Arsenal 1-1 Man City: By the Numbers


Podolski’s Magic Number

1 – Podolski made one cross
1 – Podolski made one tackle
1 – Podolski had one clearance
1 – Podolski was only dispossessed once, it led to the City goal
1 – Podolski had one turnover
1 – Podolski had one shot
1 – Podolski had one shot on goal
1 – Podolski had one key pass
1 – Podolski had one assist
1 – Podolski magic number
61 – Number of Arsenal appearances Podolski has made
59 – Minutes per game average by Podolski for Arsenal
112 – Matches Podolski has played for Germany
67 – Minutes per game average by Podolski for Der Grobsmannshaft
181 – Matches he played for Köln
86 – Minutes per game average by Podolski for Köln
6 – Number of times Podolski has played the entire 90 minutes for Arsenal
41 – Number of times Podolski has played the entire 90 minutes for Germany
150 – Number of times Podolski played the entire 90 minutes for Köln
2.1 – Games per goal average for Köln
2.4 – Games per goal average for Germany
2.5 – Games per goal average for Arsenal
6 – Hashtags Podolski will use on Instagram after today’s game #aha

Feast or Flamini

10 – Flamini now has 10 goals for Arsenal and when he scores Arsenal have a record of 8-2-0
2 – Both draws were against top teams (Chelsea and City) and both games ended 1-1
1 – Flamini saw club captain Thomas Vermaelen bombing forward mid-way through the second half and shooed him back into defense!
79 – He only completed 79% of his passes
1 – Only made one tackle
2 – Only had two interceptions
1 – Only made one clearance
1 – Only blocked one shot
1 – Only scored one goal!

Tale of Two Halves

1 – Arsenal “shot” in the first half, taken when Giroud spun and passed the ball back to Joe Hart from the half way line
9 – Arsenal shots in the second half
77 – Arsenal passes in the City final third in the first half
90 – Arsenal passes in the City final third in the second half
11 – Arsenal crosses in the first half (0 complete, though that one from Sagna, boy howdy that was a great cross that Giroud ignored)
14 – Arsenal crosses in the second half (3 completed, all three led to shots, and Podolski’s was an assist)
3 – Successful dribbles by Arsenal in the first half (of 12 attempted)
5 – Successful dribbles by Arsenal in the second half (of 14 attempted)
9 – Successful tackles by Arsenal in the first half (of 10)
3 – Successful tackles by Arsenal in the second half (of 5)
12 – Aerial duels won by Arsenal in the first half (of 19)
20 – Aerial duels won by Arsenal in the second half (of 30)
1 – Aerial duel that Flamini won, but somehow, inexplicably Dean not only let Silva undercut Flamini, which is hugely dangerous, but called a foul on Flamini. I will never, for the life of me, understand the rules of challenging for an aerial ball.

Santi Cazorla Man of the Match?

Cazorla was the busiest player on the pitch today leading all players or just his team in the following categories:

57 – Led Arsenal in passes attempted (72) and completed (57)
76 – Silva led all players with 65/76
33 – Led Arsenal in passes attempted in the final third (33)
37 – Silva led all players with 37
3 – Tied with Silva for creating 3 shots for teammate
4 – Led all players by a landslide in successfully dribbling 4/9 times (Gibbs 1/5, Giroud 1/4, Rosicky 1/3, Ox 1/3)
9 – Was second on Arsenal with 9 ball recoveries (Arteta had 11)
3 – Led Arsenal in tackles with 3/4 – 1 in the City final third
8 – Led all players with 8 turnovers, 4 more than Rosicky and 6 more than City’s worst player
2 – Led all players with 2/8 crossing
5 – Led Arsenal with 5/5 long balls
1 – Hit that one pass to Gibbs, remember that? WOOF.

Scoring first

As you know, I have been tracking Arsenal’s goalscoring record this season paying close attention to when Arsenal score and who scores first.

20 – Arsenal have scored first 20 times this season (in League play) and their record in those games is 18-1-1
10 – Arsenal’s opponents have scored first now 10 times (in League play, including City today) and our record in those games is 1-4-5
3 – In the first 16 games of this season, Arsenal only allowed the opposition to score first 3 times (3/16)
7 – In the second half of this season, Arsenal have allowed the opposition to score first 7 times (7/16)
2 – Arsenal have now come back in two consecutive games and earned a draw
10 – Arsenal have now allowed the opposition to score in the first half on 10 occasions and our record in those games is also 1-4-5
17 – Arsenal have conceded 17/37 goals in the first halves of games

This season v. last season

4 – Arsenal are now 4 points better off than last season in the match for match analysis:

Points v. last season(“GD” and “Goals Conceded” are supposed to be the difference of the difference. Does that make sense?)



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21 – How old Rosicky still seems to play on the pitch.


So true, it’s a shame that his best years are behind cause those so-called last miles are incredible.


4 – Fewer goals than I feared we might concede.

A Yank in King Arsene's West Stand
A Yank in King Arsene's West Stand

So pleased that Flamini got a bit of redemption tonight. Thought he was really intelligent going forward. Interesting that his defensive numbers are pretty low, but think Poldi really stepped up on his defending responsibilities, so luckily it balanced out! UTA!


18 – Straight points Arsenal set to pick up before the end of the season

Angolan Girl Who Loves The Gunner
Angolan Girl Who Loves The Gunner

Happy that we drew also happy we didn’t get trashed, and we played better than city. Lets keep this spirit and win the remaining games and get Fa cup.
Oh also…John Terry is a silly cunt, so is Mourinho… 🙂

Dial square

1 – the amount of pounds we took the piss and bid, and blew any chance of signing one of the best strikers in Europe…..ffs

Chris Robinson

how is this being posted in march? have you been pasting this same comment into every comment section on the internet for the past 9 months? I appreciate your ability to persevere, but I think there MAY be other causes worth looking into.


Cuntish as Dean usually is, what a difference having a referee who has the balls to card opposition players is. It’s no coincidence that city faded badly once Kompany and Toure picked up yellows.

If half the tactical bullshit fouls we seem to cop are punished accordingly we would see this pressure from our boys more often and to greater effect.

Winning the FA cup and finishing in the top 4 (3 would be amazing) and this is a great season far as I’m concerned, considering our absentees and the clusterfuck of fixtures we’ve had in a row


to be fair Dean is usually a prick vs Arsenal but I think he was generally fair. And Blogs always loves a good foul from Flamini (of which he has 9!!!!) and Dean also could have sent Rosicky off for two yellows. Finally some fucking Karma!


To be fair to Poldi, the time he was dispossessed that lead to the goal, the pass to him was probably not the best. And then $ity got a bit lucky with the deflection of the post and off Silva who knew nothing about it.

People often question why Poldi starts. Well I won’t debate if he works hard enough, but today he provided the crucial assist and nearly won it for us himself. It may look like he doesn’t do much, but he has a knack for doing one or two crucial things that may decide the game for us, so in this respect he’s a bit like Walcott.

And shouldn’t it be ’65-Silva…’ If you’re comparing completed passes?


To be honest, i was far more disappointed with Giroud’s performance than Pod’s, he never looked like scoring even when presented with golden opportunities – (how often has that been true in his last few games?) – he lost possession, and his passing wasn’t good. He desperately looks in need of a rest – he has played in nearly every game. I was hoping that the Ox would’ve subbed Giroud rather than Pod, he looks like he could play in that position…

Infidel Castro

Quite a transformation from the first half, goes to show how important certain roles are such as Flamini taking up the box to box position…we just had no players trying to get into the danger areas which is why Walcott and Ramsey’s injuries have been massive dents to our league title challenge.


Flamini’s goal was totally a Ramsey-esque timed arrival in the box.


I get so frustrated when I see Vermaelen bombing forward. It used to look special and gruff-of-the-neck bravery, but now it just looks cavalier and irresponsible, throwing the defensive shape all over the place, and forcing teammates into desperate cover. Was so pleased to see Flamini put him in his place today.

I like Vermaelen. We’re lucky to have such a capable back-up defender, but I don’t understand how he’s still club captain. At the moment, I can’t think of a precedent for a club captain to be a benchwarmer?


*scruff. But gruff sounds cool, too.


“1-Flamini saw club captain Thomas Vermaelen bombing forward mid-way through the second half and shooed him back into defense!”

I think that was arteta and not flamini. It’s nice to have our captain and vice captain sharing the responsibility to lead on the field


Can anyone find a gif of Flamini shooing Vermaelen back into defense? Would LOVE to see that! 😀


Or a more precise timestamp to find it in the replay, middle of the second half can be quite long.


If someone tells me what time it happened I can do it


What is “Der Grobsmannshaft”? Thats not even a german word 🙂 But again a good article.
“Die Mannschaft” = the team.