Arsenal 2-2 Swansea: by the numbers


19 – Arsenal have won 19 matches this season, Wenger’s best haul to open a season so far
3 – Looking at the results from last season and comparing them to this season’s results team for team, Arsenal are actually three points better off than they were last season. And I know you don’t want to hear this right now… BUT I’M GOING TO SAY IT ANYWAY… Arsenal’s points total from Chelsea was improved over last year (Arsenal lost twice to Chelsea last season and we had a draw this year) and Arsenal’s points total from Swansea was improved today as well because we lost today’s corresponding fixture 2-0 last season! Football really is a funny old game! (Please don’t kill me.)
7 – There are 7 games left in the season (Man City, West Ham, Everton, West Brom, Newcastle, Hull, Norwich) and if Arsenal can beat the teams we beat last season (West Ham, West Brom, Newcastle, and Hull) AND improve the results from the two losses against Man City and Norwich or the draw over Everton, Arsenal could have an even bigger improvement over last season! HA HA HAHAH AHHAHAH HAH GAHHHHH… choke. But to do that…

18 – In League play, when Arsenal score first their record is — P20 W18 D1 L1
1 – In League play, when the opposition score first Arsenal’s record is — P9 W1 D3 L5
3 – Arsenal have now conceded a penalty, committed an error, or scored an own goal in three of the last four League games
9 – Going back to the Liverpool game, Arsenal have gifted the opposition 9 goals off errors, penalties, or own goals
16 – When Lukas Podolski scores for Arsenal the Gunners are 16-4-0
1 – Podolski had one shot in the game v. Swansea today and scored a goal
2 – He has done that twice for Arsenal this season (Liverpool FAC, and Swansea)
6 – He did that trick six times last season (Stoke, Newcastle, Tottenham, Fulham, Olympiakos, and Montpellier)
9 – In the two years Poldi has been at Arsenal he has also scored 9 times on 2 or fewer shots per goal for a total of 17 times that Podolski has scored with 2 or fewer shots per goal
27 – Podolski has only scored a total of 27 goals for Arsenal
46 – Podolski has played 46 times for Arsenal in the Premier League and has only played the full 90 minutes 3 times
30 – Podolski has been subbed on in League play 30 times
1 – Podolski also had just one key pass (a cross) in the game against Swansea today and Giroud converted that into a goal giving Poldi an assist. Meaning with just one shot and one good pass, Podolski scored and created both of Arsenal’s goals.
34 – Crosses Arsenal attempted in the game today
7 – Successful crosses by Arsenal today
2 – Successful crosses by Arsenal today that came from the left side of the attack and which Arsenal scored from
20 – Average number of crosses Arsenal attempt per game this season
20 – Number of crosses Arsenal had attempted in the first half v. Swansea today

Man of the Match Kieralex Oxlade-Chambergibbs

1 – Ox gets man of the match, however, for the electric dribble and cross to set up Podolski’s goal
4 – He also led Arsenal in interceptions with 4 (all of them high up the pitch in and around the Swansea final 1/3
5 – He was 5/5 in tackles (all but one of them in the Arsenal half!)
3 – He had 3 ball recoveries
2 – He had 2 successful dribbles, one in the Swansea 18 yard box
1 – He created just the one chance, which was an assist

Arsenal 2-2 Swansea Box Score




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Number of strikers Arsenal has with 1 dimension to his game – 1
Number of strikers that other top 3 teams have each, all with different qualities – 3 to 4


Nope, sorry, I can’t think of ANY qualities that Torres has.


String Theorists are now saying the Universe has up to 11 dimensions, most of which we cannot detect.

The door is open.


2- number of Ox’s on the pitch


I will get my coat…
and a blanket to cry under.


Crosses attempted 34? Imagine if we had a world class striker to take advantage of these opportunities!


Imagine if at least one other player bothered to attack the goal so they couldn’t just put 4 defenders on one fucking guy.


I remember back in the day when teams used to park the bus against us, the number of times I thought, “If only we had a big, powerful striker with good aerial ability to head in crosses, that’d be exactly what we need.” Of course, that assumes that said striker is actually in the box, which is a small but important detail.


Is it normal for a heterosexual man to have sexual feelings for a football statistician he has never seen?


Go with the flow, dude… 🙂

dink arnold

If you like the burly bearded type, I’d say go for it!

Jap's Eye

Watching City tonight in the Sky highlights doesn’t leave me with any confidence that we won’t see another Etianfield Bridge thrashing.

2013-2014 = 2003-2004
2013-2014 = 2003-2004

My thoughts exactly… and is it a coincidence that as type this reply, your comment has exactly 8 thumbs-up and 2 thumbs-down to read ‘8-2’?


1 Number of way we know to play the game ie plan A.


Number of new managers Arsenal need – 1


I’d like to see some numbers for Cazorla, this season and last. I wonder if he hasn’t dropped a level this season.


I can do that


He did break an ankle, remember?


Really feel for Flamini. He busted a gut today, and really didn’t deserve to be part of a terrible accident born of a collective lack of concentration and ability.


we are commiting more errors over the past few games because the players have played so many games. I know physically being in defence may not be as demanding, but it is mentally draining. The midfield is missing a dynamic player. Ramsey was the link from carrying the ball from back to front, he was direct and unpredictable, he’d pick the ball up all over the pitch and was a very elusive mover, he’d also try flicks and dummies that didn’t always come off, but he did them in the right areas – most of the time and it was vibrant.Arsenal are currently very predictable, thus easy to negate. we have no pace. it’s been said a 100times, Giroud is a very good striker, but he’s not going to win you championships. he’s perfect for 15-20games against lower league opposition.
Arsene likes players to use their imagination and express their freedom on the pitch, but we don’t a have a striker who is individually talented enough to create a chance or score a goal out of nothing, as has been mentioned, he is one dimensional.


I’m dying to see Poldi’s stats starting v off the bench. Any links?

Also, seems to me he’d benefit from a fullback who stays home more. Problem is, Gibbo is one of the only players that gets to the byline right now.


Thanks for trying to give the baying masses a little perspective. It is disheartening to draw to Swansea but football is a funny old game.


0 – number of board members, managers or players feeling responsible for the current situation

Wenger's Glasses

Still feel bad for Flamini too. He gave his heart out in this game. We still love you, Flame!

Fest Arse

His facial expression pretty much sums up Arsenals current form.


I understand reluctance to shoot with the weaker foot, but most of our players can’t even pass the ball with it. And I’m not talking about long diagonal passes, I’m talking about short passing that would actually create some space. Arteta only passes the ball in the direction he is facing. Same with Sagna, Flamini etc. I know this is the least of our problems, but heck, even I can do it and I am not being paid 60k a week.


Great assist by Gibbs on the 1st goal

palace gunner

Well said gargoyle only another problem is the keeper loses his ability control goal area especially clumsiness,


Podi must start against manc.he look more dangerous outside n inside the box than giroud.He deserve his place in the starting line up.enough is more dench for podi.i mean bench.fking frimpong.


10000000 d Number of fans who wants arsene out


Giroud needs to get his head in the game. He’s constantly not making the right runs etc. At this stage a fucking dog that likes to play football is more likely to get a tap-in with his head than Giroud is. Arsene can’t seem to motivate that team any longer. And what’s with the injuries??


My hope for this season – 1. That’s enough to cause a aneurism every time we play like this week.


1 – Aaron Ramsey.

The player who supplied the first goal, then scored the second at the reverse fixture in Wales earlier in the season. Starting to think he might have been carrying us to a certain extent. Without him its been a steady downward spiral.

easy tiger

Since new years this team seems like some random chaps playing in the back yard on their spare time, only difference they earn rather well……

The fool of a Took

This collective meltdown is horrifying to witness. City is fucking amazing at the moment and Everton kicked the shit out of Newcastle last night. How come Arsenal is the only “top team” that mentally collapses when it really matters?

Now we have seven cupfinals to go + the (hopefully) two F.A. Cup games.
Just f*****g play the games like your life depended on it, that´s what it will take and that´s how City,LFC and CFC are playing!


Podolski is worth playing each match. People may says the game has changed. But I don’t remember Henry. Bergkamp or Cantona, tracking back. One consistent for Arsenal last time we won a trophy it was playing 4,4,1,1. Not 4,3,3. Even WEnger missed a a game through illness.



Boys, it aint over ’til you quit!


Trouble is, there are no leaders on the pitch.
We look like a team build in the image of arsene and a team that draws strength from father arsene. Dady says, ‘ go on son, you can beat anyone,’ and our players feel like they are 7 ft tall….the moment we meet the big boys, we get staffed, confidence in them falls down, belief that Dady knows goes out, doubt starts creeping in.
Leaders on the pitch please arsene. Buy our Yaya toure , Suarez and co. Time to stop believing in this kids. We need leaders on the pitch to see the game through…and dig deep.
Losing to Chelsea is cool as long as it’s one nil and we put a fight. Rolling over every time we meet Chelsea, city and co, is terrible

Dave Gooner

I think that’s unfair.

Flamini is a leader, and Arteta is a leader and Mertesacker is a leader.

I’m all for criticism, but thats just simply untrue. And unfair to the players.

Dave Gooner

And Suarez didn’t look much like a leader last time he was at the Emirates.

Rocky Rocastle

I know Wenger thinks Podolski is best out on the wing, but in his career previous to Arsenal he was allways more comfortable as a pure striker. And in a season where Giroud has struggled and at one point went 10 games without scoring or creating any chances, i think we should have given Poldi a chance to become our primary striker.

Giroud definetely had his fair share of chances, but struggles to hit the target, meanwhile we have one of the most clinical finishers in the league sitting on the bench. And podolski’s attack positioning is alot better and he tries to exploit space. Poldi’s biggest weakness however is his defensive contribution, and that is perhaps Giroud’s biggest strenght. Also our free kicks have been lqcking, and Poldi’s often took freekick’s for his former club with great success. He got a mean left foot from distance.

Yes i know Poldi have been invisible in many games, but so has Giroud. But Personally i think this would not be as big an issue with poldi if he got to be the striker. Allthough He tended to be invisible for Cologne to at times mostly because they got overrun and Poldi dont like to defend so much, but he contributed goals since he often only need 1 chance to score. And that is probably the 1 trait you would want in a striker if you could only choose one. Clinical Finisher. And with our midfield made up of playmakers, having a striker looking to make runs and provide options for our midfield sounds good to me.

Looking at Poldi’s numbers last season, and his convertion rate being way better than both Van Persie and Suárez, then you have to wonder if he had played as our striker, he might very well have won the golden boot. Personally i dont like Strikers having to shoulder so much of the defensive burden like Giroud do for us. Looking at our competition, none of our rivals expect their strikers to be a key defensive force. They are expected to create chances and score goals, and be the teams Spearhead in attack.