Wenger: Ozil ‘out for weeks’ with hamstring


Mesut Ozil’s rollercoaster few weeks continues with reports surfacing from the Allianz Arena that the German has sustained a serious hamstring problem.

The midfielder wasn’t at his best in the first half of this evening’s 1-1 draw in Munich and was substituted at half-time in favour of Tomas Rosicky after treatment in the break.

Speaking after the game Arsene Wenger remarked that having already consulted Bayern club doctor Hans-Wilhelm Müller-Wohlfahrt the prognosis wasn’t good.

“The German specialist told us Mesut’s injury is quite bad.

“It’s a hamstring [problem]. It looks quite serious – he’s out for at least a few weeks. There’s a scan tomorrow.

Coming hot off the heels of the injury to Jack Wilshere it looks as though Arsenal’s options in midfield are going to be tight heading into a run of games against Sp*rs, Chelsea and Manchester City.

Updates from Wenger’s post-game press conference via @OliverKay and @DTGuardian

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Silent Stan's Content Mustache
Silent Stan's Content Mustache

Jesus H Christ….


Jesus Fökin’ Crist…


Jesus Hans-Wilhelm Müller-Wohlfahrt Christ.




I get the ‘fun’ intent but it is offensive to Christians. Don’t mean to be divisive, censoring is needed for this type of commentary


I totally agree, it should be censored. I am a Christian who enjoys this website especially as an Arsenal fan, arseblog please censor it. If it were a racial slur, a homophobic comment or if the name of muhammed was used to make fun, would it be tolerated ?, I don’t think so. I am not asking for my beliefs to be aired , just respected. thank you.

Szczesny's Flannel


dink arnold



Fuck this. FUCK THIS!


It’s all good. No worries. We have kalstrom. See, Arsene knows.


But how did he know? HOW DID HE KNOW???


Here we go again. Rambo’s back so obviously someone else has to get injured.

That’s the Arsenal injury rules.

Jack's Right Foot

But we said that when Wilshere got injured. This makes me sad.

Just A Gentleman

Kallstrom for Wilshere.
Ramsey for Ozil.

That’s what has happened.


This isn’t a question of 1 in and 1 out anymore, it’s more like 2 out 1 in.

A Yank

Seriously, I don’t care how fucking advanced our facilities and methods are, our physio fucking sucks. That I even know his name is a fucking travesty. This happens to us every year. Every fucking year we continually have five or six or more (sometimes like 10) players out and they are out for long periods.

If Colin Lewin weren’t so terrible at his job we mightn’t be eight years into a fucking trophy drought.


Yeah, sorry, but this drivel about our physios is just nonsense. We don’t suffer a higher injury rate than any other club (see 7am’s writing on the matter), and, besides, no one (especially those on the outside) knows why players get injured – there are too many variables.


Well, Ozil certainly didn’t get injured from running too hard last night. I think we can safely rule that out.


Can you explain how he injured Wilshere , and Walcott…?
And what exactly do you imagine he did to Özil to sprain his hammies ??


Ain’t that just the truth?!


What will happen when Diaby comes back. I reckon 3 players go out at the same time


.. who’s Diaby?

I thought he was just a myth


Well this is troubling. Hope Ozil gets back to fitness asap as we could certainly use him in these last games of the season. Nonetheless at least we got Kallstrom and Ramsey coming back from injury. Maybe Wenger’s January signing wasn’t actually that bad a kall…


“Kal” means poop in Russian.


kaka actually

benteke a-nogo

Good thing he is a lazy shit (SARCASM) #arshavin2.0


Wenger needs to be careful he doesnt rush Ramsey back in. Ox has shown he is capable in the centre, i would start him v spurs and chelsea and ease ramsey into the team from the bench

Daft Aider

Ox was knackered, completely knackered at the end of the game, having him start against Spurs may see him end up banjanxed too

Wrighty's Gold Tooth

He came off at half time


its okay to get mixed up as this is a Ozil thread, but i believe the player in question here is Ox rather than Ozil. Beside Ozil is ruled out for “weeks” ruling him out of “the weekend”. So read well next time.

Daft Aider

There clearly has to be a reason that we get this many more injuries then other teams


Cause we don’t rotate our squad AT ALL


Is that the only reason? It is really remarkable how many injuries Arsenal sustain EVERY season


It probably has a lot to do with the style and pace of football we play, the ridiculously shallow squad and the good old British climate. (I realise this was an injury in Germany)

I don’t care how well you warm up, stretching and performing so rigorously is not often a good match to playing in miserable sodding rain, snow, sleet, generally damp weather.


Why dont other prem clubs suffer then if the climate was to blame? is there more damp at the emirates?

Bould's Eyeliner

No other team has our match load with as thin a squad as we do. Also no other team gets as psychologically bogged down as we do. I know it’s Wenger’s style to let the players work our their problems for themselves but, sometimes it feels like the team just doesn’t have a solution.

As for Ox, I’m not too concerned about his being knackered. He’s only 20, so he recovers quickly, but more than that, he has a very sharp burst in his change of pace, as opposed to pure pace like Theo. That’s bound to give you hamstring trouble ESPECIALLY if you’re the only runner on your team over a good 70 minutes…


“Why dont other prem clubs suffer then if the climate was to blame? is there more damp at the emirates?”

– Yes – because of all the tears.

az ahmed

It could be a number of factors, possibly training methods, or just plain bad fortune.


“A blessing in disguise”, as people like to say; he gets a breather and can charge he batteries to the final spurt.

No seriously, this is a huge blow we need our best players against the best teams.


18 days until City (h), I pray he’ll make it. We need Ramsey now.

Stuart Steele

Seriously sick of this injury merry go round


Wonder did he carry a slight injury into this game. Wenger them take a chance on him. Not good either way


So we’ll probably have to play Spurs, Chelsea, City and Everton without him. Shit! Our bad luck is really getting on my nerves now.

2013-2014 = 2003-2004
2013-2014 = 2003-2004

Ermm… Swansea too, in between Chavs and $hitty.

Petit's Handbag

In Hayden we trust


what position does Hayden play in?

az ahmed



I thought he was withdrawn coz he was utter horse dung in the first half…..only to hear now he has a tight hamstring? Thats 2 displeasing things about Ozil tonight.

His rating thus should start at -2.

p/s Before coming to Arsenal Ozil had no major injuries for a good 3 years.


3-4 weeks out is a major injury?


Yes to Ozil atleast” a player never used to being out i believe this long is a big deal for him.


Did I see the Ox limping toward the end of the game? I hope it’s nothing, this is getting ridiculous. We already beat Spuds without Özil and the Ox tbh, and if we defend like today at the shite hart lane, those cunts stand no chance whatsoever


Thought it looked like a cramp. Really hope that’s the case.


Santi’s really not going to be happy with that photo.


Need him back for the final few games. Really hope he makes it back and isn’t out for the season.


I’d rather send him to Dubai than our own medical team for ”rehab”


Dammit! For once I hope Wenger is being over pessimistic and its only a week or two at most.


He won’t be that injured. Just Wenger feeling sorry for himself or the German ‘specialist’ having a laugh with us. Wouldn’t be surprised to see him back v Chelsea


We’r losing one player every single game for fucks sake. Losing players in this speed we’ll be fielding academy players in a few weeks.


You couldn’t make this up… What is up with us and injuries? Like something has to be wrong. For the last 4-5 years it’s just been injury after injury for our players. It reaches a stage when you can’t call it bad luck anymore…

Of course freak injuries like Diaby, Ramsey, Eduardo etc are just terrible bad luck but this succession of hammies and ACL’s (it is also a “freak” injury but the volumes we have had over the years is substantial) is a very common injury amongst Arsenal players. Something has to be up with the training of conditioning but I don’t understand as we have some of the worlds best training centres so why is this happening all the time?


My concern is how frequent the ‘setbacks’ in returning from injury are. Ramsey, Wilshere, Vermaelen, on and on.


Oh, for Dennis’ sake!!

Yankee Gooner

This is Dennis punishing us for slagging off Jack and Özil; lesson learned.


If you don’t buy top players for your squad….shit happens.
Torres out for Chels…they laugh it off.
Aguero out for Shitty, no sweat.
Ozil out for AFC…crisis,

Stewart Robson's therapist
Stewart Robson's therapist

Torres is laughed off whether he plays or not.


Um, Aguero out is not ‘no sweat’ for City. And in case you failed to notice, if Ramsey, Wilshire, and Walcott were not all out, this would have a much lesser impact. Take out Fernandinho, Toure, Silva and Aguero and where would they be? Money schmoney.


Arseblood, in case you haven’t noticed, Man City’s two dips in form, early this season when they lost a lot away and in the last month or so, have been linked to injuries to key players: Kompany for the fall stretch and Aguero (plus Negredo too!) these last few weeks.

Raekwon The Chef

Another blow, but probably our best position to have an injury in. Rosicky and Cazorla can play behind the striker and with Ramsey and Kallstrom back we should be fine.


We’re cursed..


Fucking hell…..I’ll be surprised if we even have 11 players to field for the last game of the season. Dropping like flies.


very disappointing for mesut, obviously we need as full a squad as possible. However without wishing ill on any of our lads, in the big games over the next few weeks this ozil loss could be something of a blessing (provided nobody else gets injured). Santi belongs in that number 10 role and in his presence there could be decisive. I would love to see a midfield 3 of Mikel, Rambo and Santi against the chavs with rosicky and chambo out wide.


Not a blessing at all. We had Isaac Hayden and an empty spot that was meant to be filled by Ryo Miyaichi on the bench in a crunch tie against the best team in the world at the moment. And with Ozil gone that’s another player out of the first XI gone. Don’t see how this is good news at all.


No Theo, no Ramsey since Xmas and now no Jack and Ozil for the most difficult and important run in of the season. But this is what happens when you run players into the ground and hardly rotate unless it’s forced upon you. Of course I’m no expert but Wenger has gambled on the fitness of his players for years now. Sometimes we are lucky, sometimes not so much……..whether its selling Alex Song (who could play 40+ games nearly every season for us) not replacing him and putting faith in Diaby or relying on RVP to stay fit an entire season which he hadn’t done in years or simply rushing players back or those vaguely explained, prolonged injury lay offs (Rosicky, Vermalean, Wilshere etc) This all goes much deeper than mere bad luck, something is very very very wrong with the way the fitness of the players is managed.

Btw is Diaby nearly back yet? hell we could use him right about now!


Because Wenger insisted that Roy Hogdson send out Wilshere to get kicked by Agger…

Johnny Deigh

We’ve got Rambo and Källström coming into the squad soon.


Having back for the cup final would be nice.


FUCCKK the cunting wanking twat that is the daily mail. Accidently clicked on thier site and the shit they write about ozil boils my blood.

get well soon ozil.

chris b

fucking bollocks!

PLEASE be back for the semi-final.

Arsenal Fan

Bah. Don’t believe rotation is the cause of them getting injured. Other teams don’t rotate. Don’t see their players becoming flies and dropping like it’s hot

Ivan Godhatezus

A lot of talk about Ramsey and Kallstrom… I wouldn’t mind seeing a bit of Zelalem as well, at least until Rambo is properly eased back into the line-up.

az ahmed

ZELALEM!!!!! The new Ozil. Can’t wait to see him given a run in the first team


Chelsea always have the injury luck.

I can’t count how many times at this time of the year we seem to be patched together with major injuries while they have a fully fit squad.

Did Lampars, Drogba, Hazard, Willian, Carvalho ever get injured? Fucking cunts


Speaking of which, I don’t usually condone violence, but it really broke my heart that Flamini didn’t show Robben what a real tackle that causes one to clutch their ankle and/or knee in pain looks like. I mean, was there ever going to be a more perfect time to put that balding whinging cunt in his place than the last 5 minutes of that game?


Perhaps it was a Judo move. Stepping aside to use Robben’s cunt-eyness against him and expose him (yet again) for the kind of player he is.


This link says Newcastle suffered most injuries last season, where as we came in 15th in the table (an improvement on 18th the season before)…..


This has an Injury index bottom of the page. Arsenal top with 258, quite far ahead. This is up to the last round of league matches…..


This one says spurs are ahead of us for players currently out injured, with 7 to our 5 (although cant remember if Diaby is on our list)….


I’m looking further back now, so I might add a little update.


Why on earth was Ozil even playing in the first place, in all of Wenger’s years of football surely he must have realised that the tie is lost. Even if he never got injured, we have a crucial run of games coming up and playing him just after he was going back to his best mid week is sure to make him fatigued again. I mean honestly if I was manager I would have gave a lot of players a rest and maybe by using younger players it would have been better because they are so motivated to make an impact.


I don’t half mind being dumped out of Europe, just not any injuries.

Looks like we may need Kallstrom after all.


In the above, the first link is “major injuries suffered” and the second link is “total days lost due to injuries”.
The last link (2010/11) only shows “total days lost” as far as I can see.

chris b

we need Ramsey back more than ever (if that was flippin possible).


Seriously which god did I forget to sacrifice a spurs fan to this time?? I don’t know what to do anymore.

Grumpy fan

What we need now is for Wenger to pull a glute and retire hurt for the season. Bingo, we’ll start winning games

ringo xiii

“Özil’s out for weeks”


“Saul Weeks. He’s the controller, Frank”