Sunday, December 4, 2022

Koscielny doubt for Everton

According to L’Equipe, Laurent Koscielny has been left out of France’s friendly against Holland this evening after feeling tightness in his hamstring during training yesterday.

The French centre-back has since been for a scan and doesn’t appear to have done any lasting damage but he is detailed as a doubt for Saturday’s FA Cup quarter-final against Everton.

Thomas Vermaelen was back on the bench for the Gunners at the weekend and should be available to fill in if necessary but with a whole host of Gunners playing friendlies all over the world it’s a nervous wait for Arsene Wenger to see who returns fit.

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Mate Kiddleton

Time for Vermaelen to step up his game!

Daft Aider

There is still time at least but bum, all the same, we need our MertSaGibbCielny axis for Everton!!!!

Daft Aider

Not entirely sure why I got marked down for pointing out we could do with our first choice defence for the cup game, maybe it’s comma overkill,


lol – you replied to your own comment, commenting on it!



I am not as nervous with a Koscielny injury as I with Per. That said with the type of oppositions we are going to have this month you wouldn’t want to rock the boat. lets just hope he makes it.

Just A Gentleman

Apparently Wenger has confirmed this on French TV as well.

It’s a shame but it doesn’t look like a major injury so it should be alright.

Vermaelen gets a chance to step up, and even if he’s leaving a solid game here and there would undoubtedly get more teams after him which will be better for him although I hope he stays.

Either way, Vermalen on his day is as good as Koscielny, so no excuses for the game.

With that being said, hope you get well soon Bossielny <3


Don’t mind Vermalen playing the FA cup gane


Don’t mind Vermalen playing the FA cup game


Then you don’t care about the cup.


I want The Verminator to show what he’s got. On his day he can put in a shift. Good chance to do it in a cup game. I have faith in him


When was the last time he was on his day?


Hm, let me think, perhaps every time he played this year?

Merlin's Panini

In a way it could be good for Koscielny to have that bit of rest and for Vermaelen to show why he was made captain in the first place. A captains performance and goal against Everton could do wonders for him. I miss those left foot thunderbolts from a few seasons back.

Thierry Bergkamp

Going topic here. Mesut is having another shit game atm. He’s only got an assist and been one of the best Germans on the pitch.

What a crap player!


Dreeadful. By this time in the match, he should have scored at least a dozen goals and assisted on forty more. Sell him at once.


One of the best Germans on the pitch = one of the best players in the world. And guess what? He’s fucking ours!!!


Too bad the other best 5 are Bayern’s.

2013-2014 = 2003-2004

I watched most of Germany v Chile last night on BT Sport 2 and Schweinshagger, Lamb, Krooos and Neuer all looked ‘average’ at best.

It’s not that these Bayern players had an ‘off’ night, I think it’s the way Chile played which was the front 3 attackers constantly moving intelligently finding space in advanced midfield.

Against Bayern next week Arsenal should emulate the way Chile played last night. Gnabry and Ox on the wings… Flamini/Arteta starting in DM role with 2nd-half substitutes Cazorla and AARON RAMSEY making his post-injury comeback appearance!


Bayern’s for now… Summer Coup ala Ozil!
It’s got to be boring rolling over poor opposition week in, week out, right? A fresh challenge for a couple of those players might be just the cure.


It’s just within our team he can’t play as well as he is capable of. Mainly due to the lack of pace/runners since Theo and Ramsey have been out and dare I say it… Giroud.

Rami Shaaban

Well perhaps this “brilliant” player can convert his “awesomeness” to when he pulls on an Arsenal shirt.


too bad boy LK…


Vermealean should be given a chance


Thought he were banned for slapping that Ukrainian player.


Oh well seen as how TV5 has been left out of the Belgian team tonight he should be really pumped up for the weekend.


Off topic, but Daniel Agger can just go fuck himself. What’s the point of going studs first in a challenge against Wilshere in a friendly match??

Neddy Boo Boo

Agger – Liverpool – currently 2nd EPL
Wilshire – Arsenal – currently 3rd EPL

Looks obvious to me the danish cunt bucket..

Fatboy Gooney


He's got not hair but we don't care...

Rain. Pours. etc etc

Costa Gooner

Daft Aider they’re exclamation marks so you’ve been marked down even more

read1z spender

lookin up to victory…Up Gunnerz


Ramsey soon to be back so I guess it’s koscielny’s turn now, we seem to have some kind of curse that as fast any player get out of the treatment room another one goes in.


I think TV5 was always going to start against Everton anyway. Not that we are treating this game lightly but Wenger always makes some changes in the cup especially with Bayern on Tuesday. I also believe he is not a bad replacement for Kos and give the fans some more time to create the ultimate Kos song. Dont worry Kos is strong and be back soon.

Fatboy Gooney

Have a day off,

Rocky Rocastle

Hope Kos get wel soon, but at the same time happy the Captain can get some playtime. He is as good as Kosc imo, but Kosc and Per contemplate eachother better. Basically Kosc speed make him a better option, while Verm play more similarly to Per, reading the game, intercepting, and position himself very well. Luckily, Lukaku aint all that fast, and with his strenght and aerial threat, i would be more worried if Per missed the game.


Kos was on the bench today; hopefully that means he’s okay!

Infidel Castro

Hopefully nothing serious, if TV5 has to start then so be it but we have to win this cup fixture plus Vermaelen has good memories against Everton…scoring in a 6-1 win at the start of some season a few years back & Bendtner of all players ripping Baines whilst playing Right Wing.

Looking at the number of mins played by our international players could have been worse. But then again its not over till the fat lady gets cake.

Ryan tan

Weve got vermalean so no worries.guy is a class act as well


Hate to be the pedantic arsehole but is it really that difficult to spell Vermaelen!


show me ur level captain fantastic the Verminator. I can’t wait to see u play. I just love u and ur play plus level of maturity




Looking for Verm to stay tight at the back and who knows, maybe get a head on one at the other end.

Anyone else remember his debut on the first game of the season, maybe 3 seasons ago? Scored a brace if I remember correctly, 6-1? Against the toffees as well.

Let’s do it again please.


I sincerely hope not, don’t fret about Kosnielny we’ve got Jags missing!!! See you Sat!!!!!


This news might be sad, but this will help cheer you up.

Check out a GIF of the goal Joel Campbell scored against Paraguay today:

Adam Richards

Awesome goal but not seen this shooting from outside of the box milarky before. Maybe it’ll catch on?


Was that a straight shot, or deflection? Impressive touch if a straight shot.
Now if he has that divey problem under control i’ll look forward to tracking him.


No mention of Park scoring against Greece anywhere then? In his first match for South Korea in 13 months after WE banjaxed his international career and never played him. They even left him out of the international watch on! Seriously, what is the story behind that signing? I look forward to reading the chapter on Park in Wenger’s autobiography.


Per would indeed be a bigger loss (yeah, i know). Vermaelen and Koscielny are much more interchangeable. Part of the reason they don’t pair as well is they both want to attack the ball and step up as a stopper but that means the other has to drop back. With Per there is almost no question.

That being said, hopefully this was actually just one of those quiet phone calls to Deschamps ahead of the match.


My TV didn’t get any reception from Mordor, did the away fans sing the “want’s his own song”-chant at Stoke?


Damn injuries!

It’s like someone throws a hand grenade in our dressing room every season.


It’s all falling apart. It’s as if the team know the game is up and they suddenly turn brittle.

Hope this pall of gloom lifts with a big win against the Everton.

IF we can string 4 big victories back to back, then maybe we can win it.

Considering we have failed to step up over two death runs now, I don’t exactly feel terribly confident about this prospect.

Vermaelen and Ramsey, over to you.

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