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Hull 0-3 Arsenal: by the Ramsey

Aaron Ramsey versus Hull City Tigers

Aaron Ramsey will get all the plaudits today and rightly so, he put in a man of the match performance in his very first start for Arsenal in almost 4 months. His all-action style is captured in the stats below but note that I sprinkle in some stats for other players to give you both context and to highlight the performances of a few other Arsenal players overshadowed by the emotional return of Ramsey.

9 – Aaron Ramsey now has 9 League goals
14 – Ramsey now has 14 goals in all competitions (3 against Fener in UCL qualifiers)
21 – Giroud now has 21 goals in all competitions (1 in UCL qualifiers)
12 – Podolski is now Arsenal’s third leading goalscorer with 12 goals in all competitions
6 – Podolski has scored 6 of his 12 goals in the last 9 matches
6 – Arsenal shots on goal today
3 – Shots on goal by Aaron Ramsey
3 – Shots on goal by Podolski
2 – Number of Podolski’s shots on goal that were created by… Aaron Ramsey
5 – Number of Arsenal’s shots on goal that were either taken by or created by… Aaron Ramsey
4 – Key passes by Santi Cazorla, 1 for an assist to… Aaron Ramsey
3 – Failed dribbles by Aaron Ramsey (of 3 attempted)
2 – Failed dribbles by Aaron Ramsey in or around the Hull 18 yard box
2 – Successful dribbles by Oxlade-Chamberlain (of 2 attempted)
2 – Successful dribbles by Ox around the Hull 18 yard box
2 – Successful tackles by Ramsey (of 3 attempted)
3 – Successful tackles by each of Sagna, Cazorla, and Arteta… those three were 9/10 tackling today, with only Arteta missing a tackle and with Cazorla making two covering tackles in the right back position!
10 – Ball recoveries by Aaron Ramsey (a ball recovery is counted every time you get kicked in the balls and are able to play on… oh wait, no… it’s picking up a loose ball or a ball played to you by the opposition. This is obviously an Opta stat.)
21 – Arsenal’s most frequent pass combination was from Ramsey to Cazorla
14 – The second most frequent pass combination was from Cazorla to Ramsey (tied with Podolski to Monreal of which just 3 were forward)
67 – Passes completed by Ramsey, he was second on the team behind Arteta
25 – Ramsey also led Arsenal in passing in the Hull Final third
24 – However, Cazorla was second!
15 – Podolski was third and Özil only had 14
14 – Koscielny tied Curtis Davies to lead all players with 14 clearances and he also won 3/6 aerial duels

Aaron Ramsey versus the Premier League

3.3 – Ramsey leads Arsenal in tackles per game (more than 10 games played)
1.5 – Ramsey is 4th in Key Passes on Arsenal
2.2 – Ramsey is 3rd in shots per game
66 – Ramsey is second in passes per game
18 – Premier League games Aaron Ramsey has started
17 – Premier League games Aaron Ramsey has missed entirely or was subbed on for
13.7 – Arsenal’s shots per game with Ramsey
13.4 – Arsenal’s shots per game without Ramsey
2 – Arsenal’s goals per game with Ramsey
1.5 – Arsenal’s goals per game without Ramsey
13.4 – Arsenal’s shots per game with Özil
13.9 – Arsenal’s shots per game without Özil
1.9 – Arsenal’s goals per game with Özil
1.6 – Arsenal’s goals per game without Özil
1 – Aaron Ramsey

Box Score


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ohh aaron ramsey, so good to have you back!


1 – Aaron Ramsey




I missed the game. Did Hull look dangerous or were we comfy all match? I sat through United not being able to do us a favor smh

gunner4 life

we won 0-3 ..!! thats like a walk over score..!! how do u think we played with ramsey and ozil starting after alomng time ?


First 20-30 minutes we had some trouble, after that it was an easy ride.

Momo (@MuhamLAD)

1 – Dentist appointments made after today’s match


and he is not fully recovered, what a player!


and 1 teeth that Arteta lost


Rambo is one our key players with walcott and everybody back and fit with extra additions for arsenals challenge next season 🙂

artetas tooth

oh ramsey how i’ve missed you!!!!!


One of the games I saw us dominate from start to finish in long time. Feels good to have Rambo and wizard of oz back.


Well, not exactly dominating from the start, but once we scored, Hull just collapsed. Solid play by the team and not being intimidated by the rough tackles.


Apart from the beautiful goals and link play what was most impressive was the guts shown from the whole team. Couple of Hull players were looking to kick 5 shades of shit from our fella’s. Arteta? Respect

non flying dutchman

We’re just replacing random words with Ramsey are we? I’ve no problem with that.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

No, we’re Ramsey, you Ramsey Ramsey.


Ramsey (Roger), that.

Double canister

Had almost forgotten what a comfortable away win felt like. First 20 mins were rusty. But after that it was all Ramsey.
Roll on the cup final.

Double canister

Nice write-up 7am.


1- first game since God knows, that we failed to concede first!


Giroud hitting the post weren’t counted as a shot on goal?

Gutbukket Deffrolla

If it was a shot on goal he would have scored. Only other players can stop a shot on goal becoming a goal. If it hits a post or crossbar it missed the goal by definition, the goal actually being the large expanse of fresh air between the goal posts.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

But what about a shot that is on target but runs to a grinding halt six inches from the line? Id that a shot on goal?


if a ball rolls into goal and nobody is there to see it, is it a goal?

Diaby`s Glassware

i think i`ve seen that Giroud cross->Ramsey knockdown-> Poldi goal somewhere but i’ve got short memory i just remember as far as west ham


Love the 1 – Ramsey line at the end 🙂


These posts are my favorite thing on arseblog news. What is the definition of a dribble?

Is there a glossary for the terms.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

You can see dribbles by watching any Man United or Spurs player, but Rooney is the one that’s really perfected them. Just watch him any time he’s getting a bollocking from a referee.


An interesting article from SkySports of all places:

Ramsey lead Arsenal for distance covered (Arteta 2nd, 1km behind) and sprints (Giroud 2nd, 9 behind). Incredible engine on that lad!

Kiss my arsenal

Boyd looks like he’s getting ready to spit again in that photo

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Nah, I think he’s trying to dribble.

Clock End Mike

I think Giroud has just 20 goals so far in all competitions — 14 PL (incl 1 pen), 3 ECL (incl 1 pen v Fenerbahce), 3 FA Cup?

Clock End Mike

Two thumbs downs — am I wrong?


Anyone else think it was a dick move subbing poldi after such a good performance especially when he has already expressed how much he’d like to play a full game for once

Arteta's Smile

With the game well won and Giroud off with a knock it looked more to me like a smart, safe move to keep our in-form goal scorer healthy against a dirty opponent and blood the youngster.

Cliff Bastin

Conspiracy/10 – hull losing to us benefits them because if we finish 4th they get automatic europa league qualification whatever happens in the fa cup final.

dum dum dummmmmmmmm


every time you fart in aaron ramseys general direction, everton smile at a raven. i love beer


Simply, his energy levels and intelligence gives us an extra body defending affording the likes of Podolski more offensive threat and an extra body attacking which doubles our chances in and around the box.

Like walcott beofre him, given up for dead because most fans do not want to contemplate the ability of players to improve. Shiny new toy is all they seem to care for.

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