Liverpool 5-1 Arsenal: by the numbers


What do you want to see today? Some hope? Well, Arsenal have a very odd defense. They concede almost no goals most of the time, but against three teams they have conceded an absolute gut full. It’s very weird. That is what I got, maybe you can see some hope in it.

26 – Goals Arsenal have conceded this season
29 – Goals Arsenal conceded through 25 games last season
14 – Goals Arsenal have conceded in just three games this season (City 6, Liverpool 5, Villa 3)
4.7 – Goals allowed per game in those three matches
12 – Goals Arsenal have conceded in the other 22 matches they have played this season
0.54 – Goals allowed per game in those 22 matches
58 – Shots Arsenal have allowed in the “Red Zone”* this season
9 – Shots Liverpool took in Arsenal’s Red Zone today (the most so far this season)
8 – Shots Man City took in Arsenal’s Red Zone during the 6-3 loss earlier
29 – Percent of Arsenal’s total “Red Zone Shots Conceded” that came from those two matches
19 – Total goals Arsenal have conceded in the Red Zone this season
9 – Red Zone goals that Man City and Liverpool scored against Arsenal
47 – Percent of Arsenal’s “Red Zone Goals Conceded” that came from those two matches
32 – The opposition convert 32% of their shots in this Red Zone, but just 3% from all other positions on the field. To put that in context, the opposition have taken just 58 shots in the Red Zone but 244 from everywhere else. They have scored 19 goals in the Red Zone and just 7 outside of it. Arsenal, however, have scored 21 goals in the Red Zone off 76 shots and 27 goals off 277 shots in all other positions. That’s a conversion rate of 28% in the Red Zone and almost 10% in all other positions. Oh, and before you run off to Opta and try to look these stats up, they don’t exist as far as I know. They are entirely of my own industry.


10 – In the last 10 matches, Arsenal have only scored 2 first-half goals
15 – In the previous 15 matches, Arsenal scored 13 first-half goals
6 – Number of times Arsenal have allowed the opposition to score first in League Play this season
1 – Number of times Arsenal have won when the opposition scores first
3 – Number of times they have lost when the opposition scores first
5 – Minutes after Arsenal lost to Liverpool today that my daughter came in to the kitchen and said “Dad, my nose farted” and then I laughed and forgot all about the game while cooking potatoes and eggs and sausage chicken sausage naturally because I’m not a monster I bet Luis Suarez eats pork sausage or maybe he eats human sausages but never black pudding he hates the taste
13 – Matches left in this season
39 – Points still up for grabs
6 – Points difference between the top four teams this season
17 – Points difference between the top four teams at this stage last season


*I’m not calling this a Prime Position because it has come to my attention that someone else uses that. The Red Zone is the area inside the 6 yard box, extending in a T from the goal to the penalty spot

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Only number for that performance was a big stinking Number 2

Runcorn Gooner

No 3. The amount of points lost day.Its a 38 game season.Its still in our hands.
Citeh chucked away 2 today.Liverpool will chuck away points.
We can do it.


Agreed. I doubt Chelski can stay consistent really, so Moaninho will moan some more about that. Shitteh dropping 2 points today was a little satisfying in an otherwise dissapointing day though.


Still believe if we started Rosicky instead of Wilshere we would’ve done 100x better.

So they have a shit defense, why not play a Rosicky who will press them to death and force mistakes, not to say his experience in big games, would’ve given ample cover to stop Sterling, and makes the team tick so nicely as he does always.

Don’t see why Wenger had to rush Wilshere like that and take Ox out of CM where he was brilliant.


^^^^ hahaha yup. That guy said it all.


1: The number of points off top spot The Arsenal are


Oh yeah, and spurs are still shit


I shot the sheriff

But i didn’t shoot the deputy……..i fuckin assassinated th the arse bandits


I like the visualisation, it really drives the point home, and you can see what’s going on at a glance. Thanks for all the hard work you put into this stuff.


1/2 + 1/2 the number of times Arsenal lost at anfield in 7 years!!


Funny, I was watching the game with my 18 month old daughter who has just learned the word ” goal! ” , so those 19 minutes were fun for her at least… Plus I had the same reaction of ‘ oh well, fuck it ‘
We’ll see know how this team reacts to a bollixing, it could galvanise them if they’re made of the right stuff. I’d much rather get this sort of result now if it pushes them to not let it happen again this season, let’s hope so.
It’s one game, let’s learn from it, it was the one we could afford to lose the most from the deathrun1, City screwed up , we’re 1 point off the lead and we have the chance for swift revenge.
Chins up!


Weren’t we supposed to learn the same thing from the Man City game?


After the Man Schitty game, we went 8-2-0 before today. So yeah, I think we did take something from the Man Schitty game. If we can go 8-2-0 over our next ten matches I’ll be ecstatic.

gooner odst

several – showers of shit that rained on Arsenal FC


its only 3 points at the end of the day, but it had been coming i feel. We were dominated by southampton a few weeks ago and its no coincidence that they pressed us too. i feel every team are gonna do that against us now and unfortunately without walcott, theres nothing we can really do. All our players like the ball at feet, our center forward never really makes runs behind defenders either, its just too predictable really.

Chris Byrne

Zen Buddhism rules apparently, according to arsene Wenger! Which is about being at ease with your environment. Which is probably why we lost 5-1 to a rampant Liverpool, whose pressing game destroyed us today! We won’t win anything again this season, because we’re too fucking laid back! Like our fucking manager! It’s all well and good playing tici taki pretty football, but if we dwell on the ball like we did today and I’m sick and tired of us doing this! Especially fucking Wilshire! Then we’ll lose the ball time and time again! We may get away with it against lesser teams, but against teams that press with intensity, like Liverpool did today, then we’ll be punished! We were complacent at the back. Mertesacker should’ve tackled Suarez when he had the chance and kicked the ball out, but didn’t and then conceded the free kick that resulted in their first goal. After that it was down hill!we don’t seem to press the opposition that much either! We seem happy to just soak up the pressure. We won’t win anything with that kind of attitude! If we changed that, we would be more successful. Also we need to vary our tactics more. I believe its time to get rid of some of the deadwood in the boardroom and bring in some ex players like graham and maclintock and get rid of Wenger and bring in klopp or someone that has a more aggressive outlook ti tactics, ie the pressing game.
we used to be great at it with Viera and petit!


Rambling Pete, you’ve changed your name…


Oh, we should get rid of the deadwood in the boardroom? How the fuck do we do that? Tell you what,next time I bump into Stan in the “Bank Of Friendship” I will tell him you said so.


Not that it matters, but I noticed that Gerrard never received a card for the penalty he conceded, but Giroud got one for, what, complaining?


Fuck this shit. I don’t want to think about today. If anyone fancies a pre-game pint on Wednesday, let me know.

I have a feeling that today’s result is a bad omen for Glory hunter Utd.


Pre-game pints started for me about 20 minutes after the Liverpool game.

Ryan tan

Only wilshere showed alot of desire today to make any comeback.I think he deserve to be captain.infact in most matches when we perform badly,he is always pushing harder than anyone esle.think of how many times he pull an equaliser or a winner for us out of the way he rips at mer and giroud today was much heart.he reminds me of vieira and kolo toure.i think we can stop this vice captain shit and hand the job to wilshere.this man is ready.


That’s stupid. Wilshere is the most high temperered guy who gets involved uselessly 90% of the times. There are more deserving players like Sagna, Per, Kos, Rosicky.

Easy Tiger

What’s wrong with pork suasages?


I am Jewish.


A little bit of bad luck and tactical naivety completely ruined Arsenal today. Arsenal were unfortunate to concede the first two goals. The first one looked offside and the second one conceded shortly after totally knocked Arsenal cold. Wenger then seemed to have changed tactics and by willing Sagna and Monreal forward. Sagna’s venture forward especially, cost Arsenal dear. It was then 3 (Suarez, Sturridge and Sterling) against Arsenal’s 2 CBs. All the 3 aforementioned Liverpool forwards are roadrunners and the Arsenal CBs were no match for their pace. They basically ran circles around them. Sagna’s heatmap below clearly illustrates how far down the pitch he was and Sterling basically only had Mertersacker to deal with.

Having said that, even the midfield was also very poor. Arsenal usually play the triangles well but today players seemed distant, there were too many misplaced places, they lost the ball in the midfield cheaply. Liverpool pressed really well though. Also, I think Arsene usually gets his midfield wrong for big games. He either goes for Flamini/Arteta or Wishere/Ozil both those combinations don’t work for Arsenal. The former being too rigid and the latter too loose. The only time he got it right in a big game was against Liverpool at the Emirates. Rosicky or Ramsey for Wilshere would make the team a lot more balanced

All in all, I think Arsenal would have maintained their shape, had it not been for those 2 early goals and we would not have seen 5 goals being scores. But its still the goal scoring prowess in the big games that concerns me and not the defense. Arsenal simply don’t have the striking ammunition to come back from a deficit. We badly need a top quality striker this summer. Really sorry to say that Giroud is simply not good enough.


Woke up to this news in oz, will be a long 4 days on holiday till manure game. Team missing Ramsey goals which covered lack of quality up front before Xmas!

Stevie boy

Yeah going for goal so soon after letting in the second wasn’t the best idea, better to calm things down and not concede a third and forth – coming back from two goals is a whole lot easier and a lot less demoralising if you do get beat!!!


I’m sorry, going for goal? When you’re aiming to score goals, your main objective should be to create chances and shoot, which we didn’t, for the first 50 minutes. Oh, there was the one time when Monreal almost touched the ball in front of their goal, my bad.


Chicken sausages? I’m tempted to ring Social Services.

Moral high ground

Yes for me there were 3 things to worry about in the game, 2 especially. Firstly i have no idea why our 2 full backs played as if there were 10 minutes left when we were 2 down and a bit unlucky to be 2 down (offside and amazing skrtel header he could not pull off again). But sagna and monreal played like lunatics for the rest of the first half, utterly exposing our centre backs. That is the one i do not worry about although it brought back distinctive memories of being caught on the break in recent years. More worrying was midfield balance and utter toothlessness (no pace or movement) up front. The former can be addressed by flamini and rambo return. The latter? Hmm with no theo i think we will struggle to get the goals. Have thought so all season. Defensively we are good enough to win title (i think so even after yesterday). Offensively i think we are a top 4 side at best……


Really surprise it was Monreal starting.

One would think Gibbs be the better option particularly as we were facing one of the premiership’s most lethal strike packages. Mistake number one.

Liverpool learnt the lesson that they were horribly exposed in the middle in the last game. It was natural that they would over load in the middle. Personally would have preferred us to have two combative players alongside Arteta in both Rosicky and Jack (allowing one to move forward to link at any one time)

That would have meant at sacrifice to either Ozil or Santi with Chamberlain I believe the correct player to apply early pressure close to Giroud.

Tactical reality on the ground were not responded to with sufficient expediency and we were again punished (much as against city)


Simple maths is beat manure, citeh and Chelsea will finish top 3 and this result doesn’t matter. Hard part will be doing it. Did flaming miss the citeh game? Maybe that’s the link to shipping goals?


We have a life line in the City draw to Norwich.

However meanwhile, the blink covered miniature pony that is Chelsea have stealthily slipped past.

A win at United will be vital to say the least. If not, we may not find this ‘death run’ quite as charitable to the failures of our last.

If we do beat United, then we are set up fora return match against Liverpool and I will fancy us to nick it (if anything with pride at stake). In that sense, to be sanguine about it, better to drop the 3 points in this game than get knocked out of the cup.

Bayern will be a difficult proposition at this point. the squad whilst IMO deep enough in quality and quantity to compete in the domestic arena (there is no excuse today that we were in any sense stretched thin or inadequete to task in quality other than our performance on field), is somewhat light weight at the top in Europe where a more nuanced striker may be of immense use.

With regard Flamini, you are completely correct in your observation that he was at City when we were last pummeled.

Rather I feel Wenger has not learnt from that lesson and has been inflexible in not sufficiently covering our centre. Tactically, he is also extremely slow in responding to on field issues.

bam bam

We play the same formation in every game, against every type of team style. I understand why and love our philosophy first approach – but when it isn’t working or shitty luck (like first two goals today) we need to be able to change strategy immediately. We need the so-called Plan B we have been talking about for years. No way Maureen keeps the same players on the pitch at 3-0 down. Hindsight I know, but team selection and in-game flexibility hurt us today.

Credit Coutinho and co for pressing us into simple mistakes but Arteta is simpy not good enough against good, fast teams.

Still, only three points – let’s keep this in context and not give the “experts” any more fuel.



And to top it off, Arsene fell on his arse today too after the game at the train station:

The Boy

They should be fucking ashamed of themselves, playing the first twenty minutes like a Pub team that had just been cobbled together.

What did they expect? Turn up at Anfield against an in-form team that had just destroyed their local rivals in a similar fashion, and expect to be allowed to keep the ball and use it how they wished.

Naive at best, woefully inept and underprepared at worst, this team has 72 hours to get it’s shit together or our season will be over on all fronts in ten days time.

Finally, I’m over Özil and his half arsed approach. Regardless of calibre and price tag, you must show fight and determination when you wear the shirt and not for the first time this season, the bug eyed little weasel showed neither when it mattered.

Embarrassing, verging on disgraceful.


not that we should blame Ozil entirely as the team on the whole was piss poor today (much as Liverpool were excellent)

but Ozil drops his head far too quickly which may in some ways be the reason why he wasn’t entirely coveted as much as he should be at Madrid.

In that, he can learn from Ramsey in applying a bit more (positive) competitiveness to his game (The British way), where a 10% increase in this would immeasurably improve him and the team.

I would suggest that at 25, he is still not the complete article (unless he feels he is) and has some ways to improve. When things don’t go his way, his performance drops when instead he should be digging in deep (like Jack) and try to influence a positive outcome.


I don’t think we need statistics to illustrate how shite we were today. It was plainly and painfully obvious.

Bay Gooner

For once, I was glad to have overslept and missed the start of the match. It was already 4-0, and too early to absorb any mores. Sleep is wonderful. I did watch the first 20 minutes later on and Arsenal had two good chances. At fournil, it was over though.

This match is an outlier. Martin Skrtl has played 313 games in the last decade and scored 17 goals. I didn’t look, but am pretty sure he NEVER scored a brace before as an adult. Marty will always remember this match — the one time in his life where he scored twice. Like Ashley Young’s one-only brace against Arsenal a few years back.

These things happen. Are the Denver Broncos as bad as they were in their last game? No. These things happen. What’s important is how Arsenal react, and separate what they did badly — i.e., marking, leaving too much space behind them, etc — from that over which they had no control. At least William Gallas isn’t around to bring the whole team solidly and forever to earth.

Liverpool fans were the 12th man in the match — they so influenced the refs that no 50-50 call ever went Arsenal’s way, so far as I could tell. And they let those oafs scream at them incessantly. More reasons to support Everton.


I can’t see Arsenal winning the League in my lifetime…..


In palliative care, are you?

arseblood's owner

Sorry my pet fly got onto my keyboard.


The red zone sounds like a euphemism for that excuse ladies make when ‘I’ve got a headache’ just doesn’t wash anymore.


3 – Number of players that went missing for Arsenal today.
When we had the ball and the opportunity to break I could only see 2-3 yellow shirts in Liverpool half and when they broke I could only see 3-4 yellow shirts in our half. Where were the rest?
Also thought our full-backs were poor, Sagna improved as the game went on while Nacho regressed. For the first goal, Per was wrestling with Suarez on the touchline with Sagna no where to be seen. For the third goal, the bloke on the left touchline (I think it was Nacho) passes to Ozil and then speeds away to the Liverpool final third. When Ozil loses it and pool break, there is nobody on our left hand side.
We also spent a lot of time play-acting after losing the ball hoping to stop their breaks through referee’s whistle which was also very un-Arsenal like.
On the positive side, the triple substitution atleast brought balance to our side and we began to attack better.

He's got no hair but we don't care...
He's got no hair but we don't care...

How far away is Rambo from a comeback?

Never have we needed that Welsh wizard more!

Tony Hall

I am sure Özil is a world class player when on form but right now he is not justifying his price tag. He seriously needs to toughen up and show some passion because at the moment he is just drifting through games. Rambo and the BFG need to have a few words with him and/or give him a good kick up the arse!


A stat a read on the comments of another website:

Manu Arizona
Since Arsenal Last Won A Trophy:

– They’ve Spent £227,500,000 on players.
– 52 of 92 football league clubs have won a trophy.
– Arsene Wenger has earned £63.5 million pounds in wages.
– The planet Mercury has orbited the Sun 32 times.
– London won the rights to host the olympics, rebuilt Straford and then hosted the event.
– Twitter has been created and gained 500 million users.
– Over 1,000,000,000 people have been born.
– Juventus have been relegated, promoted and won back to back league titles.
– Ex Arsenal Players have won 44 medals.
– Pep Guardiola retired as a player, became a manager, won 16 trophies with Barceloona, took a year break, returned as a manager and won 2 trophies with Bayern Munich
Yesterday at 2:27pm

The Boy

When you put it like that………………………………………….


They were great in their intensity in both defensive situations and attacking support. They hounded us and gave us no room. Reminded me of Dortmund when they blitzed us early on at their place a few years back when they attacked. Defense was like they found all the key areas we like to attack from and double to triple teamed us, most notably the full back runs into opposition half/ midfielders picking up from halfway line. Harried our off the ball runners so giroud had no options. Even per had little option when playing out from the back. Szceszney struggled in playing the ball out. I don’t really know what klopp means by counter defende


*accidentally published…
defense but this seemed like it. Pressuring so on the counter everyone is prepared for the attack.