Wenger confirms Koscielny deal is close


Arsene Wenger has confirmed that Laurent Koscielny is on the verge of signing a new contract with the club.

Reports in France this week suggested the centre-half had agreed a new five year deal with the club, just reward after another excellent season.

In his press conference today, the Arsenal manager said, “Koscielny is close to signing a new contract”.

It’s not his first extension since joining in 2010, he also penned a new deal in 2012 which runs until 2017, but with reported interest from Bayern Munich, Barcelona and Real Madrid because of his eye-catching performances, the club have moved to ensure his future remains at the Emirates.

The deal is expected to be announced within the next few weeks.

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Gibbs Kos Mert and szczesny have all signed on recently, sad about sagna but thats his choice. Good to see we can have a settled defense for the next few years

Türkiş Gooner

exactly my words!


Compare that to Man United, who’s defense are about to be obliterated, again.


Pls no talk abt that shit lot! Not in the comments section of this fantastic piece of news

Wenger's coat



Club have been really pro-active over the last couple of seasons getting all our first team players signed up to new contracts.

They have had a lot of stick in recent times for letting contracts run down so I think they deserve a bit of praise now for getting it sorted. A stable squad is worth so much..

Dan Gunn

10 times bitten, 20 times shy!


The scouting staff and Wenger also should be appreciated for selecting players with the right attitude. There has been a stark contrast in the character of the new signings these days. The club got stick for letting players go, but as is the case with Sagna, most of the times the players didnt want to stay despite being offered a new contract.


I couldn’t agree more! I think this has been central to all of the player comments we’ve heard this year about the great attitude within the team. You didn’t hear that when Ade, Nasri, and RvP were in the locker room.


Brilliant news.

A lot more loyal than some of those cunts now living up North.


Or aboit to live up morth too


Excellent, I would say his is the most important player extension of all bar Ramsey.
Having seen the defences of most European teams, I have no doubt koscielny is right up there and can immediately start for all the big teams. To hold on to him is nothing short if amazing, credit where it is due.


Totally agreed. The extensions of Ramsey and Koscielny have been the ones that have stood out to me and have made me the happiest. A real sign of intent from the club not to let their best players leave…incidentally the two are now the two players tied down the longest to Arsenal 🙂


and it shows that we are ready to flex our “financial muscle” on wages to start with. Hopefully some more quality signings with no dithering on a million or two. I know a million or two sounds like football manager bs, but at least with Higuain last off season, the money might have been paid off on the pitch.

Next year is definately the year....
Next year is definately the year....

I genuinely believe the making of him was that Birmingham cup final and Barry Ferguson running past him bouncing his head as he ran off to celebrate. Ive dreamt of flamini exacting some sort of teammates revenge on that twat one day, but it really toughened kos up. He’s been superb, and its funny that when we bought him we never really appreciated his pace, which is brought to fore dropping off mert and mopping up.


this just goes to show that the sagna is more likely wanting to leave than us refusing to extend his contract


I can just picture Per standing over him shouting “Sign!!….Sign!!!!…..Sign!!!”

Pakistan Arsenal!

Off topic but has anyone watched the chat of wilshere and szczesny on arsenal’s youtube account? Szczesny asks ‘when we.lift our first tropht together whay will you say to me. The first thing’ wilshere replies ‘umm I’ll say that u probably owe me that after the birmingham game’ and they both laugh. Plus the ox and jenkinson are really likeable guys. You guys should watch it too. And as I’m 15 years old so this will be the first time I’ll see us lift a trophy if.hopefully we do win. Really really excited. COYG!!


I hope we lead by 2goals at halftime to settle nerves and get the bottles shaking! We will win the fa cup! COYG!


PA are you really 15? I’m so proud of you making such a very supportive and well composed comment. I love you and keep up the wonderful support (and being such a fan of) Arsenal.

I write this with negative comments from some people and other ‘Arsenal’ blogs in mind.


The term ‘thank f@ck for that’ is fitting here.

Barca, Real, Bayern and United will all be shopping for centre halves this summer. Well done Arsenal!


We gave Barca Alexandre Dimitri Song Billong . What more do they want? Revenge?

2014-2015 = the year we've been waiting for
2014-2015 = the year we've been waiting for

‘thank f@ck for that’ …..

Candidate for the Kos song he’s been asking for for so long now?


Wheeewww! Lets go there boss!


KOSS is definitely most underrated….Kompany in team of the yr aftr being sidelined after constant injuries but no Koss?? The guy who made that list must be Michael “Cunt” Owen for sure


I thought it was Terry and Cahill in the team of the year?


Excellent news! Best cb in the country in my opinion, so happy about this. We need to make a proper song for him!


Good news


Nice to hear, this is a good news for all arsenal fans in the world.


Great news,now a substantial holding midfielder to play in front of him and thats the defense sorted,
next important signing bas to e the manager,

das pauly bear

Is there a chance sagna will run out contract. Become a free agent and sign with us.

wenger did a signing bonus wit titi as I recall


Could possibly be more important than any signing we make this summer, can’t think of any centre-back in Europe i’d take over him


We want you to stay
We want you to staaaaaaaaaaaaaay
Laurent Koscielny
We want you to stay

(Yes, I know we’ve just done this for Bac, but Kos is pretty darn essential too.)


And to think when we first signed this bloke, everyone was saying “another Wenger unknown..kosciwho?”

Hows that for Wenger can’t put together a defense Stewart Robson? Go and fuck yaself



Angolan Girl Who Loves The Gunner
Angolan Girl Who Loves The Gunner

Kos is the Boss! 😀


Brilliant news. Our back line is set for years.


Koscielny was amongst the vanguard of Wenger’s recent restructuring of the squad

Wenger realized his mistake in banking on the academy product and our general lack of experience

He brought in Koscielny, Metersecker, Arteta, Giroud all considered panic buys but in reality players who have done the team good and added level headedness through the spine of the squad as other young players reap the final benefit of organic development in Walcott, Gibbs Jack and Ramsey in particular

Currently we will need another Cback if Vermaelen (likely) does not extend.

I feel we should get someone 23-25 with suitable ready experience but with his best years ahead, inlieu of the fact Per and Koscielny are both 27++.

If this player can bring some height 6’2 or more, it would also be a plus in cover for Metersecker, Koscielny being not the tallest (although good in the air like Sagna)

I’m not sure I believe all this talk with Javi Martinez. Even if he was disaffected and should he depart, I think we will be priced out for his service.

More likely we will look for someone relatively unknown with good potential in the 10m price range. if this player can add a function in CDM (as a muscular alternative with height), it would be a great plus too.


…we should add of course that the restructuring was complicated by key player departures for several seasons before this one.

Sagna is the only key departure this summer and thankfully not because he is disaffected.

But we need to replace the certainty he has given us in his position.

My preference would be for someone already in the PL. If 15m, Semaus Coleman. he would add firepower going forward. Otherwise Debucchy is a cheaper option.

Anyone from outside the league may impact on our start as there may be adaptation issues.

Pakistan Arsenal!

Paul, yes I’m 15 and have been a gooner for 6 years. And thaanks. I really really appreciate what you said. 😀

Pakistani Gooner

Get in! This is great news. Lets hope we keep this squad for the next season and bring in 2-3 quality players for the next season. Possibly an RB and a striker.

non flying dutchman

Securing his services for the foreseeable future is for me more promising for the future of the team then being able to make signings like Ozil. It is retaining the services of our very best players which has done for us over the decade more so then any inability to attract star names.