A look at Arsenal’s scholarship intake for next season


Arsenal’s next batch of scholars is more or less confirmed, and, other than the suggestion that Chris Willock seems set to spurn the advances of Manchester United and continue his development in North London, the most intriguing sub-plot to emerge from this year’s intake is the presence of two promising Greek youngsters.

Mourgos Savvas and Elias Hatzitheodoridis emerged through Arsenal’s Elite Academy in Greece, which was established in 2011. The initial aim upon the creation of the Academy was simply to provide youngsters in the country with a platform on which to express their considerable talent. It is a welcome surprise that the initiative has already produced two players deemed good enough to earn a scholarship at Arsenal.

Savvas, a central-midfielder with an impressive passing range, impressed during the recent Ferroli Cup whilst on trial at Arsenal, whilst Hatzitheodoridis is considered one of his country’s best young left-backs. Both players will undoubtedly take some time to acclimatise to life in North London, but the decision to hand them full-time contracts reflects well on the Elite Academy.

The majority of the rest of the intake, with the exception of Swedish centre-back Kristopher Da Graca, who will complete his move from Hisingbacka later this month, is comprised of players who came through Arsenal’s Hale End system.

Willock, who can play in most central and wide midfield positions, is the stand-out talent, but the likes of Kaylen Hinds and Stephy Mavdidi also warrant mentions having impressed at U18 level whilst they were still schoolboys.

George Dobson, meanwhile, is a defensive midfielder who can also play at centre-back if required. The 16 year old possesses commendable leadership qualities, whilst winger Tyrell Robinson has also caught the eye for the U18s. Harry Donovan is another midfielder who is efficient at breaking up play and distributing the ball to others.

Defenders Jonatas Centeno, Marc Bola, Aaron Eyoma and Chiori Johnson complete the intake, with Arsenal, under the new management duo of Frans de Kat and Kwame Ampadu, hoping for a considerably more impressive return at U18 level next season than in the campaign just finished.

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Wenger's coat

Fabregas !!!! NOOOOO

why u cwy

Wenger you absolute nobhead.

The prodigal son playing for the cunts. Hugging cunty mccuntertson after he scores against us in another 6 nil drubbing. I think I actually might cry.

What a shit way to start the world cup.

Bobby the beast

Yeah fabregas can shove his “arsenal or bacrelona” non sense up his arse. I don’t care how bad it is but if he suffers a long term injury at the world cup I’ll laugh my ass off. Fucking chav money merchant cunt.
Worse than rvp. Only major signings will make this transfer window bareable.

Some Weird Guy

I didn’t think it was possible to hate Chelsea much more but they’ve just gone and done it.


Fabregas to Chel$ki..I have lost all faith in humanity now!


So, completely off topic but the thought of Fabregas playing for maureen and next to John Terry (who is a cunt)) hurts me deep in my soul.

kicking coconuts

Gut wrenching… With a taste of puke in my mouth.


it hurts even more when Dutch Skunk joined United….. why Fabregas….. hope your team burns into flames.


Sorry Jeorge, I normally really enjoy your articles, but today I’m only here to vent (along with my colleagues above)-fuck football, fuck you Chelsea, and fuck you Fabregas, you backstabbing bastard. You engineered a move away and left us to rot, and you didn’t have to join those cunts. I’m sorry, I know we didn’t take up the option to buy (there’d better be a fucking good reason for that) but you didn’t have to go to those scumbags.

kicking coconuts

The line has been drawn. Wenger and the board will have to impress by brining in some top quality signings. It’s going to be a sad day when he steps into the Emirates wearing blue. To applaud him for his time at Arsenal is the manly thing to do. To jeer him will only give maureen more ammunition. “I told you we love you more at chelsk.”

50 shades of gandalf the grey
50 shades of gandalf the grey

There is no curse in Elvish, Entish or the tongues of men for this treachery. I died inside. I feel sick. A player I once loved, now at Chelsea. The worst of the worst. The hearts of men are easily deceived.

12th Man in The Clockend
12th Man in The Clockend

I teach Marc Bola – I wish him all the best now he’s finished his GCSES – along with all the other scholars.


It isnt his fault that we decided that we don’t need a world class player. They have cesc and soon Costa. That’s how a club can do its business early. Decisive and with a plan.
They tore us a new one away last year this season could be even worse.

Kos the boss

I think it says a lot about cesc that both his previous managers wenger and pep showed absolutely no interest in him. Although it isn’t completely cesc’s fault , you have to hate anyone playing for chelsea that too under Mourinho

why u cwy

Think it says more about Wenger than Cesc to be honest. They guys proven year after year he can’t build a team to keep up with the big boys because he’s too stubborn


“Savvas, a central-midfielder with an impressive passing range”

Hey, I know a guy like that! I mean, look at all the little Cesc’s we’re breeding…

Transfer Window Is Bollocks
Transfer Window Is Bollocks

Good luck to all this year’s intake. Let’s hope you make it.


If there’s anywhere Greeks can feel at home, it’s North London


Ffs let’s stop talking about a chelsea player that spent half his arsenal career wanting to leave. Let’s talk about players that actually wanted to play for arsenal. He had his chance but screwed us all off,

We have far higher priorities than a player in that position, wenger and the board have seen that. You should all be excited not mouthing off about a player who didn’t want us.