Arteta fit: Wenger reveals latest team news nahead of Liverpool


Arsene Wenger has revealed the latest team news ahead of Saturday’s trip to Anfield and there’s good news about Mikel Arteta.

The Spaniard looked to be struggling with a calf problem towards the end of the Crystal Palace game but is fit to make the journey to Liverpool.

There’s still a doubt about Jack Wilshere with the manager saying he ‘might’ be back, but the midfielder is expected to come through a fitness test.

Wenger says it will be a similar squad to the one for Palace, which may mean Thomas Vermaelen is still sidelined, troubled by the knee injury he picked up against Sp*rs in the FA Cup.

It’s a good chance for Arsenal to highlight their title credentials, and the boss says, “Saturday is a good moment for us to win a big game because we have a big month ahead.”

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Wilshere to come on after 70 mins and score the winning goal. Up The Arsenal!

big dawg

Wilshere to come on after 70 mins and score Arsenals 6th! Up the Arsenal!


Hope Rosicky starts this game instead of Wilshere.

Ox was great in the pivot role last game and Jack is always rusty when he’s not 100% fit or returning from injury.

Most importantly, Super Tom is a fucking big game player. We need him for this. And United. And Bayern.


Arteta,ox could be enough i think… A good defensive performance and we can win, we just need to score 1st

Bould's Eyeliner

while Ox did great against Crystal Palace, they were well organized, rather than being any good, and offered 0 threat of attack. Although he had a promising showing, I think we still need the experience of Rosicky or even Wilshere in these next few games. While Wilshere isn’t really the most veteran player by any means, he’s been a clear match winner, accustomed to the central attacking role, and certainly far more experienced in it than the Ox.

With the threat of Suarez’s runs, we need our attacks to be timely and intelligent, and more than anything, efficient when we get the chance. Crystal Palace was happy to let Ox try, try again, whereas it will hardly be the case this game.

Certainly more dangerous, but certainly still winnable! COYG.


As long as whoever plays CM tramples over Skirt’Ls overgrown “The hills have eyes” ugly mug.

Gunner From Another Mother
Gunner From Another Mother

To be honest, I think the Ox may be a bit more positionally disciplined than Wilshire, playing in the central role. I feel we would be more likely to be caught on the break against Liverpool if Wilshire starts there, as he likes to drive forward at every opportunity, as the Ox will look to feed the men in front of him with passes and stay deep. I noticed he only bombed forward against Palace when the situation really called for it. Of course Wilshire has also come up huge at times this season so we will have to wait and see. COYG

Gunner From Another Mother
Gunner From Another Mother

And as to Ox doing well because “Palace were organized but not very good”, it’s not like central midfield is Liverpool’s strong point. I think the lad can cope if chosen there. But who knows, maybe he starts Wlishere if fit and puts Ox on the wing in order to not play Poldi…


I hope we shut those mugsmahers and their YNWA bleating.
“Oh look its raining here #YNWA”.
“I am playing FIFA 14 #YNWA”


YNWA for most of them should be YNVA – You’ve Never Visited Anfield.


YNWA!!! Yeah, right….there will always be a moron following you.

Old one but still a gem.


Have Suarez returned from koscielny’s backpocket?

Santi Claws

Idea = 10/10

Execution = 4/10

I still love you.


That was hilarious

Pud Muddysucker

Time for Arsenal to win big and shut all the critics up!


Yeah, it’s not like we have beaten Liverpool before this seas.. Oh wait!

damien joyce

“Might” in AW language could quite possibly see us carry on without JW10 for another 3 or 4 weeks!!!

We need to beat these scummy bastards, all around me keep saying I should by default hate Spuds and Utd the most but I cannot hide my disdain for the Scouse cunts, my order of disdain for reasons I’m not entirely sure about is:-

1. Pool
2. Leeds
3. Spuds (managed by Twitch)
4. Any other team managed by Twitch
5. Chavs (managed by Mourinho)
6. Any other team managed by above twat
7. Utd
8. Spuds (different manager from twitch)
9. Chavs (different manager from twatface)
10. Any teams playing Arsenal or managed by Pubis, McLeish, Strachan, Hughes, Fat Sam and/or Pardew.


Does the dislike of Lees stem form the 70s, when they were very unlikeable, or the 90s, when they had lovable characters like Lee Bowyer and Danny Mills?

My list would be:

1 Chelsea
2 Man Utd
3 Stoke
4 Spurs
5 Man Ciity

To be fair, I have enough hatred of Chelsea to have them fill a top ten on their own….


Ha, what a typo: “a dislike of Lees…. like Lee Bowyer”!


“Might” in AW language could quite possibly see us starting with Jack, since AW is could possibly be playing mind games again.


and don’t forget Neil Warnock


Press them high up the pitch we will win just look at what west brom did and Southampton did against them

Mongolian Gooner

Anybody reckon he’ll stick with Ox in midfield? Playing at home against Crystal Palace is one thing and Liverpool away quite another. Up to now he’s played in midfield in that game and at home against a shit AC Milan. Been brilliant in both of them, but we had been relatively comfortable on those matches. What if the pressure, pace and mental demands on Saturday have him struggle to impose himself?


So who should we plug in the midfield along Arteta if not Oxlade-Chamberlain? It’s not like there’s an abundance of fit midfielders to choose from.


Wait – is Rosicky fit? That could be a really good option actually.


Yes, we don’t know how Ox will perform in midfield in a pressure situation like say replacing Areta around 30th minute in a must win game away to West Brom.


Sorry Newcastle


Away to Newcastle

Tony Adams morning breath
Tony Adams morning breath

Who else if Jack isn’t fit for Saturday?

Le Jaded Handbreak

CTFOYG!! lets start our run of big games right…

In Soviet Russia, WENGA sacks YOU
In Soviet Russia, WENGA sacks YOU

Love your username 🙂

Le Jaded Handbreak

ha much obliged brotha


Arsenal can and will beat Liverfool!! that will shut the fish up of all their fans who not only are boastful but also think that they are better than us. Maybe historically but at the present time, they are struggling to make it to CL spot for the last 4-5 years. and yet they still think they are better than us.
So the Arsenal players have to go out there in gear 4 from the start and hit them early and hit them hard. No letting down and no slow start and no poor first half. Have to go in with all guns blazing. Play like the way weve played our second half in the last few games. get an early goal and never let go from there. everyone has to be on alert, everyone has to be switched on, everyone has to know that a win here at Anfield will send shivers down the devils at OT who are coming over to Emirates in a few days after that.
Win big or small, win beautiful or ugly, win with luck or not, win with referee for or against us…just go and WIN!!


That speech.. makes me want to WIN!!! WINNNNNNN!!!!! couldve done with some tonight we dine in Anfield , it is a kinda of hell if u know what i mean 😉

Oh yes

Hi, please see the comment policy – – re: text speak. eg. using the letter ‘u’ instead of the word ‘you’. Thanks.


thanks man.. next time I will be sure to check multiple times what I write in the comments of a blog.. you go around doing that on every comment.. or mine strike out? schmuck


If its the admin.. then you are not a shmuck.. as i love arseblog


that, was intense..

Silent Bob

Man… I don’t know what the fuck you just said little kid, but you’re special man, you reached out, and you touched a brother’s heart.

The fool of a Took

This could be a big game for the OX (given that he is played as a CM).
I´m a bit worried that LFC will overcrowd the midfield and that Oxie will have to bring out all his defensive qualities to cope (he´s no Ramsey).

Hopefully Arteta will be at his best and Özil will do all the hard stuff going forward. Then Oxie can shine with intelligent runs and mighty strikes!


Ox should start on the right and Jack or rosicky to partner arteta in midfield. Podolski to drop back to bench.

Arteta's Hair Line Technology...

Good 2 know the captain is back…need him 2 shield tht henderson that Twat…#COYG#


I would play Rosicky instead of the Ox more experience in a big game

Tony Adams morning breath
Tony Adams morning breath

We will probably play them all. Arteta, Jack, Ox, Rosa, Özil would be my midfield 5. The only alternatives are Gnabry or Podolski.


Erm, have you forgotten a certain diminutive Spanish magician?


if we remain solid at the back we wll score their defence has lots of frailaties which is bolstered by their attack force of Gerrard,coutino,suarez,sterling and sturridge this is the heart of the team if we nullify them with restricting them on space then they are a very inaffective team as others have shown we need our high tempo quick passing game and score first they become unrully, they differ from strerling playing regulary which has given them lots of pace in the side which could be our downfall by going behind and the game being stretched and kosielny as good as he’s been he cant cover all the runners, gibbs should start who is no slouch got a good positive vibe for a win


It’s great that we have the early game on a Sat rather that the 4pm Sunday! Hopefully we can have three points in the bag, and then just sit back and watch the others under a little bit of pressure.


The Ox to embarrass Henderson.Hopefully we’ll win, I’m guessing the Flamster isn’t back yet but still hoping for a 2-0 victory.

Belfast Gooner

Totally off subject but I was hoping a journalist would raise it at the press conference. The Premier League website has announced the 25 mans squads for the rest of the season. Kim Kallstrom doesnt seem to be named on Arsenal’s. Does this mean he has returned to Spartak and wont be back or have the Premier League ommitted him in error?


I noticed that too. He is the cL squad list though. Admin error by the club?


Not too worried, no Lucas, Agger, Sahko, Johnson in their defence. Our midfield is equal or slightly better than their’s. Our defence is solid. Giroud holding up play is vital to us against them.


Arsenal defence > the pool’s; Arteta / Gerard 50/50; Cazorla > Coutinho; Ozil > Henderson; sterling is pacy but Ox is more direct, Suarez/Sturridge partnership can be neutralized by our defence, Giroud can hold up his own against the pool’s defence; that leaves us with either Rosicky/Podolski advantage depending who starts against them. All in all, Arsene is more technical than Rodger. Win Win Win Draw (0-0) in our next four (4) matches, rounding up Sunderland 2-0 for the month ending. COYG!!!

shina Adefila

Wenger will never make Asener Fans happy. He will not buy good players or even win any thing for the club thr Man is only intrested in shring the club Fund. Good day Gunners.

2013-2014 = 2003-2004
2013-2014 = 2003-2004

I think we’re overestimating Liverpool a bit. Brendan Rogers is correct to say they are not title contenders. They do not possess the right defense-to-attack balance that we do. The tactic for facing them are simple: shut Suarez down and you will not lose.

Arsene Wenger’s preparation for the game will be simple: forcefeed 2 litres of creatine milkshake down Koscielny’s throat, an hour prior to kick-off.

For me the only question is the final score 1-0, 2-0 or 3-0. My money is on a repeat of this fixture last year (Podolski & Cazorla to score) plus Arteta to convert a penalty to make it 3-0.


On one is underestimating them.

they will want our scalp ay their place and they have Suarez and Sturridge. Just bc we kept them quiet last time round does not mean it will happen again automatically.

We will have to work very hard for this win.


I miss Ram☆ey


So much.


Liverpool have the shittest defence right now, betweeen Henderson’s flailing and Skrtel’s WWE-esque challenges, I think we’ll have no problem 😉


My starting eleven for the Liverpool game:

– –
Sub Podolski for Oxlade-Chamberlain at a convenient time in the second half.


In the absence of Jack, likely we will have Chamberlain again next to Arteta.

They have a settled understanding from the last game and the Ox brings the sort of vertical drive forward that Jack provides. If jack is fit, then it is an option to play Ox RW. Podolski can come on later and Santi switch to RW, withdraw jack for Ox dropping in next to Arteta.

We need either Rosicky or ox on the pitch to press Liverpool in the absence of Jack IMO. we will need to harry them in as much as they will try to do the same to us. We probably have to watcha highline for fear of SAS getting through thereby it is important to link with speed between our back and the forward line as quickly as possible. In that Ox (with speed) or Rosicky (with passing) can transition us quickly.


70 minutes convenient?


Wenger obviously is not good at playing mind games. That quote of his in the last statement of this article is an example. Its OK to throw out baits to help your team and fool the the opposing team Wenger.


The idea is to be good enough to not need playing them


again big games coming up that could make or break arsenals season, just hope arsenal have learnt and are prepaired to fight
this time or another trophy less season


You should learn to enjoy the ride regardless of trophies. that said of course trophies are important.


have supported arsenal for 47 years and the ride has been brilliant trophies or no trophies. arsenal
simply the best win or lose


Forget the forward line, really worried about our CBack position.

If Vermaelen doesn’t get back to fitness shortly, we may have to shift Sagna over in the event if an injury. That would mean Jenkinson to face United, Liverpool and Bayern. Not the best prospect.

Arteta is also a slight worry with one more game exposed against United should he get a knock. emergency option before Flamini returns is I suppose Jack and Ox (if assuming Jack is still not short, which he of course is)

With regards striker, if we have Giroud out, well at least there’s still Bendtner in tandem with Podolski. He should at very least be able to do 70% of what Giroud does bringing in the chorus line just behind.


Liverpool come out to a sad song. Sad, teary music. It even puts our players on a downer coming out.

Per, being a leader will try and cheer the lads up with a few jokes. However, his typical German sense of humour will hinder him. ”Mein doggie has nein nose”, Zen how dooz he smell?” ”Terrible hur hur”.

However, his jokes prove so bad he cracks the team up and they warm up for the game in a good mood.

Then, Liverpool have a minutes silence. They usually do for some reason or other. Tiddles, the local bin man’s cat died so a minutes silence will be observed.

Arsenal will kick off. Santi will roll it to Arteta’s foot and the Kop will scream ”HANDBALL”. Liverpool will try and play a bit, but will be outdone.

Liverpool 0 Arsenal 2 at full time.


hopefully the men in black do an ok job, but best to prepare as if we play against both the Kop and the Cops.