Arsenal 4-1 Sunderland: The Guff


A 4-1 win over Sunderland yesterday got things back on track somewhat. Here’s some of the reaction from the papers, blogs and beyond.

Arsène Wenger had maintained that Olivier Giroud had the strength of character to rise above his off-the-field problems, that the centre-forward was one of those guys who found release from other matters when the intensity of the day job took over. Giroud proved him right here, as Arsenal did what they have done for almost the entire Premier League season: beat teams that they ought to be beating. – David Hytner, Guardian.

Olivier Giroud may have considered his own demotion to the bench against Liverpool in the FA Cup as something to be expected. Remaining there against Bayern Munich though, would have been humiliating. It seemed to work, as his performance in his return to the side was more like the player that was rattling in the goals when Arsenal were winning game after game in the autumn. – Online Gooner.

[Giroud], absent from last week’s clashes with Liverpool and Bayern Munich for what manager Arsène Wenger insisted were footballing reasons, marked his return by giving Arsenal an early lead and adding a second just after the half-hour mark in a commanding performance that keeps Arsenal on Chelsea’s shoulders at the top of the table. – Ben Findon, Telegraph.

First of all, I have to pay tribute to Arsenal. They were excellent. But I won’t accept defeat just because the opposition were better than us – we still have to perform to a level I expect and they did not. Technically we were poor – we were second best in everything and therefore we lost and lost heavily: simple as that. – Gus Poyet, Sunderland Echo.

Against Utd I bemoaned the fact we keep trying to recreate Jack’s incredigoal against Norwich, when the odds of pulling it off are absurdly low. Which isn’t to say you shouldn’t try, just that it probably shouldn’t be your plan A, B and C. But Sunderland’s training cone-style press proved the perfect stage for a recreation. For me the Norwich goal remains the pick, because several of the passes are taken on the volley, but this was still an utterly sublime move. – Arse2Mouse.

In Özil’s absence Santi Cazorla took the central position to good effect just behind the main striker – a restored Olivier Giroud – and Jack Wilshere was able to push forward repeatedly, linking with Tomas Rosicky on one flank and Lukas Podolski on the other. Occasionally in that sumptuous first half there was a back-heel too many instead of a shot, but that could be forgiven. – Steve Tongue, Independent.

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I need to get more tissue and vaseline


Too much praises for Giroud!!!!! I’m so happy we put Bayern defeat behind us. We must focus seriously on the Fa cup and the league. C1 ain’t for us this year


I know, right! Two goals and an assist! Fucking terrible. Suarez did so much better when he played against them – oh no, wait. He didn’t. Neither did Sturridge. or Rooney. Or the Dutch Skunk. Just be happy he played well, ffs!


I wish conversely someone would start yelling “Too much criticisms!!!!!” when players have their bad days.


he just meant “soooo much praises” – english is probably not his first language.

Rocky Rocastle

I partially agree that his goals are abit to much praised when both of them came from defensive mistakes by Sunderland and not from strokes of genious on Girouds part.

First goal, Girouds marker leaves Giroud by himself to go after Wilshere whom allready have 2 players on him, and when the ball somewhat luckily bounce in to Giroud, he has all the time in the world to put it in goal.

Second goal Giroud is runking for a long time without anyone picking him up or warning the defenders, and if that is not enough, Sunderland passes the ball in to his path Line it was Ozil himself on the ball. Another crap defensive action from Sunderland.

But that being Said Giroud deserves praise for his goals nonetheless. Good finishing on that second one. And the assist was part of an attack made in heaven. Well done.

But remember When Liverpool thrashed us everyone here Said it was Not Liverpool that was good, but our defense that was crap. And Sunderland was equally crap. Thats why i think Girouds goals should be put abit in perspective with that both goals came from defensive errors on their part, and not from Giroud being all Ronaldo like, which one would think reading all the praise. 🙂

Costa Gooner

I guarantee that prick Steve Howard who writes for The Sun will find something negative to slag us off. Impartiality my arse,bet he’s a s***s fan

Norn Iron Gooner

Nah, he’ll just set his Anti Arsenal/Arsene dog on us, one Antony ‘Hates Arsenal’ Kastrinakis.

They showed that Giroud hotel room picture in the Sun again today ffs. Gutter journalism.



Tops were too red.

No clean sheet.

Arteta’s hair shifted slightly.

Giroud got two, why couldn’t he net three???

A to the HA

For some reason people forgot that this Handsome French Bloke was doing this all season long before his little dip in form. The memory and attention span of the media is annoying. But I guess that’s how they get paid… Good to see Oli scoring again !


not just the media, but everyone it seems. arsenal fans included. arseblogger included.

Percy Dalton

What I love about the second goal is that Giroud saw what was evolving and started sprinting even before the defender had made his back pass. No-one in the media seems to notice that and give him any credit putting the whole thing down to a defensive error but watch it again and it is clear that it is excellent forward play.

The guy in the $3000 suit
The guy in the $3000 suit

Yes! In one of the replays you see see him bombing forward, its awesome!


I love it when we win. Football isn’t life or death, but my life is so much happier with a win : )

non-flying dutchman

That was the midfield I wanted up against united


Good win. Gives us a breather for the remainder of the more daunting fixtures ahead.

I dream Arsenal

Gus Poyet being honest there..