannot last 90 minutes and does not play well as CF. I still think we need back up striker.


For podolski it’s not about the ability. it’s his mentality. He has the talent and ability to become as good as van persie of the past 2 seasons. but He does not want to make those runs or lurk inside the penalty box, he wants to play in midfield and shoot at goal from the scraps he can get. He isn’t a winger either albeit his crossing his good. He is a second striker I think it really affected him how 442 has become unused.


I do also think so a 4-4-2 would suit him very much indeed.
Getiing all around Giroud in 1-2s, or on OGs flicks; and with his killer of a finisher left foot he has, hell will be scoring every game.
Off topic but, can anyone knows why Giroud despite his fantastic air skills, he doesn’t score more often from headers?


Whose misplaced left foot shot would more likely kill Phil Brown? Poldi or Vermaelen? Poldi would be a quicker death…


Podolski is a very direct player who adds lethality on our LW. I’m not sure if he has the guile in the middle up top. To me, a loan for Pato (with first option to buy) could be useful for us. He is the sort of tricky player we need and he comes with pace and technical gifts. Still only 24, he will want to impress on a big stage for the Selecao in the summer. His club wants him out and what better place than to come to us with our new reputation of rehabilitating careers (particularly Per). Crucially… Read more »

Özil Gummidge

Lethality! I like it.


he does have a power shot on him but he is lacking in other areas IMO
Now if we could combine him with Giroud to get Gioroulski then he would be great !

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