Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Ox: It’s our responsibility to win the cup

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has echoed the thoughts of Tomas Rosicky who said that Arsenal’s young players need to learn what it’s like to win something.

The England man says it would be ‘vital’ for the club’s future to secure a trophy this season, and that it would provide the team with the belief to go and do more.

“Once you do get that experience of winning the first one, you automatically build confidence you can go and do it again,” he said. “That experience is vital.”

He also suggested it was something the squad required to kick on.

“The squad needs that 100 per cent. I always hear commentators talking about squads that have been around and won things.

“They always mention the experience of winning, knowing what it takes. And they’ve only got that through winning trophies.

“That is definitely ­something that will help this team to go on and push forward and be successful.”

And while admitting it’s not as easy as people think to go the distance in any competition, he admitted that with the team’s left in the FA Cup, Arsenal have to make sure it happens.

“It is a lot easier said than done, but we are in a ­position where we can make that happen, in a position where it is our responsibility to take that opportunity.”

The good news is that Oxlade-Chamberlain, along with Gibbs and Rosicky, played a full part in training yesterday and should be available for the semi-final showdown, and hopefully all three can play a part in making sure this is just the first visit to the Wembley this season.


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Sheffield Goon



“I have stood side by side with great thinkers—surgeons, engineers, economists, men who deserve a great following—and have heard the crowd cheer me instead. I love my profession. I like playing baseball. I love the fans too, but I think they cheered too loudly, and they cheered for the wrong man.”
Babe Ruth

Remember that there are a lot of things more important than football and footballers


Yes, but not today.


Sir HumpAlot

Indeed, But of all Unimportant things in the world, football is the most important 🙂 Many footballers contribute alot in their home community, like Drogba with his Didier Drogba foundation which among other things funds building of schools and hospitals in the Ivory Coast. Eboue is another footballer with his own foundation. And then you have all the work football Clubs do for charity. Many Clubs have a “charity for the season” including our own Arsenal. Save the children is an official Arsenal charity partner. Barcelona got Unicef. And so on. So Yes, there is more to life than football,… Read more »


Just heard Sanogo will start tomorrow. (Watch this space)


Giroud wasn’t even seen in the training photos so I’d guess so, perfect day to get his first goals (hattrick coming) for the Gunners 😉


I did spot him in the training photos.


truth be told, against everton, sanogo in his 10 minutes on the ptiche made an ONSIDE run into space and got a goal that was disallowed. im sure if he’s good enough to start against bayern, he can start tmmw.


Surely after all this jibber jabber we cant afford to lose tommorow….

Not if giroud can help it that is….


Lets hope all of this talk from the players translates into a proper thrashing of a team with no-where near as much talent as we do tomorrow. COYG!

Gutbukket Deffrolla

You do know that when these two teams face eachother today one of them is coming off a recent 6-3 thrashing at the Etihad, while the other is coming off a recent 2-1 win over Citeh at the Etihad? You do know that Wigan have beaten every Premier League club they have played in the last 11 months? You do know Wigan have more experience of playing, and winning, at Wembley than at least half of the team we will be putting out? Our talent has been almost entirely useless to us in terms of results in the last few… Read more »


Good point, been a lot of jibber jabber. FFS put in a performance lads!

Stan The Man

I hope the Ox plays out wide to best utilize his pace. Im sure he can be a brilliant Cam like Wenger says, but in a game like this it is not the time to work on converting players into other roles.

Good luck! Coyg!


I had a shift at work on Sunday when the game is on, got a colleague to switch so I could see the game and he gave me his shift on Saturday instead. But now I know the game is on Saturday, not Sunday. But it does not matter one bit because I’m a security guard at an empty house with a big screen TV and nothing for me to do besides watching the game. I don’t even know why I wanted to be home watching it because there I would have had to stream it in some shitty quality.… Read more »


Any chance of sneaking a few beers into work too? Maybe eight in case we fuck it up!!


I know a guy, can bring through a Big Green Bag of stress relief/celebration 😉


I’ve got to go to 2 events today, a birthday do followed by a wake so I’m going to be sneaking a look at the live blog on my phone and will probably get thrown out for punching the air and shouting “YES” when the first Arsenal goal goes in the onion bag and it’ll be worth it 🙂

Gutbukket Deffrolla

You can spot the folks who watch ESPN really easily. The “old onion bag” never gets a mention anywhere in the world by anyone except Tommy and people who watch him. I hope the birthday is a good one, and that Arsenal don’t give you any reason to cry at the wake.


Me too GD and the birthday party is going well cos sp*rs are getting stuffed by WB and the toffees are drawing. COYG


NO END of black looks as Fab saves 2 and Santi scores to put us in the final ooops well my mate would have understood so the trouble is giving me tons of grief but we’re going to wembley for the final so do I care??????? COYG

Petit's Handbag

Jesus the lads talk a lot.
Just play well and score, and don’t let me hear anything about “the players heads weren’t in it” at 7pm tomorrow.
Time to wake up


Of course, that’s essential. I can also do a lot of masturbation there, that might come in hand one day.


That was supposed to be a reply to MC above.


Lol! Beer and wanking, what a night. An Arsenal win would be a bonus!!

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Yu guys have too much of something on your hands, that’s for sure.


Yeah start sanogo and then bring on giroud later in the match, say the fifty minute mark… think that would be a good use of players!!!!

My Name is Difficult to Pronounce

Wenger doesn’t make substitutions before 60 minutes.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

He used to do it at 67 minutes, but now he usually dithers and it happens just after 70. Let’s hope we have a good enough lead that he can wait until the 80th minute and then bring on three guys who haven’t played in the Cup yet. If we do manage to win it I’m all for seeing as many of our players as possible get a medal. Winners medals add a yard of pace and a ton of confidence to any player.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Call me Mister Soppy if you want, but if we do have things go our way I would like to see Chesney given 10 minutes today and then have Fabianski start in the final (he’s earned his place there if we get through, though Wenger has form for dropping the Cup goalie in order to bring in the No 1 for a final and I was disappointed in him when it happened). It would be sad if Chesney didn’t get a medal from our first trophy win since he joined, and I think he has probably played his part in… Read more »

Petit's Handbag

Benis you’re an odd man


Win it or you’re dead to me xx


@Xhani yeah why start sanogo when we have the mighty giroud, fucked either way is what we are.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Oh, you naughty ferngunner. Go to your room right now. And I don’t want to hear you sneaking downstairs and trying to watch the game from behind the sofa. You’re grounded, mister!


What other reason should Wenger be given a new contract besides sentimentality????


Is there a bigger motivation than being in a semi-final??


Yes,being in the final.


After all the big talking from the boys, I expect a Big Fucking Performance against the Latics. I’m talking classic Arsenal, 4-0 type shit. I want a Sanogo hattrick (assisted by Rambo for all 3 of course) and Arteta converting a penalty.

Nothing less. COYG!


Fans moan about having no squad depth, yet many fans (probably the same ones) moan about Giroud. It’ll end up with this ridiculous abuse forcing him out of the club thus providing us with a lack of depth. People need to engage brains and take in the bigger picture, Giroud = good striker when supplied, not worldclass, but GOOD, so just fucking leave him alone, a better striker will come this summer (I have faith, if I am proved wrong by august feel free to use this comment to beat me with)


Agree completely, but he done himself no favours with his behaviour on and off the pitch, extra marital fucking before games + whining at the ref all the time. But overall he has done ok. The annoying thing is EVERYONE AND THEIR FUCKING DOG saw this coming. Either Giroud was going to get injured or exhausted. And you seriously mean to tell me there wasn’t a better striker than Giroud/Sanogo/Bendtner available in January? Wenger with his encyclopedic knowledge of football couldn’t’ t have got an Eduardo type signing in? We are easily the most frustrating club in the world to… Read more »


It is clear that Giroud is exhausted and out of form at the moment, but that still doesn’t excuse his lack of shots, lack of effort, losing the ball, lying on his backside for most of the match, etc. We know that he can play well as demonstrated at the start of the season but why is he still being trotted out for every single match when he’s in such a poor run of form and when Sanogo is evidently ready to get stuck in? Wenger needs to start Giroud on the bench for a few games and give Sanogo… Read more »

Fatboy Gooney

Wigan will be 110% up for this,
Why should they fear us,
When they beat city, away from home.

Where as our player’s,
have been busy patching their arse’s up…
How many times did they have a new one torn out?

I’m expecting a very nervous start tomorrow,
Which, Probably won’t settle down,
until we go 1 nil down.

Depending on, how our the fan’s react to this,
Will determine the result.

Hopefully, the fans will get behind the player’s,
which is what they will need…
And Only then, we will see our fighting spirit released.

4-1 to the Ar-se-nal..

Fatboy Gooney

Probably end up being a….

Oh MY God!


YOOOUUU!! B A S – T A R D S!!!


Can someone explain to me this idea that a prerequisite for winning trophies is to have won a trophy.

Logically, that makes no sense.

As an example, can any of you think of an example of a team that has won a trophy they never won before?

Uh…yeah…we can. Every team in the world that won a trophy presumably hadn’t won it before they won it.



Thank you Bunburyist for an erudite comment (and of course the great name but I bet not many get the reference)


I’m not even moved by all these phrases… it’s a remix of what we’ve all heard over the years….TALK LESS, DO MORE…


God, stop giving interviews to the press. Every week, they all say the right things but as a team, they fail to show up for the game.

Let your performance do the talking. Enough interviews, enough talking.

Just go win the game or shut up


It was also your responsibility not to get completely murdered in big games this season. Hopefully you can make amends tomorrow.

Come on Arsenal.


No more ‘zombiemode’ please.

Focus and win. That is all.


It’s your responsibilty not to fall for this from Rosler ”…it puts even more pressure on Arsenal to absolutely go for it.”

He REALLY wants you to go gung ho and hit on the counter. Go for it, but keep those full backs back!


How about three defenders sagna – per – verm? Stick and extra player in midfield to swamp them and push on from there?


Can’t see Wenger changing formation to be honest.

My expected line up:


Sagna Vermaelen Mertersacker Gibbs

Arteta Ramsey

Podolski Cazorla Oxlade Chamberlain


I would like to see (but what do I know?)


Sagna Mert Verm Gibbs

Kallstrom Ramsey

Gnabry Cazorla Ox


Some may wonder about Poldi up front, but does anyone remember the game at the end of last season when we sent Wigan down?

Poldi played up front and scored twice. Ramsey also scored.


Scratch Gnabry he’s injured it seems. We need. Rosicky if fit in place. If not, I can’t see any other option than Jenks. Unless we play Sanogo up top with Poldi/Ox wide.

I think that’s what we’ll see.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

It’s more than likely that our late fitness test trio will only be good for cameos at the end, and not up to playing a whole match. Just because we let them train and put them in the squad is no guarantee (given our injury record) that they are actually fit for purpose.


Won’t say this makes me feel better about the game today.. but hell, through thick and thin right! Come on you gunners…please.


Had a dream last night that I was being introduced to some (fantastic) new chants by the Arsenal faithful. Hope to hear a rendition of the old “Arsene Wenger’s Magic!” in the coming weeks, if not today! COYG!!


Wengerlee Wengerlee we’re the famous Arsenal and we’re going to Wengerlee

palace gunner

Yes win arsenal fc at least the gunners in f.a cup semi coyg


Lots of rumours going around that Giroud is not starting today. We’ll see.


17-year-old defender Julio Pleguezuelo has just signed a pro contract with Arsenal. Seems he’s being promoted from the Youth Team after impressing this season. Barca didn’t want him to go, so he might be half decent. All I know is what I’ve heard. He’s strong, tall, reasonably quick and a ball playing centre half.

Good news and good luck to the lad. Hopefully, we’ll have more good news later today (shakes.)


It’s not calm calm, its like nervous calm. I hope we win, no matter how or by how many. Wouldn’t be good for health to visit arseblog if we loose. My eyes turned into frog eyes reading those comments after everton.
2-0 to the arsenal


Enough of all this fucking talking by the players! He’re a simple plan to beat Wigan: 1. Turn up. 2. Take them seriously – very seriously. They have beaten Man City twice in the last 12 months. 3. Have a decent game plan – not the fucking Wenger “don’t worry about the opposition” bollocks. 4. Score first. 5. Defend well, especially from set pieces. 6. Don’t give the ball away in midfield – it’s our Achilles heel. 7. Try to get a second goal – it will make our lives much easier. 8. Make subtitutions when necessary, NOT according to… Read more »


Absolutely spot on, and you really couldn’t have put #6 any better – no dribbling when everyone is committed upfield!


You get a bad rap on here, but those are good points. I liked #8. All this ‘red zone’ bollocks does my head in. Tell the players that they’re in a ‘red zone’ or that they’re tiredand guess what…they’ll think that they are knackered or about to get injured. If I was the manager (thank god I’m not…most of the players would be injured from my cricket bat after recent displays) I would smash up the CD Roms from Prozone and fart in the face of the 23 year old Hipster with his clipboard telling me that Ramsey ran 11.2km… Read more »

Dan Danielson

I would like to comment, but I have to sort out my new headphone packaging


Go afc

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