Thursday, December 1, 2022

Arsenal get 25,000 ticket allocation for Cup final

The FA have confirmed that Arsenal and Hull City will each receive an allocation of 25,000 tickets for the FA Cup final.

A further 20,000 tickets  will be distributed to volunteers through the football family while 17,000 tickets are reserved for Club Wembley members.

The Gunners received an allocation upwards of 49,000 for Saturday’s semi-final ensuring all season ticket holders were entitled to a ticket. Obviously that won’t be the case on 17 May meaning disappointment is on the horizon for many.

Tickets will start at £45 (£15 more than for the semi-final) and the game will kick-off at 5pm.

Arsenal haven’t yet confirmed when they’ll go on sale.

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37,000 people will be at this game who are neither an Arsenal or Hull City fan,,,that tells you everything you need to know about the FA and modern football in general.


In reality I think there will still be around 50,000 Arsenal fans there, it’s just a shame they won’t be concentrated at one end of the ground and paying the same prices as everyone else.

They’ll be charged £100’s to sit in seats that Club Wembley members don’t want and for that money they’ll receive some very mediocre hospitality and they’ll be denied the opportunity to really immerse themselves in the “cup final atmosphere” we’re all looking forward to. More money in the FA’s pocket, but at the expense of fans desperate to see their team play.


Complimentary tickets for Saturday, what a treat, someone forgot to tell us they were in the Wigan end though. Seems Wembley were giving away tickets that Wigan couldn’t sell, so much for segregation.

Didn’t stop us celebrating Per’s equaliser 😀

Colin Ward

It was always the same and was once worst.
In the 1971 double year Arsenal got 21,000 tickets yet still Arsenal fans were everywhere in the stadium.
I have gor promises on 5 and all are bound for diehard Arsenal nutters from the old school.


They are still football fans nonetheless..why else would they come? I watched Liverpool Mancity yesterday online and it was a great game!


If I had a substantial amount of money to spend I would go to every cup final regardless of who is playing with the exception of Chelsea Tottenham *cringes*.


Because of people like you, modern football is shit and some games seriously lack atmosphere. You should be ashamed to even think of taking place, which should belong to some loyal fan, no matter what’s their club.


its football, not war mate.

concise alan

Not bad.


Of course it’s bad.


Prawn sandwiches at the ready.

glory Hunter



Shocking. over 30,000 seats to posh people who wont give two sh**s about the game and miss half an hour of it eating their prawn sandwiches.

Fans not put first again.


Good maybe we’ll have 37,000 new fans after the game


I’m afraid not. The dye has already been cast – if the expected happens and we lift the cup it will be a tainted victory. A story of scraping through, of doing the bare minimum, of struggle over style. I’m surprised that no commentator or any of the media outlets have picked up on the oft neglected, rarely spoken fact that its eight years since Arsenal last won a trophy, should we win the FA Cup this year it will be too little too late. Only Arsenal fans will be rejoicing, and if the past few weeks have taught me… Read more »


Hush, bitch.


I’m just jesting, obviously its been received in the wrong tone.

No need to get all Internet Gangster on me, you can re-holster your keyboard.


Obviously several somebodies don’t understand sarcasm.


Club Wembley has more than 17,000 members? What a world we live in.


Members aka companies and people who are there for the free beer and food than the game. Its an absolute JOKE! You could see even on saturday the mid tier was half full

Thierry Bergkamp

That is ridiculous!

Drink your milk or the big bad Wenga will come and SACK YOU

If only Almunia and Denilson were still around to witness this :'(


25,000 each, that’s shambolic..should be a minimum of 35,000 each, the stadium holds 90,000 capacity..

If any of the allocated tickets are not sold then they can divvy them out to whoever, is that such a bizarre concept?


Who are these 20’000 volunteers and why do they get tickets to the FA Cup Final?

Tommy Gunner

It’s actually these 20,000 volunteers which is more of a piss-take in my opinion. I know a few people with Club Wembly seats, and I can assure you that they pay VERY good money for the privillege – if I paid that money I would definitely expect Cup final seats to be included in the price. But these ‘volunteers’? Seriously?


Club Wembley ??? Now when did that happen.


Strange F.A

Stuart Steele

If they’re looking for volunteers..i’ll go?

So sorry.


Ridiculous. This makes me even more glad I was able to go to the semi-final


For the 7 billion -90’000 not at Wembley, the match will be televised on subscription channels in 200 countries, all of which share in common the greed of their owners. For millions of fans, please find a live stream from websites which keep closing, with pop up ads and lag times that provoke heart attacks during your team’s penalty sessions.

Oh, and for those of you that have just paid life savings in order to be there in person, the FA reserves the right to change time, date and venue.


I’ll be watching on a shitty stream whilst dressed from head to toe in Puma and eating a Burger King, drinking a Kronenberg and eating a Twix bought from Aldi. Cut off my nose to spite the FA and their corporate sponsors.


Red members first refusal yeah?


Haha, I wish

Matt G

Absolute shower. Should be 45% minimum to each club, and the rest for under 16’s, county FA/grassroots etc.

However, it’s sadly now a corporate game.

gunner for ever

Thank you AW and the whole squad for giving 100% and making us watch the final.Arsenal have to concentrate 100% and fight to turn Hull tigers into pieces.We have to attack them starting from the first minute and there is no way Hull will survive our team when we play our best game. I am not a fan of the FA but fair play to them,the ticket allocation shows how beautiful and representative football is in England.fair play to all ordinary citizens who developed this culture in family level. I am a crazy arsenal fan but i do not want… Read more »


Had the same scenario for CL final v Barca. Loads of rich continentals there all suited up with their wives (who would rather have gone shopping), while one of my mates with us was ticketless. About time clubs in finals get at least 40-45% of the tickets each.


I personally loved the 25 or 30 suits with badges that read “Barclay card Canada” that filed in as I unsuccessfuly tried to buy a ticket outside the Stad de France with £1200 cash.


20,000 Volunteers, 17,000 Wembley club member? You mean bunch of corporate sponsors and clients who doesnt even show up? There were lots of empty seats in the semi even in Wigan allocated part


Those empty seats were due in large part to the fact that even though Wigan only got half a normal allocation for the match, they simply couldn’t sell them. What did anyone expect, when Wigan routinely play home games in front of 8,000 fans?


Can’t agree that 37k are not fans of either side. My father and I are both lifelong Gooners and we watched the semi from Club Wembley thanks to tickets from work. It’s a shame but with the area behind those seats dedicated to the club members there’s nothing that can be done to put those seats into clubs allocations.

Interesting to see such have a large portion going to charity though, as these tickets could have gone to the fans


I’ll add too that I’m not “posh”, just lucky. There’s also no prawn sandwiches.

Gareth Murray

Hull City get an allocation close to 100% of their gate, while Arsenal get an allocation falling below 40% of the Emirates gate.
Meanwhile a huge bulk goes to FA cronies. As fair as always.

Tommy Gunner

No offense mate, but I don’t think it would be ‘fair’ to give us a bigger allocation than Hull just because our home ground is bigger than theirs


True, Hull should get exactly the same allocation, as us… provided they can sell it out. Still it should be way more than 25000. FA is a joke

Momo (@MuhamLAD)

More neutrals than either finalists’ fans

Nice one FA


They really are a joke, the selection of semi final goals they showed before kick off included Gazzas and fucking Giggs, clueless cunts!


Im a season ticket holder, only been to one away game this year so no chance of a ticket, lucky i’ve just had a bonus in work, im going to buy one of them hundreds of club Wembley tickets on sale for 500 quid and I promise the cunt who’s seat it is, making a small fortune from me will never be able to return, im going to get minging and if anyone suite tells me to seat down im going to throw a ripped up chair at them


Can anyone tell me how far Wembley stadium is from seven sisters please

Wenger's Zipper

The Arsenal fans complaining about the Wembley tickets would gladly go to see a live Champions League final without their team in it… unless Tottenham & Chelsea are the two finalists, of course!


When are the tickets on sale


When are they on sale


Can anyone tell me what end Arsenal got want to buy tickets but want to make sure its in the Arsenal end!


Cheapest place to buy wembley club tickets being sold, anyone knows?

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