Thursday, December 1, 2022

Everton 3-0 Arsenal: The Guff

It’s not easy after such a painful defeat, but if we take the good guff we have to take the bad guff, so here’s the bits and bobs from the media and the blogs in the wake of the Everton game yesterday.

At half-time, Arsenal were 2-0 down and not even in the contest, and yet Arsene Wenger didn’t make a single change. Arsenal needed an act of decisive leadership. Instead, inaction felt like surrender. My mind cast back to the January transfer window. That was another time when Wenger needed to make a bold decision, and dithered. The consequences have been disastrous. – Gunnerblog.

It’s ludicrous to claim the players are not playing for the manager but they don’t seem to be invigorated by him or the staff. Is that fed in part by their own interpretation of the uncertainty over the future? Perhaps but it strikes me that the issue of confidence is much more deep-rooted and I don’t think Arsène can solve the problems on his own. I don’t think that he can resolve the issues, full stop. – A Cultured Left Foot.

The question I always ask when people state “Be Careful What You Wish For” when I confirm my belief that it is time for change in the dugout is this – Could a different manager get more out of the same players? And my belief is that there are managers who could prepare, organize and motivate the players better than Arsène Wenger has been able to do for several years. And on the money Arsenal are paying for the job, there would be a queue of them willing to prove it. – OnlineGooner.

I am still puzzled as to why the manager of a team 2-0 down at half time in a vitally important match that keeps a top 4 place in his team’s hands refuses to change anything at that half time. He then refuses to change anything when his team concede a further goal. However, he does deign to make a couple of substitutions between 66 and 70 minutes. Unfortunately it’s too late then to do anything about the result. – Angry of N5.

Injuries have taken a toll on Arsenal, admittedly, but they do not explain the absence of creativity or defensive organisation from the seasoned internationals still available. The similarities with their last visit to Merseyside in February were not confined to the outcome. Everton were compact and resilient without the ball, devastatingly quick and penetrating with it. Arsenal were the polar opposite. – Guardian.

In truth, it was a woefully weak performance from a side who were top of the Premier League as recently as February 7. Arsenal have lost three and drawn three of eight matches since that juncture, scoring nine goals and conceding 16 to possess a goal difference that is now five worse than Everton’s. But the Gunners’ fall has not been met with surprise or even the vitriol of previous seasons. Instead, there have been knowing looks amid an air of resignation. Yes, it really was that predictable. – Football 365.

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Disclaimer: Arseblog News is not responsible for the content of other sites or any of the stuff they might say in the bits that we haven’t picked out that you might not agree with.

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Do you know? I was just thinking, they say the best things in life are free but I would happily pay 50 quid to see Morinho and John Terry mauled by tigers


Stealing other people’s jokes…tut tut. One down vote for you, despite the admirable sentiment




Gor blimey guv (said the cheery cockney stereotype ) I was only trying to inject a little levity into the conversation. I never expected Captain Pedantic to get involved. And I got more thumbs down that Heroldgoon and he’s barking. Oh well have a nice day anyway

Eddy The Gooner

I think its time for Mr. wemger to leave


Is everyone forgetting that Wenger puts out a team of established international footballers who shouldn’t capitulate in the way we do. The fact Wenger is blamed for not instilling passion in our performances amazes me. A group of players trying to win the most competitive footballing league in the world should have to be rallied by the boss. As sportsmen, that should be innate. I am not totally defending Wenger but he’s being completely let down by certain players. Someone like Giroud who was plucked out of Ligue 2 French obscurity to play for one of the biggest clubs in… Read more »


*shouldn’t*. Damn, that typo just underminded my whole point.


Mentality isn’t instilled predominately by the manager, it should be a given for players who get paid a fuck load of money and should be privileged to just be on the field.

bingo! but try explaining that to our idiotic support who think wenger is there to take arteta by the hand and show him how and when to tackle on the ball……


Love this. I’ve an idea though, let’s give another manager a chance with this group and see if he can do better? He probably won’t though as our failings are so obviously down to the players, right?


wizard of ozil..arsene doesnt have to prove anything to us ( the fans)..some of these players do though !


That’s bollox man. He has to prove that he still has it in him to beat the best. He has to prove that he has the hunger and desire to return us to the top. This is a man who has gone from throwing a silver medal in the bin after an FA Cup final defeat to one who recently spoke openly of not being under financial pressure to finish top 4 this season. If the players aren’t good enough to play his preferred style, then Wenger has to address that in the transfer window. If we want to compete… Read more »


Either way it comes down to Wenger, he should have chosen players with the right mentality, but nothing about our transfer strategy seems deliberate, except for the sales.

Remember this summer when Wenger was waxing lyrical over the importance of mental focus when choosing players?


@birbicholi – Arsene does have something to prove to us, that he can still create a successful team capable of winning trophies.
We want our caviar back!
We want our caviar back!
We want our caviar back!


give him money to bring appropriate players and if he still dont win then complain……

you want caviar like vieira gilberto henry etc ?

Ok…just tell stan to bring us iniesta pirlo falcao or their equivelants.

trophies are won by big players.


the right mentality for what neutral?

you seem to think that wenger and the board are buying THE players that will help them win titles when all along theyve been buying the players to do a good enough mix and match to qualify for the champions league.

it is only this last summer the owners have allowed wenger to spend a little bit more on genuine class.


But who has run Giroud into ground? You can’t blame a player for not “busting a gut” when there’s nothing more to bust. He is shattered, probably beyond repair, and if the manager is that ruthless with his players then Arsenal should be equally ruthless with the one managing the team.

Wenger is the problem, not the solution.


he is shattered? wtf? o_O …….

maybe he shouldnt be shagging models in hotels….and respecting the fact wenger has given him a chance at the top level of football…? …


Couldn’t agree more, Marduk. Actually feeling sorry for Giroud. The guy is not present physically and – more important – mentally. Who is to blame? Giroud of course for letting things outside the pitch affect his play that much. But the guy is playing all the time as well. Noone to take some of the pressure from him, let him get his head straight with fans as a direct consequence using Giroud as some kind of scapegoat. Who is to blame? Wenger!

Hope it’s not too late for Ramsey to have an impact…


“The guy is not present physically and – more important – mentally. Who is to blame? Giroud of course for letting things outside the pitch affect his play that much. But the guy is playing all the time as well. Noone to take some of the pressure from him,”

oh i see..giroud f**ks up when he knows he is important to wenger and asrenal’s plans this season but lets blame arsene for not bringing falcao to help poor giroud when his physical and mental presense goes missing in the most important period of the season….


I’m not trying to defend Giroud’s lack of professionalism. My point is simply that Giroud is not solely to blame for he’s current very poor form. Wenger is as well. Giroud has played so many games this season which worked ok in the beginning of the season when his legs were fresh and focus on the pitch. His current mental state is of course mainly his own fault – but our complete lack of striker options is ONLY making matters worse. Now that’s Wenger’s fault. Don’t tell me the risks – both the physical and mental aspects – of having… Read more »

Dennis Gunner

Not sure if i buy your “one of the biggest clubs in the world”. As much of a gooner that I am and would hope for the club to be, we are not one of the biggest clubs in the world. Wenger has manipulated the press into thinking we are all that, and results prove we haven’t been in many years. When it comes to profits, absolutely true we are big. We have the most expensive ticket in the EPL, likely the world of football, yet most of the players we have do not perform at that level or are… Read more »


Lets list the biggest clubs in the world :

Spain : 1. Real Madrid 2. Barcelona
Germany : 3. Bayern
Italy : 4. AC Milan 5 Inter 6. Juventus
England : 7. Man U 8. Chelsea 9. Liverpool ? 10 Man City ?

Arsenal would comfortably fit in the above list. Lets not kid ourselves. We are one of the biggest clubs in the world. We just need someone; either Arsene or any other manager to act like it


Sad stuff


The really sad thing is just all the apathy surrounding Arsenal at the moment. During the Liverpool game I was horrified, the Chelsea game was unbelievable but yesterday was just plain and simple apathy. Noone – NOONE!! – in the starting lineup seemed to give a shit. Couldn’t believe what I was seeing… Now, I am so tired of: a) always waiting till the 70th minute before Arsene makes any changes whatsoever. b) listening to Wenger explaining how the team seems to lose confidence and is mentally fragile. Do something about it instead of blaming injuries and bad luck –… Read more »


I arrive back in the UK Wednesday. Hopefully Saturday will be the focus, so I don’t have to listen to radio pundits wanking over the demise of arsenal during my long jet lagged drive home ..

Eddy The Gooner

What ever the the fuck, I meant Wenger


To the rest of the season; hopefully they will pull themselves together get through to the final of the cup and polish off the remaining games without too many slip ups. Luckily everton have a much tougher run-in and our performance against the mid and low table teams is very good so it still looks promising. Ramsey and the Ox to pull us through!


Well that’s that then. The dream is over, anyone who argues otherwise is deluded. With that result we will not be retaining our much-coveted most points in a calendar year trophy.

2he0 Walcott

Im not just worried about finishing 5th, Im petrified that its becoming a huge possibility that Man Utd and Spurs are going to catch us niw. Our form has been shocking. To think we were top in February and could end up 7. Ive been saying for years we were lucky to get top 4 and Wengers time is up. And now im sadly being proved right. There is a host of managers out there who could stop us getting embarrassed in big games and its time we gave another manager a chance. God help us against Wigan.


Doubt manure and spuds will finish above us. Even after our spineless, gutless and inept performance I still think we should win our remaining games. Everton with a trip to Southampton and both the mancs at home are unlikely to win all there games if they do they deserve it.

40m + 1£

Arsenal is no longer a football club. They are a business organization only interested in making money. Taking into consideration the amount we paid for Ozil, the proposed suarez bid looks even more ridiculous and will forever be mocked by the football world even more so if liverpool win the league.


I suppose you missed the news where Liverpool’s owner admitted our bid did in fact activate Suarez’s release clause, they just refused to sell.



I’m so tired of people talking about “getting” this player and that player like it’s as easy as in football manager – keep bidding until you get a yes, then sign the player. If you could just “get” a Falcao or a Costa if you wanted them, don’t they think Wenger would’ve tried? It’s not like he hates to have good players in his squad.


It’s actually pretty easy. You find the players you want, find out if they want to play for you, agree personal terms and the bid for the club that has his registration. What’s tiresome is our knack of pretending it’s the most difficult thing in the world.


magneto, yet, we did all this, and didn’t get Suarez? Thank you for proving my point.


your wrong, as we didn’t BID for Suarez,we arrogantly assumed he would be released for the supposed fee,if we had placed a bid price agreeable to the said club he would be an afc player and we would probably be champions,so magnetos point stands,not that hard at all really considering teams all over the world seem to do it comparatively easier ,we don’t seem to be capable of doing it at all some times (jan)


we placed a bid agreeable to said club and players contract clause, which should’ve led to us being able to negotiate with the player. It was Liverpool who were arrogant and refused to play by the rules. Cunty owners are just one of the things that makes transfers a pain in the ass.

Limp Bar

The scenario I envisaged before the Swansea game was if we didn’t beat them, we could then easily lose or draw against City, lose at Everton to take fourth place out of our hands, then with crippled confidence lose to Wigan a la Birmingham 2011, and end up with nothing, no champions league place, and finally a massive pot of money to spend on players who won’t want to join us. It has come 50% true, so much depends now on it not coming 100% true. Yesterday’s game was the most abject performance I have seen in quite a while… Read more »


I have always been a staunch Wenger supporter, but I just had a look at the last 6 games form in the league, arguably the most important and defining 6 games for the season outcome. Only the two bottom teams (Cardiff and Sunderland) as well as Norwich, who just fired their manager, have worse form in that period. I find it an uncomfortable realization that I too am starting to doubt and consider life beyond Wenger. I have supported Arsenal for many years before him and will outlive him and many managers moving forward (I hope!), but I still have… Read more »


Look at the comparative schedules over those 6 matches, and for Arsenal throw in the Everton FA match and the Bayern CL as extra taxing on the team. It’s just not the same story. Arsenal had by a long distance the toughest run of matches.

Hope that helps a little.

Not at all debating your sentiment, nor am I interested in defending the manager or team at the moment. That’s not my job anyway. Just a little hopeful perspective!


Firstly , I dont unserstand why criticism players recieve from fans is sometimes not based on their performance but rather other outside factors . When wilshere was playing badly he dint recieve nowhere near the criticism that ramsey did last year because hes an academy lad. And now I have seen everyone blamed from arteta to santi to rosicky but not Per just because everyone loves him and hes like a puppy and a leader blah blah.. Giroud and Per are our biggeat problems right now. Teams can press us and put us under pressure because giroud is frankly shite… Read more »


I think arsenal players (from Arteta to Giroud to Per ,etc ) are generally slow and this is unlike arsenal . Arsenal is known for pace and swift counter attack . All we need are players who can play the arsenal way. Enough of this shame .


again predictable. passionless, leaderless, time for change. such an important game and nothing……THE END

Limp Bar

It’s not arguable – it’s crunch time, and we have been crunched. In 07/08 we did get genuinely unlucky with injuries, we finished 4 points off the top, we led away to Man U and Chelsea in the run in (we lost both 2-1). We were very close that year to winning the thing. In 09/10 and 10/11 we fell away alarmingly, due to seemingly fundemental issues with some aspect of our team. This season is like 09/10 and 10/11. The reason it seems different now is because we all felt I think that we had turned some kind of… Read more »


We got raped by the better teams. No fucking excuse for that whatsoever. Fuck you and your stupid confidence. Most teams suffer one heavy defeat each year and it never happens again. How many times has that happened to us this year? How many times has it happened to Norwich, Crystal Palace etc. I’d say we’re in the same bracket when it comes to taking it up the asshole. You can blame injuries as well, but saying that our subs are worse than a third tier team is ludicrous. You said it yourself, we always fall short and there’s been… Read more »


Sad to see that some people continue to confuse violent assault against women with defeat in a football match


You do realise that MEN can be raped too?


It’s only football, mate. It’s not life or death, just a bit of entertainment. How the fuck can you compare it to getting raped? And just because you don’t agree with someone’s opinions doesn’t give you the right to say “fuck you and your stupid confidence”. It’s only a game, mate, grow up.


It’s only football, mate. It’s not life or death, just a bit of entertainment.

hahaa….try telling that to neanderthals with keyboards and sense of entitlement


Too many players are playing like they are in a comfort zone. They need axing he needs to put his foot down this week.


I disagree with this sentiment. We have an average group of players available atm who are coached to play high-margins Barcelona-esque football. The focus of attention in training is obviously on keeping possession instead of actually creating chances. That’s why we’ve scored so few goals this season, even earlier in the season we rarely scored more than twice in a match. The players have been trying to play the style they’ve been coached but it must become demoralising to keep possession to little or no effect for a short spell, only for the opposition to score with a single counter-attack,… Read more »


Don’t know why this is thumbed down when it is pretty much spot on, we play the most boring, slow-paced possession football and have done so all season. We used to play attractive football, not anymore!


Wizard not defending Arsene after this latest debacle but he is our manager and too many players are tossing it off at the moment and need dropping. We are short of cover at the moment granted but the EFFORT being put in at the moment by some of the undropables is simply not good enough.

Dennis Gunner

Then dont sign a bunch of them to new extensions during the middle of the season!


Of the extended contracts only Cazorla, Rosicky, Per, and Gibbs have had any regular runs of starts. The rest have been injured or subs. It’s hard to say those players have been acting like they’re in too much of a comfort zone.


I’ve had a think about it now. I doubt you could find many bigger supporters of Wenger than me, but clearly something needs to be changed. Even with all our injuries, the team that was picked was good enough to get a draw with Everton, and I think the quality of the players was roughly even for both teams. In hindsight we can say XYZ shouldn’t have started, perhaps, but we still shouldn’t have lost like that. For me that was the most embarassing defeat of the season. Before the Everton game many of us, perhaps not most but still… Read more »


I’m clinging onto ‘Wenger in’ but a tought has just crossed my mind.

It will be much easier to attract a new boss if we are in the CL and have money to let him spend. Man, I just can’t make my mind up about this.

I’m not fully Wenger in. Or Wenger out. I’m a ‘WengerwhatthefuckdowedoI’mtorn’


Yup that’s me right now.

Just taking it match by match right now.

Dat gooner Al Zee

Insipid peformance…maybe it would be a blessing in disguise if we don’t make the top four, then the real problems can be magnified and addressed.


The problem we have now is that given the fact that we were top and February and everything looked like it was going well, it was pretty much nailed on that Wenger would sign a new contract. Despite contingency plans spoken about in the media, I think the board has been fully expecting a comfortable top four finish, maybe within a few points of the title and that Wenger would be around for two more years and then a new manager would be needed. Now, if we finish fifth and were not to qualify for the Champions League, I think… Read more »


As blogs pointed out this morning, can the Arsenal board manage appointing a new manager?
I don’t know and I would certainly feel better if they had at least a year to plan for it, if they really believed that Wenger would stay then they might be left exposed, or Wenger has planned to resign all along and the extension of contracts is meant to ensure stability. I would not put it past Wenger and Arsenal to put up a whole media ruse about how he will sign a new contract.

Hereford Gooner

Why oh why oh why did he not go in for Salah? He was available and he would have cost £15m. Perfect replacement for Walcott and he would have given us the pace that we are so desperately lacking. If everyone else in the football world can see the short-comings of our squad – then why can our own manager not? It is inexplicable and inexcusable. I am not going to jump on the Wenger out bandwagon – in my mind he has this summer to resolve the issues in our squad. What I will say is that if he… Read more »

Red rebel

AW protects players far too much, Rambo should of played the entire game. I saw huge gaps. Some players need to move on. A striker, defence and fix our midfield to solidify any more acts like yesterday. As for AW, if (I hope we don’t) lose to Wigan on Saturday at wembly, he will decide what’s best for the club, and honourably.

ArseCast Administrator 2_3

im with neil, not fully wenger in or wenger out though im leaning towards in. anyway if he really does leave maybe we should bring in some arsenal legend… not sure whos really fully qualified for a manager but if we could get someone from wengers invincibles then it would almost be a succession of a legacy and make his leaving less painful… sure the board would have him if he resigns


Do we really all want more of the same next season…and the season after that?? What’s the fucking point?


I agree, pack up and leave now Arseblood.


I think that, as fans, we need to stay together until the end of the season. If Mr Wenger has been right about anything this year, it’s been that he shouldn’t discuss his future until he can be judged on the basis of a whole season and I think he’s more than earned that privilege. That said, it’s hard to see a future for him if we don’t win the FA Cup and maybe even if we don’t finish 4th too. But as neither of those things have happened yet then we need to wait until the end of the… Read more »

Halfman Halfhotdog

As we are experts in the field of flat track bullying we will probably scrape 4th again and Arsene’s record will continue, the board will be happy and a new contract will be signed, we’ll do sod all in the summer and then go through another season of well, you know the rest.


So whose fault is it and what can we do about it? After the Everton game, many are blaming Giroud. Before Giroud, it was Özil for a while. Last year, it was Ramsey I think. Then there was Bendtner. Then there are fans who blame Wenger, or the Board, or the American owners, Wenger’s lack of spending, or the fact that we don’t have many players with ‘guts’ or ‘backbone’, injuries, etc. We need a new centre forward, we need bigger players, we need better defenders, we need more English players, we need to spend more money, etc. etc. So… Read more »


Jesus man break your rant into paragraphs. Who are you Franz Kafka?

But yes, you bring up some decent, albeit well known points here. Now i just find myself watching each match with still the tiny bit of hope of a solid performance and also with that large bit of despair that at any moment the game will come undone and we will somehow lose. What a strange feeling to be a Gooner sometimes.


It is time. Win the FA Cup and walk away Arsene.


He has no tactics and all the better teams know how to play against us and have the players to execute the plan. The only tactic Wenger has it to throw a sub on between 66-70 minute.

Costa Gooner

If Wenger goes then perhaps Martinez might he persuaded to come to us but we would deffo have to finish 4th for that to happen.

Dave Gooner

Everton cared yesterday. It showed.


For the record, as ace as Martinez is proving to be I’d rather we got someone used to managing at the top level in EPL/Europe to replace Arsene (if we do, of course).


martinez got Wigan relegated.

Last season Laudrup was equally successful. One swallow does not a summer make.

Martinez IMO is overrated. he does not even have the consistency of his predecessor Moyes and we know what happened to United.

be careful what yo wish for. there are better options out there.

Klinnsman for a start (and I’ll forgive for being ex-spurs if he can turn things round for us):)


How come the De Boer and Bergkamp combo never gets brought up as potential replacements for Wenger?


Firstly that’s assuming both are interested, and that Ajax would let go of both their manager and assistant manger at the same time. Also, ex-players don’t necessarily make good managers. Solskjaer won 3 titles in 3 years in Norway, but he’s struggling here. Ok, that’s a bit unfair on him, as he hasn’t been manager long and he was thrown in the deep end with Cardiff and their bonkers owner. But going from the Dutch league, which isn’t even in the top five, to the Premier League, is a big step up.


None of the ex -Arsenal cohort are in a position to take over the reigns. too early. We must detach ourselves from emotion and flavour of the month to make a good decision because if you think its bad with Arsenal now, it could get worse. Ask United. I think the person coming in should share similar ethos to Wenger but also have a demonstrable showing of consistency and youth development. Klinnsman (ex Spurs), Blanc (ex United) or deschamp (ex Chelsea) come to mind. This summer may show some movement in management with the world cup concluding. So in a… Read more »


There’s no such thing as easy run in. Just look at our recent results. How can any of them even suggest we’ll win all 5 remaining games. I have a feeling there’s some points that will be dropped. Just for the sake of argument let’s add 3 points to Everton’s tally when they win their game in hand. Therefore we’ll trail them by 2 points. After that there’s 5 games and 15 points to play for. They play Man City and ManU at home. It’s not that difficult to imagine them beating ManU. Moyes back home and players wanting to… Read more »


Damage was done some time back. We should have beaten Chelsea but could not. Since then, it has been a steady slide. This is very worrying. We were losing to big teams away all season but putting away against the Evertons and smaller teams. But we have recently had struggles against Swansea and now get pummeled by Everton. This does not feel anyone with confidence (not least the team) that we can seal the deal for 4th which we must. A win (no guarantees) against Wigan in the FA cup may be the tonic to at least get us across… Read more »


Arteta has been looking tired. Not sure why Wenger played him against everton. Would have preferred Kallstrom next to Flamini. Also Chamberlain out RW was imperative to counter Baines. Would have preferred Rosicky LW as a cautious cover ahead of Monreal and Santi in the middle. Another instance where the gaffer sets it up all wrong and does not do anything timely to change things around. We have resources in the squad which he doesn’t maximise fully. if anything, wenger flatters to decieve because of the quality of players he can bring in form market due to his acumen in… Read more »


The amount of hate towards Arsenal is mounting, and not because of our losses in games, but rather our inability to play exciting or energetic football. At the start of the season the team was aiming at achieving the “perfect goal”, which has succeeded only twice this season, but was still better than what we’re doing now. The truth is that we have no creative ideas up front (apart from Ramsey who was energetic even just in the 20 minutes he was on) and rely too much on defensive slip ups rather than smart moves. This is the exact reason… Read more »


Well, we have lost a bit of that magic up top. We really need to be very careful who we bring in up front. Hence I believe Wenger’s reticence for just bringing in anyone for cover. It’s capability we need. The likes of Suarez and Higuain whom he pursued (albeit unsuccessfully) point to the sort of capability we need, someone who can turn the game on a dime with his own endeavors and add a bit of pace and trickery up top. This is not to say Giroud is poor and needs to be criticised. he is a hard working… Read more »


Everyone is concerned about qualifying for champs league. I think based on how this season has gone that should be the least of the fans worries. Remember how this team capitulated at the end of the 10/11 season? That mental collapse resulted in us losing 3 established members of the team. And the following year, the 5 player squad injection at the end of the transfer window. The club can’t continue like this. This is a collapse again, but different in terms of how they’re losing. If they fail to qualify for the Champs league maybe that will make the… Read more »


It is a big worry (as ever)

If you do not qualify for CL, you will have a much harder time recruiting the sort of quality reinforcement needed.

the world’s a stage and CL is the biggest stage of them all.

Consider neither FA nor League qualify you for CL.

enough said. It is not a given that anyone coming in can match the consistency of qualifying for this every season.


Consolation is that Maureen will win FUCK ALL this season. Four seasons at Madrid and Chelsea with all their hundreds of millions, with excellent squads when he arrived, and all he has to show for it is a Copa Del Rey and a league title, when the only other team in town was Barca. And his excuse at Chelsea is that he doesn’t have strikers. Well who was it that spend £100m pounds on transfers since he arrived, and sent Lukaku out out on loan? Special One my arse. And while we’re all thinking about what strikers we’re going to… Read more »


Benzema will do for me.

if Falcao or Suarez even get lured to RM, karim may come available.

he is 26 and just coming into his best years, link up play, quick and has sufficient height at 6’2.

Morata to me is a bit of a gamble.

Naija Gunner

Wake me up when the nightmare is over…


I know its all doom and gloom at the moment, but instead of thinking about what negatives could happen, why don’t we think what if we beat Wigan on saturday to progress to the final, giving us all a huge lift for the last 5 league games and the cup final, I know its difficult but we have to really get behind the team on saturday and try our best to help give them a lift. COYG!


I think so.

The mood in the following can be affected by negativity in the media which is why it is so critical for blogs like this to set the tone right and debunk some of the myth purported by the press (albeit they are rightly having a field day at our own misdoing so we are ourselves confirming the myth):P


Again, it’s not about being proWenger or antiWenger.


#Enough with the emotional attachment.

That Genius Bergkamp

“The collapse in 2007-08. The team selection for the 2009 FA Cup semi-final, when the manager decided to use the opportunity for a Champions League semi-final training session. A fat lot of good that did, given Arsenal’s capitulation to Manchester United in Europe when the tie came around. 4-4 at Newcastle from 4-0 up, 4-4 at home to Spurs when two goals up going into injury time. 8-2 at Old Trafford, eliminated from the Carling Cup at League Two Bradford City, 6-3 at Manchester City, 5-1 at Anfield, 6-0 at Chelsea. And there are many others including further two title… Read more »


Certainly feel there is something missing with regard psychological motivation/approach in Wenger’s current methods.

We have been insipid against top competition which has amplified the toothlessness up front.

This is a management failure. We have enough resources in the squad (bar attacking assets which is a handicap), enough for us to at least display better fight and not get rolled over with such ease.



Just registered my grandson for an Arsenal summer camp here in the U.S. for this July. Thrilled and despite the current situation truly believe that Arsenal’s future is bright. Either way, I am an Arsenal fan and will be till I die no matter what. COYG!


We lack depth. Let’s give the manager a chance to fix it in the summer. When he will actually be allowed to spend some money.

All the recent failings, we were under severe financial restriction compared to the teams we battled with for the league at that time.

If we still had 3 of our 1st team players throughout the full season. ( Walcott, Ramsey & Ozil ) we would still be top of the league. The manager took a gamble and it failed.

This summer he can really spend. He deserves the chance to do it.


I agree somewhat with you, but he also had no financial restriction last summer yet once again it came down to the last day of the window to sign Özil and once again in January, he knew both Walcott and Rambo were out and would be for some time, yet used the excuse once again that there is no one out there to better us. I can’t see how this summer will be any different, whilst the oil clubs buy there players early and get them settled in, we try and get the best bargain possible in the last 4… Read more »


This is a falacious argument. We do not lack depth. We lack depth in one critical area, up top which has translated into a GD that speaks for itself against the 3 teams above us. if you look at the table, the GD we have is similar to United and Everton in 4th spot challengers. A comparison with City’s squad debunks the image that we do not have sufficient players (injury aside). Nor can we say we have been unfortunate (as always) with injury because we have held firm in defense and up front (and in CDM) without major injury… Read more »

Hereford Gooner

What you fail to acknowledge with the list above is that city have a range of talents and a healthy balance should someone need replacing. In-terms of forward players City have 4 wide midfielders, 2 dynamic box to box midfielders, 4 proven strikers and a few utility back-up midfielders that could play across the park. Now compare this to our options. We have one wide player, two number tens, one box to box, four attacking central midfielders and one proven striker. Now that our one wide player in a squad of 25 has been injured we are left with nothing… Read more »


1) We do not lack depth. Pound for pound, we have as many players as City bar up front. Nor are the players we have rubbish either even if recent results have suggested perhaps otherwise. It isn’t a question of the squad being thin. Liverpool and Chelsea have weakness in some quarters of their squad nor are their squads any stronger than ours on paper. It is not an excuse that we have a thin squad that can be used for our current failures. 2) We are not cursed by the injury gods. yes we are without service of 4… Read more »

Hereford Gooner

This is a fair reflection to a large extent – but I disagree entirely that we have depth. The reason for our humiliating slump is almost solely down to the way we are set up. Because we have no pace and no one running beyond Giroud, opposition defences are able to defend on the halfway line. Using creative central midfielders out wide (as we do because we have no wide players) means that their only option is to come inside and pass sideways because there is nothing in-front of them. We all know what happens next. Intercepted, goal. Having one… Read more »



non-flying dutchman

Its hard to forgive Wenger for the fact that by the end of the game Everton still have Romalu Lukaku firing from all cylinders because he has had ample support from Naismith, while Arsenal have no bleeding choice but to pout on yaya SaNOGO… That should never have been the case and really hammered home who the champions league side on the pitch were

Roland C Rozario

THE GUNNERS have lost that ‘ARSENAL MAGIC’! The club must rebuild this summer to consider any hopes of CL qualification, trophies! Drastic sales of Giroud, Vermalen, Monreal, Arteta, Podolski [just naming a few]. PURCHASE critical proven and experiece players > a lethal forward…. Martinez, Costa. robust midfeld generals, pacy wingers, central defenders [obvious players known in the market]. For now securing CL qualification is vital in getting into the market, needless to say. LASTLY winning the FA CUP will be some morale boost to players and supporters!!

Naija Fan

The truth about the whole rot in our team play lies with the coach and not the players. Yes some people may blame the players for some of games but we should not forget that our coach brought these players. Tactically we have seen often times when Wenger’s decision or tactics leaves the players exposed or is it a matter of the players not playing according to Wenger’s instruction. How on earth did we expect to make impact (Win something) this season with a team lacking good depth considering how injuries and departure of players have wrecked havoc to the… Read more »

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