Wenger confirms Rosicky contract agreement


Arsene Wenger has revealed that the club have agreed a new deal with Tomas Rosicky.

The Czech midfielder scored a wonderful goal on Saturday against Sunderland and afterwards Wenger told the press he was ‘adamant’ that Rosicky should continue with the club.

Despite having missed so much football through injury, the manager views Rosicky as a key component of his squad and although his current deal expires in the summer it looks as if his experience will be part of things for the next campaign.

“Tomas Rosicky will stay,” he said. “We have an agreement with him and it will come out soon. I am absolutely adamant he has to stay at the club.”

Rosicky has had to adapt his game because of the injuries and time marching onwards, but Wenger still sees him as an important cog in the Arsenal machine.

“When he arrived, he was less a tactical player and more the Mozart from Prague. He was purely a creative, offensive player. But today, he is a real organiser as well. He gives a real structure to the team.

“He is one of the players who plays the game of give-and-move and he is a great accelerator of the game. He always makes things happen, not with individual dribbling but with individual acceleration of his passing and his runs.

“His goal was one of the top goals we have scored.”

Asked about his own contract situation and if there was anything to report, Wenger replied, “Nothing at all”.

Stupid sexy Flanders.

All that’s left now is to get Rosicky into the dungeon to put pen to paper.

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joey sixpack

Fantastic! T-ro will become an even bigger legend.

Türkiş Gooner

He will be…not sure about “even bigger” though πŸ™‚


and when its time to move on he will give the #7 to Draxler who will wear it with pride πŸ™‚


Hopefully that won’t be for a few more years. Long live Little Mozart!

Too Drunk To Be Offside
Too Drunk To Be Offside

As much as I think T-Ro is a good nickname, I think he should officially be called the T-Rex Now


Legends deserve banners up in the Emirates! Lets make this happen Gooners. Lets repay Loyalty with appreciation. Fucking love this guy.




Excellent! πŸ™‚

A to the HA

MOZART ! ..Bac please follow his example, we love you both.

The Ox is a fox

Bac-h should have come before Mozart

Glenn Helder

Very good!


Brilliant news. It’s been a while since we had a testimonial for a player. I’m glad it’ll be Rosicky (or am I too confident he’ll retire here?)


His football age is 30 now. He would probably move to MLS after his soon to come deal expires.


Did laugh at the Wenger/Flanders reference. Delighted he’s staying. Now come on Bac, join him!


Its as if im wearing nothing at all, nothing at all, nothing at all…… DOH!! stupid sexy flanders ahaha


Nice one there.I love Rosicky.Pls do something with Sagna too.He’s also an important part of Arsenal squad.


It will be good for Rosicky to finish his career at Arsenal and provide valuable experience.

That said, he is 33++ and injury prone. Personally prefer to see Sagna given the added season he may be fishing for. Jenkinson looks technically limited and Bellerin will need a season or two to adapt. We could get Seamus Coleman or Debucchy but neither have the sort of versatility or institutional experience Bacary can provide.

Rosicky as good as he has been is easier to replace. Would not mind us getting the likes of say Konoplyanka (where Draxler is too over priced). The Ukrainian will come in at 15-16m and can play across midfield. He too is a tactical accelerator with pace to burn and good International experience. Another player of course in this mold is Hamsik. Konoplyanka would be otherwise wasted at Liverpool

Preferably we sign Sagna to his extension and let Rosicky run for another season or so but if you gave me the choice, I’d sacrifice Rosicky now for Sagna (unpopular as it sounds)

Of course, let’s hope Wenger will extend both of them.


When was it ever a Rosicky OR Sagna problem?

I do fail to see the logic in your strange opinion.


Perhaps the timing (and repeating) is not best etiquette, but I think santori is only really hoping the club share his view on priorities and relative replaceability. Essentially harmless. Lets not get all Dianna Syndrome on him.


Whatever, you’re the expert.


The passion of Rosicky is irreplaceable


Write ‘sources close to the club say’ and use the phrase ‘war chest’ in and around those completely unfounded statements and goal.com will snap you up as a columnist.


A few points in retort if I may Santori?

First of all, it’s very kind of you to repeatedly share this one view of yours on every thread going. It would be a shame if someone missed out on your sparkling insight into the Rosicky/Sagna dichotomy.

Secondly, only the other day you were lauding Coleman and or Debucchy as direct replacements for Sagna should he leave. Why the inconsistency? You’re not a contrarian by any chance are you?

Finally, I am willing to stake my soul that you had never typed the name Konoplyanka, let alone seen him play prior to Liverpool’s interest and the game against Spurs last week. If you don’t mind, I’ll take advice as to who Arsenal should be looking to sign from someone who who doesn’t just regurgitate names that are flavour of the month in the written press. Again though, thanks for sharing.


Would you give this argument up already? Pick another subject that you like. Don’t we have plenty of problems with Wanga as it is? πŸ˜‰


Thumbed you down for the sake of it, well u sort of called for it i think.


How dare you


May be we can replace Rosicky’s skills with a world class signing. But we cannot easily find a replcement for his loyalty, determination and work rate.

Naija Gunner

Goodmorning good news, keep them coming please…


Great news that we’re holding on to the little Mozart! Most likely means he’ll be retiring with us… To the contract dungeon!


It’s been a while since a player finished his career at AFC. It’s great. πŸ™‚


Indeed. Trying to remember who the last one was. Was it Bergkamp?


He’s the only one that comes to mind, yes.

Clock End Mike

I’m pretty sure Bergkamp’s is the only testimonial we’ve had at the Grove (it was actually the first ever match there, I seem to remember). The last one at Highbury was probably Martin Keown’s.

suker 4 punishment

fantastic!! love to see the guy finish out his career at Arsenal. His last goal was as delicious as licking peanut butter of a nipple

charles omokaro

yesss, he sure deserve a ”Bigger Deal” in Arsenal

Rosicky's hair band

I am in the dungeon, I don’t have much time. Diaby is lurking. Must sign the contract and then escape.


He’s been my favourite player since cesc left. There is something about little Mozart that has always endeared him.

I am already missing him before he retires.

PS– if they make a statute it better have a rockband toolkit or his cast better be in a sliding tackle posture

Swede Goon

Heh heh! That would be great. You have those statues of guys in heroic stance, than Rosicky sliding with his teeth bared. Agreed about your top paragraph too, when I hear he is playing it always brings a smile to my face, maybe because it does for him too.


The young Mozart rocks!! Extra ordinary footballer.


Well.. This is music to my ears!

gunn cabinet

way to go, mozart. and, come on, BAC!!! I hope the club will make a real effort to keep him; we can’t be losing our best players, no matter how old, especially now that we are getting to gel nicely again

Little mozart

Rosicky must stay.. Remember he has been one of the most influential players in the last three seasons in the run in for top four when he is fit… Deserves to be a part of us surely if we eventually win something… Coyg

Wolf Gang

Rosicky is the type of player you simply have to love, or you should consult a doctor. Would love to see him play in the Arsenal jersey for at least a couple of more seasons.

Swede Goon

Well said! When he finally retires, I think he should open every home game after with his rock band on that little stage that they lift trophies on. To think that so many were saying he should be let go a couple years ago due to his injuries. Maybe Diaby can recover in similar way, I hope so.


This is what I exactly waiting for !!!!!!!!!!


So pleased that the little Mozart is staying.

He unfortunately missed so much playing time with us due to his injuries but it looks like he is making up for lost time by putting his heart and soul into helping us strive towards honours. So
unlike the attitude of the Dutch Skunk !

“Rock on” Tommy!


He’s a fantastic player. Ozil would do well to follow his attitude and work rate.

Young Wenger, Massive Stud



I just want to see him score one long-range screamer in our shirt before he hangs up his boots.


Still remember the one in the champions league when he just joined.
“It’s Tomas Rosickyyyy… Oh my word, what A STRIKE! “

Stuart Steele

As part of the Rosicky Appreciation Society, I’m over the moon about this. #RAS #RAS


Rosicky deserves a double this season. Truly gut wrenching to think how much football he’s missed and how influential he can be.
A statue out front might be a little beyond him given the time he has left in his legs but a medal is the least he deserves πŸ™‚


Jens Lehmann retired with us no?


he went to stuttgart

Swede Goon

I think rossi88 was thinking of his second spell.


Why does Tomas Rosicky look like Mark Walberg in this picture?

Anyways,excellent news! COYG


Super, super Tom! Super, super Tom! Super, super Tom! Super Tom Rosicky! πŸ˜€

This is good news.

Gunner pundit

Ive not seen any attacking midfielder similar to rosicky he is fast good passing, vision, technique, dribbling,one touch football, passuon, determination, leadership skills , tackling. And the way he just switches the tempo one minute its slow passing then rosicky just increases the tempo.


If there is any silverware, he should lift it.

gooner odst

“The Great Accelerator”, the natural opposite of the “handbrake”.


Well, Samir Nasri finished his career with us πŸ˜‰


An accelerator, is he kind of liquid?

Clock End Mike

Brilliant news. Absolutely delighted for him.

Thanis Lim

Imagine if Rosicky wasn’t injured so much in the early stages of his Arsenal career – he would had helped us so much in those times of need. I’m happy he’s signed a new contract with us and hope he retires a legend like Dennis.


Give Santori some credit….at least he’s not banging on about Pato anymore ; )


Rosicky is still (to me) the archetypal attacking midfielder. Wish we could wind back the years on him so he could stay for another 10 seasons or so.

An incredibly incisive and forceful attacking presence in midfield.

wot a facking asset to ‘ave

Jacques DeCoq

Ahh, I miss that dingy basement. I love it when players stumble into the Forbidden Room. In there, they realise how truly horrible life after Arsenal is. Good job wobbly lady.

Please marry me, if you got that reference.

gooner odst

Can we all not just marry you? you know…for tax reasons…


That photo of Tomas on the home page…
Little Mozart looks more like crazy Beethoven.

New Haven Gooner

If he had stayed healthier with us for his whole time here, I’m almost certain Arsenal would have won something. Hopefully we can give him a proper send off within the next couple of seasons with a trophy to lift.

Rocky Rocastle

If he had stayed fit, then Most likely he would have gone to Barcelona like Cesc. Hehe

Merlin's Panini

Yes. Legend.
The last couple of seasons he’s really gotten back to his best. His drive to always move forward and create space, with or without the ball is second to none in this team. I’m so pleased we have him.


can we clone a few younger versions of Rosicky?

Infidel Castro

I am a groupie of thee Tommy Rosicky.

Rocky Rocastle

Fantastic!!! Its good we can hold on to experience. When you see how important players like Scholes, Giggs, Terry, Lampard and Gerrard have been for their teams way in to their 30’s,, it is good to see Arsenal follow suit and keep hold of some veterans again. I feel the value of experience in a team have been overlooked for many years by Arsenal now, so i am delighted that we keep hold of Rosicky.

Not only is experience handy on the Field, but maybe Even more so in the locker room, and on the training ground where the young players can learn from Legends, and soak up as much knowledge they can get and become better players because of it.

Rosicky <3


YEEEEAAASSS! I love Rosicky – he is one of the most underrated players in all footballing history – has the skill and work ethic to be up there with the Zidane’s Figo’s and Bergkamp’s reputation-wise. It really sucks that his injury held him back for as long as it did.

Speaking of which I still have hope for Diaby – his injury has held him back for a long time as well but the man is young and has the potential to make Yaya Toure look pedestrian. He’s a rare talent.

The good news is I can still harbor hopes of seeing Diaby, Rosicky and Ozil start a game with Theo and Santi on the flanks – I don’t even care who plays up top with that formation because that lucky bloke will have open goals to gently caress balls into – unless its Gervinho and he’ll find an as yet unexplored way to screw it up