Wenger dismisses Remy link


With Arsenal’s need for a striker well known, Arsene Wenger was today pressed by the man from Sky Sports about a possible interest in Loic Remy.

The Newcastle forward (on loan from QPR) has been a name tenuously linked with the Gunners for some time now, but the Arsenal manager was quick to dismiss the speculation ahead of Monday’s fixture against Alain Pardeaux’s team.

“He is a good striker,” said Wenger after being asked if the former Nice and Marseille might fit in at the Emirates. “But at the moment we are focused on our end of season, not on transfers.”

Which is a perfectly reasonable position to take, all things considered.

The manager also had praise for Mikel Arteta who has, reportedly, got his tooth situation sorted. We’re hopeful, but not confident, that he’s plumped for the gigantic fang as discussed on Monday’s Arsecast Extra, but the manager backed the Spaniard to continue contributing at the top level for a while yet.

” I like Mikel Arteta because of his quality, his focus, his commitment and his winner’s attitude.

“I have big respect for what he has achieved this season. He is very conscientious, very professional and he has a couple of years left.”

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According to the laws of Quantum Mechanics, WENGA can be OUT & IN at the same time. So please STOP FIGHTING
According to the laws of Quantum Mechanics, WENGA can be OUT & IN at the same time. So please STOP FIGHTING

If you have never seen or heard a Loic Remy interview in French, let me tell you one amazing fact: he speaks EXACTLY like Thierry. Same voice, same tone, same mannerism. The first time I heard hil I had a 5 or 6 second “WTF” moment.


Your name : Hahahahahahahahaha


Love to have him at the club.


I thought he’d have been a great loan when he was available

My Name Is Difficult To Pronounce
My Name Is Difficult To Pronounce

I don’t think he ‘dismissed’ Remy as a possible transfer, though 😉 That sly fox 🙂

He just said that the focus for now is the football that we play

Rocky Rocastle

Good player, But i hope we have our sights set a bit higher. On the plus side, Remy got pace. But he is another average striker, and we got enough of those. And he turns 28 next season. His goal average in Nice and Marseille was around 0.4 goals a game. And this season for Newcastle its about 0.5 goals a game.

We finally got the Money, so i hope we go after someone World Class and really go for it next season. But i wont be unhappy if it ends up being Remy that we sign in the end though. 🙂

donkey trousers

Goody gumdrops. Need to set our sights higher…

consice alan

Remy is decent but not good enough

The Ox is a fox

Not really dismissing. Just refusing to talk about it for now.

Just A Gentleman

Or maybe he’s doing the classic ‘He’s a good player but we’re not signing him’ when we’re actually working on a deal for him like we did with Podolski.

Jack's Right Foot

Definitely wouldn’t say no. I think there are better players but alongside Ozil, Ramsey, Walcott and Cazorla this guy would shine.


Forgive me. But personally I dont want Arteta in the heart of our midfield for another couple of years. Now he has been a great member of our team since joining, and he’s very consistent….at being average don’t mean to slag him off I just think we could upgrade on him?? He’s getting on a bit, passes mostly sideways and slows it down a bit. Id prefer someone like Pogba alongside the likes of ramsey or wilshere. Someone not afraid to play the forward. Bit of stature with the and greater ability. If he were to settle for being a squad member.

Just A Gentleman

“he’s very consistent….at being average”

Seriously? He was great in his first season, and then in his 2nd season we slotted him back into a cdm position which isn’t his, which he took up, never complained about then ended up having the best stats as a cdm in the league last season. Then this season, he was alright for the first part, his partnership with Ramsey was key! And by the way we’ve been playing in the last couple of games, looks like it’s still a great partnership.

He did go off form for a while, and mostly his poor play has been due to him losing his place.

Although I do agree that we need a new good dmf like Bender, bar a month or 2 Arteta has been much better than “average”, show the lad some respect, he lost a tooth for the team and continued to finish the game!

non flying dutchman

Agree that Arteta should be granted more respect for what his done for Arsenal, but also that we need a younger CDM in place next season. That is not to say getting rid of Arteta though, who will be a great experienced head and leader to still have around to put in a shift in every so often as he sees out his contract. In effect Arteta as the Kallstrom of next season.

I know there is thought of the Ox being moulded into a defensive midfielder but I don’t think he’s at the stage where you either could or should rein in his attack in instincts so need someone oore disciplined.

So is now the time to go in for M’villa? I know that unsurprisingly he wants out of Ruban Kazan.. He’ll be rusty for having been there like most players that go on sabbatical to Russia, but with Arteta still around I can’t help but think it would he a smart move if done quickly before his price is ramped up by rival bids.


Yea he is consistently good not great.. and that is why he plays for a us.. “a team fighting for 4th place”.. people need to grow up and understand.. the diff between 4th in 1st is a suarez instead of giroud, yaya toure instead of arteta etc etc.. the example is hypothetical.. WE NEED TO STEP UP


Liverpool had Suarez for years. You don’t see them competing previously do you??

Chairman Meow

ah yeah your right! why didnt anyone think of this before?!
Lets just do a FIFA-like trade, arteta for Pogba and a couple of mil to sweeten the deal, what could be easier?!


I used pogba as an example. Dont get it twisted. Read things properly. But yes if I were given the chance id swap an ageing Arteta for Pogba, whos had a great season at Juve an who will lead France in the World Cup further than people expect…..alongside FB of course.

Momo (@MuhamLAD)

Sometimes I wonder if people even watch these players before commenting. Pogba and Bender are box-to-box, Pogba’s defensive side leaves a lot to be desired for.


Again I used him an example. Of a player I would like. A player with more ability going forward, younger, and generally a better midfielder than Arteta. Ive not said hes bad player, or slagged him. Just saying given our current options, I think Arteta as a squad member could be improved upon. And its just my opinion. Right or wrong.


You used him as an example and you’ve been pulled up on it. You used an example of a player who doesn’t play CDM and is suspect on a few occasions with his defensive work. Yes, he’s a fantastic younger player at going forward in the middle of the pitch over a 30 plus year old who is playing out of his natural position. If you want to use Pogba as an example, do so when comparing him to Ramsey, who plays the same role. If it helps, Ramsey is far, far better than Pogba.

Blame your example because you rushed it with an unrealistic target and an incomparable player, not those who are picking apart your example.


By your logic, we should get a good defender like Messi! Just an example…you know.


I kind of have to agree about arteta, i like him, he seems a really decent solid guy and his professionalism is never in doubt. but iv always felt he’s kindof a jack of all trades, master of none. I think he gets buy on his technical ability because his distribution and stuff is very good. but he just hasnt got enough bite defensively as some other players in the league, and hasnt been good enough going forward to make up for it. Its like he’s absorbed his responsibilities of holder/distributor so much its totally put him off shooting and going for goal himself, which he’s perfectly capable of. Theres been a lot of times this season iv been screaming for him to have a go himself and instead he looks for a pass. Im afraid that to move arsenal forward, we need people who are really exceptional at things, rather than being pretty good at a few things.

Jakob Romeborn

Next year I want him in an Arsenal shirt. Period. Fix it Wenger!


if Pogba was the player we needed we’d have been priced out of a move by now….


I had to stop listening to the Arsecast today to vent

The guest is saying we should be like LFC and find manager like Rogers. LFC have found a great manager for them and it works. But how many years and shite football did they to get there?

I am not taking anything away from how LFC are playing now but I would not to begin where there where 18 or whatever years ago.


I had to stop listening to the Arsecast today to vent

The guest is saying we should be like LFC and find manager like Rogers. LFC have found a great manager for them and it works. But how many years and shite football did they to get there?

I am not taking anything away from how LFC are playing now but I would not to begin where there where 18 or whatever years ago.

Sorry for poor punctuation but it was a rant.


I’m about to listen to it. I’m not 100% on Rodgers yet too. He’s done very well this season. Some of my reasons for it.

1) He’s really good. Fair play.
2) He’s got Saurez and he didn’t sign him. Put him in Southampton’s team and they would be top 4.
3) Sterling is turning into a world beater. Who’da thunk it?
4) No CL and early cup exits have helped keep them fresh. Will be interesting to see how they do next season.
5) His players seem faster and stronger than last season. Even the older ones. Perhaps an illusion due to other teams being more tired etc. Perhaps something else. From 7th to first in a year. Not seen that since Ben Johnson.Ahem.

Hereford Gooner

I dislike Rodger’s purely for him accusing Arsenal for lacking class because we put a bid in for one of their players. From that point onwards I could consider him as nothing other than a total prick.


Totally agree, can’t stand the fucking knob.

Good at his job or not, he’s a prick, although still a long way from being a mourinhoesque grade A cunt.


This, and especially if it wasn’t Arsenal who leaked our interest, since Arsenal never go public with transfers. So I can agree with him that it’s classless to talk publicly, but that still leaves either classless pool or one of their players.

Merlin's Panini

He looks like a miserable koala, and for that I hate him.


I’ve also got a strong feeling that he encourages rather than condones diving on the pitch. The amount of diving coming from Liverpool players this season is phenomenal, and they’ve gotten penalties to show for it without the slightest action taken when dives have been evident (eg. Sturridge dive against Vidic which got Vidic sent off even though there wasn’t even any contact). To be perfectly honest I hate nothing more than cheating and terrible officiating. Liverpool seem to be reaping the benefits of both this season and while noone can deny the talent in their squad, actions need to be taken to stop players flopping about on the pitch.

Chairman Meow

sterling is not a world beater! he can dribble and u can run like the wind, he cannot shoot for shit, his goals have been deflections, second chances (against us, when he kicked it, no passed it to Szcezny, then had another go at it) or open goals set up the brilliance of some others around him. His best goal was the one against city where he mugs off kompany and hart (lol) and suddenly hes a world beater?!
brendan rodgers is not a footballing god, hes decent though.
i hate him too, and his cleft lip makes me want to vomit, please stop smiling haha


We’ll see just how good Rodgers is over the next two years.
It will be extremely difficult for us to unearth a forward thinking, relatively unknown young manager like Arsene Wenger.
It will be too risky as well.

We should look at United and know that we need a proven name, we can’t afford to gamble. So I think Arsene Wenger needs to stay for 2-3 more years before someone like a Klopp or Guardiola is available or even Martinez if he proves himself.

With our new Dutch coaches, I can possibly see De Boer and Bergkamp coming over from Ajax. Other than that, I can’t think of a suitable candidate that would be available this summer.


Guardiola? Seriously? Didn’t want him anywhere near Arsenal.

Kos the boss

De boer? not him either


We haven’t seen how Guardiola reacts under pressure. He has plum jobs handed to him on a silver plate so far.

Momo (@MuhamLAD)

Honestly, I think Rodgers was solid since his days at Swansea, I felt he was a good appointment for Liverpool and it showed in his first season.

The more competition there is from normal clubs rather than those financially doped, the better. Watching Chelsea/City play is what I’d expect from a charity/testimonial match.

I don’t want Wenger to leave yet though, can’t think of any manager that would stick around for as long as Wenger has. I don’t know, I feel a manager helps maintain the club’s culture and identity, it’d be hard to do that if we become like the rest of the PL and have a new manager every other season.

That Genius Bergkamp

I heard the Arsecast and read a few Arsenal blogs and the mood I’m sensing from a lot of fans in most of the coments is ‘We wouldn’t begrudge Wenger for leaving’ and ‘Change might be a good thing in the end’. Truth be told I love Wenger but I feel like we need a change. I know folks fear the United fiasco happening at Arsenal but why not look at the positive. The Liverpool revolution under Rodgers and the good work at Everton and Southampton. Lets not fear change. It doesn’t ean we hate the manager. It means we might need a new direction under a new man. He’s led us this far, he’s 64 now. Let him step aside and allow some to freshen things up.


My thinking on managerial change at AFC.

1) Who?

2) He has to be good and proven over a decent amount of time. No Martinez. An FA cup win and relegates the team, no thanks. One season at Everton, well may as well have got Laudrup then last season going by that.

3) To me the new gaffer has to be into development and knows how to develop players. Martinez is a buyer like Moyes was to most extend. Moyes (and his team) were relatively inexperience buying top end which was the big mistake.

Someone like Klinnsman, or Blanc (maybe Deschamp) could be good but they are all currently tied down. OTOH, you never know what may come about this being a world cup year, there will be some changes to management.

4) Wenger as poor as he has been may still deliver the FA consolation cup along with the 4th spot. Proviso Chelsea does not win the CL, that would equate to being second best in the league after the eventual title winners which isn’t a bad finish by any means.

5) We have become a bit complacent about 4th. All this whinging about the 4th spot trophy again (after 16 seasons+), ask Everton or Spurs if they’d trade places. Or United. Or Liverpool who were out (yes with Rodgers on helm) for 3 seasons.

And whilst many would say a club of our size and pocket should have better ambition, well it is never a guarantee for any manager coming in to be able to confirm CL.

We are competing against Chelsea and City who have infinite more resources. Liverpool have had a great season but they do not have to balance out CL footy which may make it more difficult for them next season.

To deliver CL as a minimum guarantee every season is stagnation but at a very high standard none the less.

6) Finally people like to go on about ho Wenger should be achieving more considering the size/money in the club. Let’s not forget that it was bc of his achievements in the start of his tenure that brought the club to this level and financed the stadium. the fans built the stadium but Wenger’s success brought in the fan base.

And his acumen in the market ensured we did not do stupid things like Spurs. he may have bought a number of duds along the way but bc he generally spend little, there is less impact on our finances.

Fans have got to get real. Too many live in a fantasy land.


as far as im concerned, the only situation id be happy if wenger left is if klopp was the man who came in to replace him, and arsene went on the board or something, i dont know why, but he’s probably the only other manager in world football who i have any rapport with. I also couldnt stand to see wenger manage another club.

Maybe its my age, i can only remember arsenal under wenger, but seeing him manage PSG or whatever would be like seeing one of your parents at the park with a different family, itd just be weird. I guess i dont have the benefit of perspective because iv never seen us with any other manager. But if you see whats happened with Man U it shows that once something so influential leaves the club, part of the soul goes to, and you just turn into any other fucking team in the league changing managers every couple of seasons, whats special about that?


When is his rape case being heard? Perhaps best to wait for that first. Imagine signing him only to see him get 10 years in Broadmoor before the season starts.

Just A Gentleman

“Newcastle United striker Loic Remy: Rape case dropped. Footballer Loic Remy will face no further action following his arrest over rape claims.”



Remy would be OK. TBH, we however, need a more lethal CF to challenge for titles. On Arteta, I think he has been a good player for Arsenal but is loosing his legs fast. He might have another couple of years left but not at the heart of Arsenal. A ball playing younger midfielder (25-26 years bracket) is the requirement.



Belfast Gooner

He was completely cleared of the rape charge in February of this year so thats not a problem. Could see him doing a good job for us and scoring goals with the bullets supplied by Cazorla, Ozil and Walcott.


Cheers for the info.

Al Gilmore

So many AFC fans whose views I read are clamouring for that ‘World Class’ striker that will turn us into world beaters. I don’t have a problem with that in principle. If we got Costa, Cavani, Falcao etc etc I wouldn’t be disappointed, but I think we are blinded by the fees. So, just because Costa’s release clause is (reportedly) 37mill and we could get Remy for about a 3rd of that, it doesn’t mean Costa is 3 times or even 2 times better. In fact Remy has an advantage over Costa – he actually has a longer career in top level football – Costa is a late developer. Remy has also now played 2, relatively successful (personally) seasons in English football – gutsing it out with 2 struggling teams. To me it’s much easier imagining Remy hitting the deck running in an AFC shirt in August than Costa or Cavani.

Merlin's Panini

As much as I agree with what you are saying, Ian Wright was a late bloomer, as was Predator, I mean, Drogba and both did fantastically well for their sides so I wouldn’t mind a bit of Costa.
Remy, in my opinion, would be quite a safe option to go for. Not overly expensive and at least as good as Giroud. We could alternate between the two or play them together as they have different styles. With Remy’s pace, he would fit in quite nicely. Could even play on the wing at times too. He’s not amazing but he would give us some consistency, I think.

Emmanuel Eboue

He really does love Arteta, doesn’t he? Let’s be honest, with that hair, who wouldn’t?

Merlin's Panini

I’ve not been Arteta’s biggest fan at times this season, but seeing him playing on when someone has knocked his teeth out and made him look like a greaser Albert Steptoe really put him firmly back in the good books.


Simply not up to it if we’re wanting to move beyond the top four trophy.


That would be the FA cup finals…which we are in.;)

Podolski's left foot

Playing it down, keeping it cool, while moving in for the kill… Wenger knows.


Remy would be perfect as it means giroud will also play, but if we get cavano giroud will only not feature as much.

So in short, letd get Cavani!


If your mom stops paying for the Internet, Heroldgoon will not be heard at all!

So in short…


Whilst it may be U21s, Its still 1-1 at Newcastle! How you doin’ Sp*rs?

Emmanuel McGrath

I dont think he has dismissed it by any stretch of imagination, rather he chose to remain coy. Remy may not be a Higuain or Suarez but he fits the bill IMO and is good when it comes to counter attacking strategies. But at this point of time with 4 games to go, the focus of the team and we gooners should be simply on the games and not on transfer speculations.

Tiger Tadgh

Remy would be a perfect fit for Arsenal and Arsene. Can play wide left or wide right as well as up top on his own. Has pace n is a decent finisher. He won’t cost too much n won’t “kill” Giroud position in the team and would be a great addition and add competition to all attack in positions


Remy is a decent striker and John Terry is a massive c*nt


getting cheap up votes there

m a gunner

Go and buy HULK he’s a beast with him in our team !anyone else is a mere mortal !

Desert Fox

Quite possibly the most overrated player ever.

Unless you mean Bruce Banner. In which case, it could be worth a punt.

Hereford Gooner

I would be far happier with the signing of Remy than I would Mandzukic. We are being repeatedly linked with Mandzukic, and I know it is essentially speculation – but yesterday I picked up the paper to see us linked with Mandzukic (again) and Tom Cleverley. If he signs Mandzukic I would be very disappointed. If he signed Cleverley I would have my name removed from the season ticket waiting list and have my name changed by deed-poll to “Tom Cleverley is fucking shit and I will not watch Arsenal again until that United reject is gone.”

The problem I have with Mandzukic is that adding him to the squad would give us very little from what we have already have. It would not give us a plan B it would give us an alternative to our only plan. In my opinion if we are going to get the best out of our creative players then we need a forward with the pace and intelligence to make runs. This is what Remy would give us.

I don’t see why Wenger has developed this preference for tall relatively slow strikers. Giroud, Sanogo, Bendtner, Park – they are all similar type of strikers and they don’t give us anything in-terms of changing our play (the latter two don’t give us anything full-stop.) I will be pretty despondent before next season even begins if we have failed to sign the type of striker we desperately need – and I’d say Remy fits that bill pretty well.


Sanogo isn’t the quickest, but he certainly isn’t slow either. I remember several sprints past defenders in the Wigan game alone.


I think people forget how good Theo really is. I get your point, but I don’t think having e.g. Remy playing upfront with Theo would be better for anyone than playing Theo with Giroud.


hahahaha Alan Pardeaux!! does he even know anything about football?


I don’t see much in terms of strikers out there. We will see some new and good ones in the world cup.


Loved the arshavin today blogs


So Arteta got his tooth fixed already.
That’s Fang-tastic news.

(see what I did there)


Feeling the need to point out the fact that you made a pun just goes to show how shit it was.


I’m sorry folks I have absolutely zero confidence in our pending activity in the transfer market. We are going to be endlessly linked with everybody across Europe and I doubt any of it will come to fruition. More likely that Wenger will find some second or third tier striker that he will try to develop. I really hope I’m proven wrong, but the transfer market is just not our place over the last few years.


Remy fits the bill and going by Wenger’s shrewdness with the purse-strings, he’s a fair bargain.


not the world class stiker we need but would improve us over Sanogo, Park, Bendtner etc

AN Other

Remy has scored 13 goals in 24 games which is great return. Most of them has been winners so without him Newcastle would be in relegation zone this season.

Remy would be almost perfect. His finishing is better than Giroud and runs behind the defence more often than not. We desperately need someone with pace upfront and he will fit into the team just perfectly.

12th Man in The Clockend
12th Man in The Clockend

I agree with the people rating Remy; he has done very well especially considering the teams and players he has played with. Scored a hat full of goals in half a season with a relegated team in QPR, and has done well with Newcastle.

To me, he has the arrogance and belief in his ability, very similar to a young, French striker from 10 years ago. Who also, coincidently, wore the # 14.

My only worry is that he is ‘already’ 27. How much better could he become and how long for?


He isn’t the best striker. And he is 27.

There are better options and we should rather pay higher for better quality at this moment.

We are not looking at adding numbers. We need capabilities.

Hereford Gooner

He has scored quite a few goals in a fairly average team. He is the type of striker we need – one who can feed off balls from ozil and cazorla.

Realistically from what is likely to be available once Chelsea, City, PSG, Madrid etc have thrown their cash around I’d say he would be a pretty good option. I’d go so far as saying that we perhaps could have got another ten points this season with a quick striker / alternative to Walcott whilst injured – and that would have been enough to win us the league. Our entire system was flawed with the loss of Walcott (and Ramsey) because there was no one for our creative midfielders to feed in. If we’d had a quick striker available this season then our system would still have worked – and that is the most disappointing thing about it. One ruddy player and we would probably have won it

AW won't spend this summer either..
AW won't spend this summer either..

Rémy is a good player but honestly he is not much better than Giroud and we desperatly need a player which can improve the team even though more depth is required in the striker position. I’d be happy to see Remy join us since he is a good player but not as a first team striker, we need someone who is better if we want to compete for the league title next season.. But it’s like always I guess, with Gazidis promising big signings close to the ticket renewal time, and when the window starts it’s gonna be dead yet again. I am sorry if I am pessimistic but I think Rémy and Aurier is what we will get this summer…

The club is reluctant to spend big money but got no problem with charging the highest ticket prices in the league. Time for the supporters to demand some answers regarding: Why the fuck do you need high ticket prices if the money isn’t gonna be re-invested in to the team? We need to spend a lot of money this summer if we want to win the league next season and I sadly think Rémy is not a player which would help us achieving that.

We are maybe 2-3 good players away from a real title competing team. This is the players I think we should try to get this window:

Begovic (Replacement for Fabianski..)

These are the type of players we’ll need if we wanna win the title next season and want to be competing for real.. The arrival of Özil made a huge impact on our season, with a couple more players like this we’d definetly have good chances with winning it. I hope Wenger and arsenal spends some money to bring same type of quality in but my experience tells me otherwise…


We won’t be getting Draxler. that is another media wet dream.

He is too over priced and frankly not a priority.

We won’t spend too much on the keeper. bear in mind Viviano could be convinced to hold out another season with Fabianski gone and he won’t cost that much.

We won’t get Bender. This is not a priority. We have Arteta and Flamini plus Diaby for what he is worth. Add Kallstrom as a possibility on a permanent move should Arteta not be available. Cheaper and good options.

We will need a RB. This is a top priority. I would prefer Seamus Coleman bc he is top quality at the moment and already familiar with PL.

We will need a CB. This could be tricky as United and Chelsea will also be in the hunt (aside from other teams outside the PL)

Benzema is a remote possibility dependent on RM. if they feed, then they may release him. But its not cut and dry. We will also have to keep an eye on Falcao, Costa and Manzukic, all the sort of quality we need. Costa may seem a remote chance but we do not know how the clubs ahead of us in spending power may decide to spend. So all options remain open at the moment. But we need to shop in this tier of the market


I’d add we will need to spend for the striker bc this is something we can’t get away with.

Striking is instinctive and harder to coach like say a defensive unit where you can drill a mediocre unit into an effective cohesive force.

The number of top end strikers available can be counted on one hand.

Emerging strikers are a risk for us at the moment and those that have recently come good have all been snapped up. The value is in the other half of the age group with established names (but ‘value’ still comes at a high price)

12th Man in The Clockend
12th Man in The Clockend

Sorry – another huge advantage I should have said about Remy – he has Premier League experience.

I don’t necessarily want a ‘world class’ striker costing 60mil – however a cheeky bid for Remy (15mil?) or/ and Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez (20mil?) and I’d be extremely happy.


I can list a number of players who have PL experience that you won’t want to get.


We should be aiming higher, a lot higher!!!!


Good he’s useless. We need Pedro at this club along with Jackson Martinez!


No Jackson Martinez.

We need better.

It’s like saying will take Scott Parker when you could have got an Ozil…well maybe not but you get my point.

Why limit ambition at this stage? We can snap up the very best. We will need to play our cards right and have a bit of patience.

Wenger gets criticise for being poor in the transfer market last summer when he managed to snap up Ozil and showed the balls to pay for him.

But quality is not a coefficient of price. Most also forgot that Wenger brought in Flamini for next to nothing and he has been equally instrumental this season.


@12th Man, you can count on it;Wenger won’t sign Remy and Chicharito. It’s either one or the other, or some fella you might never have heard of.


It’ll be neither.

both not good enough.

Wenger should sign one player and use maximum resources for it.

That will be the striker.

In addition he will have to expend on replacements to RB, Gk and CB.

It will not be an easy market.

Likely the striker situation will again go down to the wire with us dependent on what certain clubs do ahead of any intended purchase on our part. Think Ozil. Wenger could not commit beyond 40m to a striker bc he had to leave a buffer at the end for a successful bid for the German playmaker.

The press are generally fools.

They rarely get any reports regarding us right until its staring them in the face.


It’s a tough question because Jackson Martinez and Loic Remy are both two very capable players. I think the team is strenghten sufficiently with 2 capable strikers playing upfront rather than 1, however I can see your point with them not being “top class”, but better than only 1 striker. I dunno tbh what other signings we could possibly make.

The only realistic striker targets which is better would be:

Benzema (Real will only sell if they get Suarez in.)
Cavani (Don’t think psg will sell)
Costa (Going to chelsea most likely)
Balotelli (Has huge potential but his behaviour is not something which’d be wishable.. Sounds like Bendtner V2 to me, only with skills.)
Mandzukic (Similar playing style to Giroud, and not much better imo.)

The question is who can we get in?

I think we got bigger chances of bringing in top class in other positions but to cash away a world class striker, that’d cost a huge amount of money and would besides require that both clubs want to go ahead with the deal. If we just have 70m to spend I reckon we’d have to pay £30-40m on a striker only, Neither Cavani, Benzema, Costa would go for less.

It’s all about priorities ^^


As I mentioned yesterday, most people in the media are clueless about finances and market dynamics.

None of the reports over many seasons of transfer market have been accurate to Wenger’s intentions.

Anyone sniff out Ozil? We were told instead we were in for Kalou, MVilla, must haves that have gone no where.

Frankly, an attacking midfield is the least of our priorities and Remy isn’t the sort of caliber to add value up top.

This is likely agent driven as le Newcastle have come to realise the folly of buying French (in a period where the Gallic Talent is fallow) and will want to off load.

If I want to see anyone from Newcastle frankly, it may be Debucchy at RB. Maybe bc I’d prefer Coleman.

But we have to realise that even if we assume the 70m budget bandied by the press, not a lot of money will be available at once.

1) Striker. The top end strikers that can make a difference to the squad and put fear into the opponents can be counted on one hand. We are also dependent in this regard on movement by other clubs ahead of us in buying pecking order. If say Benzema may come available, it will be bc RM have secured an successor to pair with Morata (Take either Suarez or Falcao)

Thereby considering the caliber of player, we may have to reserve 35-40m right there in lieu of a Benzema at end of window.

2) that leaves us with 30M to reinforce RB, GK and CB. I don’t think Wenger will go for too expensive a player for CB. Likely 10m range someone like Kayoute at Anderlecht to add height and at an age with sufficient maturity but also plenty of up side.

20m left to grab a RB and keeper.

We don’t need to break the bank for a back up keeper. Maybe Viviano could be convinced to make it a permanent move or Julio Cesar could come in. Either way I don’t think it will cross 5m (the less the better of course)

Thereby there’s 15m left which I hope Wenger could use to get someone like Seamus Coleman. Why? RB has been a strong suit recently bc of Sagna. We should not gamble on a new player who has to adapt to the league with Jenkinson and Bellerin both still raw.

3) So unless Remy comes in as an out and out CF, there is nothing left for any other position (unless Podolski decides to move). In which case you have other choices. Staying Gallic, there is Cabella or Grenier to consider. If we save on some of the purchases, Konoplyanka will be more expensive but a very verstaile weapon comfortable with both feet and quick.

4) Remy is a decent player but he is not the sort of player we need. Currently we have plenty of depth in the squad (when all are fit). We have as many players as City (bar the striker position). Remy is quick but he is no Henry. Trying to replace like for like is a folly.

What we need at the moment is that one player up top that can add magic, create his own, and add pace. Capability over cover. Giroud has Sanogo as cover. We need a player who had both a bit more pace but also some guile. Remy is not that player.


I’m sorry but the Ozil deal was not planned, it was a last minute cheeky bid deal which actually worked.

Hereford Gooner

I’m not so sure. The only reason it was last minute was because it was entirely dependent on Madrid signing Bale. Spurs tried to hold off that deal until the last minute because they knew that Arsenal were in for someone. We were expecting Di Maria / Benzema and instead we were pleasantly surprised with Ozil. I am not condoning Wenger’s transfer strategy last summer – like most people I considered it typically shambolic. I wish to god he would get his business done early instead of always dragging it out – but to be fair he has not been able to compete with the big spenders so most of the time he is left to pick what he can from what is left over after their spending. I’d say it is a disservice to suggest that the ozil move was not planned – it was just dependent on other transfers as these things often are.

Hereford Gooner

I disagree – Remy is exactly the type of player we need. I am not suggesting his is the best at what he does but his game is exactly what we are lacking. Something completely different to what we have – a striker who makes clever runs in behind the defence. Walcott can do this but without him we have no one else. What is the point of having one of the world’s best play makers when you have no one to play in? With Ramsey back we can clearly see how much this has been lacking. Add Walcott and Remy to this list and suddenly we have three players capable of giving defences something to think about. For the last few months we have had zero players capable of doing this – and as a result we have been pretty terrible.

Merlin's Panini

Remy looks like an exact cross between Ian Wright and Thierry Henry. If we could get him playing like that I would be happy.


I said last year we should have got this guy. He might not be the class of Suarez or aguero, but he knows where the goal is, has pace, and with the midfield we have, would get 20goals a season for sure, and who knows how well he would have done, being coached by Wenger, playing for his favourite team where he idolized Henry – Remy might have surprised a few people and elevated his game. Seen it happen before.
All seems a bit late now though, we have better targets this year.

non flying dutchman

Simple fact of the matter is a lot depends on whether QPR get through the playoffs – form wise I expect they would not with Derby and Wigan looking better for it, but palace were dreadful round about this time last year and look where they are now.

If QPR are promoted then they are in a position where potentially they might keep him, though more likely they will be able to hold out for as much money as possible to bolster other parts of their squad.

Should they not be promoted I would imagine qpr would want to get him off their books as quickly as possible, and I think he would represent a good bemchmark on whether we can trust Wenger to act decisively this summer (appreciating his own contract situ rather muddies this somewhat). I imagine he would prove good value for money at a bargain price and tolerable wages. That’s not to say we shouldnt then give up the hunt for someone world class – Draxler remaining my personal choice.


Springbank 1965

Alexandre Lacazette.

Could have got him for next-to-nothing two years ago.

Way better than Remy.

the Only One

thank you arteta