Giroud: I’m up for the cup

Olivier Giroud - Sunderland

Olivier Giroud says that Arsenal winning the cup would represent a successful season for the club, despite the fact that a title challenge which has promised so much faltered over the last couple of months.

The Gunners were top of the table for longer than anyone else this season but fell away due to poor results and performances.

However, the French striker told beIN Sport, “If we win the FA Cup this will be a very good season for Arsenal.”

In some respects it’s hard to argue. You can’t complain about a trophy drought on one hand then complain a trophy isn’t enough on the other, but it does feel as if this season has been a missed opportunity in terms of the Premier League.

Giroud also reiterated his desire to stay at the club, and said he believes he can improve as a player.

I see my future here at Arsenal,” he said. “I feel that I have progressed, I know the Premier League more, but I can still do better.”

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We’l see. He’s had a decent season, but Iv a feeling he won’t be starting near as many starts he’s had this season or chances to shine next season, we will probably have a completely different type of striker, hopefully to play alongside giroud. But here’s a question for tomorrow’s arsecast. Why didn’t Ramsey win PFA young player of year tonight? Or come in second? Or third?! Ridiculous!


I guess Ramsey being out for so much of the season didn’t help his cause, but you’re right when he’s been playing he’s looked unstoppable.

As for the Premier League being a missed opportunity, I think that’s a bit harsh. When Arsenal were at the top for so long and everyone was asking ‘Can they win the title’ almost the unanimous response was ‘No, they don’t have the strength in the squad’ and unfortunately I think that has been shown to be the case. Our title challenge really fell apart when the injuries to Walcott, Wilshere, Ramsey and Ozil came around. Giroud was always going to have to play an absolutely massive role if we were to win the title and unfortunately I think even by his standards he’s come up a bit short in the goal scoring department.

I think the cup and a solid 4th place (that doesn’t go right down to the wire like the last couple of seasons!) would be a good improvement and something to build morale in the squad for next season.


Although it is probably best not too read too much in his words, I really hope he stays with us. He is indeed a rare type of player, some weird mixture of a target man and a false nine. I can’t think of many players in the world, at least none buy-able for Arsenal, that have the same kind of hold up play. I think people don’t rate him because he doesn’t have the flair that perhaps Henry, Bergkamp, RVP or even Adebayor had. But in our system he is vital and it’s vital that he has runners going in behind him, he obviously plays better when he has Ramsey and Walcott playing with him.

That being said, Arsenal still need a different type of striker to mix things up and have a plan B. Being overly cautious regarding transfers I would think Javier Hernandez or that type of a poaching player would suit nicely.

Rocky Rocastle

Allthough i agree Giroud should stay, i do However not think that a setup with a big hold up striker should be our default setup. Sure there are plenty of games where this is favourable, but You need not look further than Liverpool to find a team with a similar attacking philosophy whom does really well with pacey agile strikers. And 2 of them to boot. And surely with our attack being based on speed, should we not rather be fielding a pacey agile predator striker as our default setup? Or perhaps, a 4-4-2 with Giroud and a goalgetting striker up top might prove fruitful.

At the end of the day, football is about scoring goals, to claim Points so you can fight for trophies. We have a midfield of playmakers, and then we have a striker whom also is more of a playmaker than a goalgetter. Thats a whole lot of playmakers, and abit lacking of players to put the ball in the back of the net, and it shows on our goal difference this season. We need someone whos job it is to score goals.

Personally i think Giroud would be a different beast entirely if he got a partner up top. Lone strikers imo need to either have the ability to create chances for themselves like Van Persie or Henry, and Giroud does not have that. Or he needs to be a good target man, but we do not use him as a target man for crosses like Carrol, Bony, Benteke or Crouch are used in they’re respective teams. Girouds primary function seem to be hold up the ball and bring others in to play. But everytime we play a long ball up to Giroud, he needs to hold it up and wait for the midfield to catch up and support him because he is not the kind of striker whom try to create his own chances. But a goal average of just under 0.5 goals a game is pretty decent though for a striker whos primary role is support and not goalgetting.

With a midfield like ours though i feel it would be beneficial with a goalgetting striker in the Henry/Van Persie mold. The amount of hurt we could inflict with a striker like Van Persie or Suárez infront of Özil, Ramsey, Cazorla and Rosicky i imagine would be devastating. Our midfield in my opinion is better than Liverpool’s, and they could put a predatory striker to good use with their key passing expertise.

However, our Budget is limited, so our options are limited, but Hernandez as you mentioned or Josip Drmic are good candidates whom should be within our price range. And im sure Wenger got plenty of candidates on the potential targets list. I just hope it is not Mandzukic or another Target Man type striker. Giroud, Sanogo and Bendtner should be adequate to cover this role in the Squad one would think. :p

Cyprus The Immortal Gooner
Cyprus The Immortal Gooner

That’s a very solid text with reasoning. My honest query is surely Wenger and staff HAVE to be seeing the things we average fans see and make sense, right? Some things are too obvious (especially over the years) but still…


Not sure about Hernandez, personally, but from what I’ve seen of Drmic that’s definitely an avenue we should be pursuing. Tall, pacey, with an eye for goal.

Having said that, I love the way we play with Giroud up front WHEN WE HAVE A FULLY FIT MIDFIELD. The idea that Giroud is a “striker” is somewhat meaningless and old-fashioned – it’s like calling fullbacks “defenders” when in the modern game they operate all along the touchline. Instead, as you say, Giroud is a “playmaker”, with Ramsey, Podolski and Walcott as our “goalscorers” – the difference is that we play our “playmaker” AHEAD of our goalscorers instead of behind (as is traditional). Not sure there’s another team in the Premier League (or the world?) playing that way, and when the team’s on good form I think it’s a fantastic way to play.

But I agree that options (that infamous “Plan B”) would be nice.


Good point about other clubs, Bony, Carroll etc. The thing is though that none of those players can do what Giroud does, with the ball on the ground, at least in my opinion. He can deliver both roles. An extra striker which is different opens us up for change of style and/or 4-4-2 when suited. With other options in our squad we automatically become a stronger team, don’t really care if its Giroud or someone else starting, just think it would be ridiculous to sell him because he makes other players better and the team stronger.

Gunnersaurus: Regarding Hernandez, I think he is a underrated player who could be persuaded. Obviously I disagree with you, the only thing I dislike about him is that annoying Chicarito name. Admittedly we could do better but he was the one that jumped to my mind when I wrote the comment.

Hereford Gooner

Agree absolutely. If we want the best from our creative midfielders then Giroud is not the striker we need (unless of course we have Theo fit all season and sign a similar type of forward to play on the left – in this situation a hold up striker works well.) If Wenger is going to continue to use Santi on the left then we need a quick striker to capitalise on what Santi and Ozil are in the team for.


Hernandez?!? I’d rather keep Bendtner or resign Adebayor than get Hernandez. Admittedly he doesn’t get a whole lot of game-time these days, but I still think he is (and always has been) MASSIVELY overrated. His position and movement are shocking (he must get flagged offside more than anyone in the league) and his finishing is hardly what you’d call clinical. In fact, very few positive attributes spring to mind.

I think he’ll be doing the classic Man-U-reserve-to-mid-table-mediocrity move next season similar to Berbatov and Owen. Although Man U would probably classify as mid table mediocrity at the moment as well!

AN Other

Mate, I would be highly suprised if you are not.


In fairness, it’s a bit of a dry spell in terms of Arsenal, with not a crisis in sight, no title challenge to write about, no players saying controversial things about wanting to leave, and no dramatic transfer stories.


Great player. If you really know about football, you have to recognise that this guy has worked to get to where he is now. At 25 26 to be still be learning and improving is really admirable. For someone to judge him only goals scored is very harsh. He is the closest thing to Dennis Bergkamp since Dennis Bergkamp. Just look at his one touch assists and lay offs and you can see this guy is an artist. If it weren’t for the injuries to Walcott and Ramsey, and that slapper in his hotel room, he would be close to 30 goals than 20. Next season i believe, if everything goes our way, he would smash all the records.

Truely an Arsenal player, and another master stroke find and polish from le Proffesseur


Closer to 30 goals? I am not too sure about that, Giroud is a good player but the reason why I think many people dislikes him is because of all the opportunities he needs to score 1 goal.. He is not really efficient enough to score us 30 goals, besides he is kinda slow and often loses the 1v1 situations.. He would never score 30 goal in the BPL, he is not at all of the same calibre as a player like Suarez who scored 30 goals this season. I like your optimistic view on him but to be honest, he is not the same dynamic player which will create himself a huge amount of opportunities..


“He is the closest thing to Dennis Bergkamp since Dennis Bergkamp” Obvious troll is obvious.


I’ll also take the FA cup and top four finish as a successful season as long as Mourinho doesn’t win a jack and van Persie is not playing in Europe next season!!


I just realized that I have a final exam on the same day and exact time as the FA Cup final! What the fuck should I do?

A Yank In King Arsene's West Stand
A Yank In King Arsene's West Stand

Write quickly.

Mate Kiddleton

Just record the game, then go straight home and watch it after


Allow the exam. Yolo


Prepare for your exam as best as you can. Hopefully you’ll be celebrating a “double” at the end of the day 🙂


Do what the blogs does. Plug your ears and cover your eyes. Race towards your home right after the exam and watch the recorded game with peace.
PS: You can keep the eyes open actually. Just be cautious. And yeah, do focus on your exam. Don’t worry, we will win for sure.

George Lane

Drop out.


As are we Olivier. I wont hear that 4th and an fa cup isnt some form of success, we are not adrian durham offspring. We missed a trick with the prem, but I put that down to bad luck. You could however, argue january window ignorance, but you cannot buy cover to cover, we dont need a squad of Vivianos. Am I being ignorant, or am I just controlling my irrational anger and not spewing it all towards Le Prof? I think so


Bomb scare


worked for me


Giroud could not have done any more really….it’s Wenger not buying another quality striker, when he had the chance, that put too much pressure on the guy.
The pressure got to Giroud so much, he started fucking tarts in his hotel room the night before matches. I blame Wenger for this too…heh.

Kiddleton Fan

Couldn’t we buy Remy in the Jan window?


Off-topic, but how the Fuck is Ramsey not in the Pfa team of the year?
Llana and Gerrard seriously?
He has the same number of goals as llana and more assists. While playing less games and playing in a deeper midfield role.
Fucking biased cunts.


Maybe because voting for PFA team is conducted in Feb-March (I think) and because Ramsey didn’t play (due to his injury), it was a case of out of sight, out of mind.
Besides public memory being short, players will usually vote for opponents they faced around that time rather than remember a player who tore them a new one four months ago. This is also reflected in the TOTY which has all the faces that were in-form during that two month strecth.

Happy gooner

Injuries to Ramsey and Wallcott ruined our season surely people can judge him and wenger on that


If the end of season goes to plan we’ll be finishing around 7 points behind the Champions.

Damn those defeats to Stoke and Everton, and draws with United and Swansea. A missed opportunity indeed.

New guy

and Villa (opening day)


Fatgooner wants giroud gone.


And exactly when did I say that, idiot?

My views about Giroud have always been consistent: he’s a decent striker but not world class. He would make a competent second striker but is simply not good enough to win us either the league or the Champions’ League.

Some people, mainly on other websites think he’s crap – I don’t. But he just isn’t great, either.

Check you facts before you quote me. Knob.

George Lane

Oh Fatgooner, you so crazy


No problems in keeping giroud as he’s a very good player that adds a lot to the team.
As a main striker at a club that has ambitions to win the title he’s not the answer on his own.
We need a top quality fast mobile striker to go with our quality midfield. Until that happens we will not be good enough to win the league and worse we will continue to waste the great talent of Ozil, cazorla etc.

lee gooner

Happy st tottinghams to one and all

Black Hei

Barney: Wait for it……

mikel's tooth fairy

2 games 1 cup


You Should Be!!!


Olivier, this season you got 20+, next season will be 30+.
And you will be loved… more.


no matter what he says, if giroud is still our first choice striker next year then we are fucked


Hi blogs, enjoyed the new rule you introduced regarding mourinho – the thing I am shocked at is that you had to introduce such a rule, after all, who in their right mind would have anything decent to say about the cretin!!!



m a gunner

realistically facup would be a good season and champions league , we need a cup something to build on for next year ! We haven’t had the squad to challenge for the prem this year and a very hard group in the champions league witch we got through ! Giroud has had a good season but he can’t play every match that’s were his form dipped with a bit of help next year he will get better

According to the laws of Quantum Mechanics, WENGA can be OUT & IN at the same time. So please STOP FIGHTING
According to the laws of Quantum Mechanics, WENGA can be OUT & IN at the same time. So please STOP FIGHTING

Love his work rate, and sometimes his touch is quite sublime, but he is centre forward, he cannot miss all those chances. His lack of finishing skills has cost us this season (other things have as well) and I would LOVE to have him at the club and see him come off the bench or start in games where we need a different approach.

He just shouldn’t be our number one striker, or he should improve his finishing DRAMATICALLY.


Come on HFB


No wonder he’s a mediocre excuse of a striker. It’s hard to believe he has won a league title. FOR all you fanboys praising him for scoring 21 goals, Bony has played a game less and has scored 5 more in a weak Swansea team. But we are stuck with giroud, who arrogantly stated that we don’t need a striker and he’d be upset if we bought a new striker. I’m sick of people defended his mediocre performances and actually having the balls to compare this guy to the likes of benzema and higuain…ONLY a deluded fool will be happy with having this guy as our first choice