Friday, October 7, 2022

Rosicky ready for ‘aggressive’ Stoke

Tomas Rosicky says Arsenal must be ready for a tough battle against an ‘aggressive’ Stoke side.

While many will feel this is simply playing up to stereotypes, Rosicky isn’t suggesting this is a bad thing, simply that everyone knows when they travel to the Brittania they’ll face a fully committed and physically challenging Stoke side.

The Czech says the crowd won’t make any difference to the Arsenal players, but that they have to contend with the physical aspect of the game if they’re to take the three points.

“It’s always very similar – they are a very physical side, very aggressive and it’s a very tough place to go,” he told the official site.

“All the away games are pretty similar so we need to be really well prepared for a physical and aggressive style of play. We need to match them in those attributes and, if we do that, we can be successful.”

Stoke fans will be fired up for this one, as they are for every home game against Arsenal, but Rosicky says that won’t affect him.

“For me, that doesn’t matter at all. The atmosphere in the stadiums here in England is great anywhere you go, so that side doesn’t bother me at all.

“What I’m thinking about is will we produce on the pitch? And if we will be as aggressive and strong as Stoke. If we do that, we can beat them.”

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Yes, we have an OK record against Stoke in previous seasons.

But look how we’ve improved…

Stoke are… well… same old, same old…

Down with Shawcross!


It’s a shame rozza won’t start with ozil returning and all,Thought he merited his place after motm display against sunderland.

In Soviet Russia, WENGA sacks YOU

No thanks.


Hope we brought our alven bread with us, can’t walk into mordor with out the alven bread.

Tenzo (Theo's secret lover)

I love this comment so much.

Özil's Eyes on Arsene's Hot Thighs

The elven bread has a name, I believe it’s called “Lembas”?




‘A member of an imaginary race of human-like creatures, characterized as ugly, warlike, and malevolent.’

Tom Thumb

The battle of mordor


That’s the right Kind of attitude Little Mozart.

DL Gooner

Yeah it’s good to know that he won’t be put off by the grunting sounds of stoke fans having sex with members of there own family and fling shit at each other, ever the pro Tommy!


Games like this now are a absolute must win… cant afford any mistakes!


unleash the flamini

Glenn Helder

I miss the Tony ‘Mons’ Pubis jokes. But I’m sure we’re going to hammer Mark Hughes and his band of disgusting orcs.

Come on lads!


Wouldn’t be at all surprised to see Tom start tomorrow, what with Mesut’s thigh injury (cough).

Get in their faces early on, and show these cunts who’s the boss and we’ll be fine.

Petit's Handbag

Flamini is going to be marvellous tomorrow…once he stays on the pitch.
I hope one of his one a game flys over the bar hits every single stoke fan in a pinball style action therefore breaking all their noses. It might pretty them up


It’s a stereotype because it’s true. Stoke RFC. Some football clubs never learn, like Sp*rs with their £100m of shankers and rugby players, will never win squat.


all we need is just a first half goal then kill the game #COYG………………….

Virginia Goon

That’s a shit Maureen cunt like attitude. 3-1 to The Arsenal, book the thang.


Clean sheet. Two or three goals. Flamini lasting the full 90 minutes. That’s all I ask for today.

Oh yes

I hope St Orc City get relegated this season.


A different team under Hughes to that of Pulis. I think our record against Stoke is pretty much impeccable since Tony left. Still don’t think we should start Ozil though, when we performed so well against Sunderland it makes no sense to reshuffle.


We need to start to downplay this ‘Stoke are rugby playing mutants who broke Ramsey’s leg’ stuff. It just means that their fans are more up for this game (they’re normally fairly mute) and it fires up their players to give more than against other teams. Plus they end up more likely to kick lumps out of our players and add to our long injury list. Let’s make it Just Another Game against an ordinary, but workmanlike side. Wenger says Ozil will be back. A new man after 2 days in Germany watching his old, world class filled team annihilate… Read more »

2013-2014 = 2003-2004

During the pre-match handshake, I hope Flamini whispers “I will fucking blind you” to each and every one of them orcs.


….Kill them all!


Ah man, it’s so important to have Flamini in these kind of matches. If any one of them tries to mess with one of our players, he will fuck them up.


I may get smacked down for this, but I thought when they came to our place they actually tried to play football. I’m not sure they qare realy the Pulis team anymore.

Their supporters, well, that’s a different matter.


You are right, early in the year they tried to play some football and they got as high as 7th in the table. But since that good start they’ve kind of tailed off, and have mostly fallen back into their old ways of kicking lumps out of the opposition and moving forward only by hoofing it up the field to the NBA reject that is their “striker”. Not coincidentally, that devolution in tactics has coincided with a run of only one league win since Christmas. I suspect it’ll be a traditional Stoke match attended by a lot of people with… Read more »

In Soviet Russia, WENGA sacks YOU

Bloggs: why do I have to look at Na$ri’s mug on Arseblog news? I haven’t looked him up or anything in google so why am I seeing this dreadful ad?
If Google wants to give me targeted ads based in my search history I would be looking at pictures of camel to– err political documentaries ads instead.

And yes : instead =\= as well


There are often Manc adverts and strangely enough pictures of Adabadyear in the box to the right of the logo and I’ve never been even remotely interested in googling em. Garotting na$ri now that’s a different story cameltoes would be an enormous improvement

Rocky Rocastle

I got an advert for pirate costumes myself atm.. I Wonder if it worked that out from that pirate movie i watched, incase i was in to role playing. Stagnetti’s Revenge i believe the movie was called. Hm, maybe i will take that up with the misses.

Yarr! Give me some booty baby!


How, in this day and age, does anyone not have adblock installed on their web browsers?

In Soviet Russia, WENGA sacks YOU

How can anyone, I this day and age, assume people are viewing a website from a laptop, and not say…a tablet for example?


Most likely google adwords keywords are pulling up Arsenal or football related stories for your region and unlucky enough for you they seem to be based on the Lesbian chinless wonder or using a picture of him.

That would be my guess.


Did you see this? Shows the class of Arsenal under Wenger and the values he has instilled in the club and the players:


Maybe he can use one of the accordions for his song

La Defense

@Bloggs, I’ve been getting na$ri’s face in the advert box too on occasion!

Strange one this. Is some Man Shitty fan playing pranks on the website?


On a somewhat unrelated note, I see that Little Abramopony Mou Mou is upset over the fixture list. Apparently Chelski have to travel nearly a whole mile to play league doormats Fulham at 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. And this after a draining three-hour flight home on Wednesday night! The poor lamb thinks this is terribly unfair. Now someone remind me, what were the comments made by that hypocritical jackass after another London club had to play away after a three-hour Wednesday night plane flight, except they played at 12:45 on a Saturday in a city on the other side of the… Read more »

palace gunner

So say orcs but we elves should coyg 2

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