Ratings of the season – 2013-14 Mega Post

Arsenal squad 2014

It’s a bit later than last year because of all the FA Cup and Arseblog book action, but at long last here are the ratings of the season.

The scientific way to do this would be to collate all the ratings we’ve given the players in our player rating app, cross check them with the reader ratings, and work out the average, but that would mean a lot of work (unless, of course, the ratings app developer could do it via some background database wizardry …*cough* Alex *cough*).

As it is, here are our basking in the FA Cup winning glow ratings of the season. Feel free to discuss or add your own ratings in the comments.


Wojciech Szczesny – 8.5/10

Officially, alongside Petr Cech, the Premier League’s best goalkeeper having kept 16 clean sheets in 37 consecutive league. Szczesny grew in stature this year, honing his game to become a commanding presence.

Highlight of the season: His brilliant diving save to stop Frazier Campbell equalising for Cardiff when the striker’s header looked destined for the back of the net. Oh…and trolling the Spurs fans with that ‘selfie’ at White Hart Lane.

Lowlight of the season: Getting stung with an early straight red against Bayern Munich after bringing down Dutch diving cunny Arjen Robben.

Season trivia: A competitor in a Mensa-organised Scrabble competition recently broke a 13-year points record by scoring 830 just by spelling Wojciech’s surname on his first go. 

Next season: Fend off the competition from whoever replaces Lukasz Fabianski and try not to let in 20 goals against title rivals.

Lukasz Fabianski – 8/10

He may have only made 11 appearances but as Arsenal’s designated ‘cup’ goalkeeper he earned his spurs (and a place in the hearts of many a Gooner) by helping the club to a first piece of silverware in nine years.

Highlight of the season: His double penalty save in the FA Cup semi-final against Wigan. Obviously.

Lowlight of the season: That moment he gave every Arsenal fan a heart attack by racing from his goal in the dying moments of the FA Cup final. You nearly blew it there Lukasz, blimey.

Season trivia: Lukasz’s admiration for the poems of Dylan Thomas was a fundamental reason for his move to Swansea. He even read with great gusto “Do not go gentle into that good night” as a parting gift to the Arsenal squad. 

Next season: Persuading Swansea manager Gary Monk that conceding 20 goals against Arsenal shouldn’t be frowned upon.

Emiliano Viviano – 2/10

“It’s a dream for me,” said Viviano on his first day at Arsenal…presumably excited about the opportunity to potter around London doing the sights on full pay. Basically the same dream Arseblog News has.

Highlight of the season: Wearing a top hat to the post-FA Cup parade.

Lowlight of the season: Earning the nickname Emiliano ‘Almuniano’ Viviano inside about 5 minutes of putting pen-to-paper on his deal.

Season trivia: Hailing from Florence, Viviano insisted on posing nude like Michaelangelo’s David for his first club portrait. Arsenal photoshopped a kit on him afterwards.

Next season: Possibly a bit of inter-railing and a bit of bar work to keep him in pocket money.


Kieran Gibbs – 7/10

Started the season neck and neck with Nacho Monreal in the pecking order, by the season end was undoubtedly the first choice.

Highlight of the season: The header off the line to stop Hull going 3-0 up in the cup final.

Lowlight of the season: Having the chance to win the cup in normal time, but blasted it over the bar from 8 yards out.

Season trivia: So confused was Andre Marriner by the Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain red card mix-up at Stamford Bridge that he sent an apology to Theo Walcott.

Next season: Needs to stay injury free and he’ll kick on again.

Nacho Monreal – 6/10

Highlight of the season: Had a decent game against Liverpool in the FA Cup.

Lowlight of the season:  Became more Crouchlike as time went on. It’s disturbing. Also missed out on a World Cup call-up for Spain.

Season trivia: Broke the world record for most phonebooks thrown at a pigeon

Next season: Back-up to Gibbs, having lost his place in the Spanish squad, it’ll be interesting to see how he responds.

Bacary Sagna – 8/10

Signed off on seven great years with an FA Cup winners medal, and boy did he deserve it.

Highlight of the season: Winning a trophy after so long, you could see how much it meant to him. 

Lowlight of the season: Leaving

Season trivia: His wife, Ludivine, is so hot that Bacary is contractually obliged not to touch her 48 hours before a game for fear of sustaining life-threatening burns.

Next season: Nothing to do with us.

Carl Jenkinson – 6/10

Last year Corporal Jenks Jenky Jenkinson made 21 starts. This year that was down to 13 of which only seven were in the league. Time is on his side but this wasn’t necessarily the season of progress he might have hoped for.

Highlight of the season: Scoring his first goal for the club against Norwich and celebrating it like Marco Tardelli.

Lowlight of the season: Bit of a mare against Chelsea in the Capital One Cup when his header back to Fabianski was seized on by Azpilicueta who promptly scored. Still, given he’s got this in his repertoire, he’s making progress.

Season trivia: Turned around, every now and then. 

Next season: With Bacary Sagna leaving and no replacement signed (yet) he’ll be hoping to nail down the right-back slot as his own.

Per Mertesacker – 9/10

The BFG has been nothing short of superb this season. He’s a true leader, deliciously funny, has passion coursing through his veins and in Laurent Koscielny has found the perfect partner. He’d block a meteor if he had to.

Highlight of the season: So many. Equalising against Wigan. Perfecting the angry fist pump. Being part of the Axis of Awesome. Leading thousands of Gooners in a rendition of “Arsenal till I die” at the parade.

Lowlight of the season: Looked like he might be the villain of the FA Cup semi-final when he gave away a penalty.

Season trivia: Per Mertesacker was actually born in Luxembourg where the average height of an adult male is 6ft 6 inches tall. He worries every night about how this will play out on the terraces.

Next season: Keep on truckin’.

Laurent Koscielny – 9/10

So far up the arse of most opposition strikers he’s more enema than defender…a defenema. The Cannon to Mert’s Ball, he’s lithe, swift and arguably the best man marker in the Premier League.

Highlight of the season: Having his mum sew an extra lining in his trousers to cope with all the striker’s in his pocket. Oh…and scoring the equaliser in the FA Cup final – his usual final day of the season goal.

Lowlight of the season: Giving away the penalty against Stoke. That was his sixth since joining the Gunners.

Season trivia: Laurent once donated £495,000 to save an accordion factory in his hometown. Didn’t even have to make this one up.

Next season: Keep on truckin’.

Thomas Vermaelen – 7/10

Cut a dependable figure when he was called upon this season…just wasn’t given much playing time as he accepted his position behind Kos and the BFG in the centre-back pecking order.

Highlight of the season: Lifting the FA Cup as the club’s captain.

Lowlight of the season: Being approached by Sam Allardyce in January about a move to West Ham.

Season trivia: Thomas Vermaelen can kill a goat just by staring at it. Jon Ronson told us that.

Next season: Hard to see him wanting to stick around next year if he’s not a first choice. He’s got the World Cup to put himself in the shop window and he won’t be short of suitors.


Mikel Arteta – 7.5/10

Still Wenger’s most trusted midfield lieutenant, but had moments where it looked as if the years were beginning to catch up with him a bit. Only moments though, generally consistent and assured.

Highlight of the season: Scoring the same penalty twice against Everton. Nerves of steel under real pressure against his old club.

Lowlight of the season: Having his chopper knocked out by some Hull thug and not having it replaced with a gigantic fang.

Trivia of the season: Was approached to be in the Lego movie but his hair was so Lego even the Lego people thought it was too much Lego for Lego fans to cope with.

Next season: His experience and leadership will be a key part of the squad, even if he perhaps doesn’t play as often.

Mathieu Flamini – 6.5/10

Started his second Arsenal spell with a bang but his influence faded over the course of the campaign.

Highlight of the season: Coming on against Sp*rs and clattering the first Lilywhitecunt he saw.

Lowlight of the season: The red card at Southampton seemed to affect the manager’s trust in him.

Trivia of the season: Surreptitiously blinded 4 opponents, even after hacking off his own arms.

Next season: Reliable back-up, adds depth

Aaron Ramsey – 9.5/10

What a season he had. From boo-boy to the player everyone would have fellated to keep fit. Some turnaround.

Highlight of the season: Might just be that goal at Wembley. You know the one. The one that won us the cup. That was quite a highlight.

Lowlight of the season: 3 1/2 months out injured. What might have been.

Trivia of the season: Annoyed many at the training ground by constantly turning up with an abundance of loaves and fishes and was deemed a show-off for walking across the recovery pool.

Next season: More of the same please.

Jack Wilshere – 7/10

Probably his best season to date, scored more, created more. Consider it a campaign of consolidation. Late injury spoiled things somewhat.

Highlight of the season: The goal against Norwich. Phwoar!

Lowlight of the season: Being too committed in a meaningless friendly which could have cost him his World Cup place. Needs to think a bit more.

Trivia of the season: Has cut down the amount of exclamation marks when expressing sympathy about something or someone on Twitter.

Next season: A Ramsey-esque leap forward would be nice.

Mesut Ozil – 7.5/10

Being honest he did have some games where he looked less than convincing but statistically he produced over the course of the season and will be better next time when we get that WCS (World Class Striker).

Highlight of the season: The Napoli goal, perhaps. Or his first assist – a gloriously weighted ball for Giroud to slide home.

Lowlight of the season: Liverpool away. That was not his day. It wasn’t anybody’s day in fairness, but it really wasn’t his.

Trivia of the season: Bought two pugs called Per and Laurent.

Next season: Will be better, no doubt about it.

Tomas Rosicky – 7/10

What a guy to have in your squad. Experienced, enthusiastic quality and he really does add depth.

Highlight of the season: The goals against Sp*rs. Especially the FA Cup one, but especially the White Hart Lane rocket. Suck on that, Spuds.

Lowlight of the season: Can’t think of one.

Trivia of the season: There are 42 official Tomas Rosicky Instagram accounts. The real Rosicky doesn’t even know what Instagram is.

Next season: Flashing, dazzling cameos

Santi Cazorla – 7.5/10

Didn’t hit the heights of his first season, but still made a big contribution to putting silverware back on the shelves.

Highlight of the season: Oh, just the 30 yard, top corner free kick in the FA Cup final.

Lowlight of the season: Being mistaken for Peter Dinklage on a shopping trip to Brent Cross.

Trivia of the season: Even he has now forgotten which is his strongest foot.

Next season: No rest for the wicked, a summer at the World Cup won’t give him much rest, but he’s dependable and we’ll see that again.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain – 7/10

He did make some progress but it was obviously hampered by injury.

Highlight of the season: Two lovely goals against Crystal Palace, a cameo of why Arsene Wenger sees him as a central midfielder.

Lowlight of the season: Opening day cruciate injury, not good timing.

Trivia of the season: Finally accepted that he looks like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

Next season: He’s going to have to work hard to make a first team place his own but looks up for the challenge.

Kim Kallstrom – 5/10

Arrived injured at a time when we needed a striker, but still had a part to play.

Highlight of the season: Ice-cool penalty in the semi-final against Wigan.

Lowlight of the season: Having a fractured spine.

Trivia of the season: Thought about setting up a website to sell official merchandise called the Kim Kallstrom Kollective but changed his mind after seeing the acronym logo

Next season: Won’t be an Arsenal player.


Olivier Giroud – 7.5/10

Gets too much criticism but is a solid striker against everyone except the best opposition. And this is obviously where Arsenal need to upgrade. That doesn’t mean Giroud hasn’t been an important player this season.

Highlight of the season: The goal against West Ham. ‘Dat first touch’, as they say.

Lowlight of the season: Not being able to do it against the likes of Liverpool, Chelsea and City.

Trivia of the season: No longer reads The Sun.

Next season: Has to stay – if the main issue is one of depth, getting rid of your leading scorer makes no sense.

Lukas Podolski – 7/10

A likeable guy, a quality finisher but doubts about his overall contributions remain.

Highlight of the season: I liked the side-footed goal against Fulham in the opening weeks of the season.

Lowlight of the season: Snapping his hamstring like cheap twine and spending 4 months out.

Trivia of the season: Censured by the International Hashtag commission for exhausting all possible hash-combos. Fan of Morten Harket.

Next season: Keep him, depth depth depth.

Theo Walcott – 7/10

A season punctuated by injury. And by punctuated I mean a great big full stop.

Highlight of the season: The 2-0 gesture to the Sp*rs fans as he was carried off.

Lowlight of the season:  The fact that he was being carried off.

Trivia of the season: Spend his free time writing a new book. “TJ and the Dragon Lady who always gets her boobs out” is not at all influenced by the fact he spend weeks catching up on Game of Thrones.

Next season: Stay fit, stay fast, score goals.

Nicklas Bendtner – 3/10

Sadly the dream is over. TGSTEL will have left us mere mortals behind.

Highlight of the season: The goal against Cardiff which won three very important points for us.

Lowlight of the season: Sticking his chopper into a taxi on a drunken night out in Copenhagen.

Trivia of the season: His glasses aren’t real glasses! They’re clear lenses and he’s just wearing them as a fashion accessory. He has no respect for the short/far-sighted.

Next season: Who gives a fish’s tit?

Yaya Sanogo – 5/10

He seems a nice lad, and enthusiastic too, but a bit short of first team quality just now.

Highlight of the season: Made an impact in the FA Cup final by coming on and being Mr Unpredictable. Even he didn’t know what he was going to do.

Lowlight of the season: Missing the first half of the season through injury which might have allowed him to develop with some substitute appearances etc

Trivia of the season: Has the single best games to trophies ratio in the squad.

Next season: Hard not to think a loan spell elsewhere might be best for all concerned.

Serge Gnabry – 6.5/10

The young German’s star flickered brightly but briefly.

Highlight of the season: Quality goal against Swansea, and a good showing away at Palace.

Lowlight of the season: Injury meant he couldn’t add that speed and directness we might have needed mid-season after Walcott’s injury.

Trivia of the season: Along with Per, Mesut and Lukas, entered a Die Fantastischen Vier soundalike contest. They came 6th.

Next season: We suspect he might go out on loan, competition in that front three should be fierce.

Ryo Miyaichi – 2/10

Made available for transfer or loan in January but there were no takers. Made little or no impact of progress.

Highlight of the season: Erm

Lowlight of the season: The season

Trivia of the season: Something something Nintendo.

Next season: He’ll be playing somewhere else.

And that’s it from the player ratings for 2013-14. Until next season folks!

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According to the laws of Quantum Mechanics, WENGA can be OUT & IN at the same time. So please STOP FIGHTING
According to the laws of Quantum Mechanics, WENGA can be OUT & IN at the same time. So please STOP FIGHTING

OH MY GOD ! Look at Fabianski on the picture!

Bendtner's Hair Band

Your name just changed my life and world view.

We are Invincibles, still.


Doesn’t he just look like he’s the keeper from the losing side who wandered into the picture by accident?


Arseblog….15 out of 10 for the great work this season

Highlight of the season………Letting Mrs Blogs do one of the best I’ve ever read

Lowlight of the season……..that previous blog headline worse jinx than an albatros

Trivia of the season …………. Arseblog is an anagram of Sole Grab

Next season……….. keep on blogging please you save my week

Arsene's musings

I’m all about this coming out late – Arseblog, the gift that keeps on giving!

out of context, but awesome!
out of context, but awesome!

From Angel Di Maria
“It hurts when you’re always doing your best for your club and then you hear that you might be going to Tottenham,” he said.”

ramey's spirit

love to see him join us, quality competition for walcott

Big Dave

Fabianski… half man, half blow fish?


Ooh to, ooh to be, ooh to be a GOONER!

A Yank in King Arsene's West Stand
A Yank in King Arsene's West Stand

I re-watched a few goal compilations and really noticed that some of Giroud’s assists are absolutely stunning. I think he’s really got something, just needs consistency.

Really excited for next season. It’s so nice to finish on a high.

My Name Is Difficult To Pronounce
My Name Is Difficult To Pronounce

He’s absolutely brilliant at what he’s good at. All he’s missing is pace unfortunately 🙁

I feel he and Sanogo deserve a tad bit more than they got (maybe +0.5).


Yes he lacks pace, but he also lack finishing. 16 goals in 118 attemps is pretty bad for a striker. Around 13-14%. And we have all torn our hair out at some ofhis misses this season, especially since you know Van Persie or similar striker would have put them in the net.

If he could get closer to 20% next season, then that would be pretty good. 🙂

But otherwise Giroud is pretty solid. But we could do with a pacey clinical finisher up top. But with Giroud’s ability to assist, it could be interesting to see Giroud and our new shiny predatory goalgetting striker together in a 4-4-2ish formation.


I recognize that you are being balanced regarding Olivier. Having said that there are few teams that do not want a pacey, clinical striker. Who did you have in mind? Cavani, Lewandowski or Suarez-somebody of that ilk? Lukaku or Benteke, maybe? Unless we add height elsewhere we’d also need the striker to be tall enough and stout enough to win defensive box aerial duels.

We have a surfeit of smurfs (apologies to Fairport Convention), let’s not add more.

What if Giroud simply worked on his right foot? Think of the several additional goals an average right foot would have gained him and the team. Not trusting it, he’d attempt to switch the ball to the left and either lose the ball or the opportunity.

Giroud’s ability to win aerial duels and hold the ball allowed us to move forward without immediately committing numbers to offense. If we have to weave through defenses all the time we tend to give the ball away and get counterattacked. He’s not the best, but he’s pretty damned good and his style of play saves us goals at the other end as well.

My conclusion-the grass is always greener on the other side. Let’s understand and appreciate what we have.

I love the 4-4-2 idea. A little tactical flexibility would be welcome.


I agree some of Giroud’s touches are Bergkampish. His running technique is questionable though, he seems to run more up than forward, like he is trying to jog on the spot. If the physios could teach him to push forward rather than up I believe he has the power to have Yaya Toure like pace. Nevermind Yaya, a Giroud with pace would like a birthday for Arsenal fans, LANS even.

A Yank In King Arsene's West Stand
A Yank In King Arsene's West Stand

That’s a good point.He does have a sort of… I dunno, gazelle/antelope/other leaping savannah-dwelling mammal gait to him and could improve efficiency there, I’m sure. Theo almost looks like he’s squatting down a bit when he runs, his body is quite low.


I agree that Giroud has something about it, and that he’s an excellent striker. But in my opinion, his touch is one of his weakest attributes. For every Bergkamp-esque touch or flick or pass, there’s 10 that are rash or poor.
I just wish that the pass to him would stick more often, and that he was a little bit less careless with his distribution sometimes.


Aaron – Half Lycan, half Vampire


“His wife, Ludivine, is so hot
that Bacary is contractually obliged not to
touch her 48 hours before a game for
fear of sustaining life-threatening burns.”

Brilliant Blogs. 10/10


Jenkinson’s own goal against Koln just shows he’s got what it takes to be a true Arsenal full back. Who’s the last Arsenal player to score one that brilliant? Lee Dixon that’s who. COYG!


Will be such a huge boost if Theo comes back the same. A huge part of our attacking issue will be solved if he does.

Who do fans want this summer? Fast wingers, who want to run beyond the line, with movement and make things happen. Theo is this.

Don’t buy that we need all these players either. Aurier, a striker in some sense (don’t mind vela) and one more would do me. I back Wenger to land a big un somewhere.


Koscielny the Defenema.

TGSTEL forever

Who are the sp*d cunts that downvoted a gif from the Kos respecting the cannon?


We might need to clarify that Mikel’s “knocked-out-by-thug chopper” and Bendtner’s “rubbed-on-taxi chopper” are different body parts.


Tomas Rosicky at least an 8/10 for me. He certainly deserves a higher score than Podolski. Zip and creativity every time he walks on the pitch and two EPIC goals against sp*rs.

Si in Galway

Podolski lots of ‘meh’ but then scores which wins games. So… I reckon fair.


Quite frankly for me Rosicky was the player of the season for Arsenal – considering the injury to Ramsey. Per and Kos as well obviously right up there.

It was awesome to watch Rosicky single handedly crush the Man City midfield when we drew with them 1-1 at home. That was surely the highlight of his season.


I would of personally gave Rosicky a 7.5 as he never let the side down when called upon whether as a substitute or starter and at time carried the team with his directness and positivity and Cazorla an 8 who got better as the season went on and at times the opposition found him unplayable.


Oh how much I love the arsenal!!!!!

Policeman's Bangers 'N' Mash
Policeman's Bangers 'N' Mash

“It’s a dream for me,” said Viviano on his first day at Arsenal…presumably excited about the opportunity to potter around London doing the sights on full pay. Basically the same dream Arseblog News has.”

Made me laugh.

As did the Arteta fang thing.

Not sure about the Miyaichi Nintendo thing a little bit of casual racism there? His career did go down the tubes though.


social stereotyping maybe, but racisim? i’m not so sure about that.

Policeman's Bangers 'N' Mash
Policeman's Bangers 'N' Mash

What the FUCK is Fabianski doing in the picture?

My Name Is Difficult To Pronounce
My Name Is Difficult To Pronounce

And Podolski!!! I can’t imagine anyone other than Poldi who could be so happy pretending the cup cover was a hat 🙂 Besides Balotelli.


My best guess is the he is having a flashback on:
Lowlight of the season: That moment he
gave every Arsenal fan a heart attack by
racing from his goal in the dying moments
of the FA Cup final. You nearly blew it
there Lukasz, blimey.

Ivan Drago

There’s no names allowed in scrabble, I think you just made that up!

All the rest I can believe


Watch Miyaichi become like Griezmann next season.

Fuck you Arseblog for 2 stars.


Fuck you Pedro for two nonsense statements.


Pedro the fortune-teller


I’d like to see Sanogo stay in the squad, I feel he will be valuable for squad depth next season and hopefully will get off the mark with some goals, but I feel his position in the squad next season is dependent on wether or not Campbell returns from his loan spell.

Also this line “Was approached to be in the Lego movie but his hair was so Lego even the Lego people thought it was too much Lego for Lego fans to cope with.” was amazing! I also forgot how great that article was on Flamini cutting off his arms.


Giroud, Poldi, theo and WCS next season, not to shabby


what about Park Chu Young?

I don't comment here often
I don't comment here often



What about Joel Campbell? I heard quite a bit early in the year and have no idea how he finished. People seemed excited, but I can’t be bothered to watch Greek football. Then there’s the possibility of Vela coming back – how many strikers are we going to have?

(I would like one…not sure who yet)

Sebastian A.C.

We want Park (away)! We want Park (away)! We want Park (away)!


Luxembourg on the arseblog 🙂


No rating for the best player ever, Chu-Young ‘Goals’ Park??

John paul jones

Something something nintendo ? Do I smell a pinch of racism there blogs

The grim reaper

The language police out on the beat again. Pffffffff.


Yeah, I’d agree with most of that. Think a 7 for poldi is a little flattering, thought he was totally average in the majority of games.

2014-2015 = the year we've been waiting for
2014-2015 = the year we've been waiting for

Arseblog: 10/10 for keeping us thoroughly entertained through thick and thin last season.

More of the same please!


Given your name, I think 2013-2014 = was the year we’d been waiting for.

King 14enry

Bonus Rating: Arseblog: 10/10 for feeding gooners worldwide with quality daily information, opinions and laughs! Cheers!


Arseblog 11/10

Highlight of the season : Mrs Blogs description of Bruce

The Secönd Cöming

What’s your Wenger Rating, Blogs? (As if you haven’t done enough already.)


Don’t want to be that guy, but I’m really disappointed with how Miyaichi turned out to be. Initially he seemed to be the next Theo Walcott but with better dribbling skills, easily thought he would be the next big thing. Guess I have to manage my expectations better.

Desert Fox

Did he ever really show that though? Vaguely remember him being fast. and thats it. Even when he went to Bolton he was decidedly average.

Black Hei

Nope he did very well at Bolton. He even got player of the month or something.

He is just so prone to contact injury in UK. Got his ribs cracked during preseason last year.

gunnering mouth

Awesome. Just Arse-some stuff. Many thanks


The arseblog team wont talk about Park for fear of getting trouble on their mouth


Would have to say Ozil’s lowlight was his Bayern penalty take.

Rad Carrot

Quality, but I’d have Rosicky on at least 7.5 or even higher. He really came through this season.

Also, I have a sneaking suspicion some of those trivia points are actually fibs. I can tell, having seen many trivia points in my time.

the only sam is nelson
the only sam is nelson

No rating for the manager?

Highliight: getting his mojo back, trolling the media again like the good old days

Lowlight: that 1000th game in charge, perhaps. ouch.

next season: more signings, more trophies



A bit off topic but has anyone come up with a good song for Koscielny yet? There really should be an actual competition for it, both him and the BFG deserve the best

A Yank In King Arsene's West Stand
A Yank In King Arsene's West Stand

People were singing “Laurent Koscienly/He wants his own song” at West Brom, Norwich, and the final. I also heard “I wanna dance with Koscielny” at the parade. I’m over-enthusiastically partial to the former and I really, really hope it sticks.

Koscielny's pocket

Great one! But I’ll say Mesut’s lowlight is the penalty miss vs Bayern


I have a secret fantasy that Sagna’s next season actually will consist of a well-executed espionage attack to bring City down from the inside, then triumphantly return to Arsenal with platoons of treasure chests stolen from underneath Nasri’s no-chin, revealing that Wenger and himself had been conspiring this plan all along.

Is that asking too much?


Ryo’s highlight HAS to be the free flight to Munich.

Something something Nintendo.


“When we get that world class striker”, nothing confirmed yet xD I like the optimism but I don’t expect an Cavani until talks are confirmed xD Giroud is a very good striker though however I think we might need someone as a backup for him since we can’t rely on him staying fit and we can’t rely on Sanogo and Campbell to score loads of goals next season in case of Giroud injury.

dutch star helder

He worries every night about how this will play out on the terraces.

10/10 keeps me laughing


Sanogo’s lowlight has to be the miss against Stoke. Not just a lowlight for him, but the effects on the whole squad’s morale after the loss was not insignificant.

And given that we won the FA Cup, one of Serge’s highlight definitely has to be his performance against L’pool.


Dunno why you even bothered with viviano. Eisfield made more first team appearances then that clown. Although it’s pretty hard not to beat zero appearances



Scrabble doesn’t give points for names.


That picture… Sums up their Arsenal careers.


So much fun reading this peace. Thanks, Blog.


Brilliant…particularly the pic. Priceless.

and on the squad 22 out field players + 3 keepers =






14) ????? (Diaby)


17)Sagna Replicant
18)Jenkinson (Bellerin)
21)CBack of your choice
22)????? Maybe a mid who can cover at CBack? Someone tall and bruising? (or Hayden?)

There’s definitely a bit of wiggle room for some additions (particularly position 22) but I would be content if we take care of replacements for RB, GK and CB + add the WCS. Anythingelse will be bonus IMO.


PS :Would keep Sanogo in and around the first team even with addition of WSC.

he is Giroud’s heir (if he continues the development) but he is also closest to replicating the sort of muscular presence we need and that Giroud affords.

The new striker should be something slightly different. Therefore we may need to keep Sanogo on the first team for that ‘depth’ issue. He is also (as evident) a very effective plan B.:)


“It hurts when you’re always doing your best for your club and then you hear that you might be going to Tottenham,” – Di Maria

^ says it all


I think Vermaellen’s high moment was that rocket of a pass down the left flank when he was playing as a left back, I forgot against whom….I have a feeling he’s going to be massive for us next season if we can keep him…


Team i would love to see next season: szczesny, jenks, gibbs, bfg, kos, cesc, rambo, ozil, santi or jack or ox, theo and benzema (madrid sign surez). Sign decent back up goalie, RB and cb 4th choice and we would have awesome squad also keep TV5, Flamini and joel cambell. Two big signings for first eleven and 3 more to cover departures. Will be good enough to challenge the best and have 25+ strong squad. Love the dream.