Chairman pledges transfer support for Wenger


Arsenal Chairman, Sir Chips Keswick, has pledged that the board will give full financial support to Arsene Wenger in the transfer market.

With £120m of cash reserves just announced in the latest financial results, Arsenal are in a healthy position to bring in the required players in the summer. Note: It should be pointed out that those reserves do not mean we’ve got £120m to spend, but it certainly helps.

“Whilst youth development continues to be an important focus, we fully recognise the importance of getting the balance right between youth and experience,” said Sir Chips.

“As you well know, we signed Mesut Özil for a Club record transfer fee in the summer and, in addition, the signing of Mathieu Flamini has proved to be an astute acquisition.

“We will continue to work hard to keep the players Arsène believes can take us forwards. We will also continue to support the manager in the transfer market when he identifies players he believes can further strengthen the squad.”

The Chairman also hinted that news deals are in place for some existing players, saying, “We have also continued to invest in the squad by retaining some of our key players. We expect to be able to confirm, in the near future, that a number of our senior players have signed extended contracts. This is important for the stability of the squad.”

Those include Per Mertesacker and Tomas Rosicky, and although talks have taken place with Bacary Sagna, the Frenchman looks likely to leave in the summer, with Wenger admitting today he was ‘not close’ to a new deal at the club.

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Mourinho is a specialist in cunt


maybe chips can help us blow quarter of a billion on winning the league like chelsea

The 3 Billion Dollar Stan
The 3 Billion Dollar Stan

Wasn’t it a full billion?


Please don’t mention her name, she’s the biggest publicity whore football’s ever seen. She’s also a very overrated manager.


Yeah, and pretending that he’s a lady is an insult to women because (a) it suggests that there’s something inferior about women since you’re clearly trying to demean him when you call him one and (b) he’d be the sorriest example of a woman on the planet.

Yoyo Sanogoals

You’re being too deep with what he’s saying. Mourinho- Maureen, sounds like a girl’s name, get it?


FFS can’t say anything on here without someone going in. If you haven’t been reading the comments in the articles we refer to MOURINHO as MAUREEN because it sounds similar. Maureen is a girl’s name hence the use of she. Not insulting females, but Maureen is an old woman’s name. Thats all.

Don’t insult my character. Goodbye


Sorry guys but your using female as an insult, maybe you don’t mean to it, but it is inherently sexist. Kind of like the idiot on here who refers to United as “woman united” and gets lots of thumbs up.

Arseblog must be the most gender confused football blog where posters regularly make homoerotic comments about Giroud and demean others by calling them women. Is Arseblog populated by a bunch of misogynist homosexuals?


Well i know what my intentions were. Coming onto a website and complaining about apparent sexist remarks while also calling everyone who comments on arseblog a homosexual is just laughable childish behaviour.

Grow up


Calm down. Calling a man by a woman’s name is insulting in the same way calling a woman by a man’s name is insulting. Nothing more, nothing less.


I wouldn’t waste your breath. Chauvinism is on something of a subconscious level with some people. Whether it’s meant that way or otherwise, a rose by any other name and all that…

Good Omens

Seems to me these days people will cross the street to be ‘insulted’ most usually on other peoples behalf. How sad.


Is that ‘Jo’rmaine Greer?

Listen. You think you know how us men feel? You have no idea. You have NO penis.

Grow a willy and come back!

And get back in the bloody kitchen, I’m starving.


It does make you wonder with all the “boner” comments about Pires and the nickname HFB

Monkey Nuts

Maureen lacks all class just like his shitty football club.

Chelsea to me are a second division club playing Watford in front of 14000 racsist cunts with Micky Droy at centre half and Kerry Dixon up front. Despite what they have bought since they will always be SHIT.


Spot on.


To define “success” and “failure” in terms of trophies is pretty rich when you have been gifted L500M+ squads. It seems to me much more realistic to look at relative “success” and “failure” through the eyes of club ownership, who look at a manager’s performance with the squad that ownership has bought and then decide whether to dump the manager or stick with him in light of that performance.

In those terms, Wenger is clearly the success and Mourinho clearly is the failure. Mourinho has been dismissed for failing to live up to management expectations on numerous occasions in just the past 10 years whereas Wenger has been rewarded with extension after extension, at top market rates.

In other words, in the eyes of the only people whose opinions actually matter in this debate, Wenger is the success and Mourinho is the failure.

Someone please get this message to Wenger’s PR department so he can unleash it at his next presser.


Karma will be doing the Posnan come 7.15 tomorrow….


Oh! I should raise my hopes Like its the first time wenger has been backed financially? Wenger will surely go out and sign what we don’t need or what we least need

Monkey Nuts

Here we go again. We have money to spend bla bla bla

Every Summer transfer window is an unmitigated disaster (including the last one) but Chips like Ivan before him is passing the buck.

How about we have money to spend and a strategy in place to bring in the players we want in the positions that desperately require filling.

Bould's Eyeliner

How was last summer an unmitigated disaster? It might’ve been lukewarm, but at the very least, you could say buying Ozil was ‘mitigation,’ if not ‘success beyond our imagination.’

Puma's technozip

Ah, but you forget. Now that Ozil has had a few bad games in his first season in England, he was a bad transfer. Should have put his money on the stock market, quadrupled it and bought Cavani and Falcao, while at the same time lobbying the Italian government (bribe with underage North-African prostitutes?) so they closed their borders to Argentinian migration and then got Higuain. Simple really. Seriously, what is Wenger playing at, when an armchair fan like me can figure this out in an evening!


The summer they bought Podolski, Giroud, and Cazorla was pretty good, only to sell Song without replacing him (or rather buying a backup for Arteta). Unfortunately that is the only summer I can remember where the club went out and did what it needed to do, and did it early (because they knew VP was off and actually got ahead of the game).

Last summer was a disaster, and although Ozil makes us stronger a case could be made that he was not the type of player we really needed (except because of constant injuries we do).


Spot on, MN.

The size of the transfer budget is actually meaningless at the moment because the person in charge of spending it is completely and utterly incompetent in the transfer market.

This summer, expect to see Wenger sign some more bright young prospects/injured has-beens/anonymous nobodys. All while failing to address the problems that we have up front or defensively.

But Le Prof doesn’t have to worry: as long as he finished fourth there’s a nice fat new contract for him.


Utterly incompetent is correct. And I reckon it spills onto the player’s confidence as well when so many head scratching moves come from the top. How on earth is a multimillion pound outfit ever getting into the Kallstrom situation? No disrespect to Kallstrom. But the reasoning.
Seriously? Isnt that some seriously amateur, League 1-manager-got-smashed-off-his-head-instead-of-signing-the-players-needed-to-seal-the-title-bs?


Even this summer wasn’t a great success.

We needed more than Flamini and Ozil and while both have been instrumental to the successful season to date we desperately needed a striker. Giroud despite being ridiculously, almost offensively good looking, is not good enough to play the lone striker.

One would think that a more flexible approach to tactics would be taken so that we could draw the strengths from him and Podolski but what do I know?!

Arsene's Wrinkles

Mourinho could just go sleep with fergie and wipe his soggy bum.


New Chairman = same old promises


Maureen and fergie are of the same mold – i.e. smug, arrogant scumbags that conveniently choose to ignore that it was money that brought them success, not any talent on their part!!! Just wish Wenger would, in a press conference, liken Maureen to a “chav that has won the lottery – i.e. a rich chav as opposed to a poor chav, but still a chav”


AW is too classy to reduce himself to Maureen’s level. He makes his comments subtly and succinctly and always suggests he has thought about them whereas…


Mourinho has “basket mouth”. Words loosely come out of his porous mouth, specialist in useless talk


He’s the MOUth that roared. But I wouldn’t worry about him too much. He’ll either get bored and leave, or an impatient Abramovich will sack him.


I see a lot of anti-Mourinho comments above and rightfully so. Mourinho and our own Le Prof have two differing philosophies: Mourinho is “Must win at all costs,” whereas Wenger always has been “Must win in the right way.” And this philosophical difference is evident in their off-the-pitch conduct and how they manage a club. Mourinho, as a football manager, is a brilliant in-game tactician–I give proper respect where it’s due–but as a person, he’s utterly a cunt. Wenger is a person of class even if we gooners get frustrated with him sometimes.


He may well be a nasty piece of work but, never having met him, we don’t actually know what he’s like as a private human being. His public comments are business, pure and simple. He wants to get under Wenger’s skin. He always does it and, if words don’t do the job, as they didn’t at Real, he’ll poke you in the eye with a biro.

He’s a strategist and a winner. Wenger’s a purist and a gentleman.


If poking someone in the eye with a biro because your words aren’t working is not a sign that you’re a cunt, I don’t know what is…


This A-Z list sums up why Mourinho, business or not, is a c*nt as a person:

Aks Arsenal

Mourinho to Wenger – ” What are you?”

Gooner Splat T Spuds

And the WTF award for special contribution goes toooooooo……….

The only Olivier is Giroud
The only Olivier is Giroud

In South Africa we have a term for vile shits like Maureen: “poesgevreet”. It literally means “cuntface”, and I like it for its Germanesque sound, so I can imagine the BFG calling him that as they lift the FA Cup at Chelshit’s expense. Good God, even all the way out here the Chelsea fans (mostly clueless schoolkids with hairy palms and squinty eyes) are insufferable.


In England we have a term for vile shits like Maureen: “cuntface”. It literally means “cuntface” and is applicable to anybody associated with Chelsea.


Here in Canada we have a term for vile shits like Maureen: “cuntface”. It literally means “poesgevreet”. I like it for its coarse and unsubtle in-your-face attitude, and also because it’s a perfect description of that odious, obnoxious bastard.

Bergkamps other leg.

Same old baloney. Blah blah blah. Anyone else sick of deja vu.


The “we have Money to spend” bullshit comes out just in time for, what might be, the weeks when all goes to shit. We might knock out Pool but I have big doubts about that and Bayern will crush us. We won at their place last year but that was lucky and they gave us a good spanking in the first leg. They wont underestimate us again, as they did at home.

Özil is a World class buy but he is getting worse and played into the ground like the rest of the starters. He will get seriously injured soon. Ramsey was played when he was completely exhausted and got injured. Then rushed back to get injured again. I see a lot of “starters” in the fabled red zone. Wilshire, Arteta, Kosh, Mert and the most worryingly is Giroud. He is absolutely knackered and wont last the season so I hope we start trusting the rest of the strikers before we dont have a choice but to trust them.

Flamini is pretty fucking far from World class and he shouldnt be anywhere near a starting place in Arsenal. He is a mentalcase whitout the the skills to excuse his lack of discipline. I want him gone asap.

Sanogo was warming up against manu and thats the most I have seen of him so really dont know about that one. But an injury prone almost to be mailman is nothing to put your hopes on when Giroud breaks down for the season.

We need a larger squad of good players that the manager can trust. We wont win the PL whit what we have. The first 11 is great when on form and not run into the ground but the rest?


Right ray of sunshine, aren’t you?

Young Wenger, Massive Stud

YAWN … juat keep hoarding guys. Nice Jan transfer window we had.

Andy Mack

Of course with your expert knowledge you can tell us who we could have bought (not ‘should have’ because many aren’t actually ‘for sale’) … odemwingie maybe…..
and of course every player bought in Jan has an immediate impact..


Look, I’m all for defending the club, the manager, and the players, but it’s a fair point to make that we didn’t address our immediate weaknesses in January, because instead we chose to focus on the long term strength and stability of the squad. In some ways that’s nice, because you would hope that the plan is to compete for the title every year with a well-balanced squad. On the other hand, it’s completely understandable to be frustrated when we’re hovering within reach of a title and it feels like no steps were taken to ensure forward progress.

Not all complaints are toxic. On the other hand, the way you’ve admonished him doesn’t contribute much to the conversation.


And how do you suggest we could have addressed them? It’s obvious to all that we need a striker who’s better than Giroud (not that I’m saying he’s bad, he’s not), but if you are going to complain about not buying a striker in January, you need to be able to back up your argument by naming the striker we should have and could have bought.

Here’s a clue: all the “world class” strikers we would like to have brought in play for clubs at or near the top of their domestic leagues which would never in a galactic turn sell their main source of goals and drop out of the title race, and all the other strikers we could make a bid for and whose clubs would be willing to sell aren’t as good as Giroud.



Rocky Rocastle

Matic would have been Nice. It would make using Podolski or Walcott as a striker more viable since we would not lose Giroud’s aerial Prowess with a player like Matic in midfield 🙂 right now without Giroud, our team is a small of stature, and dont offer much competition on Set pieces with the exception of Mertesacker.

Andy Mack

And you think he’d come to us instead of going back to his previous team… or that he’d ‘press’ Benfica for the move if it was just us. Possible I guess but would he have fitted in and be playing as well with us as a new team rather than playing with some guys he’s played with before… I (we) don’t know the answer but there’s no doubt he’d make us a better squad for next year.

Cork Gunner

While there is a consensus about Mourinho’s general unpleasantness is there not an element of truth to what he is saying?

At every club he has ruthlessly pursued and achieved success. On a personal level Wenger is clearly the more admirable but as Arsenal fans we have to decide whether we prefer to have admirable failure or driven success, albeit tainted by Russian money or Mourinho’s sometimes crass behaviour.

Many may opt for the former but does everybody? Do we really have to admire our manager and is it important to us as fans to have the high moral ground or would we prefer success?

Any before people bang on about the difference in funds available, it’s important to concede that Chelsea (belatedly!) seem to be taking FFP more seriously than Man City and Mourinho made some sales in the transfer window to finance new arrivals. Meanwhile, during the same window while funding was available to Wenger he put financial prudence before ambition.

Just putting it out there.


Nah, Mourinho is a cunt.

Ditto for Chelsea as a whole.

Those of us old enough to remember being delightfully serenaded by seig heil signs from their charming supporters, would rather die than lower ourselves to the level of that shower of shit and their classless manager.

I’d rather Arsenal win nothing for the rest of my life than be anything like that club.


Fair summary. The only bit I woud question is whether not spending money that’s available and having a huge transfer surplus is actually financially very prudent. Success on the pitch makes money – TV money, prize money, the knock-on effect on sponsorship deals. Winning the CL and the Europa have been very helpful to Chelsea’s bank balance.

Financial imprudence consists not in spending bit but in spending badly, wastefully, on players you don’t get the best out of or indeed use at all. Arshavin, Chamakh, Podolski, Park, Bendter, Santos – not cheap when you take the wages into account. Reinvesting the fees from Henry, Cesc, Nasri, Clichy, Song, Van Persie, etc., etc., etc., promptly and well might have been the greater prudence. All managers make mistakes in the transfer market, of course, but I’m wondering whether we’ve been doing as well in recent years as many of us like to think.

I’m just raising a question, not making a statement. I haven’t done the sums because I can’t figure out a way of calculating success. Is Wenger still overachieving on pounds spent? Has he been doing better or worse than (say) Laudrup, or Martinez, or even Pardew (don’t like the man but he has excellent scouts)? I’m under the impression he’s been doing less well than 15 years ago, but maybe that isn’t right?

Anyone with a liking for maths and a lot of time on their hands who could do us some figures?

Andy Mack

Look back across the top level of English football since it started and you’ll see every team has ups and downs. If 4th place is our ‘down’, then we’ve done extremely well.
Before AW we spent more time floating around mid table/ lower top 10 than we were at the top table (and I’ve followed them for over 40 years of it!). We’ve done excellently and it would have been better if the financial landscape hadn’t been changed completely by dodgy Russian and oily Arab money.


I think you raise very valid points, people claim wenger has overachieved these last years, but based on Arsenals wage bill we were right where we should have been, the overachievers were those that achieved more on smaller budgets.

I think it is fair to question whether Wenger gets the most out of his squad, in recent years he seems to play the same players all the time and the subsequent injuries are no surprise. depending on how the season finishes I might look forward to a change of guard.


A manager’s behaviour affects a clubs image and branding…thats why Mourinho had to leave Madrid….Perez saw this and decided to cut his losses, especially when comparing him to the peerless urbane sophistication of Guardiola…( wrights poetry, loves philosophy etc), whose Barca were playing other-worldly football…dangerous in the long term to have a manager who aspires to be bigger than the club….This is the reason Abramovich got rid of him in the first place, could be tolerated when you’re winning but once you start losing?. PLus, The Spanish and Italian press saw right through this narcissist, the English gutter press fawn over him coz they come from the same sewer


Based on wage bill + transfer spend, Arsenal have overachieved. To only take one factor (wages) into account is disingenuous.

Liverpool have underachieved over recent seasons, as have Man City – who should really be heading toward their fourth consecutive title this season.


Yes, Liverpool have done shockingly until very recently; Stoke have done worse -over the last five years they’re the league’s fourth highest spender! Compared to what some Spanish managers are managing to play excellent football on – 4m is a sizeable transfer fee for clubs other than Barca and Real – the whole of the Premiership is doing pretty rubbish, with the possible exception of Martinez. He beat City and won a trophy with Wigan.

Andy Mack

Cork Gunner, according to transferleague the Russian has a net spend over the last 2 seasons of 125m (53 this and 72 last) whilst the Arab oil money net spend was 103 (89 this and 14 last). I guess neither of them is really taking FFP that seriously.

Petit's Handbag

How long more do we have to listen to such bullshit? Oh there’s money there blah blah blah
Unless the money is being spent we don’t care, what fucking use is having 100 mill in the coffers to us!!? I didn’t get into football to say my team is financially stable….at the moment all we are is champions league qualification stable


Wow that would buy an awful lot of injured pkayers. In a brighter note maureen really is the biggest vilest cuntface on the olanet.


Maybe even the planet lol


This we have funds nonsense has started early. Heard it all before so.many times. Only to be let down. We haven’t spent in the past when we where promised we have substantial funds available.
Maybe because rumblings among some fans or because the prices have gone up.
Sorry but this is a tired mantra that has gone back years. The quotes are readily available for those who think the club can do no wrong.


They bought Ozil for £42m less than six months ago. So to say they never spend, despite promising to do so, is bollocks.


It’s not the amount that’s relevant, it’s the effectiveness. Wenger shouldn’t be praised purely because he has parted with 42m, not if that money isn’t being converted into points gained. Without an appropriate kind of striker (fast, a good finisher) I’m not sure Oezil is worth even half that amount. I’m not criticising him – he’s a wonderful player, an excellent buy, at least in theory – but I personally would put him to bed with a nice hot drink until Walcott comes back. To get the best use out of Oezil, Oezil alone isn’t enough. If we’d bought Diego Costa as well – how much did Atletico pay for him? – he’d be well worth the 42m. For the moment he isn’t.


Voldemort stated that the Arsenal board had made promises, but not delivered on those promises, I pointed out that they actually had done so recently.

Questioning whether it was an effective use of the money is irrelevant to whether or not it has been spent.


Right, so you’re saying you knew Costa was a great player before Atletico bought him? Excellent. So where were all the other big clubs circling about him? You want us to believe no other clubs could out-bid Atletico for Costa, the fantastic striker, who didn’t cost that much? Or is it just you with this fantastic scouting acumen that Arsenal (and apparently other big clubs) so clearly lacks?

And I’m certain all this talk about Ozil being no or little use without a type xyz player is all just clever hindsight. Oh yes, where were you clever clogs predicting this when we signed Ozil? Utter shite if you ask me. I looked through the numbers myself in an earlier article. This season Ozil is clearly our best creative player, even better than Cazorla last season. And that supposedly with him not having the right players about him.

What’s more, you’ve really put your foot in it. You say he needs a player like Walcott to really be effective, right? But how is the entirely accidental and unforeseeable long term injury of Walcott down to Wenger’s incompetence? Please enlighten me. Are you not admitting that when Wenger bought Ozil, we did in fact have exactly the type of player you are so adamant Ozil must have to succeed? Please state where I have gone wrong.

And what you seem to miss is that Ozil is one of the best creative players in the world. He is in fact, in this respect, only matched by Messi. I agree, no thanks, we don’t want any of that, please, Mr Wenger. A player of that talent can adapt to playing in any team with whatever type of players, he only needs time. People have pointed this out countless time, that Pires, Bergkamp, Henry, etc., were not too hot in their first season, so just fucking give Ozil a break. Yes we had Cazorla, but Ozil is a player of such massive quality that he immediately improves the squad, and because he’s a creative player, he improves all the attacking players. So while indeed the AM position may not have been the most pressing in the transfer window, Ozil’s purchase in no way takes away from the fact that he actually improved the team.

What’s more Ozil is only 25, not even in his prime yet. If he sticks around he’s the type of player you can build a squad around. Wenger is thankfully not as short-sighted as most fans. He is slowly building a great squad. How likely do you think it was that we would have bought a quality CF, CB, DM, GK, and possibly a fullback all in one or two transfer windows? We are still in the process of building that squad, and Ozil is one very important piece in that puzzle? For whatever reasons, which neither you or I know if you were completely honest, we couldn’t find the right striker, so we had to move on and get some other piece of the puzzle.

Furthermore, buying a top CF is clearly not as easy as so many seem to think it is. Monaco, PSG, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Man City, Chelsea are all mega-clubs we have to compete with to sign top strikers. Just look at the fees paid for Cavani, Falcao, Neymar, Bale, that is a seriously “over-heated” market we are competing in. Just because we have more money now doesn’t mean we can throw it about carelessly, just because we have the money. We don’t have the vast oil money of, say, Man City, we still have to be financially responsible and run the club as a proper business, and not as the play thing of a billionaire.

We paid about £17m for Cazorla, about £5m more than what Mourinho paid for Salah, and £14m less than Willian. Just think about that for a moment if you will. A player in his prime, who can bag goals and assists, for only £17m, slightly more than the amount paid for some unknown winger and nearly half of Willian’s price. These are the types of deals Wengers likes to do, and is in fact quite good at doing. Please name the one striker, significantly better than Giroud, Wenger could have purchased for good money, and I must emphasise, for good money, as we are not oilers. Don’t bother, I’ll answer, Higuain. In my eyes £35m would have been a bargain. But, hey, everyone gets one wrong now and then. Who else is there though, and without the use of your magnificent 20/20 hindsight, deary?

Andy Mack

Costa had an unimpressive scoring record before AM.

Bodom After Midnight

What a load of bull. Spend the money and if not, at least shut the fuck up instead of empty promises.

same same

the anti mourinho comments are depressing to be honest

yes he is a utter c**t we all know that
And i would never want him as our manager

But what he has said is not completely wrong

Wenger has my respect for what he has done for our club
The personal sacrifices he has made for the better future of our club are commendable
The playing style of arsenal that is admired throughout the world is because of him

We play beautiful football everyone knows that
We have a fantastic stadium everyone knows that
We are the only self financed big club in BPL everyone knows that

But else do we have at our club to show to the footballing world
We have never won a champions league
Trophys 0 in the last 8 years
0 C.L

My question is are u guys satisfied with this much?


13 league titles, 10 FA Cups, Alan Smith’s goal to win the Cup Winners’ Cup, winning the league at White Hart Lane (twice), winning the league at Old Trafford, losing the Champions League final, Ray Parlour’s goal in the FA Cup final, the five minute final, Rocastle’s chip off the crossbar onto the back of Schmeichel’s head and going in, the North Bank mural, Bergkamp’s goal against Newcastle, losing to Winterslag, beating Real, Inter and Barca, memories of Michael Thomas at Anfield.

That’s what we’ve given to the footballing world.


Yeah…….but apart from that ?



INVINCIBLES MOTHERFUCKA… MOURINHO WILL NEVER DO THAT WITH CHELSEA… FUCKING MAUREEN WILL SHUT HIS GOB SOON. A kid who only goes to a club that has money. Mind games and more mind games, he can do that shit in Britain, the press are as retarded as he is and they listen and write about his bullshit. Spain didn’t take that shit and he left Madrid, it all backfired. Wenger has turned us into a top club, he’s a gentleman, doesn’t disrespect his peers or his players and he gives opportunities to a lot of them. He hasn’t won anything for 8 years but this year(season) is not over, a few losses, some draws happen during a season. Press will talk, February Arsenal will bottle it, FUCK SKY SPORTS, FUCK ALL THOSE PAPERS, we’re closer than we’ve been in 8 years to winning silverware. Cause we took a pasting to Liverpool and a poor game against MOYES and The Dutch Skunk doesn’t mean our season is doomed. Get behind your team people and have faith. We’ll do this!



Epic post, but…


…unfortunately, I don’t think that will ever happen.


Personal sacrifices lol What £8m a year for failure? What a sacrifices has Wenger made? You think he would go to Real Madrid? No chance. Got it made where he is, they wouldn’t give him 5 years to fuck around with some stupid youth project, be lucky to get one. Wenger knows where his bread is buttered.

By the way, Arsenal haven’t played beautiful football since about 2008, it’s another myth – probably because it’s all Arsenal fans have to hold on to, “we never win anything but at least we play beautiful football”. Crap.

Self-financed. So what? Hasn’t stopped owners creaming huge profits off for themselves and everyone paying themselves exorbitant salaries or Wenger wasting hundreds of millions of pounds on garbage signings and wages.

Andy Mack

There’s so much you’ve said that’s completely wrong that it shows you’re just a troll.

Tony Hall

I tell you what we have, we still have a soul unlike that bunch at Stamford bridge and we don’t have an obnoxious, arrogant prick for a manager. They day someone as vile as Maureen becomes manager of Arsenal is the day I stop supporting the club.


One year in many many that the promises where made. Google the quotes. They are not mine they are from arsenal board and executives going back years. That is fact


Are we drawing comparisons between Wenger and Mourinho? Seriously?

One is an infinitely better football coach than the other. Case closed.

(Hint: Its not the guy who failed to win the Champions with The Invincibles!)

same same

i know the answer to that

hint( has won the champions league two times
( Treble too )


Trolls. Trolls everywhere.

same same

And some of you calling chelsea a plastic club LOL

Whats wrong with you guys

Their owner spends money on them cause he wants to
Its his damn buisness

They started winning trophies
People started becoming chelsea fan because of their success
There’s nothing wrong in that

IN 1998 i remember one of my father friends(WEST HAM FAN) tturned into an arsenal supporter cause he was in love with the style of football arsenal were playing


Before they were a rich man’s subbuteo set, they had the sort of fans that didn’t count goals scored by their own black players.

From racists to glory hunters…

Andy Mack

They still have problems counting…. and problems with their knuckles dragging on the ground!


They can’t count to ten because so few of them have five fingers on each hand.


@ sama same….winning at the expense of a country’s natural resourses?…..if you know anything about the history of how the oligarchs made their money in russia, you’ll know that success at all costs isn’t worth it…some things are bigger that football

Dick Law

Their owner has converted club’s loans to equity and has spent a significant part(around 1 billion) of his shady money on players and severance package for sacked managers. Also, look at their wage bill. They are a plastic club. Wenger is not perfect but he has made lot more sacrifices than Mou and Chelsea. Cheque book clubs like Chelsea, PSG, Real Madrid etc. don’t need managers for success. They just need stablity. Imagine Mou giving nay chance to Henry, Cesc, Rambo, Jack, Ox, Szcz…Mou is overrated and a low life. There’s reason he will never manage ManU, Bayern and Barca. And that’s what makes Arsene and Arsenal a class. With 4th highest wage bill and limited resources, our success will more sweeter.


You guys DO realize that Mourinho only answered to a barb from Wenger himself right?

And he does have a point…


Where did wenger aim his comment at Maureen ? He was asked why only he and pellegrini consider themselves in the title hunt. Not once did he mention Maureen in his response. I presume you’re one of those “headlines only please” sort of people?

same same

all bullshit aside

i know i am gonna get a lot of thumbs down

but let wenger do the talking on the pitch

10 matches against mourinho
0 wins

thats not a good record for any kind of a great manger

Andy Mack

It’s the result of financial doping.
Anyone that thinks Moan’rinho is a better manager than AW really is a knuckle dragger!


we beat Chelsea when Mourhino was not in charge, same financial doping


Dick Law

Mou couldn’t have done better than with our team this season. He is an arrogant troll and should not be fed.


Right, because parking the bus is an entirely respectable tactic for a billionaire fuelled club, and a supposedly brilliant manager. And it’s an entirely respectable tactic for a supposedly brilliant manager to kick Barcelona off the pitch when he manages Real Madrid, one of the very top clubs in the world. And have you forgotten, one of his favourite tactics in his first spell here, was to park the bus, and hoof long balls to the lone striker. Somehow that’s not an acceptable tactic for bottom of the table teams, but is absolutely brilliant when Maureen does it, right?


Just to put that into some perspective, the BBC compiled a list of Mourinho’s win percentage against the top clubs in England. His lowest was against Arsenal. Two wins and five draws, I’m not sure if that was in the league alone but I think it was. Yet that stat always gets twisted around to make Wenger a comparable failure next to other managers for not yet having beaten Mourinho’s Chelsea even though those teams and managers have lost more games than Wenger has. They just scraped a win along the way somewhere.

Mourinho might be a better man-manager than Wenger, but I’m utterly grateful for Arsene’s steering our ship through the difficult period of moving stadium whilst keeping us in the CL year after year. Maybe Jose might have won us a trophy or two before hopping ship as his wont leaving us in a world of shit. And that would have placated some of the pathetic assholes in the fanbase who’d rather have a trophy to gloat over than a secure future for our club.

I’m not sure if Wenger is the right man to restore our glory but I’ll be delighted if he signs a new contract because it’s the least he deserves for everything he’s done for the club. At the very least I’ll know that his successor will be stepping into an envious position at a genuinely massive club. One Arsene Wenger, frustrating and obstinate at the best of times but completely, totally dedicated to our club.


Why don’t the press ever bring up the time Maureen gauged the eye of an opposing teams management in Spain during a touchine row? I only heard about this recently. Video is on YouTube. Seems like she has been cunt pretty much wherever she’s been


And if Wenger did what Mourinho did would you be calling him a cunt? Very much doubt it.


nope…probably coz he never would

Dick Law

Press loves him. He sells. So, did Balotelli. Football journalism these days is a disgrace.


It’s a game for fucks sake, nobody is going to get the Pulitzer prize

Goon Goon Goon

Used to love this blog site :o) lots of interesting information with some passionate fans having a laugh with some witty comments. now it’s full of how many swear words you can throw in to a post and jaded opinions. Sorry Blogs but my time here is done


If you think the swearing here is bad, you’d have a coronary if you ever went to a game.


Seriously, nothing we haven’t heard before.


It doesn’t matter if we have a 500 million transfer budget if the guy running the show doesn’t want to spend it. Honestly, this story pops up every spring and nothing ever actually happens (other than the panic Ozil buy). Part of me wants to lose the first game of every season at home so that Wenger can panic buy because that’s the only type of buy he’s capable of.

random commenter

To be honest, the comments here used to be great. One of the main reasons for visiting. Now threads are often full of random swearing (cunts, lol!) and juvenile insults (Manshitty, lol!).

It’s still a great site, but the kids have taken over the comments threads to some extent.

palace gunner

The difference is coach strategies you have mourinho who is strict with players if they slacken, arsene is obviously sensible but over the years chavs have been big in europe say two or three season’s, gunners can pressure or beat most clubs on there day,

Rocky Rocastle

I do hope Wenger will do what it takes to get the player he want’s and just pay the few extra millions they are asking instead of going with a cheap substitute like Kallstrom for Draxler or Bendtner for Higuain.

To be fair though i should say the Board and not Wenger, since they are the ones holding the bag of money close to their chest. Im sure Wenger ask’s for the extra funds but gets denied most likely. It is not the Managers job to worry about a Clubs economy regardless of his education. There are employees for that with Business degrees and all sorts of other staff to worry about this part of the club.

A Manager’s job is to focus on the success of the club on the pitch and Lean on the Board and squeeze as much money out of them as he can get to strenghten his team.

If a manager is involved in the financial side of the club, that is an entirely wrong focus to have for a manager. A manager’ focus should solely be working for the team and fans and working to challenge for trophies in every competition they partake. He should be equally hungry to sign the best players just like the supporters, and do what he can do get the funds from the Board.

And if the Board says no, then atleast he did try.

Anyways, things are looking up financially with these New sponsor deals, and for the first time in a long while we are looking at some world class players to sign. Here is to the future! Cheers!! 🙂

Yankee Gooner

At this point last February, arsenal had 5 fewer league wins, 12 fewer points, and was sitting in fifth place and TWENTY THREE points out of first place. Sure, we could improve in a few areas, but tell me again how Özil has made a limited contribution and the side isn’t categorically better?

Yankee Gooner

And John Terry is still a cunt.

Thanis Lim

The team needs to repay Wenger’s faith by winning the league this season.

Formerlyknownas frustrated arsenal fan
Formerlyknownas frustrated arsenal fan

Wenger should prove that skunk wrong and win something this season!! :))

9 years and counting

Should have signed Jay Rodriguez in January, he’s young, English, strong, good in the air, good with both feet, can run with the ball, wasn’t champions league cup tied and can finish, so he’s a he’ll of a lot better than giroud in every striking department


What’s the point announcing that there’s money to spend where there’s no PLAN on the part of the team that require improvement. Like some earlier post mentioned panic buys isn’t the way forward. The manager must first have a vision to build a great team and not a ‘nearly’one before all the ‘money to spend’ will make any sense.


Thanks Chips,
we’ll take 100m squids, oh … Wenger won’t spend it because he’s looking for top top top quality, like Sanogo, like the dutch injured guy bought and sent to the bench.


we couldn’t even sign a striker over the summer