Arsenal home to Crystal Palace in season opener


The Premier League fixtures for 2014-15 have been released this morning and Arsenal will kick off their season with a home game against Crystal Palace.

The following weekend sees a trip to Goodison Park, and in the opening 7 games the Gunners will face the blues, Man City, Sp*rs and Chelsea.

The first North London derby of the season takes place on Sept 27th at the Emirates, with the corresponding fixture at White Hart Lane scheduled for February 7th.

Other notable fixtures:

Chelsea home: 25th Apr
Chelsea away: 4th Oct

Man Utd home: 22nd Nov
Man Utd away: 16th May – Premier League clincher 😉

Man City home: 13th Sept
Man City away: 17th Jan

Liverpool home: 4th April
Liverpool away: 20th Dec

The season finishes with a home game against West Brom.

Please note: the dates/times are preliminary and will change when the TV companies get their hands on the schedules, so don’t go booking any flights/hotels yet. fixture list.

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Brief look through the fixtures, there don’t seem to be any suicidal deathruns so at least that’s a plus!


Yes, it looks like a nice even run throughout the season with most of the big games nicely spread out.

But of course that’s only the PL fixtures so far, the death-runs of last season were made all the worse by the midweek Champions League and cup ties.

Bring on 2014-15!!!


YAY now we can’t lose by more than 4 goals twice a month 😀


No deathruns, but what about away games against top teams at 12.45?


Another good news: it seems like all the games that are played after the international breaks are homegames. I noticed over the last seasons that playing away is harder when the team get back from international duties.
For me, it is the best news in this schedule


How nice is it to see the community shield at the start of our season!


Looking at the full list, there’s a surprising lack of “death run” potential.


Surely the Sept 13 Man City game, then Tottenham two weeks later, then chelsea a week after that is deathrunny


That is the only cluster i could see as well. At least its early in the season too, thankfully not after January/Feb when the wheels traditionally fall off for us.

We’ve shown pretty good ability to be front runners last season and at times in recent seasons, coming back from the dead to snatch 4th. Good mix of leading and chasing experience in the squad now, hopefully it bodes well for next year.


And slotting nicely in between the ‘deathrunny’ september will be 2 champions league group games, hopefully 🙂


Imagine getting a cup round game vs united somewhere in between.

Playing against Sagna Van Persie and Fabregas…probably our 3 most effective players in the last 5 years! Could be brutal for us.


Yeah but we’ve got Per, Theo and Rambo. Our three most effective players in the last 2 years.

Bac is 32. Van Persie is grey and more often injured than not and I can’t be the only one thinking that Cesc is a little chubbier now than he used to be.


Why would Sagna play for United?


Does Tot’num really count as deathy?


Yes. Death to spurs


Actually, I think this will be pretty challenging in September / early October (especially since we’ll still be bedding in a few signings, I reckon):

Actually, it’s not great news:

Champions League midweek
Capital One cup midweek
Champions League midweek


Sorry for the two actuallies. Actually, I only meant to write one. Literally.


yeah i agree villa will be tough before we desend on the shit neigbours next door….



mate by a mile better than last years horrible fixture list


We started out with generally easy fixtures, allowing us to build confidence and find rhythm. Indeed, our position at the top of the table was strongly influenced by the early run of easier games.

If things go wrong, we could be 9 points adrift by mid-October.

Not to be a doomer.


Better mid-October than mid-April, but I see where you’re coming from.


Those other teams will have to play the cup games too don’t forget! I think we will manage fine if we sort the squad out this summer. We normally start the season pretty well too.


we have no depth. they do.


Except for facing some strong teams in the beginning, the schedule looks well balanced.


After Man City away on 17th January, the toughest games we have Spurs away in early Febuary (haha not tough really, but a notable game never the less), Everton at home(End of Febuary), Liverpool at home (early April), Chelsea at home (late April) and Man United away (2nd last game of the season). Should beat Spurs away and if we can keep our good home record (not losing to any of the big teams) we have the potential for an extremely long run after Christmas. Those games are all spread out fairly nicely so there shouldnt be the potential for… Read more »


Those early fixtures could be tough but City and Spurs at home before Chelsea away. 2 Home games. Its nothing like last season where we had United and City at home, Liverpool, Spurs, Chelsea and Everton away within like 6/7 weeks or Spurs, Chelsea, Everton away and City at home in the space of 3/4 weeks

Clock End Mike

I saw that too. Overall, a very good schedule, compared with recent years (especially last year). Hope Sky/BT behave a little more responsibly this year and don’t drop us in it too often. Please, No Friday or Monday games, or (as far as possible) early kick-offs away from home. I guess it’s a fact of life that all teams (and fans) are pretty much at their mercy these days.

On another note, it would be quite nice to win the title with a week to spare at OT. Well, I can dream…

Merlin's Panini

April looks like it could be tricky. Chelsea and Liverpool. We could also potentially have a Champions League game then too.


The pressure is sort of lifted now having won the FA Cup, plus we should have a better equipped squad to go onto those games while still being in the hunt for a PL crown. I can see us playing with a lot more freedom in the big games this coming season.

Arteta's lost Tooth

We have a rough start to the season though compared to our rivals. United meet they’re first top 6 team in the 7th round when they meet Everton. In the first 7 rounds we on the other hand will have gone up against 4 of the top 6 clubs allready.

Lets hope meeting our rivals early is an advantage, and that it does not stop us from building momentum.


All set up to win the league at Old Trafford while the Dutch skunk watches on.


… while sitting in the stands, nursing an injury as usual, plotting to have the manager replaced.


Or his hip.


He should really be getting two seats; one for himself and one for that twat inside of him.

rj gooner

Damn! I have to go to Stamford bridge on my birthday! Bummer

glory hunter

Lets hope you bring us good luck


You get to see Fabregas? That has been my birthday wish for the last 5 years lol


Mourinho will have dropped him, fell out with him, and put him on the transfer list by then.

Kos the boss

Mourinho will be there then?


let us know if mourinho gouges your eye , we will have Balotelli throw darts on him.


And then of course, a post match ride to a women’s prison, you know, just to have a look around. Might as well drop Mourinho off there while you’re at it.


Tough start again. Thankyou F.A you mugs!


The FA (Ferguson Association) got a quite good schedule for their own team (ManUtd). The first 6 games for them are really ezy.

Rambling Pete

Thankfully the fixtures appear to be a bit kinder this season so hopefully that will stand us in good stead. And it’s hard not to look at the game at Old Trafford and think back to that night we won the league at their place. It’s good to reminisce sometimes, as I said to my pal Wilf in the pub last night as we were watching the World Cup. He and I used to rob orchards when we were lads, and sell the apples to the other kids for tuppence each. We could make quite a bit of money, but… Read more »


Good times.

PerLaurent Defense

First time I saw a comment by Ramblin’ Pete I thought he was one of those trolls. Having seen a few of his posts over time I am truly a fan. Always a funny “ramble” and well and truly keeping in theme with his name. Always!

petey b

Noting that you’ve not mentioned Everton or Sp*rs, and the additional fixtures from other competitions we’ll play on the way to the quadruple, it looks like the big games are well spread out. No ‘death run’


Can’t wait for next season.

Oh Yar Gunners, Yar

The only Olivier is Giroud

Arsenal will be at home to Crystal Palace for the season’s o9ener.

More to folow.

*UPDATE: And that, ladies and gentlemen, is all.


Nice schedule, a lot of good games in the start of the season.. Hopefully we will be able to beat some of the top teams this year.


“so don’t go booking any flights/hotels yet”

Ooh shit…honey honey, i think im gonna need my money back


“Arsenal will kick off their season with a home game against Crystal Palace” sounds ominously like “Arsenal will kick off their 2013 season with a home game against Aston Villa”…


It does if you squint.

Rad Carrot

That’s… Not too bad, actually. Fairly tricky start but by November we should be alright.


COYG no excuses this time….add some world class players to the squad and let get our hands to the fucking Premier League this year………Don’t fuck this time .. WE WILL WIN THIS TIME

East Gooner

I hope we can discontinue our recent tradition of dropping points to midtable teams on the First Day of the Season. Plus it is the Goblin King – Give him and his team a good paddlin’, will you Arsenal.

Clock End Mike

Actually, last season’s game against Villa was our first home defeat on the season’s opening day in 20 years, I believe.

The DarkKNight

So what you are saying is that there is a chance to win it at Old Trafford and then celebrate in the face of RVP and possibly TV5 ? Huaaaaaa

Parisian Weetabix

I could barely have written a kinder-looking fixture list. After almost every big game there’s a smaller one to either consolidate a win or rectify dropped points, so theoretically this should help us avoid any real losing streaks. However the real bonus is that we can rest our big players in the lead up to the big games, so we can avoid any more CALAMITIES.

Also: Anyone else backing Theo to have a great season? 😉

Chaillah the Gunner

I beg to differ with you.we will clinch the title during the Liverpool game.with games to spare.
that’s how good we will be this season.
and also we will be needing the rest considering we will be involved in Champions League Finals.

mr arsenal

We either start really well and fade off or start really badly and end the season with title winning form.

Im not too concerned with the fixture list tbh, just hope the team (and especially the manager) have learnt the lessons of last season.


…and the season before, and the season before that, and the season…

dan nichols

The early season fixtures makes it imperative that we have a very strong squad assembled for pre season rather than not soigning players til deadline day, or letting people who had a good world cup run have a month off! However my feeling is, that much as i like and support wenger, he never does anything for what he sees as short term feel good reasons.


If AW gets the players our squad needs, there is no stopping us.

It is just frustrating because he would rather leave it last minute and get the ‘right’ players in. He use to be able to swoop for players anonymously, but now everyone else has upped their game. Really hoping we can up our game and sign what we NEED fairly soon after the WC so they all get time to bed in.

Merlin's Panini

We play the same teams no matter what happens so I don’t read too much into the fixtures list. The team should see the start as a challenge and we’ll get to see early on what they’re made of. If they can put themselves in the same position, by January, as last season then I would say we’ll have a good chance.


Unfortunately it isn’t as simple as that. These top of the table clashes are effectively ‘6 pointers’. They also have a huge affect on confidence and morale. We drew with United and Chelski after some demoralizing defeats to big teams the game before, a bit more confidence and we would have won those games.


Blimey. That’s a late FA Cup Final!

Merlin's Panini

Looking at the pattern of fixtures we only ever have 3 “easy” fixtures in a row at the most. That could keep the team on their toes.


A nice confidence booster.

Like last year’s Aston Villa game was supposed to be.

Man Manny

Just get the new players in early, keep carzola and vermalaen, and we will be fine.


We get to de-merry Liverpool’s Christmas. Result.

Arsenal 4eva

Please wenger sign some quality this summer. I really feel this is our best chance for many seasons to win the league. Only 7 points behind last year with a much better schedule this year we are gonna right amongst it. Oh and tell any player who wants out to shut the fuck up and play for the club.


My take is simple: 1. Arsenal had the best record in the league against teams outside the top four last season…including an insanely excellent run of away form. We need to maintain that consistency. It would be unreasonable to expect we can do much better there, outside of improving goal difference. But let’s keep one thing clear, very few teams are looking at this schedule and looking foward to playing Arsenal, at home or away, and that’s the way it should be. 2. Our record against the other top sides is where we fell short. That’s exactly where our mental… Read more »

Arsenal 4eva

A club like Arsenal should be able to compete for every competition they go in for. That’s what a squad of players is for. Rotate a few maybe for easier cup games to freshen things up but every player in that squad should be good enough to win the particular game they are chosen for. Which is why it’s so important we strengthen this summer. I want plenty more after winning the cup last year which is all the fans deserve after such along time without winning anything


I hope the Premier League clincher is not Utd away on 16th May, but Chelski at home on 25th April 😉

Why do you ask my name? It is beyond understanding

Nice easy start at home to a mid-table team who play in claret and blue. What can go wrong? Oh.

Why do you ask my name? It is beyond understanding

Let’s win the title with a game to spare and celebrate in the Old Trafford Champions’ Section. Again.


I think the fixture list is great we dont have to many big games near the run in of the season, perfect!

Angolan Girl Who Loves The Gunner

Very good fixtures. Imagine if we win the league in Old Trafford 🙂 ? That will be massive!!! Forward Gunners! COYG!


Bloggs can we have some sort of forum for like minded gooners to share thoughts about the WC?