Wenger does not blame Agger for Wilshere injury


Despite stories saying Arsene Wenger was ‘furious’ with Liverpool’s Daniel Agger, the Arsenal manager has played down any such suggestion at his press conference today.

Asked about the incident, Wenger said, “I believe first of all that it was accidental. The tackle was strong but I think he wanted to go for the ball. Jack will be out for 6 weeks. It is a blow for him and for us.

“He can only be very down in this situation, he will go away for a few days.”

The manager also revealed the worry that Laurent Koscielny would miss the game due to his hamstring injury, but Thomas Vermaelen is ready to deputise if the Frenchman fails to prove hit fitness.

Other than that there are no fresh worries for the manager before the FA Cup game, with Mathieu Flamini expected to come back into the midfield to replace Wilshere.

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The Great Great Gooner
The Great Great Gooner

Agger knew what he was doing ffs

Jack's Right Foot

Blame the fucking England physios.


Aggers tackle?
Jack’s irresponsible commitment to carry on for 50 minutes in a meaningless freindly?
the floods?

Jack's Right Foot

Floods, obviously.


When Wilshere played against Stoke/Rugby team,he was careful abt going into 50-50 challenges bcos he didnt want to get injured. He played for England in a meaningless friendly a few days later and he went into a 50-50 challenge and got himself injured. And more unfortunately,he played on after getting himself injured. I think he has to take a bigger part of the blame here

Denilson's back pass

Well we got a packed midfield so we’ll be fine. We got that Kim fella coming in right? Isn’t Kim a girl’s name?

For how long is Diaby still out? (believe guys)


I guarantee that if we had a fit Diaby .. we would win the league at a canter. Wilshere would not get near the team.

Diaby is a world class footballer who got broken by some orc who no one has heard of since.

Incidentally – Dan Smith has actually played less games that Diaby since then…
He now plays for Holland Park Hawks in the 5th tier of Australian football

Alannis Morrisette that you mother fucker
Karma is a bitch, but sometimes shes a sweet bitch

Daft Aider

Diaby at his best is very good, but saying we would win the league if he were fit is seriously ott


I have no doubt – he is exactly the player that we need – the complete midfielder – tall, strong, fast, exceptional control, fantastic engine and passing range – he is Jack and Flamini and Aaron rolled in to one.

I think he could have been a statue had he not been assaulted by that thug.

If each player is worth a certain number of points then i contend that over a season a diaby would get you about 6 points more than a wilshere

that is not to say that jack is not talented but he is certainly not as efficient as he could be – he reminds me of gerrard. and gerrard is a cup footballer, a roy of the rovers who does 5 things in a game and is anonymous the rest of the time.
Stevie G is a big reason liverpool never won a title.

Daft Aider

he often mis-controls the ball and regularly forgets to release it after a brilliant dribble – he is good no doubt but saying “he is Jack and Flamini and Aaron rolled in to one” is downright retarded


Well clearly i mean he has the attributes that we laud for all three players.

He doesn’t forget to release the ball.. like ramsay two years ago.. there was no one to pass too as the midfield was too static.. (its now far more mobile)

I am not sure he “often” miscontrols balls… he obviously is rangy and looks awkward but he has exceptional control and awareness of where his feet are.

downright retarded? for praising an arsenal player on an arsenal blog.
ok if that’s retarded then call me christy brown

Daft Aider

“downright retarded? for praising an arsenal player on an arsenal blog” no it wasn’t that, just the statement that Diaby was as good as all three rolled into one – we’ll have to agree to disagree on that point


And the Welsh Jesus?

Denilson's back pass


Denilson's back pass

*ba dumm tss*

Unyoke The Ox

Thought people only did the old *ba dumm tss* after a joke.

Denilson's back pass

Suggesting that Monkeykong is Welsh Jesus WAS the joke… Seriously guys.

Saffa Gooner

Bale is the Welsh Mary. Oh wait.


50-50 challenge didn’t fall jacks way that’s all, the bad luck of arsenal players picking up injuries on pointless international friendlies counted against him in the end

Daft Aider

I blame Stoke, they have probably just discovered witchcraft there

Perry S.

Double98 is my favourite poster on here. That is all.


Thanks 🙂

Who would thumb that down?
Was it Double02 or Double71?


Wasn’t me…


I know granddad.

The Ox is a fox

The Invincibles?


Oh well i guess they ARE infallible.. so thumb down away


I do


Double98 made some good posts but ‘we would win the league at a canter if we had Diaby’ is not one of them.


Oh well – its all opinions and hey I am the saddo who’s favorite player is the poor sod who is always injured.

But you’d have to admit its not respectful to poke fun at him.


Well if we had Diaby who hadn’t been injured for the most part of the last 5 years than that would be a VERY significant bonus.


Seriously though are Wilshere’s boots made of fucking silk??

Andy bank

I wish him quick recovery