Wenger: It’s the most important game of the season


For all the tributes paid to him Arsene Wenger was as eager as ever to talk about the next game and with Arsenal travelling to Stamford Bridge tomorrow he pulled no punches in describing his latest showdown with Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea as the ‘game of the season’ for the Gunners.

Having closed the gap on the Blues to four points last weekend – and with a game still in hand on the leaders – the boss was keen to focus attention on the club’s title tilt.

Bigging up his players after a three game run which has taken in big wins in the league and FA Cup and a creditable draw against Bayern Munich, Wenger told assembled press:

“The result tomorrow will be linked with the performance of the day. We come out of winning 4-1 against Everton, we drew 1-1 at Bayern Munich and we won 1-0 at Tottenham.

“We are on a good run so let’s take the confidence out of this run to make another surprise tomorrow.

“It is the game of the season for us – it’s as simple as that. We are in a period where every point is vital now, especially against your direct opponents. It is for us the most important game of the season now.”

Wenger, as has been well documented, is yet to taste success against Mourinho in the Portuguese coach’s two spells in West London. Asked whether Chelsea’s midweek Champions League exploits might see fatigue play a factor, he continued:

“That’s difficult to know if it will have an impact at the end of the season, but tomorrow it will not have an impact because they had a game that was not very demanding against Galatasaray.

“You cannot say they [Chelsea] are favourites or not, but they are among the teams who are fighting to win the Premier League, nobody can deny that.

“If you look at the table, what is very interesting is you have Manchester City, you have Chelsea, you have Liverpool and you have Arsenal – that has not happened for years to fight for the Premier League. That makes it really interesting. None of these four teams can say they are not going for it, that would be stupid.”

While the rest of the football world united in respect ahead of Wenger’s 1000th game in charge of the Gunners, Jose Mourinho couldn’t help but utter a few barbed comments in the direction of the Frenchman. Obviously, Arsene won’t give a shit, he rarely does when it comes to the Portuguese, but there’s no doubt victory tomorrow would represent three of the most satisfying points of his career.

Here’s to a good Saturday.

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what did that fucker say?


On the BBC site there’s one of those video previews of Maureen with the heading: ‘Mourinho admires Wenger’.
He fucking soon changed his tune didn’t he, the cunt! As to what he actually said



I think in this case an old gypsy curse may be appropriate for maureen. “May his ears turn to arseholes and shit on his shoulders”


Exactly the kind of talk I expected from Wenger with respect to tomorrows game.Bullish.COYG


Just win tomorrow, not only it will be for 3 points and our title shot but also it will piss mourinho off…coyg..

FReezin gooner

Its not just the most important game of the season, its one of the most important days of my life bcos the count of cunts country will have metroids crashing down on the only bridge linking him to his home after firery canon balls must have tore down his castle


Praying to god that we win. Arsene deserves this one against the fricking foulmouthed bastard. Would like to see the class triumph tomorrow over petro dollars….


I fucking hate Mourinho. I fucking hate that the english press hang on his every word. What a childish self absorbed twat. COYG!

the farmer

It would be nice if any of them had the balls to point out that Wenger has achieved what he has for the price of a kebab whilst he has spent gazillions working his way around Europe!

Momo (@MuhamLAD)

Speaks volumes about the English press that they hang on to his every word. It just shows the desperation they go to in order get page hits.


Kallstrom winner off the bench. You heard it here first


with his first touch. in a free kick curling around john terry’s head

the farmer

If there is a god, can we please please, just this once have a victory tomorrow not only for Arsene’s sake but for moral decency over that spiteful, unpleasant little shit.


Following the final whistle to a Gunners glorious away win at Stanford Bridge, an underground tremor crumbles the ground’s foundation, JT & JM get their big heads slowly smashed by the falling debris, the place is rendered utterly useless, thereby eliminating them from further participation in the PL. Ah, sweet biblical comeuppance…


Blasphemy! Have ye not heard of Bergkamp? Bring Out The Rack And Thumbsrews!!!!!


Was Dennis moonlighting in the Spanish Inquisition? When he was conveniently unable to follow the team to Europe, no doubt 😉

Neil #2

we won’t need divine intervention….we do have, after all, one of the greatest managers in football


It’s time we beat them at the bridge. You will hear my scream from North London

Mark The Spark

Errr…. *cough* 1 – 5 ring a bell?


a big AMEN to an Arsenal win

Bruno Esede

I wish we can just shoot Mourinho and Chelsea down tomorrow. That his untainted record at the bridge is annoying coupled with his unsavory comments.

Springbank 1965

Just for the look on Mourhino’s face …

… and the three points.

… and them getting diddly-shit

I think we might be up for it.


He’ll eat his words tommorow and at the end of the season.


Mourinho you’re a cunt. Fuck off somewhere will you.


In modern times I don’t think there has been a manager which has completely transformed a football club the way Wenger has. I hope that the players give everything tomorrow and get the 3 points for the manager.


Not very erudite but , l know how you feel, lets hope we beat those horrible kent & home counties racist supporters tomorrow & let our football do the talking


If you are going to criticise at least explain why

Captn Morgan

We can be Damn sure Mourinho will have drilled his team all week on how to hurt an Arsenal that plays a certain way. So i really hope Wenger surprise Mourinho tomorrow and approach this game in an unexpected manner for once.

Sometimes i feel we are like an open book for the opposition. However this season we have mixed it up abit more than earlier Seasons and actually gone through many games without Even dominating possession. And we have been more cynical and capable of winning ugly at times. Also the substitutions have been more varied. Previous Seasons we knew that the Wingers would be substituted every single game regardless of how the game developed.

Anyways, looking forward to the game tomorrow, and hope we come out on top. Demolish, ugly or lucky. I dont care as long as we win. Coyg!

le bob's moustache

I hope flamini kicks mourinho in the nuts

Neil #2

and that he does it two-footed!


And that he follows it up with a dagger.


How could he? Clear as a summer sky that Maureen doesn’t have a pair to aim a kick at.


Praying for 3 points. Win this and we can ride the wave until the end of the season taking maximum points along the way.. no manager deserves this years Premier League more than Wenger


And a large nuke. Filled with napalm.


Telegraph reports that the wikkle Sugar Daddy, Roman, could have his assets frozen. Only the Prime Minister, of all people has said it. Do it. I’ve never voted Tory, but…


And Usmanov is mentioned in the article.


I wanna hear the Arsenal fans chant to the scum “your a 19th century bus, a 19th century bus, we know you are, we’re sure you are, your a 19th century bus – boring boring chavski”

palace gunner

Congrats mr wenger it takes alot of mind strength to handle 1000 games guvnor a win today would be neat, a draw will give a point but to beat chavs at the bridge coyg i agree with you on this game the team have done well on these big games.

In Soviet Russia, WENGA sacks YOU
In Soviet Russia, WENGA sacks YOU

Mourinho is a far better tactician and man motivator than Arsene, but I have a good feeling about this one !


I believe he just called Jose stupid