Custodian Wenger thankful for club confidence


On the cusp of his 1000th game in charge at Arsenal, Arsene Wenger says he’s proud of his achievements in London saluting the club as bigger and stronger than when he took over in 1996.

Having coached the club to 11 major honours and helped oversee a move from Highbury to the Emirates, the Frenchman has been the subject of much praise this week with former and current players, managerial peers and football writers all paying homage to his accomplishments.

Joking that he’s not sure where the time has gone, the long-standing coach told Arsenal Player that he’s thankful for the trust of the club while reiterating his belief that the challenge of the next game continues to drive him.

“It makes you feel ‘where did the time go?’ It looks to me like I started yesterday, I can’t believe it is such a long time.

“Why? Because you’re always focused on looking forward to the next game and when you look back you think I made quite a distance there. Despite that, your only interest is the next game, our drug is the next game, the hope for the next game, the desire to win the next one.

“You go step by step and finally when you look back it’s a long time. I would just like to say for me it’s an honour to manage a club of this dimension for such a long time and I would like to thank everybody who is involved in the Club for giving me such a confidence for such a long time.

Having praised those with whom he has worked throughout his 17-years in N5, Wenger also touched on the importance of his custodianship drawing from the experience of his predecessors.

“The responsibility of a manager is to ensure that during his time the club becomes bigger and stronger as a unit.

“I think what we have achieved, all together, is to transform this club in a modern way. It’s much bigger [now] and today is respected and loved all over the world.

“As well what I like is that we have done that march forward without losing respect for the traditional values; based on respect of the achievements of people who have built this club.

“I’m very proud that the club has managed to keep a good balance between respect of tradition and moving forward.”

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How a football club should be run. I find it a sorry state of affairs in the modern game that almost every club doesn’t give their managers enough time to succeed! Anyway, congrats to Le Prof! A remarkable achievement!


Best result ever of the prof’s reign will be Arsenal 2-0Chelsick on sat. Will be fun seeing maureen go crazy in the stands or wherever the ref decides to send him to after fighting with terry for being a ass licker


It’s worth listening to the tribute on Talk Sport – some great stories. Especially love the one about Toure tackling (two footed) Henry, Bergkamp and Wenger in his trial.

Az Ahmed

“His football philosophy is almost identical to mine. Our ideas are the same and we both strive for perfect football.”

Arsene Wenger on Dragan Stojkovic


thats nice and all, but just sign the damn contract, thanks.


I want a wenger and Sagna selfie overlooking an emirates background with a handwritten placard saying “♥3 MORE YEARS!!!!!!♥ COYG”


Le prof, le legend! ’nuff said..


Hopes for the weekend.

Obviously a nice juicy win against Maureen’s cloggers. And for Wenger to sign a new contract after the game. Eating a cake. With Maureen’s face on it. I want him to eat Maureen’s face. I know Wenger wouldn’t do it, but if we do win, he should scream ”In your face!” several times at Maureen. Perhaps do the ”L” sign and do a Jim Carey ”Luuhooooz–zeeheerrr”. Perhaps have a tatoo done, on his arse. A ‘1’ on one cheek and two zeros on the other. He can bend over and his bumhole will make the 1,000. He can then poop on Maureen’s lap as he sulks in the dugout. Then do a selfie of him laughing with Maureen crying behind him.

I’m not asking for too much, am I?


Then do a moonwalk in a circle, around a despondent John Terry.


LMFAOOOOO. what a pleasant thought.

Gunner From Another Mother
Gunner From Another Mother

Sounds reasonable

gunn cabinet

only one arsene wenger.


When he leaves it will be the saddest day of my life as a fan..I can’t picture Arsenal without him now..


No sane person can


Anyone think Moyes would be good replacement when he does finally throw the towel in? He could bring Felaini with him and we could do loads of crossing.


Because of this man, I had many a good piss up with mates throughout my late teens/early twenties, whilst watching us win doubles and a whole league season unbeaten. Even ’99 was enjoyable* (missed out on the league by a point)

For that I shall forever be grateful.

*if I block out utds treble.

Joe Woodruff

Raymundo looks like he means business in the background!


When he does leave, the one thing we can certain of is that the club will be in a much, much better position in every way than it was when he arrived. We are a super club now, whereas before we were a club that had notable traditions and a good pedigree (not that these were things to be sneered at).

I think we will know when he is planning to depart because he will make sure there is a succession and will have worked with the Board to make sure it is the right person.

There is only one Arsène Wenger and we are lucky he is our manager.

the only sam is nelson
the only sam is nelson

not only that but he’ll do a proper job of it unlike ferguson who deliberately ensured united got moyes instead of anyone who’d make demento look like a mug and go on winning stuff

the ghost of LANS

i look forward to his after match interviews every game whether we win or lose.

he has one thing that the modern game is losing, class.

soon he will be gone and when he is people will realise very quickly that his insistence on principles (whether for good or bad) is something people will miss when cunts like mourinho are insistent on playing the media like a bunch of dumb struck 5 year olds.

i hope he stays. he has revolutionised the club i love.


Very true indeed.


I idolize this man. You explained why perfectly…


amen to that, IWWT

Sarson Vinegar's Frightening Sarnie
Sarson Vinegar's Frightening Sarnie

When you look at clubs like Chelsea, Real Madrid, Barelona, ManUre and Bayern who all to one degree or another have bought the Champions League, it’d be a fucking injustice if Arsene doesn’t even once lift the cup himself.

If there’s any kind of justice we’ll do it before he retires.

Up the Gunners.

Perry S.

beautiful comment, ghost of lans. I wholeheartedly agree. I pride myself on being a lifelong fan of a club which handles its affairs with utmost class. when is the last time you heard Wenger talk nonsense about an opponent or opposing manager? he’s honestly in a league of his own. period.


hearing him say such words is touching. People say wenger out? He wants the same thing as all gooners wants , and thats to win every game, win throphys, and do whats in the best interest in the club. It makes you realise he is a once in a lifetime manager. Something from a story book. We will miss him when he’s gone. Have to give thanks to him cause he is one of us.


Hear, Hear!


Wenger Please. Without you we wouldnt have gone on to be the club we are today. I know that football has now become a game of immorality and financial clout but one of the reasons why I love Arsene and Arsenal is because we seem to do it the right way. This is how a club should be run. Yet that fact is always ignored by the idiots who like nothing better than to stick it to us. Name one manager who might have done better than Arsene under the circumstances. It would be so befitting if Arsene were to beat the “Special Cunt” – A man who epitomises everything about buying success, on his 1000th game. Cmon you Gunners! Do it for Arsene!


Please stay arsene:(

Young Wenger, Massive Stud

Kind of sad to see his youthful exuberance back there when he was fresh and other coaches couldn’t keep up, in contrast to now how he looks all haggard possibly in part to the mega rich having taken his place. And that shit isn’t right. All started with Ashley Cunny and AbramofuckoffbacktoPutin’sgaff. So many of our best players left for that big dough, and we had to run to stand still. Erm? Anyways. I love you Wenger. May you stay another 10 years and lead us to glory with these players who’re signing new contracts. I hope this isn’t a sign you’re off mate, I know you have it in you for more. We’d be fucked without you!


In Arsene we trust!

Young Wenger, Massive Stud

And to think other fans call this guy a … you know what … says it all. Arsenal is now the last bastion of class. Arsene Wenger and Ashburton Grove.


I’m sure he’ll sign the 3 year deal to take him to 20 years as Arsenal manager.
And those 3 years will be filled with trophies galore. A double double (this year and next), a league and champions league (15/16) and another unbeaten season (this time in all comps).


One Arsene, there is only one Arsene. For fans in their 20’s, even 30’s around the world he has been the face for ‘The Arsenal’. I wish the team realize the importance of the next few games and go hard to get positive results for him at least. No point for them commending Wenger about his impact on the club and not turning up for key matches. I have a good feeling about this game against Chelski. COYG!

Productive Gooner

90s Wenger is so 90s.


Arseblog News, how about “The Guff: Wenger’s thousand games’ ?


Can’t see where he’s be going any time soon.

If you were Wenger and with Ramsey, Jack, Walcott, Gnabry, Zelalem just showing promise, you’d stay on for another 3 seasons, at very least to ensure a smooth transition. After all, the current Arsenal is entirely of his mold.

Expect him to be on the look out for his own successor. Possibly someone who shares similar ethos to the game.


Two of my favourite headlines from the Wenger era…..
“Arsenal win the World Cup” (after France 98 win)
“Wenger’s Wonga makes Bergy Linger Longer” (Dennis signs new deal)


I’m sure he’s waiting to win the FA Cup and see the fans’ response before signing a new deal. I’m sure he wants to win things because you don’t sign Özil and go through 5 or 6 years of hell just to leave right when the financial shackles have fully come off.

Please sign the contract Arsene, you have at least another 5 years left in you.
The man turned down Bayern, Barcelona, Real Madrid, and his own national team to get us through the tough times.

He’s not perfect but no human being is. People who criticize him are right to do so but they also have the benefit of hindsight. Arsene did almost as best as he could reasonably be expected to don in this period. I can’t believe people have the temerity to insult him for not beating teams with infinitely more resources than us.

Idiots who have never managed a football team. I’d like to see them have a £20m budget and put together a team that can beat Chelsea. They wouldn’t even take the job but Arsene took on the challenge.

I was in Paris in 2012, and it became clear to me that it is the dream of French people to have Arsene Wenger as the manager of their national team.

In my dream scenario I have him staying with us for 6 more years before managing the French international team starting in 2020 and retiring after winning the 2022 World Cup.

Gunsen Gunner

Arsene Wenger is a living legend. Can’t wait to see us beat the dirty racist chavs on saturday.

Ive always had a fantasy where we win the champions league multiple times and Chelsea go kaput due to all the dodgy dealing. And maureen comes crying to Wenger to become his assistant except Arsene goes apeshit on his ass ala daniel day lewis at the end of There will Be Blood.



Gunner pundit

In relation to previous article dont ask. “The decision was made the day after I was told I wouldn’t play against Bayern,” he said. “The next day I was at the training ground at 7.30, I trained individually and at 10.30 with the team. It was noticed.” – #Determination #MentalStrength #BestKeeperInTheLeagueHandsDown #PunIntended


I just read about the spuds complaining that European football is a major distraction.. The gap is a chasm…. No ambition.. Ryman football beckons


A surprisingly good look back at Wenger’s time at Arsenal in The Daily Mail (mainly good, nostalgic photos).


That’s from the Talk Sport thing I posted at the top – there are many stories like it in the full 90 minute show! Definitely worth a listen, gives you a real insight into Wenger and the teams back then.


Hahaha what is Wenger wearing. Seems like alot going on in that picture. Fashion police!

i doubt he had ‘wenger zip’ moments with that one! #buttons!


The press are being nice to Wenger today. About time he got some respect. I hear (via a podcast or two) that the press are going to try and wind Wenger up a bit about Maureen. They won’t need to do it with that fucking idiot at Chelsea. Maureen will be as disrespectful as ever and Wenger….he won’t bite.

Rather than get involved in childish games, he’ll focus on the actual game itself. Maureen is that annoying, mouthy twat in the pub that nobody wants to talk to. After a while it becomes white noise and you don’t even notice it anymore.


I know not everybody really likes to talk about Usmanov much, but did anyone notice that he was on the list that Aleksei Navalnyi published in the NYTimes of Russians who should have their assets in the West frozen in response to the Crimean crisis?

I wonder what that would do to Arsenal… Abramovich is there too of course–Chelsea would have more trouble, I reckon.

Not that any of it’s likely though, if both of them actually had all their UK assets frozen I’m sure at least a dozen or so MPs and lords would stop dead in their tracks.


Arsene Wenger Was BORN for Arsenal..

We are so lucky that he retired at ARSENAL(Read this line on 2030 June 1)

Zip watcher

Amid all the statistics flying around, I’d like to know at which game did he lose his magic hat?

Arsene's instinct for canniness
Arsene's instinct for canniness

I am using this ‘not signing’ a little bit to motivate the players for the last 10 games this season…


I’m 18 years old and as such I cannot conceivably imagine an Arsenal without Le Prof. He IS Arsenal. Sign the fuckin ting!