Thursday, December 1, 2022

Arsenal 2-0 Crystal Palace: Player ratings

We went back to the top of the table after an Ox-inspired 2-0 win over Crystal Palace.

Here’s how the players rated.

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Indonesian Gooner

I’m worried about Monreal, he’s not as solid as usual. Hopefully its a slight blip and not the Andre Santos disease, I think its called.


Monreal’s fine. Save a couple of moments, not a bad game today. Against Southampton, not wonderful, but dear God, not Santos levels of unwonderful.


What? Wenger is starting him ahead of Gibbs right and thats a pretty big appreciation of his abilities. why are you saying this? he’s been superb in the air and on the ground ever since that city mayhem. I think you just miss Gibbs.


im pretty sure wenger is only starting him ahead of gibbs as he has limited cover for midfield places and he sees gibbs as able to come in on the wings as he did today..


I’m sure @Indonesian Gooner isn’t the only one worried by his shaky form of late – I thought it was an ‘away’ thing but hmm – he does seem to get panicky if oppn. press deep.. But he is an experienced fella and will pick himself up well…

We must all save the vitriol (and not just for him) for the coming days 🙂


Guys what result are we hoping for tomorrow ??

1) Mancity win
2) Chelsea win
3) Draw ??




The Ox is a fox



Localized Tornado?


I beleive in Bane.!


Match abandoned after the pitch is invaded by giant man-eating furbies who have acquired a taste for especially loathsome footballers and consume both squads in the centre circle.

Or is it just me that’s hoping for that?


It’s not just you.


i want chelsea players to be all shown red cards as soon as they step on the pitch for being ugly 19th century football playing cunts.

As for city i want it to be shut down for going against everything in FPP. thus giving us a clear run for the title


would like to see a chelski win. Keeps us 2 points ahead.


Indeed. Don’t see city slipping up as much as chelsea the rest of the season either.

It’s all moot anyway once we beat them both in the league, along with everyone else to have the title sewn up early in may.

red foreman

A draw with 8 players injured and 6 red cards and Jose talking about 12th century refereeing

Gutbukket Deffrolla

….before the ref orders him to be burnt at the stake.


Abandoned game due to Mourinho and Pellegrini involved in a sex scandal with Yaya Toure at half time, while the Arab guy recorded it and fooled around with Abramovich. After seeing this on TV, Van Persie jumped up in shock and twisted his ankle and is now out for another 3 months.


and then they all get into Mourinho’s bus and he took them to 19th century…

The End


…and then they get into Mourinho’s bus and he took them to 19th century…

The End


oooo! nice
if you want I can post it ones more…


a draw and 8 red cards


Draw, and 3 red cards each, thank you very much!

A bittle spie

Draw, or at minimum a City loss.


2-2 Draw. John Terry is left on his racist backside for both goals in the first half. Chelsea get three penalties in the final fifteen minutes (and City 2 red cards with atleast 1 for violent conduct). Fat Frankie buries the first two but skies the last one right at the end of injury time.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Only a nutter would want John Cunty to score under any circumstances. I’d be happy to see a half dozen red card earning penalties for each team, and all of them missed, with none of them being saved by Azpiculeta or Clichy when they are playing in goal..


Draw with Terry red carded and suspended for 10 games for breaking Negredo/Dzeko’s leg?

Am I evil?


But in a good way……


Chelsea win. I think city is more dangerous this year. It’s vital for them to drop points. Plus a loss will put some breaks on their winning streak.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

But it might encourage Chelsea. A draw is the only decent option.

2013-2014 = 2003-2004

John Terry to spread all 15 of his STD’s to each of the Man $hitty players… both the ones on the pitch and on the bench.


a draw will be a total dream but i want to cunts and monkey face chelsea to LOSS


DRAW with some red cards and injuries thrown in 😉


The ground does actually open up and swallows every player, manager, staff member, and the fans are so distraught they commit suicide by jumping in after them, or a 0-0 will do.


for the headline: Chelsea play 19th century football to secure point.


22 man brawl, points deduction.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Followed by a 16 man brawl with a trebled points decuction added to the first.

Unyoke The Ox

On pitch lightning


Surely the best result is a really dour 0-0 draw with Chelski parking the bus and kicking lumps out of Citeh?

(plus a few injuries and red cards to boot).


He’s not nearly as good defensively as Gibbs but not nearly as bad as Santos, either. I prefer him in games where we face ten behind the ball the entire time, like today, because his real strength is going forward. But Gibbs against Liverpool, please.


Hmm true. Slight tangent here, but fair play to Crystal Palace. Supporters were terrific, best I’ve seen at Emirates this season. Oh and top stuff from Tony Pulis, best tactical mind in football IMO. Would love to see him at Arsenal when Le Prof goes.

Big F**king Cameroonian

Do you want him to deploy 19th century football in the emirates? Won’t want to see that.


He still is a Spanish international, although he may not fit very well as a wing back role as Wenger is asking him to do as he is not Gibbs, or Clichy or even A._ole. He should be experience enough to do the right things on the pitch.


Monreal is solid! That bolase guy is fucking unstoppable on the run lol

Az Ahmed

I think Monreal is poor. He doesn’t know how to get forward to the byline and to cross, like a fullback needs to do.


Hate him as well but little harsh on pulis, no age limits on caps, could have come up with something better I think.

Jack's Right Foot

Yeah this blog is consistently poor, isn’t it?



no age limit, I agree, you should not wear one of those at any age!


Be nice to Blogs about the Pulis cap hate, after all, he’s not that kind of….


Nothing is ever harsh on Pulis. Even tying him by the scrotum and driving him through a poison ivy forest.

Hated him while at stoke, im even sure he incited the fans to hurl abuses at wenger everytime we met at the britannia. his players were all cunts as they learned from the best.

so Yeah pulis, whats with the hat! grow up!


The top of his head is waxed so shiny his skull is see through therefore he wears a cap to prevent the public seeing the two monkeys operating the levers in his head.


Arsene Wengers zip today : 8/10


At least he would consider it a better rival then Sp*ds


The Orc General will need to wait until the next match to be fed.



Ozil not quiet mate. He has more and makes more than any other. World class


Agreed. ‘Someone’ missed the Ramsey’esque chipped through ball he did for Monreal…

Mallu Gooner

Cazorla may have looked like he’s pulling the strings, but Ozil was the real puppet master. He is elusive and always lurks around looking for that key pass, through ball or chip while constantly exchanging short passes around the pitch.

Air Bergkamp

Fair play Pulis, you’ve done well, but you’ve never truly made it unless you’re on the cast list of an Expendables movie.




I know right? ROTFLMAO


Think you’ve been a bit generous with Pod, he was virtually playing CM in the first half.


That bothered me too. Obviously I’m no coach and I know it’s churlish to complain as we won, but you want him trying to get in behind; not static 10 yards in front of the back-line.


I think it is a fair mark. I even saw him make an excellent tackle in OUR box…

Gary Ozil

It seems like whenever our midfielders get injured there’s always some guy who’s been out for ages who just miraculously turns up and finds form like a new signing. We have to have one of the most fluid midfields in Europe in terms of playing style but also in terms of the number of players who have been in and out and done brilliantly.


Turning your argumenton the head, I am tempted to assume that siging an injured Swede might have been jsut what the team needed, as it coincides with rotating someone into an unfamilar position (Poldi) while releasing the pent-up talent of somebody else (the Ox) ;•)


hope Diaby’s turn is soon

i want to boff bendtner and I'm not even gay

Rather than enjoy the win I’m going to spend all night disagreeing with everyone’s ratings


I enjoy watching this Arsenal play. All it takes is a split second for the oppposition to switch off and the Master chefs; Cazorla and co will instantly whip you up a goal, you may miss it even if you were looking the whole time! lol




Here’s hoping for a draw between man city and chelsea tomorrow !!! that would be per-fect !! 😉 TOTL COYG

das pauly bear

Rating system is fucked for me android phone. Back four 10/10 mid 8/10 giroud 7.5/10

Block 98

Monreal had problems against Bolasi, when he was against Punchion didn’t had any problems. All back4 had some sloppy passes when we went 2-0 up.


Fantastic 2nd half performance! My predictions for tomorrow: 1. Kompany gets a straight red & kick mourinho in the cunt before walk down the tunnel- 10 match ban 2: Terry slips in the penalty box n gives a way a penalty. Eto’o smashes the ball onto the crossbar which comes back n smashes his face 3: Hazard tries to reach under a time wasting ball boy n grabs his nuts instead. Gets arrest for child molestation 4: Ashley Cole goes 1 on 1 with the keeper n but gets distracted by a 5 pound bills on the pitch side n… Read more »

Tony Hall



You left out:

7. A seagull flying overhead shits in Nasri’s face and causes him to retire from football.

8. Ivanovic straight red card then spits at the Man Schitty bench on his way off, 15 match ban.


it will give me great joy to see the traitors nasri, clichy and cole given red cards and legs broken


Slang and abbreviations are cool, and I don’t have anything against it, but ‘9ice’ I mean that makes no sense and its not even saving you any time typing it haha.

On the other hand, solid performance and 2 great goals by the Ox! COYG!


Rather Chelsea’s win tbh. Would put us 2 points clear.

Wengers Water Bottle

I’m really starting to like Bendtner, no logical reason but I do.


shame on you!


Unbalanced to start, Santi not nearly as comfortable on the right side and Poldi drifts in far too often. Bit of rotation entirely appropriate for this fixture, but hope we don’t see the same 11 again anytime soon. Great to have The Ox back, so dynamic and positive, will be key component of hoped-for title run-in. Arteta steady as can be, but his age + lack of pace and size worry me against the big boys upcoming. A tidy, professional 2-0 win, will need to step up to next level to stay on championship form.


Deserved victory. Özil played very well. People are expecting more but do we jugde the others in the same way as we judge him? The pass to Monreal was extraordinary. He wanted the ball all the time. I don’t want to defend him all the time but he is only jugded by his price – the price he didn’t ask to pay for him.



Davy Jones

Good game aswell was the facts on the Kallstrom situation from Wenger in the interview. Apparently it was Kallstrom or none at all, so Warzaw will chip in on his salary while he is injured and Arsenal take over when he is fit to play. Good news since it means the boss has not gone completely bonkers.


warzaw? didn’t he join from Moscow?


They had a pact.

Coat Jeeves.


Jeeves, load my rifle for bear and give it to me quick! Before that guy with the coat gets to the door.


Easily one of the best comments i’ve seen on here. Doff of the cap to you sir.

vienna frankie

warsaw? a few hundred kilometres east: moscow 😉

Gunner From Another Mother

I agree. Come the business end of the season he could come in handy indeed

George the Gooner

Good solid defensive performance, Arsenal didn’t get going till second half. Özil was excellent today as was Per, Kos and Ox. Tired the opposition in first half then picked them apart in the second with midfield quality. Ox stronger and more experienced over Gnabry great decision to start him in that position today. Well done Wenger. Great 3 points!

Johnny 99

Another thing I noticed about Ozil today, which is something the ‘experts’ will never pick out is his intelligence to fill in the gaps when other players are changing positions. Like when Ox was bombing on in the second half he was quite happy to sit back next to Arteta and dictate the play from there, and he always fills the wide positions when one of the others have cut inside or whatever. I know he’s not the only player to do this but I just thought it was worth pointing out. But I forgot, he’s not scoring hatricks every… Read more »

jo leitner

Fortunately we had your expertise to pick it out and it is a fair point. He’s only going to get better and better the more he gets used to the premier league. The key point is, will he be good enough to do the business against the Chelsea’s, City’s, Liverpools and Uniteds? Not so far but I’m hoping it that will change with our upcoming fixture run. Saw a lot of pessimism (born of experience I guess) after the Southampton game about how the best we can hope for is to finish 3rd I don’t think so. On our day… Read more »


Blogs… good interchange between our fullbacks too by the looks of it!


Anybody noticed how totally awe inspiring Santi has been of late? Of course we all have! Shows you that the premature slagging he received from some quarters for his early season for was just too harsh and a tad stupid considering his injury absence and lack of pre season. # TopOfTheLeague


*early season *form*. Damn these gadgets!


Really harsh Monreal ratings. I thought he was solid. Can’t believe Giroud was rated higher than him considering the HFB didn’t hold up play well today, and he gave the ball away a fair bit. Good win nonetheless. We’ll done lads.


1. We won
2. Pulis lost
3. Wenger zip confusion

All reasons for happiness

Dial square

I’d rather the chavs won tomorrow, cause let’s face it, whoever finishes above city will be champions…

Bob A

I think the result is not relevent but a few red cards would be useful,


Bendtner having a bash on the sidelines – 11/10

Gunner pundit

Ozil is quality if you think his not worth his price tag just pretend he was a free transfer


looking at that picture makes me hear pulis saying, yes master I will keel mourinho…in the voice of golem


Have you seen Pulis without the cap? I think it’s a public service that he keeps it on. I mean seriously, that head is ugly.

Mate Kiddleton

What did you expect from the Goblin King!


“Relatively quiet again but made almost 100 passes as he kept the team ticking.” Ozil is becoming more and more dominant of a player on the pitch, but not in the way we expected at first. I think I’m right in saying we all believed he would come into the team and start notching up assists left and right, and to be fair he’s the second leading assister in the league behind shrek and still creating tons of chances. Yet, he’s morphed into an Arteta’esque player only playing far more up the pitch. Like Blogs said, he keeps the team… Read more »


With Ozil, I get the feeling we are going back to the Cesc era of safe possession football (largely due to Ozil himself, of course) a la Barca. This isn’t a bad thing and can prove explosive with a world class striker and pacey wingers (Theo is certainly one)… But the only way such system will prove complete is when we get the strong monster midfielder cum creative deep-lying playmaker (Yeah, I know it is a lot) who can do most things on the pitch like Vidal or the ‘tackle early, high-up and recycle’ type like Busquets. Ah.. the wait… Read more »


TOTL!!!! Hope Cheshit and ManChite draws tomorrow and maybe get a couple of redcards.


Did anyone notice Ozil never smiles while on the pitch? Even when he cheers a teamate for a goal well taken. His game face always shows misery, but nonetheless, great win, great composure. Thank god for the Puma deal, at least Arsene will have a new coat with good zippers…

2013-2014 = 2003-2004

Jack Bauer never ‘smiles’ even after breaking the neck of the most evil of villains. His mind immediately move on – scheming how to crush the next baddie.


Ozil sometimes seems to exist in a world of his own or more appropriately, seems to drift in and out of multiple worlds 🙂 – which can be good or bad.. And sometimes weirdly, good and bad at the same time – for e.g. you see him suddenly waking up when someone tries to take the ball from his feet -which is both good (coz he is now supremely “aware”) and bad (coz he is trying to make the pass from deep inside our half when he should be clearing).. Super Weird


Ozil was our best player in general play for me. Obviously Ox deserves plaudits for putting the goals on the board but Ozil was at the heart of our performance. Mertesacker too was immense. Monreal was definitely shaky, the sooner Gibbs is back to match fitness, the better.


sigh .. now its Monreal >.>

Would these peoples ever learn?

Dan D

Draw for the obvious reasons but from a selfish point of view my weekend accumulator hinges on a draw if it were to be successful. On to our performance yesterday; job done again. And I can’t help thinking with the pace and intensity of our recent displays that we are doing enough to claim the points in games such as Palace while deliberately leaving something in the tank, with the big games coming up. Risky I know and nearly bit us in the arse at Southampton but perhaps a highly professional approach from a coaching point of view where the… Read more »


Arsenal playing @ 70% or so and winning.I shudder to think what will happen at say……90%.COYG


can you imagine 100% its just 10 more than 90


I think people have already decided who played shit and who was great before a ball has been kicked.
I can’t remember any mistakes from Monreal, I can remember loads from Koscielny, he got turned easily by Chamakh twice plus he played them onside by being 3 metres behind the rest of the back line on at least two occasions yet still Monreal gets a lower rating and Kos gets 8. Giroud was pretty awful too but yet still gets a 7.


the ox was super displaying good ball control for the first goal and the pass for cazorla was a beauty to behold………………good vision. the spuds will be leaking their wound seing us at the summit of the table

Yankee Gooner

I have a theory: if Özil were to start taking 5 little Cazorla-esque steps for each of his typical long, loping strides, he’d consistently rate 8-9 on Arseblog. Özil simply looks like he isn’t working as hard because of how fluidly he moves.

Christopher Wreh

Starting to think Mertersacker and Koscielny are one of the best pairings in the world. Certainly the best in the league right now. They compliment each other so well, Mert reads it, Kos covers it. Ozil can swing a game at any second, and even if he is having an off day he has that ability to pick out the killer ball which could be the difference between 1 point and 3. True sign of a world class player. Props to the Palace fans as well, to be honest they didn’t stop all match, and at Selhurst Park they can… Read more »

Merlin's Panini

Why are Monreal and Sagna on the wrong wings on the graphic?


People keep complaining we don’t have sufficient depth to sustain the league. We are slightly short in attack (one player) and in Cback but in midfield where it really counts (the engine), we are right up there. Santi-Ozil-Rosicky-Jack-Ox. Ramsey and kallstrom in 6 weeks. That’s a lot of creativity. Arteta is my main worry at the moment. he was brilliant for us and we will need him fit at very least over next two games. Up top, yeah we could have done with a striker (I wanted Pato on loan), particularly IMO someone to add capability over cover as Bendtner… Read more »

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