Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Hull 0-3 Arsenal: player ratings

How nice to go through a game without panicking about trying to grab a late equaliser or winner.

Here’s how we thought the players rated – and remember you can add your own ratings and comments below.

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0/10 for Steve Bruce for thinking that he coudl kick Arsenal out of the game

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Bastard was playing that game to soften us up for the FA Cup. I’m sure he told his mob to kick a few of our lads out of that game.


Took a page right out of the Tony Pulis book. This game was a very clear attempt by one team to injure the other as much as possible. Arsene should not have shook this cunt’s hand at the end. Steve Bruce should be sterilised for the good of humankind.


Wow, I watched the same game and didn’t see what you are seeing. The Arteta foul/elbow was cheeky but I thought it was a good game that we dominated and put to bed…


Bruce is still bitter that Bendtner shagged his daughter.


David- I guess Hull only had the stamina to use this “pressing” tactic for the first 20-30 minutes before we scored our goal. Previously you had pressing to close down long ball teams like Wimbledon. Nowadays you have pressing all over the pitch due to increased player fitness and tactical evolution (Barca’s win-the-ball-back-in-5-seconds rule). The “pressing” against Arsenal employed by many other EPL teams, however, usually goes as follows: Szczesny passes the ball to Arteta –> Ogre #1 sprints at Arteta from midfield so fast that he’s out of control –> Arteta passes ball to Mertesacker –> Ogre #1 follows… Read more »

Bolarinwa Mayowa

10/10. Flamini didn’t get a yellow today


you’re all incredibly disrespectful to Steve Bruce- he has done really well this season with Hull, probably keeping them up and getting them to the FA Cup Final. Of course he told his lads to go out there and rough us up, every manager does. He was extremely complimentary of us in his post match comments, and I think we should have a little more respect for a genuinely pleasant, down to earth guy.


Sorry, can’t do that. Arteta took muddleblow’s cleats to the face, then lost a tooth to long. Elmohamady elbowed everybody his elbow could reach. Monreal, fresh back from injury, got kicked into the air.

Fuck Bruce’s thugs.


Great win, Ramsey and Ozil are back, life is good.

Also, why does Szczesny have an 0.5 fan rating?

Just A Gentleman

Maybe the first person that voted for him gave him a 0.5 by mistake. It’s up to 8.37 now.


He didn’t score. I blame wenga.

Canon Fodder

We tend to go overboard with our ratings. When we lose, every player is bad but when we win the total opposite is the case. I was at Hull today; Ozil was peripheral at best which is understandable after a long lay off but to give him a rating of 7 plus is being far too generous


I disagree. I’m one of Ozil’s biggest critics and think he’s been largely disappointing this season but I thought he was good today. A few defense splitting passes, retained possession well, should’ve had a pen and I even saw him put himself between a man and the ball, take contact and continue playing. It may sound facetious but 2 months ago he would have fallen over and asked for the foul. Glad to have him back.


Great to see the Welsh Messi up and playing. Ozil looked sharp, and Poldi… Love that man….


Messi ain’t got shit on Aaron.

non flying dutchman

Blogs calls him the welsh Jesus doesn’t he? et’s not be demoting our fella after such a performance.

North Stand

Don’t know why the Sanogo comment made me laugh but this is what winning does. I like this feeling


Us winning means I can enjoy seeing United get smashed by everton


actually, it was my first tym of supporting them n guess what? they are manure. no two ways about that..


Amazing what having two of the three best PL midfielders back does for your team.


And when Wilshere comes along we’ll have 3/3 😀


We fans have forgot How Classy Player Wilshere is…..He ll be back….And Back with a BANG!!! #FormIsTemporaryWilshereIsPermanent


Why have so many given this brilliant comment a thumd down? Granted, Toure and Hazard have their moments, but show some spirit please!

US Gooner

I think he was referencing Diaby


you mean, ‘referring’?


Just out of curiosity who is the third?

Turkis Gooner

another point for Arteta for the lost tooth anyone?! 😀
MASSIVE WIN today as fuckin toffees seem to win against Manure…

Mesut's Kisses

We need a new fitness coach even more than a new striker. REAL TALK.


Rambo, strong in the tackle, loves going forwards, great at defending. If only we had a yaya toure to play beside him


Why does everyone think Yaya Toure is a holding midfielder? Hasn’t played there regularly at all under Peligrini nor the latter stages of Mancini’s tenure. Yaya and Aaron Ramsey are the same type of player, box to box midfielders, and at this stage of the game I’d take Ramsey any day.


Nothing wrong with two Box-to- Box Mid’s playing side by side, especially with their work rates. No ground would be untrod.


I had to give an extra point to Arteta. Lost a tooth for the team.

2014-2015 = 2003-2004

Don’t worry Arteta. If your dentist is even half as good as your hairdresser your front tooth will be sparkling good as new in no time.


He played on after he got his front tooth knocked out. I gave him a 9. He’s a champ.


Who’s this Ramsey fella? He seems to do well, especially in the company of this other guy Ozil…man what could have been if they didn’t go down. Never mind, we’ll do the job from here on out and I’ll just be ecstatic we have players like those guys on our team. Thank you Arsene.

Don Cazorleone

The tough part about what “could have been”, is that if they weren’t injured, they would have been run into the ground until their form dropped anyway.

non flying dutchman

You have to add Walcott to the equation, I’d say he would have got at least another 8 goals or so including I’d have bet in games against swansea, and united with bleeding show defences. Would have also forced Leighton Baines and the like to do a lot more defending, and thus a lot less pass-picking. What could have been.


15th minute save kept us ahead? Erm… it was 0-0 until the 31st minute.


Nah, it was 1-0 in the 11th minute after the penalty…Oh wait


Arteta looks like a well groomed hobo.


Joe Jordans long lost lego brother anyone?

Petit's Handbag

“Four goals in his last two is decent”
He’s scored 400% more goals from open play than Saldildo this week


this week!!! the whole season i think


Poor Mikel… Then again it’s not like he can’t afford to get it fixed


Good timing to get a silver tooth attached. Ah imagine him smiling with the Silverware after we win the final. We should give make a list of choices for his new tooth Sabertooth,dracula,suarez(nah not needed).
Lets win all the matches now.

Momo (@MuhamLAD)

He can just smith a tooth from chunks of the FA Cup trophy


My only regret is sanogo not coming on earlier. He seems to have the worst luck for shots, either it’s blocked, spectacularly saved, air kicked, or skied. Really want him to score once at least


When his shot isn’t blocked, spectacularly saved, air kicked or skied, his goal gets wrongly disallowed for offside: http://arsenalist.com/f/everton-vs-arsenal/yaya-sanogo-s-disallowed-goal.html


Common you fucking gunners!! Loving the atmosphere which has been rejuvenated by our great performances recently… Poldi is a beast, Ramsey no words to describe him and ozil played some great passes…COYG


If Artera had gone off immediately he could have reattached the tooth.


The only way Wilshere and Ramsey can play together is we move to a conventional 4-3-3 that means Ozil will have to move to either wing . Ramsey is among the best CM at the moment , way ahead of Wilshere.


Maybe. When we played a double pivot of Song and Wilshere it was Wilshere who played the more withdrawn role despite some people (wrongly) believing Song was exclusively a defensive midfielder. He has the steel and the passing ability but does he have the desire and intelligence to play there? Not sure.


He wants a new tooth, he wants a new tooth, Mikel Arteta, He wants a new tooth.


10/10 – Steve Bruce’s warthog impression


I look a bit of an arse now having blabbered on about 442, don’t I?

Arsene knows.

I don’t. Clearly.


Supporter rating of 9/10 for being a man about it.

AN Other

Brilliant all around special mention to Ramsey who seems to be different planet to rest of the team. He is running between the lines, making passes, moving up, scoring and assisting all within the same move.

I said on Twitter yesterday that he would have been player of the season ahead of Suarez if not for injury. He just reinforced that believe.


Coleman for new right back??


Absolutely, he’s been that good all season


No way on earth Everton would sell him, not even for £20m


THIS was the Arsenal we know and love!! the best boys

humour seeker

buahahahahahahahahahahahaha…….. i saw what you did with sanogo their….. lolz….. just why i love arseblog, the humour… + i think the last goal by podolski looked kinda sexy!!!

Saffa Gooner

Enjoyable and impressive game to watch! But this refereeing performance just shows how well we have to play to grab the points: how a karate kick to the head doesn’t get a yellow, but Per’s tackle a few minutes later does, sums it all up.

Thierry Bergkamp

Thank fuck Mikel has pretty hair

non flying dutchman

Hahaha great picture with the toothless grin


That is actually as sharp as I have seen Ozil for Arsenal. Much less wasteful and seemed to have extra yard of pace to get past his player. Good signs for next season.

Fatboy Gooney

Enjoyed todays commentarie Arseblog.


Just Tom

How come it’s not a thing yet shouting “Aha” whenever Poldi scores?

Lucky Luke

Giroud! Oooh, low flying air planes beware! Sanogo! Ooooh, MIR spacestation, look out! Podolski! GOOOOOAL! Our strikers need to stay behind after training and get finishing lessons from Poldi. I know Giroud got 20 goals, but most of em are tap ins. Looked good today though, Özil and Ramsey will hopefully help Giroud up to the next Level. Need to keep in mind Giroud was only a 12 mill signing, and i would say he has delivered As well As one could expect from a 27 yr old 12 mill signing. At the top of his game at that age,… Read more »

master floda

Giroud is the tap-in-type of striker, so if he converts those, everything’s fine. He’s also a great header and excellent with his back to goal, something Podolski and Walcott aren’t and that’s why they play on the wings.

non flying dutchman

Just wish he was able to use some of that strength he has going forward. There are few better at holding back a defender to win a 50 50 ball facing away from goal – but fdacing it he does lose too many of his battles for such a big fella


Arteta the grandpa!!


Agree with every rating today, cheers blogs!

artetas tooth

how i’ve missed the ramsey and ozils partnership


What about 0/10 for the advertising boards? Awful positioning and couldn’t even stay in tact.

Loaded cannon

I just hope they don’t take this as a setpoint for when they play the final


Obviously great game from Ramsey, we really don’t have anyone else in the squad like him. Arteta had a very solid game and was surely thinking about his million dollar smile the whole game after loosing the tooth. Credit to him for focusing on the match. We really have taken care of the bottom 13 teams this season with dropping points only vs Villa in first game and draws at West Brom and Southampton and at home recently to Swansea. Our of 23 matches and 69 points we have only dropped 9 points which is what is keeping us in… Read more »

non flying dutchman

Should have made that the bottom 15, I know we didn’t do too well against united but if there is any chance to mention taking 6 points from 6 in our games against sp*rs, you take that opportunity

non flying dutchman

Also I’m afraid you are forgetting we lost against the orc hordes from near the river trent


Holy shit, Arteta photo of the year.


He’s French. He’s Free. He’ll break your F***ing knee. Flamini Flamini.
Lu Lu Lu Lu Lucas Podolski.
Return of the Grimm Reaper; Ramsey.
With key players returning we’re back in better form too. #COYG


After watching that performance silverware and top four place looks good. Top players coming back it looks a good end to the season. Oh yeah love Poldi.


Podolski seems to be a clinical finisher.


Ramsey, Ozil, and Santi is the midfield we’ve been hoping for all season. I might be wrong but I don’t think they have played many games together. At least not with Santi in good form.

Poldi’s on fire. He needs to continue to start.

m a gunner

Coleman would be a great replacement for sagna if he goes but I think there may be a big price tag on him ! Are we gonna spend 15 _ 20 mil on a right back ? I think other teams might , we need a world class d,,mid and striker


Not a mention of Cazorla! I thought he was brilliant today.


Arseblog please crop the picture of Arteta losing his front tooth for player ratings from now onwards.

kim kallstrom

I’m no Giroud defender for 12m we could’ve had van Wolfswinkle, so lets be glad Giroud is the player he is

non flying dutchman

Could have spent twice as much and got soldado – so a bit more gratitude for what we do jave

Stefan Pereira

Fuck off, Hull. COYG.


I thought Ozil was best afield personally. Certainly the most important cog in the machine.

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