Arsenal 2-1 Liverpool: by the numbers


7 – Interceptions by Nacho Monreal¹
8 – Interceptions by Liverpool. All. Game.
12 – Tackles by Nacho, Jenkinson, and Flamini (each player had 4 tackles, in fact there were 5 players with 4 tackles each as Cuntinho and Gerrard also made 4 tackles)¹
19 – Total tackles by Liverpool
2 – Tackles by Flamini after he got a yellow card for afters with Gerrard, the fact he was still hustling and playing hard after a yellow  card showed a real maturity
1 – Filthy elbows by Gerrard which is what caused Flamini to tell him “try it again”
1 – Reason why I own a Flamini shirt and why I’ll buy another
35 – Passes by Monreal (second on Arsenal)
0 – Goals Luis Suarez has scored on Arsenal, Liverpool, Man U, and Man City so far this season
31 – Shots Suarez has taken this season against those sides
9 – Shots on goals he’s managed in those matches
29 – Percent of his shots he has gotten on target against those top teams
50 – Percent of shots on goal he gets against all the other teams in the league
0 – Percent conversion by Suarez against top four teams
22 – Percent conversion by Suarez against the rest of the League (23/103)
0 – Goals Suarez has scored in cup competitions this season
6 – Goals I hope he scores on those teams from here on out (he still has to play Man U (a), Chelsea (h), and Man City (h))
2 – Goals he’ll probably score what with his record this season and one eye on not getting injured ahead of the World Cup

5 – Headers won by Sanogo¹
6 – Aerial duels won by Squirtle and Agger combined²
3 – Number of Tiffany Cufflinks Squirtle shit whenever Sanogo was near him (that header for a corner was a gold Tiffany cufflink)
∞ – Times I heard people complaining that Sanogo and Monreal were in the starting lineup before the game
3 – Boss tackles by Koscielny* to shut down that team of dribblers
1 – Amazing recovery tackle by Koscielny after he gave the ball away*
2 – Suarez dribbles out of play after Koz roped him in
1 – Did the same thing on Rooney, didn’t he?*
1 – Hilarious Sanogo interception followed by poor pass turnover*
3 – Shots on the volley by Sanogo*
2 – Swing and a miss on those volley shots by Sanogo*
1 – Sanogo shove on Agger to get himself some space followed by Agger falling down like he’d been shot*
1 – Agger losing the plot after that and trying to get back at Sanogo, Sanogo laughing at the little Dane*
4 – Times that defenders seemed to simply bounce off Sanogo*
7 – Bendtner is Arsenal’s leading goalscorer (active players) in the FA Cup with 7 goals
4 – Podolski is now second among active players with 4
4 – Podolski has only made four appearances for Arsenal in the FA Cup
256 – Total minutes of FA Cup football that Podolski has played
64 – Minutes per FA Cup goal Podolski is averaging in his Arsenal career
7 – Total shots Podolski has taken in FA Cup matches
57 – Percent conversion by Podolski in these matches
4 – Number of times Fabianski came steaming out and took the ball off a Liverpool player’s foot
4 – Number of those times I shat Tiffany Cufflinks*

1 – Cazorla misses from a wide open chance
8.5 – How that miss registered on the Torres Scale of Missed Shots*
50 – Passes by Özil²
2 – Through balls I thought he completed to Ox, who was running in behind the Liverpool defense, but which weren’t counted as through balls for some odd reason

2 – Number of times Arsenal have won a cup match with Howard Webb as referee (P8 W2-D1-L6 F9 A14 — includes tonight)
2 – Number of times Arsenal have made it past the round of 16 in the FA Cup since the 2005 FA Cup win over Man U (includes tonight)

2 – Goals Arsenal have allowed at the Emirates in the last 13 matches
1170 – Minutes in those matches
585 – Minutes per goal conceded average
127 – Shots Arsenal faced in those games
1.6 – Percent of those shots faced that Arsenal conceded
40 – Shots on goal Arsenal have faced in those games
31 – Percent of their shots that the opposition are getting on goal
38 – Saves that Szczesny and Fabianski have made in those matches
95 – Percent saves rate by those two in those matches
2 – Both goals have come from Liverpudlian teams (Liverpoo today and Everton back a while ago)
1 – Liverpudlian team Arsenal have to face in three weeks
1 – Champions of Europe we have to host first … COME ON YOU GUNNERS!


¹ Led all players
² Led just his team
³ Leads the League and my heart
*7amkickoff custom stat, you won’t find that in any Opta site

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can’t really blame Suarez for not scoring against Liverpool, but still a good point.


Well, Kolo has scored a few against Liverpool recently..


True, but Kolo has class.

By the way, did we just activate sleeper agent Toure a while back?


I’m not surprised Suarez hasn’t scored against Chelsea……They are so good at defending racists.






Very good, stealing that one


1 – of those 2 goals conceded at Emirates in last 13 games is a Penalty
100 -% guranteed Red Card was it Flamini instead of Gerrard for Elbow on Flam and tackle on Ox


Szczesny and Fabianski … feel sorry for whoever that don’t make the 1st eleven

Runcorn Gooner

2. Red Cards not given.Gerrard and Sterling for manhandling Webb

Woolwich Peripatetic

I read that as panhandling. Probably more accurate.


The look on Webb’s face was fabulous. It was like he’d found something nasty on the bottom of his shoe.

I was sure Sterling was off.

Jeremy Mathews

“³ Leads the League and my heart”

Which line is this footnote on? Not seeing it.

Cheers, nice stats as always.


” 0 – Goals Luis Suarez has scored on Arsenal, Liverpool, Man U, and Man City so far this season.”

Don’t really see Suarez scoring against Liverpool, to be honest.


Didn’t Toure do that though?

Jap's Eye

2 – overacting dives to win a penalty – Suarez

3 – yellow card tackles that got ony one. Stevie The England Captain


1- Overacting dives that won Suarez a penalty

1-Overacting dives that cost Suarez a penalty


Bob's Mexican Cousin

Claps for the Torres Scale of Missed Shots!


Can’t wait for Wednesday, I wonder who will play on the wings and defensive midfield, other than that the team pretty much selects itself… Hope Poldi will get a second half runout because everyone already knows he won’t start! Stopping Götze and the gargoyle will be key!


Gargoyle’s got gluteous gout, he’s out


Arse gout, epic


Am pretty sure Flamini would start since Arteta is suspended for the Red card vs Napoli.


1: Liverpool manager that looks like the main character from “Shark Tale”


1-Sturridge felt fit to lace Lord Fabianski’s shoes.


Arsenal played well. But Howard was crap ..


Could someone tell me the last time we lost with fab in goal?!
Maybe a stoner moment.
Certainly isn’t getting the credit he should be. Will be sad to see him leave in the summer:(


Capital One cup against Chelsea in October?


The 2-0 loss to Chavski in the COC

super gunners

That old boy Robben is the danger.
He Never stops running,
Must be a crackhead surely.
Flamini needs to OD him.

jack jack jack

Is this a poem?


Does anyone remember when we first got linked with the Ox (during a summer almost as frustrating as the last), Blogs used to call him Alexander Oxencart-Chamberpot?

We are very lucky to have this rising star in our team!


“0 – Goals Luis Suarez has scored on Arsenal, LIVERPOOL, Man U, and Man City so far this season” why include liverpool?


what you never heard of an Own Goal before! See Kolo Toure or Carragher for examples of them!


Having seen the video preview on BT; does that mean an Owen goal?

*I’ll get me coat…


” ∞ – Times I heard people complaining that Sanogo and Monreal were in the starting lineup before the game. ”

And Arteta and Flamini shouldn’t start together…


Normally I don’t like Arteta and Flamini together, because it leaves Ozil and the CF isolated. But after just shipping 5 to Pool I was extremely happy to see it on the team sheet today!


“0 – Goals Luis Suarez has scored on Arsenal, Liverpool, Man U, and Man City so far this season”

In fairness, it’s no bad thing for him that he’s not scored against Liverpool.

Bay Gooner

So Suarez has not scored against Liverstool? Never an OG?

For us in the states, it reminded me of how I do not miss Fox. The commenters were clueless with their remarks about Ozil’s recent run, and how awful Monreal was, which is why Gibbs was brought on.

Didn’t Liverstool have a lot of shots in the top space? Box, front, etc.? Seemed to me Arsenal were letting a lot in.

Skirtel confirmed he had an Ashley Young “Once in your life” brace last time.


I take it you were as impressed with Sanogo (on his first start against a team that pulled our pants down last time out at a time when we’re under pressure for underperformance) as I was then?


Looking at’s (yuck) top 10 most read articles at the moment, 5 of them (yes, five) are of Mourinho talking shit about Arsenal in the last 3 days. Yes, five. I know it’s just, but it’s staggering how much this idiot has to say. He’s losing it.


Or to paraphrase Blackadder: how you get so much shit out of such a small manager


They can’t start together because Arteta is suspended from his red card vs Napoli.
Team will likely be Schez, Merty,Kos, Sagna, Gibbs, Flamini, ozil, wilshere, Ox, Santi, giroud.


Off topic but I love this fucking team………. COYG


lovely to see that the flamini and arteta partnership grew in this game.. flamini sat.. arteta charged.. i think defined roles for the two was important. Also sonago looks a real gem.. first time i have seen him play and was very curious.. i think he has got raw potential.. pace power movement.. the boy could be the future.. podolski needs to start more


It seems that each midfield pairing has to find the balance. Sometimes it is easy: if Ramsey is one, the other just lets them get on with it. If both are used to holding, it might be harder to break the habit — It should be obvious for Arteta to drive on, but he’s been doing the holding (?) role for so long now its breaking a habit


nil – the amount of fucks arsenal fans give on that luis (samba diving) suarez non-penalty


Re:Flamini maturity. Surely you are being sarcastic. One more Tackle might have seen him sent off.

joey sixpack

Haha, did you just type cuntinho? Lol


Sure, Suarez da vampire wouldn’t have scored against his own team though I still wished he came to #Arsenal because #Giroud sucks. See how #Sanogo plays? Like a man with blood, after 6 months with non-competithve football. #Wenger should give him more time & that #Giroud dude should not be left in the pitch for 90′, mostly on days he sucks. He has got no competition & he is been #SoLazy. *#Flamini! Yes, his maturity made him not to see a red card. *Webb, ouch! P8, W2, L6 & D1, that should be 9 then? Don’t let Sagna, Fabianski, Podolski & Vermalen go, they can make the team great!


i really don’t like hashtags.

Canadian Arsenal Fan

Who do you think you are, Podolski? He is the only person who I don’t mind using hashtags


Love the squirtle reference, at first I didn’t even consider it wrote


Wrong* damn you autocorrect on another language


What’s the Giroud score against top 4 teams?

Arseblog News Hound

It appears he scored in Liverpool…just before kick-off. Bit of an own goal though in retrospect.


Great atmosphere yesterday. Ahh revenge is swret and maureen is a cunt


Sweet lol


Shark tale hhhhhaaaaaahahaha didn’t see it till u said it all those brilliant teeth and not a smile in sight

Infidel Castro

Although I’m not one of them fans to judge a player before I’ve even seen him play, I did worry about Yaya Sanogo starting his first game for the Arsenal in such circumstances where the crowd seemed a bit restless after two fairly disappointing results. A few misplaced passes could have had the crowd on his back but his first touch was brilliant as he rose 10ft in the air to bring the ball down onto his chest like an Olympic flying swan. Huge credit to him for taking this unexpected opportunity with both hands and showing everyone he’s not here to make up the numbers. Also respect to the crowd for getting right behind the team despite a shakey start, these players need us right behind them if we’re to have successful season. Bring on zee germanz (the nasty munchen ones, not the lovely ones that play for our beloved team)


“Torres Scale Of Missed Shots”, LMAO


I actually thought Cazorla, who I think is otherwise brilliant, was trying to audition a new technique for NASA space launches. He of course needed to wait for the right high profile game and right moment (when we were in the lead during a match) to give it a proper viewing and not effect negatively the club. 😉 😉 😉

palace gunner

Nice statistics” webb looks like a joke ref, sanogo was impressive a big game for him very strong, fabianski must sign & get more games impressive, nacho & flamini hungry for that ball, ox & podolski talent since returning from injuries, the replay of the 5th round afc v liverpool on at 12.30 429 liverpoolfctv skysports free channel coyg


Nacho, again, found his mojo. Nice. I wonder if he watched his cousin’s (Libre) movie and had a power lunch of toast while wearing stretchy pants?


Jennifer Geeroo

I truly LOVED yesterday’s side.
Ox STUNNING, Mesut RUNNING (hard and fast), Sanogo big’n’skilful’mean, Fab FAB, Flamini RAMPANT. I could go on and on but instead am going to look for more pinched-faced-weasel Moaningniño pics to gloat over.

Jack Danny

That’s a very nice display by arsenal players. I also want to use this avenue to appeal to Wenger our head coach to know the players he will use against Bayern Munich on Wednesday. Giroud is a good player but he lack speed in his play, so I would advice that he don’t start the march because those we are meeting (the German) side are good in fast football, which is one of their technics in winning their matches. My regards to all and sundry. JACK DANNY from NIGERIA