Wenger: Ozil will challenge for Player of the Season (next year)


Arsene Wenger says he’s very happy to have Mesut Ozil back in full training having acknowledged that Arsenal have struggled to score away from home in his absence.

The German international, who has been sidelined with a hamstring problem for over a month, has six goals and 13 assists to his name since moving from the Bernabeu in August; figures that – coupled with the fact Arsenal have mustered just nine goals in seven a half games in his absence – underline the influence the midfielder has had on the Gunners attacking play.

“It’s good to have Mesut back because we’ve had so many offensive players out,” he told press this morning. “He gives you always opportunities to score.

“He’s one of our main players offensively and we are a team that is used to scoring goals. Recently away from home we have not scored so much so it is important that we get back our offensive potential back.”

Despite Ozil receiving criticism for lacklustre performances in the weeks leading up to his lay-off, Wenger also predicted his £42m signing will be a force to be reckoned with next season:

“He had a period where he was tired because he was not used to playing through the season [without a winter break]. Before he got injured he had a period where he was a bit jaded.

“I think he’s a fantastic football player and I would put him on the list to be Player of the Season next season.”

Hopefully the month on the sidelines will have seen Mesut recharge his batteries ahead of an integral five final games. He’ll no doubt be looking to hit the ground running in the hope of rediscovering his magic touch before Germany head to Brazil for the World Cup.

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Scott P

Özil will have to fight off Ramsey to get to that player of the year title first!

Just A Gentleman

Ozil will probably win this year (Arsenal’s poll) anyway if he comes back with a few good performances. Other players deserve it more like Kosc, but every official Arsenal post on facebook has a picture of Ozil with 1k likes as a comment. I wouldn’t be surprised if he wins player of the year 😛

Bould's Eyeliner

them likes….


Can pretty much assure you Rambo will get it.


That’s nice. Hopefully we will have other players who can try to do the same.

Stuart Steele

But he doesn’t track back…….

Stuart Steele

May have been sarcastic…..

My Name Is Difficult To Pronounce
My Name Is Difficult To Pronounce

Just point that out next time to be sure 🙂

Stuart Steele

Haha, I won’t bother next time!

Momo (@MuhamLAD)

Wenger’s like the Oracle from the Matrix so I take his word as gospel. I look forward to next season.

Why is my name required
Why is my name required

Hope he’s right. After we win the FA cup it will be a start of another great era for this football club.

i remember a long time ago when he said Arsenal can go on and win the league season unbeaten, and he was made a laughing stock by the media, everyone was saying Wenger’s crazy, he’s lost it, bla bla bla. Then the impossible happened and he did it, it became a reality. It was great to see him prove everyone wrong. Hope history will repeat itself

Stoph Stoph

People seem to forget that Wenger is always proven right EVENTUALLY.

Some Weird Guy

Can’t wait for him to constantly feed Walcott’s runs next season!


And do so for Ox, Cazorla, Poldi, Giroud and Ramsey in the meanwhile!

Some Weird Guy

Damn feed his runs sounds wrong… ‘Two Guys One FA Cup’
… Ok I’m out..

Turkis Gooner


Sammy Nelsons Arse

Could this be the boss hinting that a world class striker that better complements Ozil’s skill set is on his way ?


No, its the Boss hinting that he will be around next season. Lovely.

Jack's Right Foot

Ozil looks like Brock from Pokemon in that picture…

Isha nla

Maybe a new striker will be added next season 🙂

Ricky D

Do you work for the daily mail?


The daily mail ain’t got shit on Arseblog but Blog’s got plenty..

P.s: Ignore if Ricky D’s was being sarcastic.. You just can’t never tell.. (*Shrugs*)

Isha nla

And hinting he’s gonna renew the contract


I really hope Ozil comes good these last few games, hopefully has a stormer in the Cup final. I’m sick to death of Spud fans giving out grief about ‘Ozil being a flop at 42 mill’ and ‘look at how good Eriksen is compared to him’… I’ve every faith in Ozil’s talents and hope he becomes a legendary figure at the club, starting in the next few weeks and then continuing next season!


If Eriksen is so good why are the scums always struggling??

Well tbh, you don’t see the media headlines about how Spuds are gonna be the better team than Arsenal this year, do you??

New media headlines – Everton will take 4th place off of Arsenal – We’ll see about that come the end of season who has the last laugh.. COYG!!!

And yes – Piss of Martinez. Just because he’s managing a mediocore team with no added pressure at playing at the CL, suddenly some fans want him to become the next AFC Manager. Let him win the PL title with his bunch of loanees and then come and talk. Pissheads.

(Sorry – Rant over – My bad)


All those journos saying Martinez has less resources are missing a few key points out. City and the Chavs are trying to do us and Liverpool over by loaning them Lukaku and Barry. Lukaku is worth around 30m.

Martinez/Moyes did well in the loan market, but they are a club that the Petro clubs will target with loanees. Southampton will be next in my opinion. A good team with no chance of actually winning it and little chance of making top 4. But a team that willl be able to take anyone on with their 30m rated loanees. Except their own, of course.

That’s when I get really pissed off with ‘experts’ saying the easy answer that Wenger is moaning again. The Loan System wasn’t set up to make games easier for the laoning club. It was set up to give young players experience. Simple answer is to allow players to play against their parent club, but you can almost be certain that the player will be ‘injured’ for that game. I would make loans available only to players 24 and under (and not players costing over 15m). Over that age, they can be loaned out but only if they cost less than 10m in the transfer market.


Erik Lamela @£30m was a fantastic piece of business

So too Roberto “can’t score in open play” Soldudo @£26m


Roberto sol-DILDO


That’s an insult to dildos everywhere. They, at least, serve a purpose.

Sir HumpAlot

Özil got a 7% better pass accuracy than Eriksen with 88% vs Eriksen 81%, in 22 appearances Özil have created 63 chances while Eriksen have created 54 chances in 21 appearances. In all competitions, Özil got 13 assists, Eriksen got 8. And in all competitions Eriksen got 10 goals, Özil got 6. So the only thing Eriksen does better is score himself.

So i think it would be unfair to say that Eriksen have been alot better than Özil. I think we just expect so much more from a 42 mill signing. But Özil have been abit hamstrung in Arsenal, compared to Madrid. Because He does not get a fraction of the movement infront of him than what he is used to. Özil was the assist king of Europe not only because of his own silky foot and epic skills, but also in large part because he had players around him that gave him passing options in attack with clever runs and excellent attack positioning.

As i have Said before, there is no doubt in my mind that Özil would have had a Much better season if he played the number 10 role in Liverpool, behind Suárez and Sturridge.

Andy Mack

‘He does not get a fraction of the movement infront of him’. Well said.
There’s no doubt we’ve seriously missed Theo and hopefully we’ll get some more options up front in the transfer window (No, I’m not saying HFB is crap but just that his style isn’t the best for every opposition).

Hoosier Gunner

NO doubt in my mind that he’s going to be amazing next season. There is one catch to that. Wenger has to improve the injury and fatigue management of the squad. There’s no telling what could have been achieved this season if not for silly illnesses, niggling injuries and the lot. Of course, the unfortunate injuries cannot be avoided.


Sad the very best players this season have had problems with injuries (Ramsey and aguero) apart from suarez.


Ramsey – Yes (Very very sad)

Aguero (Very talented player) – But couldnt care less about him.

Saurez (Biting, diving, racist cunt) – Goodbye Liverpool, hello Real Madrid.


Click me down on this one if you must. But, I think you, others and Blogs have this wrong on Suarez, I don’t think he’s racist. I read the FA deposition (60% of it) read all the hoopla in the papers and etc.. Was born and raised in the western US where we’re pretty “hyper” on racism. Have had black, mexican and asian friends all my life. My favorite uncle is black. One of my aunts is Cree Indian from Canada and I love her to death. Blah, blah, blah…so what am I going on about.

In latin cultures in the west, it’s not a problem to call someone a title/name that addresses a predominate distinguishing feature. Of course it depends on the tone of voice, too, just like anything. You can call your wife “woman” and depending on how you say it you’re saying “my dear/beloved” or your saying “b1tch”.

I lived in the Dominican Republic for nearly two years. Nearly all of my Dominican friends are light brown to black. There they do have a bit of a race issue…the lighter you are the better (you’re smarter, more worthy, etc.), it’s in the thinking of their culture, but they don’t usually openly abuse someone for there color. All shades have friends, good friends of all shades.

I would always hear husbands calling their wives “negra”, “negrita”, “mi perla negra” and likewise the wives to their husbands. I’d even have wives or husbands coming up to me and saying “Do you know where my black is”…(sabes que donde esta mi negro/negra).

The last time I was there, I explained the whole Suarez/Evra thing as best as I could. Even repeating the bad thing Evra said to Suarez about his sister (Evra speaks Spanish) in Spanish. None of the three athletes that I brought this up with thought Suarez was being racist. I even asked them directly, just to be able to confirm what I already knew, do you care/mind if _I_ call you “negrito” or “negro”…would that offend you in any way. They all shook their heads “no”.

Of course, just one man’s opinion on racisim. Cheers to all.
COYG!!! Pass MCFC and get 3rd and the F.A. Cup boys!


I agree with you almost on every word and I gave you a thumbs up for it ( I was the one .. Me!!! – Not that you care about it 🙂 )

And I do agree with you that certain cultures have their own way of saying/doing things which most of the locals ( as in – if you’re abroad) tend to take things the wrong way. But – How in the hell would Evra (the cunt) have known that?? You know it’s quite common to raise our feet on the table when we are relaxing but actually it’s disrespectful for the Chinese..

I hope you get my point.. I don’t want to elaborate seeing that I’m drunk with rum (Jack Sparrow)..

But I’m still going with the biting,diving, racist cunt seeing as we, THE ARSENAL don’t get our fair share, so why should we, let a rival have his.

Cheerio and *Boilks* ©Arseblog


Hey Bloggsy Boilks Arseblog, sir,

The Evra question, is definitely a good one.

I do believe that Evra knew what he was doing in getting Suarez suspended unjustly and knows Latin culture quite a bit more than he let on…especially based on the phrase that he used to call Suarez’ sister a whore (at least that’s what I remember to be what he said. Whatever it was it showed a level of knowledge of Spanish slang that I don’t have, that’s fer sure dude). I don’t know why there wasn’t more made of Evra’s abuse of Suarez? I guess race trumps all?

Also, Suarez was no doubt trying to get under Evra’s skin by saying whatever he thought would put Evra off his game. Just like if you called someone an “F’in Fa990t”…knowing it would get them angry. But, hey, it’s certainly not appropriate to use any speech in a hateful manner, racist or not. There’s no room for it. That it should deserve an 8 Gamer…wow. I would think that if the same justice were applied to our “friend” John Terry that he would have only played 160 or so games with CFC during his career to this point rather than 400+.

Anyway, he and Suarez only know how Suarez delivered “Negrito” to him. I’ll bet it was done in a taunting way to get under his skin like everything else each of them was saying.

I’ll bet Evra knowing the state of sensitivites these days took advantage of it.

Did Suarez cross the line. Oh, yeh. Was he wrong? Oh, yeh. Should he have been disciplined…only if all that kind of talk is disciplined from all sources.

Is he racist, in his heart…maybe. Too bad he didn’t say: “I kicked you earlier because you remind me of a well-tanned shorter version of John Terry. I always kick John Terry.”


Sorry me no Arseblog.. Was implying the word *Boilks* that Blog’s use’s so often as his copy righted material.. Kinda like the Chimp that does it with his heart signo.. Oh wait.. Other players were doing it waaaaaay long before he came from the planet of the apes.. Not comparing the chimp to you Blogs.. You’re our lovable chim.. DOH!!!!!

Anyways getting back at you @ EuripidesMac..

Your first and second para- All I can say is I can’t argue with that. You’re spot on.

But I would like to add that a talented player he is (Suarez) – sometimes players too tend to go overboard. And as a fan of the club we do look the other way when it’s one our players. Guess I’m one of them (I know I’am but what are you.. @%$#&* I’m Batman) I remember lots of fans going nuts when we bid for him during the summer window and a small bit of our fans justifying his actions. And I still don’t get the biting part. What gives??

What I’m saying is you’re wrong and I’m right. No wait.. You’re right and I’m wrong.

And yes John Terry is a CUNT. (THat we can agree on) 🙂

Arsene Wingere

I think Özil will perform if he has some fast attacking players next to him


Blogs, when I clicked on this article (on mobile) I got greeted with a full page gay porn ad!

I know you gots to make that dolla, but jeeesus! I’m at work!


Er, what?

We don’t do any full page advertising or pop-ups. Was it through the mobile browser or in the app? If app, was it iPhone or Android?


It shows stuff in your browsing history even if you delete cookies.


Using Google Chrome on my iPhone it opened a popup essentially. I have also noticed previously that I would look at an article on Arseblog News and it would sometimes open the app store to some crap game.

Neb Altinis

But will Wenger win the ‘Manager of the Year’ award next season?


If he wins silverware, seriously challenges for the title, and the team improves, I don’t care.


Give him the ammunition he needs and he could set the league alight that’s for sure. He won’t do it with the likes of giroud or sonogo as our target men.


The damn world cup squads, just waiting for our healing players to snatch. *a bit jealous*


Talking about world cup, I think Argentina or Germany will win it this time.


Ummmm?? Somehow you’re missing the part where the Host nations play a decisive part in the equation. You know – kinda like a redox equation?? Brazil – Would be foolish to not consider them for the finale. And sorry – No Argentina. Now Germany – I like.


You’ve spelled “Brazil” wrong, there’s no G, E, N, or T in it.

12th Man in The Clockend
12th Man in The Clockend

Özil, Ramsey or Koscielny to get player of the season? How about the BFG?! Surely he has been one if the most consistant and reliable players this year. Transformed from Bamby to the German Tony Adams – bit extreme but you get the point?


Silly to try and decide before the end of the season really, especially with an FA cup final looming. If say Rambo or BFG score the winner at Wembley I think they’d be pretty much dead certs for POTS. Likewise if Mertescielny keep four clean sheets in the next four games or Rambo picks up where he left off scoring/assisting then most fans will think differently


Ya and to a guy who wrote
( i remember a long time ago when he said Arsenal can go on and win the league season unbeaten, and he was made a laughing stock by the media, everyone was saying Wenger’s crazy, he’s lost it, bla bla bla. Then the impossible happened and he did it, it became a reality. It was great to see him prove everyone wrong.)
Wenger said that in 02/03 we came 2nd that season.
Wenger said at the start of this season that this group can win the league (which is not going to happen now).
My point is we went unbeaten the next season and we will win the league next season.

Mental strength

I think ozil performs when he is playing with pacy players, the current arsenal team just seem slow. With all respect to Arteta i don’t think he should be a regular player next season, we need to make couple of additions in the summer in various positions especially up top. When was the last time we had a really fast striker (sure Walcott can play there but that’s not really his best position) you have to go back to henry because even that Dutch guy with all his goals wasn’t really known for his pace. This is turning in to a rant, in any case i do hope ozil will be in the running for player of the season next year along with most of our players because hopefully we will win the treble (one can dream right)


So, does he start Sun?


Guess? No. Late sub run-out.


If ozil can’t play with “slow” players like giroud, how did he manage to make so many assists and chances? Just because he played with Ronaldo suddenly he can only play with pacey players… Pretty sure he’s excellent for Germany who’d played Gomez and Klose up top for most of his career. They are hardly the quickest now are they?

Injured Gooner South Africa
Injured Gooner South Africa

That’s a great point..


That’s kind of true, but Klose has always been pretty quick to be fair. Even at the age of 58. Thomas Muller is no slouch either.


A top team need at least 2-3, if not more world class players. Unfortunately, at Arsenal, we have only one, OZIL. Compliment him with a sharp shooter like Aguero and he’ll notch up 15-20 assists. Even if Walcott/Ramsey had been available he would have reached that sort of figures this year. Have faith and he’ll surely come good.

On Errikson, I feel he is a good player but definitely not in the Ozil bracket. Else, he would have been in a bigger club than Spurs.


Mertys got my vote for this year


Here’s hoping Mesut and our other players at the WC come back with legs (and other parts) somewhat intact.

Loaded cannon

I’m going for per as player of the year within arsenal. He’s been the most consistent and his post after he extended his contract was the icing on the cake.

biafran arse

That means no giruod next season,lovely development.


Fans are fickle and impatient. They can only permutate the last game.

Giroud has gotten a lot of flack off the back of Wenger not strengthening the position. Yet he is a more than decent player with 20 goals and second in assists for the team.

Sanogo has barely started playing and people are already writing him off.

Arteta has been sterling for us through the season but he is now apparently too old and too slow.

The way fans see things, we would never have had a Walcott develop or Ramsey. They would have been sold ages ago.

Walcott gets a knock and we forget Ox has decent pace about him (and close control)

Jack has also recently come under flack (@21) because in fans minds, he will never get better.

Ditto Ozil. There is no room in the fans mind that he will improve from current acclimatization.

Players simply have no room for improvement No Koscielny. No Metersecker. No Gibbs.

I’m glad fans don’t make decisions in football clubs.

Arsenal (and Wenger) is all about developing players. yes it is frustrating and has gotten in the way of some decent chances at silverware) but it is part and parcel of a club that has built its own (without access to money for instant success). If this is unpalatable, then Arsenal is likely not the club for you.

Wenger is trying to strike a balance between ready made and development these days.

he has to be mindful as much of the older players he is carrying as he has younger players that will cost us through their development cycle.

He doesn’t get it right all the time. He could do better but it isn’t the easiest thing to do when judging if players are ready to step up. Yes he should have another quality striker and yes Sanogo may be a tad raw but this exposure currently may also accelerate his growth next season (much like with Ramsey last season when he cost us several games)

I don’t agree that the manager gets his selections right many times but I do feel we should all take a step back and give some of these players a bit of slack to develop. A lot of them are still very young. Ozil is 24 and making adjustments to a new league. he will get better.


Your points are right on but just FYI your ages are a year behind, Jack turned 22 January 1 and Mesut turned 25 last October.


I’m going for rosicky for player of the year, I think we looked dangerous going forward when he’s in the squad, without him it looks really slow and no one driving forward.


AW is staying according to this “I think he’s a fantastic
football player and I would
put him on the list to be
Player of the Season next

Dick Swiveller

Pretty sure it’s possible to have opinions on who the best player in the Premiership is without being a manager, in fact I have had an opinion on it for quite a few years now.



I agree and I concur with your analysis. Some fans are obviously immature and don’t get Wenger’s concept or the bigger picture.

Yes, Wenger is stubborn and frustrating especially when half way through a game he refuses to make a substitution or else waits too late. And his tactics can be questionable but hey, looking at the bigger picture he has done amazing stuff throughout his time at The Arsenal.

Incidentally, I have been a Gooner since Liam Brady played for us, so I have seen many changes. COYG


maybe Ozil can tell us that himself…he can after all see the future right???

I’m so sorry, so very sorry………… i’m leaving