Pires keen for Arsenal to come through ‘nightmare’


Robert Pires says he’s hopeful that Arsenal can go all the way to the finish line in the Premier League, but has warned that the upcoming schedule is going to be a ‘nightmare’.

In an interview with French Football Weekly, the former midfielder spoke about his desire to see Arsenal do well, but with games against Liverpool, Manchester United and Bayern Munich, they’ll be really tested.

Arseblog News has an exclusive snippet of the interview which will be published over the next two days – if you’ve missed part 1, it’s here.

Pires on this season’s Arsenal:

Today’s Arsenal team, do you think that they can win the Premier League?

They can – and I certainly hope so! I wish that for Arsène Wenger, because he’s been at the club for a long time and he’s won nothing since 2005. But today he’s had a great start, he’s got a great team. But it won’t be easy. The quality is definitely there. But the squad is not as large as Man City’s. But we’re now the end of January and they’re still first, so they have a good chance. But beware (touches wood), let’s see if we’re saying that in one month. Because February is going to be a nightmare for Arsenal. Ouh la la! Liverpool twice – FA Cup and league. Man United and Bayern Munich. Four matches. It will be a big test.

On young players and a lack of respect:

If you want to learn and to become part of the group, it clear that you respect the older players.

In the past. In your time, or in my time. Maybe it’s also a question of education. What I remember is that the first time I went to Clairefontaine, I arrived at the canteen, I waited outside to see first where everyone sat. So that I didn’t take someone else’s place. That’s called respect. It’s as simple as that. And once there were spaces free, then I could take a seat. And the same for the bus. I was practically the last to get on. And I took one of the seats that were left.

It was natural, it was normal. When I arrived at Arsenal, just imagine if I took Tony Adams’ place? No! Tony Adams is Tony Adams! He merits respect, he’s a senior player. So I wait, that’s how it is. Even though I’m world champion, European champion. Here, I’m at my club, it’s no longer the same. Now I’m in my Arsenal shirt. Tony Adams doesn’t care about the France team. You see what I mean? Martin Keown, Lee Dixon, David Seaman. No! [in English] “Wait!” You wait. It’s not complicated.

And on what Arsene Wenger taught him:

What did Wenger do for your career, and how? Did he give you advice, did he build up your self-confidence?

Yes, both. What is great with Arsène Wenger, it’s that when you have strengths, he makes you work on them. He doesn’t want to work on your weaknesses. If you have faults, you have faults. But if you have qualities, he wants to work on making them perfect. And that’s what he wanted from me, two qualities, speed and dribbling. So I worked enormously on those two areas, and it was important for me, of course. As for how he is – the relationship is simple. When you are on the pitch, he leaves you to it. He lets you do whatever you like. That’s when you have the trust of the coach, and I earned that. I gained his trust, and then you’re a free man on the pitch.

French Football Weekly will be publishing part II tomorrow and part III on Friday. Bookmark the site or follow them on Twitter for more.

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red or dead

Check out that pic *swoon*


What a handsome man




That respect to seniors and club makes the legends!!!


Which hollywood blockbuster was that pires picture taken from.

Kim Kallstrom (the other one)
Kim Kallstrom (the other one)

‘Ouh la la’. Did he just sigh in french?

glory Hunter

Wow I can finally see why Pires is blogs man crush.
Still has nothing on Ramsey 🙂


You sir have 16 likes..and in respect of the handsomeness of Welsh Jesus and that his squad number is 16 I will not press the like icon..but i do like it..


Read this whilst listening to dreaming of you by the coral

Tom Gun

You just know he was talking about the little scrote Na$ri when he was talking about respect for elders, especially when mentioning the bus!


Did he actually say ‘Ouh la la’.?


It’s a true stereotype, we do say “ouh la la” on a regular basis.. but we never say “sacrebleu”… Now i’m off to buy frogs legs for dinner wearing my new beret..

Canadian Arsenal Fan

Don’t forget the baguette

Indonesian Gooner

Arsene Wenger is a one off manager. The trust he gives to his players is amazing. That’s why players who left us look average elsewhere.

Kim Kallstrom (the other one)
Kim Kallstrom (the other one)

Except Alex Song who we have never had a chance to grade. He is to Barca what Park is to us.

Spurs are Shite

such a fuckin’ legend <3


We have such good ambassadors for the club in Bobby, Bergkamp and Henry who keep earning our respect and cheer. Victory through harmony.


Its Gnabry*

Szczesny's Flannel

*It’s it’s.

2013-2014 = 2003-2004
2013-2014 = 2003-2004

Crikey. One should not cross ones legs whilst looking at pics of Robert Pires.


Yes, you can trust a Pires, Henry, DB10. Viera etc…but you CANT trust a Song, Arshavin, Chamakh, Denilson etc…he wasnt firm enough with this type of player.

Gunner From Another Mother
Gunner From Another Mother

Good read. Really enjoyed part 1 and can’t wait for the rest.


I have to admit it took me awhile to scroll down from the top.

Well, moving on.

Fantastic attitude from Pires, and hopefully he’ll impart that to the younger players at the club. Would love it if he became a coach here.


did he really touch wood?i need to know!



Davy Jones

I dont think anyone doubts our squad is good enough to beat the weaker teams like Crystal palace. It is our rivals, City and Chelsea one is worried about. Cant expect them to continue to drop Points against weaker teams enough so we can afford to lose or draw when we meet them. It is Highly likely those games vs City and Chelsea will be vital to decide whom gets away with the title. And looking at previous result where we got a thrashing at City, and a loss in the cup vs Chelsea and a draw with Chelsea at the Emirates in the league, and the fact that Wenger has never beaten MouriNHO, im not overly confident when next game also is an away game.

The striker situation should have been handled in the summer, but maybe the rumors of a 80mill transfer chest were not true, and it could not be done after getting Ozil. I dont know. but everyone knows, january is a tough market, and if we had the money now, then i will bet we also had it last summer, and then the excuse that january is tough doesnt hold water anymore, cause he had 2 months in the summer to do business.

My reservations about Arsenal is their inability to go the extra mile to get the player they want. Even if we go in to debt to achieve it, it is not the end of the world when the debt is easily managable by our income. Hell, everyone got debt. I got Lots on my house, but i have no problems managing it, so its not a problem. Why stick with a crappy old Apartment when i could live in my own house, right 🙂 beiang all OCD like about Green numbers in the account books is not allways for the best.

Another thing is the inability to do what it takes to hold on to our own best players, and least of all sell them to a rival. When we look at what lenghts United have gone to hold on to Rooney, i cant help but think that we could have learned something from them there. But worst thing is supplying players to our Main rivals like City and United. That just got to stop somehow. If a player have to leave, atleast do your best to sell him abroad and if need be accept lower bids from foreign Clubs to pull this off. Otherwise you just end up shooting yourself in the foot.

But the fact that Lewandowski says Arsenal tried to recruit him, thats a sign they are trying to bring in a striker atleast which is good news. But are they trying hard enough? Hmm


We are not far off City in Quality or Quantity.

Negredo – Giroud
Aguero – ????? (His goals is the diff between the two clubs’ respective GD)
Dzeko – Bendtner
Jovetic – Podolski

Nasri – Walcott
Silva – Ozil
Navas – Santi
Milner – Ox
Boyata – Gnabry
????? – Rosicky (Kallstrom)

Fernandhino – Ramsey
Rodwell – Jack
Toure – Arteta
Garcia – Flamini

Kolorov – Gibbs
Clichy – Monreal
Zabaleta – Sagna
Richards – jenkinson
Kompany – Per
Naztasic – Koscielny
Demechelis – Vermaelen
Lescott – ?????

Tell me we are that far off in quality or quantity? On the other hand, that one extra Aguero does make a difference.

Arseblog goes on today about how we should not care with perception in the media.

I beg to differ. The phyth that these pundits build around our club has an insidious effect on our own support which directly translates to the mood in the stadium and surrounding the club.

Rather whilst not being bothered with them we should combat them on the frontline of media perception in making sure our end of the story is heard (Andrew and others do us sterling service on ESPN to re-address some of the otherwise erroneous image put forth by the media). Every bit helps in allowing our own narrative to come through. There is just too much spin at the moment in the media against us. If the pundits (like some of those clowns on ESPN) want to hold to their prejudices against us without substantiated evidence rather holding to personal belief that we are not good enough, that’s fine. But they should not be allowed to get away with colouring the more impressionable minds out there and have a trickle down effect to our support.


did you seriously just favourably compare Bendtner to Dzeko?


Lol what a joke some of those comparisons!
Dzeko or Bendtner!!!!!
Giroud or Negredo!!!!!!
Toure or Arteta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our strike should not be compared to City at all. Wenger IS working miracles with them it doesnt bear imagine how we would destroy teams with decent strikers – hence Wenger is in the market for one!

Also 18 year olds like Gnabry in there as well had like 3 premier league starts deary me


And can people stop butchering Gnabry’s name as well please?! Its said like GNOME… you dont GI-NOME, like I hear people say GI-NABRY!!! Aweful

Adam Richards

Why do 99% of news blogs online nowadays get this type of post? And surely there is a more relevant news article to spend your 10 minutes of re-writing what has been said before a hundred times.

Stevie boy

Oh please, we supplied city with has-beens and dross lol adebarndoor and that lil turd nasri come to mind! Would either make the Arsenal team lol as if!!! Even clichy and kolo, who ain’t scumbags, are not missed or going to make it in this Arsenal side!!! Anyway, pires is pure class, especially loved the respect part – legend arsenal musketeer!!!

Davy Jones

Many of the players that left was Vital to Arsenal at the time when they left. Im not saying i would want them in our side today. Just that it would be Nice too see us being able to hold on to our biggest profiles for a change. Selling RVP to United allmost cost us 4th place and gained United the title. 24mill for Persiel was also insulting when Tottenham bought feckin Soldado for 28million. 24mill for the league hands down best striker at the time. Might aswell let him sit out his contract and guarante top 4 spot instead of risking it for a lousy 24mill. CL spot is worth more than that Even, and we barely got it in the end, which was lucky. Had we lost it we would effectively have given away Persie for free at what income is concerned.

gooner across the atlantic
gooner across the atlantic

Ah that son of a bitch nasri.. I remember thierry being disrespected by nasri by takinf his seat in a bus.. What a diff of generations..

Stevie boy

The only example you can give is the Dutch skunk, personally I’d have made him stay then go on a free, but I also respect Wengers decision to sell the scumbag and get some dollar!! Aside from the skunk who else has gone to either scumchester club and been a missed part of the team? Need i say more? Indeed the same can be said of barca – song is rotting on the bench and hacked off, whilst the only loss was fab but he still loves and respects the club!!!


Who compares Bendtner with Dzeko? Due respect, but Wenger loves to shoot himself and this club on the foot. Having Giroud as Arsenal’s only striker is a disrespect to the epl title and that may turn to bite the club at the arse by May.

The only Olivier is Giroud
The only Olivier is Giroud

Such class… such distinction…(if I may be so cute as to quote Rowan Atkinson’s character in “Johnny English”.). I really think the difference in this year’s squad as compared to our 2011/2012 squad had isn’t so much to do with quality, but attitude. Arshavin having the same contribution to the squad harmony than Santi? Ha!


That bit about training to your strengths is really interesting, it’s one of the (very, very many) things that makes Arsene special.

Also, blogs, you should really have some sort of a warning if that’s going to bethe first image I see on Arseblog News. I can’t handle such dreamyness without any warning.


Bobby’s most telling comment- ‘He doesn’t want to work on your weaknesses. If you have faults, you have faults.’
Hmmm…might of worked with Pires,Henry,Vieira,Bergkamp,Freddie etc but not for the last 9 years worth of bullshit.


might’ve = might have != might of


that explains why van persie is still such a knob!


That picture is just what you need on a strike day (**Swoons**)


Just waiting on the Arsenal Legends movies for Bobby and Viera… Pls god, pls