7amkickoff NYC Packing List: By the Numbers


4 – Pairs of pants
5 – Pairs of British pants
5 – Pairs of socks
3 – Plain white tee shirts
1 – 2005-2006 Claret Highbury commemorative home shirt with “Bergkamp 10” on the back
1 – Bottle of Valium for my “Bergkamp-like fear of flying”
1 – 2001-2002 Gold Lame “we won the League at Old Trafford” shirt
1 – Laptop
1 – Laptop charger
1 – Camera
1 – Camera charger
2 – USB to micro USB cords
1 – Frantically written reminder to my house sitter to “feed… the… bitch.”
1 – Tube of sunscreen
1 – Tube of toothpaste
1 – Toothbrush
1 – Floss
1 – Plain white collared shirt in case, you know, something classy happens accidentally
1 – “Unbreakable” comb
1 – Tube of hair goop
1 – Deodorant
1 – Clean kitchen
1 – Dog to the dog sitter
1 – Hangover
1 – Match ticket
1 – Plane ticket to NYC 
1 – Good weekends a feller could have in NYC with all of that


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Four star German

2014 World Cup final DVD to watch over and over again


So You bring 9 pairs of pants in total? Am I rite?




British pants = underwear.


Why so many pants?!

Bouldy's Tupee

9 pairs of pants with only 5 pairs of socks?
Blogs, You’re a man who lives his life dangerously!

I noticed no shoes on the list? Whoops!

149 Just Done It

Nice choice of jerseys.


I usually love your work, sir, but this was kind of Meh. Regardless, enjoy your trip in NYC and give Henry a kiss for me if the situation arises!


You might want some shorts


Judging by his expanding waistline, I don’t think feeding Wayne Rooney is the greatest of ideas.


You forgot your smile #aha
You may need Shorts (pants). Its summertime
Otherwise you “are good to go”
Enjoy yourself
#FACUP Selfie
#Gunnersaurus Selfie

von Bigglesworth

Phone charger ?

To Pooh is to Do

No shoes??


Haha a bit of a baker? Great book.


Going commando then….hmmmm..use the sunscreen wisely then.


Read 5 pair of cocks


You’ve forgotten Mrs Blogs


But…. where’s your defribillator?

Oh right its not a sunday league match against lower opposition that we beat on other days but are finding it hard to do now when it matters hehe

Per's Nimble Footwork
Per's Nimble Footwork

You forgot to pack a power adapter?

Naija Gunner

Why do we need to be reading this, for the laughs or u are just bored of waiting to see real football?

Yankee Gooner

Seems like a lot of socks unless you’re going full Red Hot Chili Peppers at the match.


You forgot to say:

1 – Entirely pointless, self-congratulatory post on Arseblog News.

Yankee Gooner

2 – grumpy gooners already in the comment section


I’ll make sure they both get a full refund


Try Jack Daniel’s instead of Jim Beam: it’s got a better taste, especially with Coke.


We should open a book on when 7am’s “unbreakable” comb will get broken.

And, at last, a Fatgooner post I can 100% agree with 😉


Yes, credit where credit’s due. Keep it up, FG.


1 x mantra “every thing in moderation” repeat.


What is a pair of british pants? And what is the differences to regilar pants? 😀



Clock End Mike

“pants” presumably = trousers / jeans
“British pants” presumably = underpants
It’s the colonial patois. A lot of it around these days.

ps. “2005-2006 Claret Highbury commemorative home shirt with “Bergkamp 10″ on the back”
I have one of those too, I’m proud to say. For Special Occasions.
But isn’t it officially “redcurrant”, rather than “claret”?