Gazidis: Community Shield allocation disappointing


The FA have confirmed that Arsenal and Manchester City will receive approximately 26,000 tickets each for the Community Shield showdown on Sunday 10 August.

The allocation – 1,000 more than the Gunners received for May’s FA Cup final triumph over Hull City – sees prices range between £20-£45, but has been deemed a disappointment by CEO Ivan Gazidis who has again pointed out that 38,000 tickets will fall into the hands of people not directly involved with the participating clubs.

“We are all looking forward to playing Manchester City in the Community Shield,” he told

“However, as with the FA Cup final, we are disappointed with the official allocation of only 26,000 tickets for this match. This means that both clubs will only officially receive a combined total of approximately 52,000 tickets, in a stadium which has a capacity of 90,000.

“The club will implement a ticket-allocation policy which will be as fair to all our supporters as possible, but we appreciate that many of our loyal supporters will be unable to obtain tickets for this match. We will be explaining our position to the FA and will try our best to obtain more tickets for our supporters.”

Arsenal have won the Community (formerly Charity) Shield 12 times in their history but haven’t taken part in the top division’s traditional curtain raiser since 2005/06 when we were beaten 2-1 by Chelsea.

Fingers crossed we can pick up where we left off at Wembley by snaffling a second piece of silverware in consecutive visits to Wembley.

Arsenal have yet to confirm the date that tickets will be put on sale.


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Transfer Window Is Bollocks
Transfer Window Is Bollocks

Money grubbing bastards the F.A. Every single Wembley match is a slap in the face of football fans.

Formerly known as El Capitano
Formerly known as El Capitano

Farcical by the FA.
The worst part is the other 48,000 tickets will still be purchased by Arsenal & City fans that will end up paying ridiculous amounts of money for them.


Knowing the FA, that’s probably deliberate.


Emirates cup and community shield 2014 Champion! XD

Donut Maestro

Are you that shortsighted?


I think butters is just butt-hurt that Carlos Vela News may not be revived after all.


Is the 90,000 actual seats or does that number include box’s etc..


Boxes come with 10/12 seats. So, yes they are included.


Then why call it the community shield?


Maybe one day fans will boycott Wembley and something will change, but the FA can do what they want at the moment.

Gum Chewing Psycho

Any bets on The Coq breaking Sagna’s right leg in the 1st half and Clichy’s left leg in the 2nd and giving Sanogo a delightful pass over Lescott for him to slot home the winner? 1-0 to the Arsenal!

asian gooner

That is disgusting.


you must be drunk


So it’s Arsenal A & Arsenal B team (Viera, Nasri, Clichy & Sagna currently – not to forget Adebayor & Toure in the past) in the community shield this year!


Absolute piss-take. I hope that season ticket holders that did not get a ticket for the FA cup final in the ballot for that get first refusal on this.

I really don’t see how the FA can justify this.

Greg Dyke has been on his high horse about FIFA but he should take a look closer to home. His organisation are little better.


I can’t wait to see all our new signings in this game.


I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic here. I mean I’d like to think not but it is fatgooner after all. Optimism isn’t really your game




As an American, let me say that this is not unknown in professional sports here. The National Football (our “football”) League withholds 25% of all tickets to the Super Bowl for distribution to NFL sponsors. The remaining tickets are then distributed to the teams, but those teams then take care of *their* sponsors to a similar tune, meaning that only about 50-60% of the tickets are available for public purchase.

It’s the way professional sports are run now–and there’s really nothing you can do other than turning away from the sport. But we’re not going to do that, are we? So my advice is, make a sh*t-ton of money, become a sponsor, and go to every game you’d like. Otherwise, the clubs and leagues believe we should just shut our mouths and pay for their broadcast rights.


It.s a glorified friendly match…perfect opportunity for a boycott and 2 fingers to the dicks at the f.a

Monkey Nuts

I see Ivan is taking a keen interest in ticket allocations and standing up for Arsenal fans. Shame he didn’t do the same at the board meeting when ticket price hikes were pushed through.

Ivan change the record, you can’t do anything about it.


If Ivan wanted to make a stand he could just advise our fans to stay away and play the under 16’s and Gunnersaurus.


Advise fans to stay away and broadcast the game live at the Emirates for free.

Canadian Arsenal Fan

I would love to see the gunnersaurus play, lol


Corporate football urrgh! Why should the fans accept that the whores and pimps at FA need 38,000 tickets? Sadly it will never change, football sold it soul a long time ago. All the money that gets sucked out into the wrong pockets. Ban agents and twats with titles like FIFA Executive!

why u cwy

Once upon a time there was the community shield.
I paid £40 to watch some shit on a field.
Some guy scored then he slid and kneeled.
26000 arsenal fans and the prawn sarnie brigade.
The 26000 couldn’t afford a bottle of lucozade.
For exorbitant prices continue to rise
Bringing about football’s great demise.
Who will save us from this extortion?
We need a hero.
We’re holding out for a hero till the end of the night.
Cos we aren’t going to pay £40 to watch this shite.


(But the cynic in me just thinks that is sour grapes on Ivan’s part that someone else is eating into the Bank of Arsenals share and profits of those unallocated ticketsrather than standing up for the fans)


It would be the perfect boycott and be a step towards fan power. The boycott should be organized!


I wonder if Sagna will end up in City’s lineup…sniff sniff

he’s going to look terrible in that wimpy baby blue…

COYG!!! Start the year with a nice trophy!

Bergkamp's BFF

Can’t we (Arsenal team) just refuse to play at Wembley? I’ve never been to a game there but I’ve heard the experience isn’t great for fans thanks to an over excited PA bloke. And isn’t the pitch shit too, compared to our wonderful ground?
I realise it has mystical properties for some to play at Wembley but what’s the point of football without proper fans? I’m a red member and on the waiting list for a season ticket but as it stands I’ll never get to see Arsenal play at Wembley without paying £500 a pop.


lightening pace

Sure you can.
I’m a red member too and I went to the semi final this year. (No chance of the final though)
Had a great experience, the noise our fans were making was incredible, the seas of gooners filling the streets and paths around Wembley was something to behold and the experience in general was one that I’ll never forget!
And we beat Wigan in a sensational penalty shoot-out.
Loved that bit the best 😉

monkey knees

Won’t even think of getting a ticket. Jokers.