Wenger calls for loan rule revamp


Arsene Wenger believes the current rules and regulations on the loaning of players are flawed claiming the system is currently ‘not defendable’.

Claiming that the least a loaned player should be able to do is play against his parent club, the boss went so far as to suggest that temporary moves shouldn’t be allowed between Premier League clubs.

Speaking ahead of Arsenal’s game against Everton, who’ll likely field loanees from rivals Chelsea (Lukaku) and Manchester City (Barry) as well as Barcelona’s Gerard Deulofeu Wenger touched on how he feels the system is being abused.

“I believe if you want to continue the loan system, we have to make them available against the teams that loan them, or the system is not defendable.

“It’s just a protection of the clubs who loan the players out to hurt the opponents and they have no risk at all.

“I think the best would be that the players are only loaned in lower divisions or abroad, and even abroad I’m not completely convinced it is right. For example, today I read in a paper that in Holland they complain that Vitesse Arnhem doesn’t want to [qualify for the Champions’ League], so that is the kind of question you get in the modern game.”

Arsenal currently have four ‘first team’ squad members on loan including Ju Young Park at Championship side Watford and trio Joel Campbell, Johan Djourou and Francis Coquelin at Olympiakos, Hamburg and Freiburg respectively. A further nine players from the club’s Academy are also garnering experience elsewhere, none though in the Premier League.

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I agree with Wenger on this.

City and the Chavs can buy players and loan them out to ‘decent’ teams. They then don’t have to face their 20/30m player when rivals do.

Loans should only be allowed to other leagues. It creates imbalance. The toy clubs like to buy the best but make sure no rivals get the next best if possible. They loan them out to get them off the wage bill (FFP) but have no intention of using the players. They also at times get a loan fee (helping their accounts). It’s like renting out houses. It pushes up wages for everyone else and it’s a joke. It was never a major problem in that clubs genuinely loaned out young players to get experience. Lukaku cost Chelsea over 20m. You don’t loan out players like that. Barry is an experienced international. Another joke loan deal.

Doubt anything will be done as usual though.


the rules are the rules. They are the same for all teams. Financial doping is the reality. Wenger should accept it and find a way to make us not look like jokes against our rivals, or let someone else have a go instead of waiting for the football world to accept his views on things


Wenger needs to shut the hell up and get on with the job THAT WE PAY HIM near on £7.5 mill a year for failure every season, you don’t hear other managers getting involved in other matters away from their clubs – SO SHUT IT WENGER and get on with ruining another season for us again cos you’re doing a grand job so far yet again


I’m ashamed to have the same name as you


I’m ashamed you took the time out just to write that but hey ho


Do you think he was sitting in his home on the sofa near the fireplace with a cigar and a glass of wine and thought “What should I talk about today?”. He was obviously asked about the situation, Dan boy.


Just because he was asked about it does not mean he has to answer it, or even answer it honestly. But he loves a good moan and taking the moral high ground


A football manager having an opinion on football? Deary me, whatever next!


That’s just it, it was nothing about football, his comments were about rules he does not agree with, rules he was not moaning about when Benayoun was scoring for us in the PL. next week it will be back to financial doping again.

Will he give his opinion on the £2 million he will earn from French TV for the WC in Brazil in June and July when he should be preparing us for next season? I doubt it

Saffa Gooner

Wow, fuck me, rules on players have nothing to do with football, whatever next.


Maybe having exposure to a world-class competition from a non-managerial perspective would benefit Wenger. He may just learn a thing or two more about football tactics. Arsenal can benefit from it.


Yes, how dare Wenger reply to a question posed to him by a journalist during a press conference? The sheer nerve of the man.


Sorry to bring this up, but what’s happening to Vitesse?


AND unless i’ve missed something – didn’t Wenger try to get Chelsea to loan us DEMBA BA last summer – i’m pretty sure he is another Premier League player from ANOTHER Premier League club ahh wenger and his hypocrisy


What the fuck are you talking about? You can not agree with a system while it in place and still use it. There’s no honour in being a conscientious objector to the modern day football loan system.

You sir, are a contrarian!


He wasn’t moaning when Benayoun scored us the winner


What makes this hypocrisy?
You play within the rules as they are – that does not restrict you from saying the rules should be changed. Do you expect Wenger to refuse to take a loan player just to take a principled stand?


Didn’t Wenger ALSO bring in Benayoun on loan from a Premier League club also BUT it seems fine when he does it – just when no-one else does – wenger didn’t refuse with Ba, Mourinho refused it – bet wenger wouldn’t be spouting this IF we’d of got him on loan


The point is that he only takes the ‘principled stand’ when it suits his agenda


Adding to what morbius said, Wenger is complaining that loaned out players are not allowed to play against their parent club, which makes the current system unfair. Thus when Chel$ki face Everton Lukaku won’t be playing against them, when Man $ity play Everton Barry won’t be playing against them, etc. Wenger is saying at the very least loaned out players should be able to play against their parent club.


Which in this case works in our favour as Everton are weakened.


Whoever thumbed me down is at most a fucking imbecile and at worst, a clueless cunt.


Its definately a valid argument by AW11003


Anyone else wish we at least had a crack for Chelsea’s salah that has come on strong for them at the end of the season, he could have covered for theo, help our injury hit squad, anyway up the boys to smash Everton soon, ox for the double,

Dial square

It’s a fair point by Wenger, but the rules are the rules and you can’t blame clubs using them to their advantage, just get on with it and let’s give Everton a football lesson in their own back yard…

The Iceman

I’d agree with Wenger only on the part where he says, they should be allowed to play against their parent club.

This simple tweak will solve the issue. But I doubt it is ever gonna happen.


I don’t get that rule.. In Germany it is actually forbidden to have a contract that says that a player is not allowed to play against his club!


AW have got EPL experience for Ramsey, Wishire, Song,… and get some from Benayoun, was requesting Ba. Why he asks now, even it sounds good?


Hasn’t Wenger loaned out players to Premier League clubs OR SOLD to Premier League rivals – oh wait, yes he did and has


Didn’t Wenger loan out Wilshere, Ramsey and Song to other Premier League clubs oh wait yes he did – SO he would’ve been fine then with them playing AGAINST us


Nothing better to do ‘Dan’ than stir the pot on rival clubs chat forums. You sad little man.


‘rival club chat forums’ you are aware that i AM an arsenal fan of 31 years you sad lil chap – i just don’t agree with wenger or want him at the club he has ruined now and turned into a lightweight laughing stock in the prem and europe


So your comment is at best retarded when i’m an arsenal fan and have been since i was 4


Why is he sad for pointing out the truth? What has he said that is false/ wrong?

Maybe like a lot of us he is sick of the manager moaning, making excuses for everything and blaming his failure on external factors when he should be examining his own role. Who’s fault was it Ozil and Ramsay were played well beyond the red zone, and that Giroud has been knackered for 5 months


i’ve wanted Le arsehole out since 2006 when after paris i realised we would NEVER aspire to be a huge team under him nor win anything significant like a european trophy etc and as each season passes with failure yet again i want him out even more so – he’s brought f**k all new to the table in 8 years and we won’t progress as a club until he goes and takes his arrogance with him


I am sorry but this is what makes people hate Arsenal fans before Arsene Wenger Arsenal was puny in europe and because of him you now act like its your god-given right to win everything and the only reason anyone in europe knows and respects Arsenal is Arsene Wenger.


And there goes any credibility you may have had. 2006? After narrowly lost get I a champions league final? And you have the gaul to accuse Wenger of arrogance?

Sarson Vinegar's Frightening Sarnie
Sarson Vinegar's Frightening Sarnie

How can you realise after qualifying for the CL final with an incredible squad and no sign of the sparsity of trophies ahead that we would “never be a huge club”?

I’m genuinely interested in your reasoning as at the moment Im doubting you are an arsenal fan as you seem way too troll like.

Sarson Vinegar's Frightening Sarnie
Sarson Vinegar's Frightening Sarnie

Dan, you’re quite annoying. It’s fine to have an opinion but why is it you feel the need to dominate a thread with vitriol?

We get it you don’t like Wenger.


Ah yeah, 2006. After Paris. A few months before we moved to a big, shiny, new stadium. But of course, that stadium move just proves Arsenal weren’t aspiring to be a “huge team”. As for winning a European trophy, I too hark back to the pre-Wenger era when we were European Giants.

But, just like everyone Dan, you’re entitled to your opinion, so carry on.


Wow so clearly you forget that in 94 AND 95 we reached TWO European finals in succession – OH and as for that shiny new stadium you are aware that we were NOT hindered by debt as we took out a low payment scheme on that loan which is due to be paid off in 2031!!!!!!!!!!! we just have an old duffer in charge who CANNOT compete on the pitch or squad with the big clubs of the league and shows no clear ambition whatsoever simple as that – wenger 17 years – 4 finals won – 5 finals lost including two european, league cup AND 2 FA Cups – George Graham in just 9 years one less title than wenger and ONE final lost as opposed to the 4 we won under him hmmm wonder what the difference is ahh yes it’s wenger

Saffa Gooner

You stupid short-sighted twit! Arsenal FC and Wenger took a long-term decision that will benefit Arsenal for the next 50 years. The fact that Chelski, Man C, Paris SG have changed the footballing landscape is not Wenger’s fault. What happened in the 90s has got fuckol to do with today. Have you ever thought what will happen to Chelsea when Abramovich gets bored/dies? The whole thing falls apart. Is that what you want? Wow, comparing Graham, that just sums up your stupid argument: what percentage of games did he lose? How stiff was the competition at the time? What was Arsenal’s image abroad? You short sighted little dan.


Well Dan your insight was better than mine as this is the first season that I, like many, have turned on him.

Going into this season, with City, Chelski and manure changing their manager (which was the only reason we were top for so long- City and Chelski dropping points) providing our best opportunity to win a PL title in a decade, with Giroud, Bendtner and Sanogo as our only strikers and Theo as our only source of pace was just unforgivable.


Is it that people genuinely don’t understand what he’s saying or are simply choosing to shape his comments to fit their own agenda?


I think everyone is genuinely understands what he is saying but some people think he can say/ do no wrong an,d some are sick of him and his moaning and do not trust him any longer. Opinions really


Boom. There it is right there.


But what’s that got to do with this?


What’s what got to do with what?


Rabble, rabble, rabble.

I’m mad as hell and don’t need excuses to rant.


Nothing. But nobody’s being logical right now. Just like you said in your article today, Blogs, including a word that sent me to the dictionary 😉 “At the moment there’s such opprobrium and division that it clouds the perception…” Arsene has become such a divisive figure that everyone is pushing everyone else to their most extreme versions of their opinions…over a simple opinion given in a press conference.

Sarson Vinegar's Frightening Sarnie
Sarson Vinegar's Frightening Sarnie

Perhaps there should be a cap on the age of players that could be loaned out. It’s only fair that big clubs like arsenal still get to blood their youth at premier league level and young players at such clubs aren’t stifled because Özil or Ramsey are ahead of them.

As for playing against you parent club, I think AW has got this wrong on many levels. Players would be opened up to allegations of throwing the match (say Lukaku misses an pen against Chekski). I imagine a cunt like Mourinho would be exactly the sort of manager to pressurise his loanees to play poorly against his side. What if you loan a player, lets say Wilshere, to a club, he’s 1 on 1 in the final minute of the cup final or vital league match an he knows that scoring will mean arsenal lose out on a trophy. How is that player supposed to handle that? Score and he’d never be forgiven by Arsenal fans, miss and he ‘threw the game’.


Any player who would throw a game is a piece of shit anyway and doesn’t deserve to wear an arsenal jersey. A player should give his all to his current club, that is where his allegiances must lie.

Halfman Halfhotdog

As Alan Partridge once said.


Half time and I’m monumentally fucked off. Even more than before the game.

It’s at times like this i’d welcome the zombie apocalypse or similar, so that I wouldn’t have to put myself through this shit.

arsenal man

He only said they should be allowed to play their parent clubs. .. imagine Man City loaning out jovetic who is better than Giroud and sanogo combined to a mid table club next season. …mancity bears no risk in this kind of business. … its unfair because our financial powers ain’t the same

Eddy The Gooner

Sarson Vinegar you are spot on. I think that was hypocritical of Wenger to say that. No wonder people and the media say he moans a lot like a baby. Some advise to Wenger: win us something, instead of moaning like a little bitch!


How about we loan out wenger….

Don’t care who too just get rid

Arsene Wenger's Penguin Suit
Arsene Wenger's Penguin Suit

Wenger. Loan some good players out too. Then we can do the same.


Like one of our 10 #10s?


The stubborn old man would ban all transfer windows if he had the choice.


This man is always more concerned about secondary issues…why are you so bothered about loan revamp at this stage of the season instead of preparing your team for the battle ahead? What an apt response by martinez http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/evertons-roberto-martinez-slams-arsene-3395418 #WengerOut


Why is it that some people can’t just take in a man’s opinion without thinking they know better?

All he’s doing is saying that the current system is not fair in the current landscape and it should be changed. He’s not doing it from a perspective that it’s unfair to Arsenal – just that it would be fairer all round if there were some improvements.

What’s next? No changes allowed to any rules because it upsets the Luddites?

Get over it people, and move on!