Ramsey dismisses guff story by Mail as guff

Aaron Ramsey - Hull

Aaron Ramsey has taken to Twitter to dismiss suggestions he requires surgery on the thigh problem which kept him sidelined for a four month stint last season.

In Goal.com-esque capital letters, the Daily Mail ran an ‘EXCLUSIVE’ this morning about the Welsh international’s apparent need for an operation but appear to have pulled the plug on their hit-whoring tactics since the player released a statement clarifying:

“Please ignore any stories about me needing surgery. They are completely false. I’m enjoying my summer and already can’t wait for pre-season.”

After a busy tail end of the season, which culminated with the winner in the FA Cup final, the 22-year-old wasn’t selected by Wales manager Chris Coleman for the upcoming friendly with Holland.

Speaking last week about the decision to rest Ramsey, Coleman told Sky Sports: “The problem we’ve got is that he had the same injury problem after Christmas – it was recurring.

“We thought he could come with us, but we think he needs a good rest. He is a loss, of course he is, and we are a better team when he is with us, that’s obvious.

“But we didn’t want to take the risk, neither did Aaron, nor Arsenal, I would have thought. He is getting married also, but that’s after the game, so that wouldn’t have been a big problem, but we think he needs a bit of a rest so we can get him ready for the start of the season.”

Someone at Daily Mail towers – probably some worker chimp with balls in a vice – deemed this a smoking gun and went hell for leather trying to ratchet up some hits with the sensational news that Ramsey would require an amputation. Or something.

We assume he was the office hero for a couple of hours – even eclipsing the new girl on the showbiz desk who ran a story about Kim Kardashian’s left tit looking slightly sad on a day out in Scarborough – before he was pushed off the roof into a pool of acid.

So to clarify, the Welsh Jesus is alright. The story was made up.

Naturally, we await the Daily Mail’s EXCLUSIVE about Ramsey’s tweet with baited breath.

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A national manager actually concerned about the welfare of one of his players, that’s a first. A very welcome step which I hope is continued by others but I fear they will not. Up the Arse,

Chris O

Before we get too carried away with Coleman’s largesse, this is a friendly during World Cup season for a team not in the World Cup, so…

My Name Is Difficult To Pronounce
My Name Is Difficult To Pronounce

Completely unrelated, and I hate myself for doing this (commenting on an unrelated post so that it’s easily visible), but I’ve been dying to hear the Arseblog community and Bloggs’ opinion(if he sees this) on the Fabregas thing and possible ways we could fit him into our team. Maybe converted into a Pires style winger? Or what about a Xabi Alonso/ Arteta style DM? Something else maybe?


Given the damage he caused forcing his way out during 2010/11, which also impacted on 2011/12 he should remain part of the history and not the future. He can link up with Hleb again as far as I am concerned. The resources we have available need to be applied in other positions. We have Cazorla, Ozil, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ramsey, Rosicky, Wilshere and Zelalem who can deliver what he did.


I think he could play in Arteta’s position. He’s a smart player and could easily share attacking/defensive duties with a B2B like Ramsey. So for this, he would slot in as one of the two in a 4-2-3-1.

He could aslo occupy tte left wing of the 3 like you said, like Pires. This would mean he can drift infield and combine with Ozil and Ramsey and Giroud. This is important because Cazorla will turn 30 in December and Fabregas can be his replacement.

I would take him back in a heartbeat because he’s top, top quality. Even putting aside the emotional love/hate.

And top, top quality is what we need.

Andy Mack

I seem to remember talk of Cescs price to Barca being quite low because we had first option to buy him (if they want to sell him) at a knock down price.
If he’s genuinely for sale then we should buy him at a sensible price, if only to keep him away from other teams.

Black Hei

I am not so sure about Fabregas in Arteata’s role.

He is going to be harder to press than Arteta who is a lot less mobile.

But he lacks the physicality to recapture possession. One big problem we have in this team is the inability to win possession when opposing teams have the ball. We usually wait for their attack to break against our backline and then build back from scratch a long way from the opposing goal.

I will much prefer a powerful yet mobile ball winner.

Henry! Chance!! Goal!!!
Henry! Chance!! Goal!!!

Ramsey also twitted “Ignore the Daily Mail. They are not a real news outlet. Read Arseblog news instead”


I hate the word guff. It makes me think of sulphur and egg. So I am pleased to see it associated in this instance with Daily Mail reporting.

By the grace of Bergkamp
By the grace of Bergkamp

Nice to see the Welsh Jesus story is a farce. Fucking Daily Mail. Someone’s actually paid to write lies like that.


Fatgooner might have a chance of getting a job there then.


Given the way british journalists report about Arsenal it looks like he’s already some sort of media mogul over there


He’s holding out for a job with Piers Morgan.


Er, excuse me, but exactly what lies have I ever said?

Just because my opinions are slightly controversal it doesn’t make them lies.

By the way, I think that the Daily Mail is a piece of shit rag, read only by bigots and low-life scumbags. I wouldn’t use it for toilet paper.

Nice news about Ramsey, by the way.

Springbank 1965

1. For ‘slightly controversial’ read ‘consistently objectionable’.

2. And your depiction of Daily Mail readers (as opposed to the paper itself) is absurd, though not unrepresentative of the way you seem to think.

Why do you write this stuff?

Tony Hall

That was uncalled for. Disagree with FG when he posts on here but slagging someone off behind their back for no reason is a bit low fella

Clock End Mike

Seconded. I generally disagree (sometimes vehememtly) with Fatgooner’s opinions, but I’d defend to the death his right to be heard (to misquote Evelyn Beatrice Hall).


Wake up sheeple!

The Daily Mail has clearly been forcibly censored by Arsenal to keep fans from finding out the truth by Wenger as part of his plans for the New World Order.*

Wenger is a Freemason, as can be proved by the fact that it starts with an ‘Fr’, has an ‘e’ and an ‘m’ in it and ends in an ‘n’, just like the word Frenchman! What more proof do you need?

*Not to be confused with the 80s synth-pop band New Order, of Blue Monday and World in Motion fame.


Whoever heard of surgery for a thigh strain?, whole thing seemed dubious from the start.

Big Dave

Aaron Ramsey’s fine… John Terry’s a cunt… Just another day.


Ramsey could be entitled to a PPI refund

GaGa LuLu

John Terry is a cunt.

Springbank 1965

Yes he is, but it’s a bit like not thinking of elephants once someone mentions elephants.

Until your post I was having a pleasant non-John Terry time of things.

Now not so much.

Djangoon Unchained

My word, I never thought I’d see the day that an upstanding journalist, of the well respected Daily Mail, would completely fabricate a story to garner article hits. What is the world coming to! Shame on him. Trust no one.


There was one by Durham where he said Ramsey is too good for Arsenal and blah blah i couldnt believe the garbage i was readng. prick

Djangoon Unchained

EXCLUSIVE: John Travolta has agreed a deal with Arsenal to transplant every Arsenal squad members’ face, with a replica Nicholas Cage face; the ultimate aim being to confuse and frighten opponents.

You heard it here first.

Me So Hornsey

The thought of Aaron Ransey getting an entire summers rest before returning for pre-season makes me very excited indeed.

So much so that it’s starting to make me feel hornsey…

Where’s that taxi?


Apparently having some certain things done to it by Bendtner 😛


Be thankful it’s allowed you guys to publish something. I also clicked on a add link for you. Every little helps 🙂


What a bunch of cunts. When will people stop reading this shit.

Merlin's Panini

When they stop exploiting the stupidity of the millions of paranoid deluded right wing middle class people in this country.

Paranoid deluded right wing middle class person
Paranoid deluded right wing middle class person

I’m not stupid enough to read the Daily Mail…


Hey, just like Ukip!

Merlin's Panini

That’s the point I was alluding to, yeah 🙂


If you associate the Ukip voting and extreme right-wingness with the middle classes, that is news for me. Although it’s now been 2 years that I don’t step foot in England.
Please explain.
I’d have thought rather the working classes are sending their vote that way.

Lagos Gooner

Oh false alarm *uncocks gun*


PS… also clicked on an ad link!

Travelodge… they can afford it.

Merlin's Panini

Haha, Daily Fail. At least they didn’t try to tell us Aaron Ramsey gives you cancer. They’ve tried it with every damn other thing on the planet.

Gary Baldy

That’s because Aaron Ramsey will cause house prices to rise astronomically . . . . either that or to crash through the floor . . . probably !!!!!

Desert Fox

Although it wouldnt surprise me if they werent tempted to go with:

“Welsh immigrant adding to increasing strain on NHS”


I hate the Daily Mail. I hate Durham. I hate their endless anti Arsenal articles. “Mesut Ozil fails in FA Cup”, “Arsenal fans don’t deserve Aaron Ramsey” only hours after we destroyed their favourite topic, the ‘9 years without a trophy’. I hate how they presume to speak for Arsenal fans. I hate the cunts.

Most of all I hate that I get sucked in. I hate that their clever headlines actually do work on me and that I click on their bloody website. That’s what they want, my clicks and I give them to them. The cunts.


Lying fucking bastards


That’s all because of terry’s existence. That cunt!!


Yea I’d seen that story too and the bit that really got me was how they said he was going to miss the start of next season while recovering too. So not only do they just make shit up, you know they want to put the shits up the supporters as well. Well done Aaron for coming out so quickly and saying it was absolute tosh!


The welsh god goal was better in the final
The welsh god goal was better in the finallllllllllllllll!!!

Gordon Ramsey

And….I just checked the Daily Mail site looking for the story. They have already “disappeared” it, North Korea style.

“The page you have requested does not exist or is no longer available.”

The Only Olivier is Giroud
The Only Olivier is Giroud

If I was Aaron, I’d have posted a pic of me kicking the shit out of a heap of newspapers with a caption saying “DOES IT LOOK LIKE I NEED SURGERY?!” and then Tweeted a follow-up along the lines of “Oh, and I scored the winner in the FA Cup Final”

The Only Olivier is Giroud
The Only Olivier is Giroud

Oh, and I see the story is down now (I know, I know, granting hits) but I wanted to see what the lies were all about. Just says “This article is no longer available”. Scary thought, that, actually. You can publish lies, garner 3000 hits or whatever, get paid by the advertisers, then just erase it off your shitty site. No accountability whatsoever. Someone needs to look into this.

Mikel Artekkers

Imagine the backlash if you were to go to print with fake business news, like a certain company’s star new product had a huge technical defect. Seems like the sports sector is where the bottom feeding journalists come because they know they can get away with plain old lies.


Between this and the “United sign Kroos” story, the Mail has been off to a storming start this summer. The Sun is absurd, too… my favorite thing from last summer was the Sun calling out those “player agents that leak transfer stories” on Twitter as being frauds, as if they are anything more credible.

For what it’s worth, I generally think the Guardian and Telegraph are more reliable than most.

Merlin's Panini

More reliable, yes, but not much. They still jump on things if it’s been bandied about by enough other people, even if it’s not true. I only tend to believe stories that I read on here, BBC or Arsenal.com


The only click it warrants is the one from the detonator that ignites it’s sorry shit into Christmas!


It’s been 9 days since Arsenal last won a trophy. Well, DM couldn’t run a story like that. They had to get creative and decided to put the Welsh Jesus under the Knife.


Fuck the Daily Mail and Wayne Veysey. It is sad that people actually think of those sites as reliable news sources.


If I was a 22 year old footballer I would not be getting married…


If only I was 22 once again, I would definitely not get married as well 😉


Cunch of bunts DM


“We assume he was the office hero for a couple of hours – even eclipsing the new girl on the showbiz desk who ran a story about Kim Kardashian’s left tit looking slightly sad on a day out in Scarborough – before he was pushed off the roof into a pool of acid.”

……..journalistic perfection!! lmao


ITK the press.

That’s why they got wind of Ozil’s story so early.

That’s why they said Wanyama and Mvilla were coming to Arsenal.

We should listen to them. they obviously know what’s going down with regard transfers. 😉

Henry! Chance!! Goal!!!
Henry! Chance!! Goal!!!

DM is a professional trolling organization. That’s where trolls can get paid for writing their moronic “articles”


Giroud just scored an excellent volley, and boy that Pogba looks really good. Griezman is not too shabby at all. Wouldnt mind if we take both him and Vela from Sociedad 🙂


Yeah, what was up with Giroud today. 3 chances, 2 goals and the 3rd attempt was Even on target stretching the keeper. Now why cant he be that clinical for us. :p In an Arsenal shirt he needs 9 shots Per goal. Hehe


If only we could play Norway every week.


International football is weird, some players do well there whilst being shite elsewhere and vice versa, look at the number of goals Vassell scored for England, for example.

Andy Mack

Bendtner was the same. Great record for Denmark but usually a yard too slow in the PL. It does look like most ‘internationals’ are played at a much slower pace than the EPL. They’re more like Italy or Spain with long slow periods and the odd lightning quick move.
Having said that, HFB is much better than most of our fans give him credit for.

Kos the boss

Totally unrelated, but I really needed some info regarding world cup tickets. Some guy is selling me a ticket with his name, do people at stadiums actually verify name on ticket and expect you to carry some id?


Yes @kostheboss

Yankee Gooner

@titus I know you were having a laugh about Giroud, but did anyone else have an increased appreciation for him after watching the 99-goal montage? So many deft touches.


Nice that he came out and said it. I suspected the story was BS but it’s good to not let the fans worry

GaGa LuLu

Whatever happened to the curse of aaron ramsey?? Quite a few worldleaders actually must have wet their pants everytime our welsh jesus scored.