Wenger contract extension imminent

Arsene Wenger FA Cup trophy lift

Arsene Wenger is on the cusp of penning a new three-year contract at Arsenal that would extend his stay as the club’s manager past the 20-year mark.

Various reports this morning quote the boss’ deal to be worth around £8 million a season and claim he’s been promised big cash to continue improving his FA Cup winning squad.

Wenger’s current deal ends this summer and while he’s spent much of the season stressing his long-term commitment to the Gunners there were nagging suggestions that he might walk away if his players lost to Hull City.

Joking with the press that they could no longer direct jibes at him over the nine-year trophy drought, he said after Saturday’s triumph:

“It will force you first to be a bit more creative in the press conferences, but I trust you will be, I don’t worry too much for that.

“I have nothing against this question if you say that in the other clubs as well, there are some clubs who haven’t won for 20 years and they don’t get this question at all.”

Claiming that he’s worked harder in the last nine-years than he did in the first half of his tenure at the club, Wenger also defended what he deems unpraised achievements.

“I question honestly myself. We live in a world where people, they tell you always what you have not (done), they never tell you that you have done something as well,” he continued.

“I believe as well the quality of a club is the consistency and then the special players make you win the trophies.

“The quality of the consistency is important for the club and on that front we have been better than everybody else – there are only two clubs in Europe who have 17 years consecutively qualified for the Champions League and that consistency demands special values inside the club.”

With the issue of his future set to be taken off the table, the boss can turn his attention to adding the ‘two to three’ players he believes he needs to improve his squad.

A cursory glance at the papers sees a raft of names already linked with the likes of James Milner, Loic Remy and Serge Aurier each tipped for a move to the Emirates.

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Big Al

GOOD NEWS everyone!

Springbank 1965

And still there’re those who disagree.

I suppose that’s what one can call being stubborn.


What? James Milner being linked?!

Raekwon The Chef

Another example of why we shouldn’t listen to the media.

El Capitano

What an incredible few days , it was so special being in Islington all weekend, fantastic atmosphere great to see so many Arsenal fans celebrating the win.

I’m really happy for Arsene, he’s taken a lot of stick over the last couple of years from the press, other managers and some of the fans. So hopefully the club acknowledge what a position we’re in, and they push on and back Arsene to compete in the Summer window.


Milner? no thanks!!


Fantastic news! A massive summer is required now, the money to be spent wisely & the needed adjustments made. With the Manager’s future secured there can be no more excuses not to focus & take this team on to the next level. A title has to be our goal next season. Congrats to the Boys! #UTA

Santi cazorlas coming to town
Santi cazorlas coming to town

Yes! The celebrations continue.

good assassin

I reckon Poldi will ambush Arsene with champagne again, just as soon as the ink dries on the contract.


Just hope Sagna also “sign da ting”!


He has no problem signing da ting, we’l just have to wait and see which club he signs da ting for.

tariq Khan

he would have signed da ting for us if we offered it to him last year rather than waiting until the last year of his contract mate. Now it will be for city. I don’t begrudge him that. I blame the club on losing one of the few warriors we had in the squad. I’ll never forget his header against the scum, not celebrating but just fishing the ball out of the net and heading to the centre circle. The look on his face was come on you useless wankers we’ll show you!!


In the 2011-2012 season, he broke his leg twice. Then in the 12-13 season, he was not exactly the sagna we all know and love. In 2 seasons of Major Injury and low form, coupled with his age, would you offer him 100k a week?


With respect, the likes of Milner and Remy… we can do better. We’re the Arsenal, we’ve just won the FA cup and to kick on we need top calibre signings. No offence to them either, I think Milner could actually do a decent job for us in particular, but what we really need now are a few additions that’ll take us to the next level, challenging for titles.


Wouldn’t mind either as squad players, but I agree that we need a bit more oomph than that.


I think Milner is really under-rated and could help take us to the next level.
The work rate from him and Ramsey in the center would be immense.

Where we really need more though is in the striker department. I don’t think Remy is good enough.

Benzema, maybe…


Benzema is no better than Giroud, Seriously. Look at his career stats, his stats this season, in that Real team, against the opposition they have in Spain. He is just as profligate in front of goal, though slightly faster he’s not as good in the air and doesn’t work as hard.

We got Giroud for a third of what Real paid (and would want back) for Benzema, we should look elsewhere.

Remy is a good player, I live in Newcastle and get to the odd game, I would take him as cover/an alternative, he could offer pace from wide too.

I still think there has to be a player out there for us though, the next (in football terms, I appreciate he’s a cunt) Adebayoor…


Um.. comparing Giroud to Benzema is like comparing apples and oranges. Totally different players. Benzema is an established superstar of the game for one.. Madrid hung onto him and sold Higuain remember? Anyway the only way we (or anyone else) gets him is if Real sign someone else ala Suarez, and even then they might still hang on to him. And other than him there’s not really a lot of (affordable) quality strikers out there.. you could take a punt on Remy but he has proved he is no Henry.
Maybe someone much younger who hasn’t yet hit the heights would be a shrewd signing. Recently we were linked with Josip Drmic from Nuremberg who fits that description perfectly.
And if you want Adebayor 2.0 I think we might already have someone similar in young Yaya.. he need time to find his feet of course.


As much as I would be excited, Benzema could turn out to be just a big name that doesn’t quite offer us all the ingredients to lead the line.

Does he offer the work-rate a premier league striker requires? I am not quite so sure.

I would like to see an Eduardo type striker come in, so we can play 442 when needed. Someone prolific and instinctive to benefit from Giroud’s holdup play.

Arctic Troll (@arctic_troll)
Arctic Troll (@arctic_troll)

I’d take Milner any day of the week, he’s vastly underrated, mostly because of the Hodgson Touch.

I’d take Milner and Richards from Man City if they’re available.

Remy, though…really?


Milner is under-rated, but he will turn 29 next season. I’d much rather see Arsenal go after Javi Martinez; even if the price tag is much more than Milner.

I think Vela is better than Remy and more cost effective. But buyer beware Vela didn’t score any goals against top teams in La Liga this season.

Young Gun

Remy is abit old, 28 next season, and not good enough for a top club imo. 14 goals, 3 Assists this season, and he does not contribute as much defensively as Giroud does.

And besides here is his recent injury history:

Ankle/Foot Injury Newcastle United Injuries 2014 May 3rd
Calf/Shin Injury Newcastle United Injuries 2014 March 5th
Knock Newcastle United Injuries 2013 October 5th
Muscle Strain Newcastle United Injuries 2013 September 24th
Calf/Shin Injury Newcastle United Injuries 2013 August 1st
Groin/Pelvis Injury Queens Park Rangers Injuries 2013 February 1st
Hamstring Injury Queens Park Rangers Injuries 2013 January 19th

If anything we should look for someone less injury Prone perhaps. 🙂

Raekwon The Chef

Remy will be a decent signing especially due to the lack of players available and other top clubs competing. 14 goals from 26 apps in the league from his first full premier league season is not bad at all. He’s also pacy and quick on his feet, which is exactly what we need.


About bloody time.


I understand the Wenger criticism at times, but I simply do not understand how people hate Wenger.

I mean, seriously bit.ly/TleUCo (link to his celebration after we won the FA Cup) how do you hate this man?

George Lane

It’s because people are stupid and allow the bullshit media narrative to dictate their thoughts even when they explicitly deny that it does.

gunnering mouth

Arsenal news these days keeps getting better and better. I think tomorrow we shall sign someone or maybe dat unspecial fella will fall down stairs and break his jaws. Gunner4 life

Merlin's Panini

Nah, he is special, just not in the way he thinks he is.

Wenger's coat

If sagna also signs the ting, could this possibly be the happiest we’ve been all summer in regards to arsenal ? In the last 10 years that is…


It could be for sure. If he signs for Man Citeh though just after Wenger kissed him on the head it would be pretty hard to take!


It’s quite true. Everton for example never get questioned about their 20 year trophy drought. When Wenger took over Arsenal in 1996, Everton and Arsenal were very similar sized clubs.


I love mr Wenger so mighty glad

Arsenal-Induced Heart Attack Survivor
Arsenal-Induced Heart Attack Survivor

I sometimes wonder what level of self-control Monsieur Wenger possess. 17 years in the job, not one journo he’s smacked across the bloody face for being stupid.


Remember the: ‘Wenger rant’ stories over the last few years, each one suggesting he’d lost it.

Every time they were portrayed as a well-dressed Godzilla rampaging through North London.

Where if you listen to the press conferences, he merely had the gall to question one of their idiotic questions, raise his voice a little, or let some of the frustration at dealing with this bunch of morons slip out.


Arsene’s face says: “See this, Jose? Specialist in failure? You cunt.”


I am sorry, but enough of this. Ever since the final whistle on Wembley, everyone keeps saying this. We won a trophy, because we wanted to and not because mourinho challenged us to do so. He is a cunning manager but I hate him and Chelsea. No, need to spoil the mood by mentioning what he said every time, because frankly it doesn’t matter one bit what he says. Most of what comes out of his mouth is lies, exaggerations, stupid statements and insults. I always try to to listen to every word Wenger says, because for me, the man is not much short of genius, but mourinho, why do we need to even listen to what he says ?

Merlin's Panini

Because he’s a foghorn and it’s funny to rub it in to his stupid weasle face.
If we just let it lie he will carry on spouting bollocks like this. We’ve pissed on his parade and he’s won nothing and it’s fantastic.
Don’t get me wrong, everyone is more pleased that we’ve won a trophy and done it in one of the greatest cup finals ever.
We’re not just pleased because it’s made him look like even more of a cock but it does certainly sprinkle a little extra sugar on top of one of our sweetest victories.

tariq Khan

Listen mate don’t get me wrong. I’m over the fucking moon we won but greatest cup final ever? You think if we down 2-0 to the chavs we would have won??

Let’s not lose sight of the fact this team has form in going missing first 10-20 minutes of big gams and it needs to get sorted!

Policeman's Bangers 'N' Mash
Policeman's Bangers 'N' Mash

Schadenfreude dude.


Schadenfreude…another Wenger signing from Germany.


I am delighted that he is staying put. He is not without his faults, he is a stubborn old rogue at times but it is his stubbornness that has brought some of the greatest achievements in Arsenal’s history. 4th spot is not a trophy but to maintain CL football for 17 years whilst having to turn a profit on player sales over the last 10 years is nothing short of incredible. The Spuds would be delighted to have achieved that… they haven’t. Now that the stadium is all but paid off and we have a new level of financial strength I think that Wenger has earned the right to see the project through. He has had to take crap from journos (that sometimes may have been justified) for 9 years. I am glad that he will get to invest in this promising side that has the right balance of youth and experience. I would love to see us land someone like Benzema but whoever we bring in I feel that perhaps we will have more “top top” talent to choose from this summer. Well done Arsene!


Yes! 14-15 is the real year of progress, this was but a taste!

tariq Khan

Having to turn a profit on player sales each year. stadium debt paid off?

We have had more net cash AFTER debt each years since moved to the Emirates – which was the point wasn’t it. No need to be net sellers.

The stadium debt is fixed at about 20 million a year for next 10-15 years which includes interest. Even after paying that we had plenty of cash during the years we have been buying into the bullshit about being financially restrained never mind now.

Just FYI

Merlin's Panini

James Milner can fuck off.

Merlin's Panini

I’m so happy for Wenger. He’s deserved a trophy for a long time. It’s great that it’s the better domestic cup, the one that actually matters, rather than the worthless cup. He has somewhat vindicated himself this season. We performed much better in the league, other than those horrendous fuck ups against the other top sides, and can use the experience, along with the steel we will have realised we have from winning the cup, to come even closer to the title next year.
This is the best squad we’ve had for some time and a few additions in the right places, to provide cover, could really take us onto a whole new level.




I am very happy that we lifted the FA Cup. The celebration and those parade photos are fantastic. Long time in the wait but the moment finally arrived. The giant gorilla got of our back. The elation among the players must have been at another level. Barely, 2 days since, there are people on blogs questioning the nature of the win, what Wenger has failed to do, and off course how bad the summer is going to be. Strange people, behaving worse than nagging wives. Get them a gift and there will be peace for precisely 2 days. Then the crib about life and all things bad will resume. Some fans seriously need to give their jarred brains a little rest.


I wouldnt trade Wenger for all the trophys we could have won. Wenger wants to win things the honourable Gentlemanly way. Hard work, flair and togetherness. Not at all cost. Put in a bunch of people together, pay them astronomical wages and win ugly. Trophys minus the Entertaintment. And there has never been more of an entertainer than Arsene. I can think of so many games that are just priceless. No trophy can really substitute for the amazing rush and high you get by just watching. Arsenal 5 v Middlesborough 3 – Arsenal 5 v Spuds 2- Arsenal 7 v Everton 0 – Chelsea 3 v Arsenal 5 – Thiery Henry 4 v Liverpool 3. Etc

Hats off to you bossman.

P.s. Dont be too stuborn though Wenger. Your only problem is addressing the occasional tactical problem i.e when to sit back and let the opposition open up and then hit back. Just 3 or 4 games and the rest do what you want. Pretty please !!


I agree, really annoys me how trophy mad the press and other fans have gone. If football was all about winning trophies year in, year out, there’d only be about 5 teams in the country with any bloody supporters!
Also, anyone else find it ridiculous how accepting the media have become about constant buying of players? Every journo seems to be agreed that with ‘two or three more top signings’ city/ chelsea will be top teams. Whatever happened to making the players you’ve got better?! Absolutely ridiculous that noone’s suggesting that maybe the coaches should start doing their job rather than the scouts!


couldn’t agree more. coming from canada, i have thought for a while that this is something particular to english culture maybe, this huge “respect” for money and for billionaires, and this love of “splashing the cash”. I just don’t see it in north american sport. I guess it may be just a football thing, common across all of europe. i don’t know, anyway it is absurd, and wenger is one of the most important in maintaining integrity throughout all of this nonsense. i applaud him and arsenal for staying strong despite this pressure

tariq Khan

Take a look at Ath Madrid this season… Proves your point.


The three of you, right excellent statements. One of the few smart things uttered during FOX’s coverage in the US was that Arsenal is Wenger. He’s one of the longest serving managers through easy times and difficult. For those who said he merely won with someone else’s players and a few nice buys, he’s rebuilt the team. Even ManU bought big during their “rebuilding”. This and avoiding Barcelona-sized debt with the new stadium? He is testy and complaining at times, but so are all of the people who mock him for this. Most of the time he is a wry gentleman. What a true loss of character the Arsenal would suffer if it lost him. If you decry the American ownership, the not-a-club-but-a-business approach in the front office, and the soulless ghouls who have come and gone from the roster over $, then you MUST respect the heart and soul of the club- the one the kids all stopped to hug after the final whistle. Let him leave when he sees fit to. Please.


That is what football is all about.

Many clubs are pressured into winning at any cost – whether to not get relegated, to win because they spent 500m etc… We are very lucky to have Wenger at the helm who won’t sell out, and is dedicated to providing us with entertaining football, and winning football.

I can’t begin to explain how happy I am for him, and the fans who really do appreciate what he is doing for Arsenal. Some feel like he has deprived them of trophies, the truth is our competition cottoned on to our methods, got a whole lot of money, snapped up our transfer targets by offering 3 times as much, and won our trophies.

Now we are past this, there is no limit to what we can achieve. These last 9 years will be worth it.

Al Gilmore

He could earn more elsewhere and other managers would ask more to be our manager. So it’s a fair wage for a man who lives and breathes AFC. Yes, he is well paid but he has never lost sight of the fact that he is custodian of our legacy, the legacy of a club that has always tried to win the right way. He may have agreed with the board about our buying/selling policy but it doesn’t mean he enjoyed it, doesn’t mean he didn’t want to sign better players than we sometimes did. Finding gems like anelka, nasri, cesc, rvp etc and then losing them must have been heart-breaking. To plan and have those plans torn to shreds by the ‘new money’ clubs couldn’t have been easy.

He dealt with it with dignity and calmness, despite what it was clearly doing to him. So saturday’s victory was well-deserved.

It is amazing how many things he has predicted have come true, e.g. He said Spurs assimilating 7 new players would be ‘technically difficult’, when the press had it that Spurs summer spending was better than ours and would see them overtake us. Who was right and who was wrong.

He has stood by players that fans booed and they have come good.

He predicted FFP would be brought in and would be implemented if at all possible and that AFC would be ready and would benefit from it…and he could be right again.


I was reading a match report of the game in the paper yesterday and this line put it into perspective for me….
“Hull, looking to end their HUNDRED AND TEN YEAR wait for a major trophy…”



I would take Remy and Milner as SQUAD players. Don’t get them thinking that’s our only improvements up front 🙂

Well done to the Arsenal! I felt like a kid watching Wenger’s reactions! Bliss…


Chelsea for their Champions league parade had 80 thousand man city for winning the premier league barely got 100 thousand.
If anyone is in any doubt about how huge our club is then Sunday afternoon should dispel those doubts. Over 250 thousand gooners for what is supposed to be the third rated trophy to win.


We had about 10,000 for the Brisbane Roar’s tickertape parade after winning the A-League championship the other day. ON THE UP.

the only sam is nelson
the only sam is nelson

Good. Having AW at the club means that we can attract players of the same quality as Ozil, assuming they’re available at the right price.

Equally the players already at the club will continue to improve and – dare I say it – be bolstered by the returns of Theo and Diaby. If we don’t sell anyone key to the first team it’ll be the second season in a row where we’ve acquired rather than lost talent, so if the improvement continues as it should then next season will be pretty special. When you consider that three or four results royally fucked up our title charge, and they were all avoidable, then we should be making a stronger challenge next year.

We have to find a quality replacement for Bac (unless the boss and Stevie are convinced Jenks has what it takes and I’d trust their judgement on that) and absolutely a top top quality goal merchant. Tony Cottee, for example. Or that young Gary Lineker fella at Leicester, he’s been doing well – we should sign him. But knowing Arsenal and how tight our manager is, we’ll probably end up with the other one who doesn’t score as many, etc etc

The more things change, the more they stay the same


Wenger and Arsenal have known that there was a possibility Sagna wouldn’t re-sign for sometime now. If they don’t think Jenkinson is ready yet (he is only 22) then hopefully they have another plan. Otherwise they should give him the contract he wants.

The Only Olivier is Giroud
The Only Olivier is Giroud

I just listened to Kasabian’s “Fire” on YouTube and saw a comment “Liverpool champions of 2013/14 season I guarantee it” (it was dated round the time they beat us, it would appear). One of the replies went “Dude anyone can say that now it is so obvious”. I upvoted both, just to be a funny cunt. Stevie G and Suarez will fucking DIE without trophies in that scouser hell. It would so abso-fucking-lutely make my year if Suarez fucks off to Madrid this Summer, two of those pesky quacks literally came out to the bar they knew I was in to laugh at my face after the opening 15 mins this Saturday.

tariq Khan

agree mostly except didn’t stevie G get a CL winners medal in Istanbul?

James the Miller

the only reason i want us to sign milner is because he does not get injured regularly


The look on Wenger’s face…what now bitches!! Love it!


Another stunning photo but we cannot continue to live a lie. Podolski’s a nutter.

Nationality ? a Gunner
Nationality ? a Gunner

But more important. What is the contract situation for Gunnersaurus ?

2 days since last trophy!
2 days since last trophy!

The only man for the job, really!

Wenger mentions 2-3 signings himself (plus replacing Fabianski and Sagna, who he sounds like he still have some hopes for!).

25-man squad:

1. Wojciech Szczesny (HG#1)
2. *
3. Damian Martinez (HG#2)
+ U21: Matt Macey

4. Per Mertesacker
5. Laurent Koscielny
6. Thomas Vermaelen
7. Ignasi Miquel (HG#3) or some new guy?
+ U21: Isaac Hayden, Semi Ajayi

8. * (Bacary Sagna)
9. Kieran Gibbs (HG#4)
10. Nacho Monreal
11. Carl Jenkinson (HG#5)
+ U21: Hector Bellerin, Brandon Ormonde-Ottewill

Central midfielders
12. Aaron Ramsey (HG#6)
13. Jack Wilshere (HG#7)
14. *
15. Mikel Arteta
16. Mathieu Flamini
17. Abou Diaby
+ U21: Gedion Zelalem, Kristoffer Olsson, Jack Jebb, Jon Toral

Attacking midfielders
18. Mesut Özil
19. Santi Cazorla
20. Tomas Rosicky
+ U21: Thomas Eisfeld

21. Theo Walcott (HG#8)
22. *
23. Lukas Podolski
+ U21: Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Serge Gnabry, Alex Iwobi

Centre forwards
24. *
25. Olivier Giroud
+ U21: Yaya Sanogo, Chuba Akpom

OUT: Fabianski, Viviano, Källström, Bendtner, Ryo, Park, Coquelin, Djourou

Last year as U21: Chamberlain, Sanogo, Ajayi (the end of Arteta or Diaby next season, and Sanogo proving himself and taking Giroud’s spot for 2015/16?)

GK: ?
RB: Serge Aurier (if failing to get Bac to sign!)
DM: Javi Martínez, Lars Bender, Paul Pogba, Morgan Schneiderlin
W/F: Alexis Sánchez, Ángel di María, Julian Draxler, James Milner
CF: Diego Costa, Karim Benzema, Mario Mandzukic, Danny Welbeck, Loïc Rémy, Josip Drmic, Edinson Cavani

Merlin's Panini

Djourou is already out. We sold him to Hamburg outright in April.


Drmic has been snapped up too

2 days since last trophy!
2 days since last trophy!

Was not aware! Great for Johan, saw him stretchered off yesterday, hope not too serious, but his future is settled then atleast!

Just picked who I remember seeing linked to us! Would love a Javi Martínez and a world class player Alexis Sánchez, Julian Draxler or maybe Marco Reus – and then take a cheaper option in Rémy up front, personally. But just listed a team really, why the downvotes?! 🙂


enjoying the trophy win
I hope we can learn from our PL campaign this season(heavy loss against Chelsea and Liverpool) and strengthen over the summer

m a gunner

I think Milner would be a good addition to squad , good strong midfielder can play any position , good attitude always ready to play !


Think the £10m could be better used elsewhere.

Merlin's Panini

Jack of all trades, master of none.

Arctic Troll (@arctic_troll)
Arctic Troll (@arctic_troll)

He’d give us something we don’t currently have.

Milner’s a good player, wasted at City and wasted by Hodgson.


He’s a hard working player. This is synonymous with calling a girl a ‘really nice person’.


It is good news that Arsene is staying.

At the end of the day here is what you really have to appreciate about Wenger: He has developed a strong nucleus of players in their early 20s all signed up through 2018 – Szczesny (24), Gibbs (24), Jenkinson (22), Wilshere (22), Ozil (25), Ramsey (23), Oxlade (20), Gnabry (18), and Zelalem (18). Six of these nine players have significant playing time starting together at Arsenal.


Wenger is the greatest Asset our club has, a quality man and a quality manager. As much as I’m over the moon we won the cup, I’m so pleased for Arsene. I dont think any other manager could have done what he has done with regard to guiding us through the transition from Highbury to the Emirates. The club was up to its neck in debt, our best players kept leaving, with no real transfer budget and having to make a PROFIT every transfer window.
Fuck what anyone says about us, we have been through a totally unique set of circumstances which no other club has even attempted and still managed to qualify for the champions league every year. There were a few near misses on the way with regards to winning a trophy, but we got one in the end, and hopefully that can be a bookend for whats happed to us as a club since the move from highbury.
The success of a trophy is great, but not all success can be measured with one.


The greatest asset this or any club has is its fans. It’s when the people in charge of clubs forget that is when things start to go very wrong.


I know this is not the place to put this comment, but I wanted maximum visibility. That work by Mrs. Blogs on the liveblog page was commendable. While I don’t mind the usually to the point commentary, she evoked so much passion in her writing that it was enjoyable for people like me who were not able to watch.
Maybe we should start a petition to make this arrangement permanent !


Arsene Wenger is very much in the empire building business.

I often wonder whether I’ll see another like him in my lifetime. Managers come and go at clubs all around, they might win the odd trophy here and there, but what do they really know of building an Empire?

To oversee the building of a near billion £ super stadium, affect the diets of the players, the shape of the dressing room, to cultivate a very zen and fluid brand of attacking football?

Arsene Wenger is the man behind every reason why Arsenal Football Club is my brand of choice.


Dont know about you but im shattered! Been long time waiting but i had a hell of a weekend. Got so pissed up saturday fell asleep on a bench woke up the next day at home no wallet and no mobile. Would i do that again? Hell yeah! I will add to that im sure Arseblog encourages sensible drinking so next season my wallet and phone stay at home.


Wenger is a class act wanted by many, he loves Arsenal and has been amazing. Yes granted the whole trophy drought situation after we left Highbury with the emirates to pay for was difficult… but this was our first season where we kept the team together and had serious money(YOU SOLD BALE WE SIGNED MESUT ÖZIL) and boom -top for 128days & the FA CUP TROPHY. Yes we’d have all have liked the BPL but 4th with money and a trophy surely must be a stepping stone ?! Let’s see how Wenger does next season now with the money to compete, he’s a top top top manager who I think gets a bit too much stick. He’ll do the right thing and sign some players as he said he’d like 2-3 players. If not and we end up 4th with no trophy again then feel free to criticise. Also many want Remy or Bony at Arsenal, I for one want a WORLD CLASS striker not those who have the potential to be, I’m tired of having to turn a player WC over a few seasons when we can buy an already WC striker.


No one mentioning Cesc. According to the pundits that cover Spanish football they seem to think he is going to be pushed out at Barca. I know we are not desperate for that position but joining one of our rivals could really damage us.

Merlin's Panini

Don’t think it’ll happen. I’m pretty sure he’ll be staying put. He kicked up so much of a fuss to go back there I can’t see him leaving, and if he ever does I would suspect he would want to come back home (to Arsenal).
This all depends on who the next Barcelona manager is of course but, with Xavi being older than the oldest tortoise that ever lived, they’ll no doubt want to hang on to Cesc.

tariq Khan

i would have him back in an instant.

those rumours maybe true because barca is not a normal outfit…

Henry! Chance!! Goal!!!
Henry! Chance!! Goal!!!

This has to be the stupidest thing I’ve heard in a while. Some people don’t know when enough is enough. Stewart Robson just lost any shred of credibility he has left



exclusive!!!! nothing exclusive that robson is a bitter man, he hate wenger , he hate our club for sacking him
even the liverpool biased media are not as bitter as him.
an overhyped youth player who became nothing when we released him , become a nobody after his playing day . anyone on this chat room know about football as much as him and we dont get pay for it

To Pooh is to Do

I don’t think he (Robson) had any credibility to begin with. Just saying..


They put “EXCLUSIVE!” on any interview with any-one they do. Even when just asking an ex-player’s opinion on how their former team are doing.

George Lane

Only one Arsene Wenger. We’ll never see another manager like him again, his utter class and loyalty seem to have no place in the cold modern game. Greatest manager in the history of football for me, and I think after he retires more people will come to realize just what he’s achieved.

Here’s hoping that before then we can win some more league and FA Cup titles and a CL!

non flying dutchman

‘there are only two clubs in Europe who have 17 years consecutively qualified for the Champions League and that consistency demands special values inside the club.” whose the other?? Please say Manchester United!


Real Madrid


real madrid i suppose , manchester got their day off in mid week next season


No, it’s Bayern Munich

Tony Hall

I have no idea on the gk front but as far as other players are concerned, Karim Benzema, Lars Bender, Julian Draxler and Serge Aurier (if Sagna does leave) … that would do nicely lol

I dream