L’Equipe say Debuchy done at €10m


L’Equipe are reporting that Arsenal have agreed a fee with Newcastle for Mathieu Debuchy, believed to be around €10m (just under £8m).

The right back is expected to formally join the Gunners in the very near future, and the player himself is reported to have told TF1 of his decision to move to London after France’s World Cup exit to Germany yesterday.

The 28 year old joined the Toon from Lille in January 2013 during the club’s French shopping expedition and has well and truly bedded into the Premier League, so there’ll be no period of acclimatisation or anything like that.

So, it looks like the first piece of the summer menu is in place, now just add a dash of Sanchez, a soupçon of goalkeeper and medley of DM and we’re all set for the new campaign.


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Hope this is true!

gooner for liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiife

Am I the only one who came here to see the poo-ometer and was disappointed? whether none, 1 or 9 poos, I wanna see them blogs!

East Gooner

Welcome to Arsenal, Mathieu (if this is true).

American Gooner

Being in America, I am not very familiar with European newspaper media. Can someone tell me if a source like L’Equipe is a reliable one?? I assume it is since Arseblog referred to it in the article, but I am just unsure!

Chris O

It’s essentially the French Sports Illustrated. I’d say it’s as reliable as it gets in French sports media.


its the biggest european sport daily newspaper, they actually bring news they dont take side and dont talk shit like for example marca and other sport tabloid


Solid signing. Won’t “kill” Bellerin and Jenkinson and is proven in the Premier League.

Great to see that we seem to be trying to get our business done ASAP this time. Really excited by the names we’re being linked with.


I know, how weird is this? Replacing key personnel with proven internationals almost as soon as the window opens. Looks like the sunshine agrees with Arsene!


He’s no Sagna, but I won’t right him off like some people already have.


Sagna did us proud but he’s 30 and Debuchy has the potential to be even better – in fact he’s already keeping Sagna out of the France team. I was pretty miffed when Newcastle signed him – he was so obviously the perfect player for us – so, if it’s true we’ve finally got him, am very happy indeed.


Sagna is 31. And in fact Debuchy turns 29 on the 28th of this month. Clearly he’s a short term solution, and for £8m or so (loose change these days) for France’s first choice RB, I can’t see how anyone can have too many complaints.


We only need a short term solution. Jenkinson is the long term solution. Jenks is too young an inexperienced to be the #1 right back for now, but give him two more years as an understudy and he will take the PL by storm.

Captain Obvious

Meh, Somewhat underwhelmed, but we needed a RB.

Sincererly hope Sanchez et al are also lined up

balotelli in

so this guy is that “toptop quality”-player wenger always talkes about? not another silvestre again?


Never satisfied with anything.


If you want to win the league by simply buying the best players then support city or Chelsea. Or play a football manager game. I personally don’t want us blowing a top quality budget on a right back. I am perfectly happy with the guy who is keeping our former top top right back out of the national team.

The only issue I have with debuchy is he doesn’t gave the same twofer or threefer quality that sagna had… Ie can he play along the back line? Means we might need 2 more defensive signings if Vermaelan moves on.


Debuchy is even better than Sagna ^^ He is the perfect signing for us.


The deal for Lahm fell through, I hear.

Arteta's Legoman Head

Wonder when he’ll make his debutchy?

I’m so sorry, I’ll show myself out

Özil is a goooooner

He’s been starting for France at the World Cup, and he’s been – to my mind – progressing really well since he came to the EPL. Admittably, this doesn’t have me excited like the prospect of Sanchez, but I personally feel he’s the best option available right now. If we do sign him it’s great buisness and who knows, he may well turn out an improvement on Sagna.


I’m not too much of a “Youtube scouter”, hence I’d appreciate if someone could inform me if he can cross the fucking ball, at all? 🙂


He can and very well. If you cast your mind back to Arsenal’s home fixture vs Newcastle, it was 11 men red vs 2 men in stripes. One of those 2 men was Debuchy.

szczesny's left thumb

In totally unrelated terms, it just struck me again this morn! We won the FA CUP!!!
Butterflies in my belly! So in LOVE with the Arsenal!


I don’t think RB’s in general have ever been an exciting signing. But it would be one position dealt with the transfer window. To be solved with under £10mil is a good bit of business for the player. So we still got say 60 mil to spend….minimum. My god imagine if we got Sánchez. I cant really comment on Khedira. I was saying yday how I’ve never seen him play a game and thought wow hes good. But was told he does all the shit work that needs doing. Still a striker and poss. Cb…..did anyone else like the look… Read more »


Debuchy is an exciting signing imo. 🙂 Besides you need to take in to consideration that the transfer fee is £10m but the salary will take money as well ^^ So if we have above £60m to still spend is very doubtful.

Vivacious Assault Monkey

Bear in mind Bendtner’s wages are off the books and we might be closer to £60m than you think 😉

And I genuinely think we could spend it all. 25m for Sanchez, 15m for a first-team quality CB leaves 15-20m for Luis Gustavo or Lars Bender. Or 35m for us to blow on Javi Martinez to fill both spots!

Peanuts Peanuts

What about Viv Anderson? I was 10 at the time and very excited.


Yep, if true, I’m happy about this. Proven International defender at a decent price

David da santo

Welcome to Arsenal Debuchy


Not surprised by that comment from a guy who’s handle is ‘Balotelli in’.


Yay, nice to see the signings rolling in earlier instead of the woeful procrastination that occurred the last few seasons.


The fact that anyone can thumb down this self evidently correct observation indicates either

1/ They are morons – or Managers of a rival team. Or :-

2/ They think Arsenal should only act in the transfer market, after everyone else has taken their pick.

Either way they’re a curious advert for Arsenal supporters.



3/ They remember that we’ve signed the likes of Podolski well before the end of the window, and don’t have selective memory syndrome.


Or they remember how we were assured by the Sainted Leader that if we sold Fabrgas and Nasri “we could not be thought of as a big Club because big Clubs don’t sell their best players”. Only to do just that and then rush out and sign 5 players in the last 48 hours of the window. Or they might remember how we ‘pursued’ Hilguain last year as we needed a striker only to foul that up and then sign Ozil at the last minute because the fans revolted after the Villa debacle and Board told Wenger that he was… Read more »


None of which takes away from my comment that we don’t always sign players at the last minute, in fact it emphasises my point about the ‘selective memory syndrome’ displayed by some fans.

Sometimes we sign players early in the window, sometimes in the middle, and sometimes late on.

The idea that Wenger only signed Ozil to placate the fans is utterly ridiculous – I hope that the 67 in your username doesn’t refer to your date of birth, as 47 years old is really early to be suffering from dementia.


Cry and whine all you want but the points I made including the Ozil one are entirely valid. It’ll be interesting to see how he matches up to Fabregas this season because having turned the latter down and only signed Ozil for the reasons I stated, if Ozil performs like he did last season and Cesc performs like he used to of us, it’ll be a case of yet another Wenger misjudgement coming back to haunt us. And some of us are of the view that this Club needed a fresh start three years ago rather than’ maybe’ biting the… Read more »


You’ve just gone onto some random rant now, and no, the Ozil point is still utterly ridiculous and isn’t valid in the slightest.

Arsenal sign players at different points of the transfer window, as can be clearly proven by looking at when they sign players, and anyone that says otherwise is wrong.

I couldn’t give a shit about Chelsea, so I have no idea why you brought them up – are you trying to be the moany and unentertaining version of Rambling Pete?


Bloggs I’m doing this from – a sober – memory but I think it was at the end of season bash for the AST or the Arsenal Independent Supporters Trust or something similar.

He was giving his usual ‘world domination’ spiel and that little comment came out. I wasn’t there but it was reported back on several websites as well as in the Telegraph and possibly other papers as well.


Rob67, the club has to spend over GBP40m just because they are afraid of offending people like you??

Geez. I think the 67 refers to your IQ times 10.


If my IQ was 670 it would be even bigger than yours.

Chris O

It’s absurd to put Ozil’s late acquisition down to Wenger’s supposed procrastination. Ozil unexpectedly came available late in the summer after Wenger had been after him for years. RM was waiting on the never-ending Bale transfer saga before they were willing to part with Ozil. It just happened that way.

There’s plenty of room for criticism of Wenger over Higuain and Suarez (maybe?) last year, but you can’t claim that Ozil was some sort of panic signing because he wasn’t.

Woolwich Peripatetic

The Suarez thing still rankles. Imagine we’d paid out £50+ million for him, to then find out we could have had him for £40,000,001 and then the idiot gets himself banned for four months for biting an Italian…

As for the transfer window, until it’s open announcing a signing could prove a costly mistake (Willian anyone?) and buying players in a world cup summer normally involves waiting for them to be released from international duty.

szczesny's left thumb

Meanwhile, I always kinda rated Debuchy since he was in the French league. Not because I watched him play or have a lot of info on him, he just seemed really decent on FIFA. It was a bit of a blow when he did sign for Newcastle! Would be good to see how well he’ll fit in at the Arsenal! Sign!


Solid signing, hard to name any great available rb’s currently, and pl experience should ensure a limited bedding in time. Now add Sanchez, shitty keeper, young cb and a cdm and we will have addressed all the areas required,


Let’s just hope he doesn’t turn out to he DeDouchey. 😉


Let’s Hope you don’t come back here again to Bumbar your Ass!



Lethbridge Gooner

Blogger, How many poop? Or is this just a smear?


Why Debuchy & not Aurier,he offers us what we need: more defensive cover with some decent crosses too & his premier league proven + he wouldn’t be off in Feb for the Afcon tournment & there’s the age/maturity factor

Chris O

Exactly. I’d add that he also is apparently less expensive.

Good business. On to the next one.


John Terry is a cunt

East Gooner

That comment will always get thumbs up on any article till the end of time.
Also Mourinho is a cunt.


Don’t forget Nasri, Adeba-who?, and the Skunk! Safe to add Cesc to the list?


Spuds are cunty cunts

Matt Payne

I’d still like us to sign two strikers – preferably Sanchez and Remy!


totally wengers signing. lets hope gazidis law etc have a bit more ambition.


what we need a solid ready made right back..what do youwant a young player who has one good season in france ,we dont need another young rb we have jekinson and bellerin


Signing a right back is hardly going to cause the same furore as say, signing a striker. Solid purchase if true. Now to focus on other targets!


They said on tf1 he himself confirmed it after the game yesterday so might be some truth in it

barry wickings

he is a good solid performer and with a sprinkling of the wenger magic on him and playing with better players we have will bring him up a level and if its a done deal gets to do pre-season with the squad always an added bonus


Welcome to arsenal Debuchy :3


Solid player has alright pace. Don’t mind this boy at all. Good with his feet… Can’t remember how he crosses?? I’m an athiest and I’m praying for Sanchez or that type of Quality! Di Maria… Don’t get the talk of Khedeira (spelling) isn’t he shit??


always knew it would be debuchy cos he French..Anywas he’s 28,he would be active for long,which gives jenko the opportunity


Don’t forget Bellerin who I think will be the future. Given we’ve got two young potential right backs, Debuchy being 28 isn’t a problem for me. The only drawback is he’ll have zero resale value in two-three years and probably can’t provide cover in central defence. We definitely need one-two central defenders, as there’s none in the academy apart from (possibly) Hayden.


He personally stated that he is coming to arsenal on his instagram. He even favorited a tweet by some random fan who said he is coming to arsenal.

I think he’s a great signing, i dont understand what all the moaning is about tho.


Don’t worry about it, it’s just kids who played to much football manager and thinks we should go for Neymar as RB


He’s injured.

We should go for him as our backup goalkeeper, so he doesn’t have to run around a lot.


Not a bad signing I think. Provides the neccessary quality at right back while not killing off the potential of Jenks or Bellerin. At 8 Million no less. Leaves more money for the more pressing needs in our squad. Cmon Arsene. Lets have us a transfer window to remember! (On a positive note ofcourse!!)


i remember his wing being targeted at some point in a season because it was ‘Debuchy’ but he has grown to be solid performer with NUFC and hopefully can be at his peak for us.


Little Mozart

If this is true then it’s a good indication for this summer: An early, affordable signing with plenty of time and money left to seek out other options.

Now we just need at least three more signings (Goalie, DM, Striker) and we’re on the track to more silverware next season.

Zidanes underwear

Debby is a good and solid defender. A soldier. V good signing! Period.

And i do agree that JT is a cunt. The cunt amongst cunts to be fair.


I actually had to look him up to find out who he was.

But if this is true, then Wenger is at least breaking the habit of waiting until closing time, for a mad last dash down the aisle, to seek our a ‘bargain’ long after all our rivals have completed their business. So IF it is true the leopard might be changing one or two of his spots and it’s not before time.

Whether he’s capable of signing anyone else in good time, remains to be seen. But at least he appears to be acting swiftly in this instance.


“I actually had to look him up to find out who he was.”

Seriously?? where have you been?


Not following Newcastle is where I have seriously ‘not been’.


And not following world cup as well I think. At least not France.

Dave C

Good bit of business of true. I’m sure no-one will get past Debuchy on the right hand side.


Well….Meh! He is an Okay signing but what happened to Aurier? Seems like we flirted with him, made him go all warm inside and then just abandoned him. Anyways, welcome to arsenal.


More like he and his agent flirted with us like crazy. I felt it was all kind of desperate and repelling.


When you see QPR linked with the players we are you know we ain’t signing them.

Kos the boss

In other news qpr want to sign eduardo apparently.


We need another centre back more than we need a defensive midfielder, in my opinion.


Maybe not “more”, but a CB is actually pretty vital. Assuming Campbell comes in, we actually have 2 players for every position on the pitch except RCB. If any two of Kos/Verm/Per get injured at the same time we could see Flamini, Jenkinson or even Ramsey playing CB (as I think he ended up doing against Villa last year). Not an ideal situation.


Next in that top top top top top top quality goal scoring machine who can play anywhere across the front three , is two footed and can leap like a salmon and track back to support the full back and top top top top top top quality DM who is 6’7″ tall , better tackler than Petit and Vieira rolled into one ,quicker than Theo and can score from free kicks anywhere in the opponents half.

Come on Arsene , you’re not trying hard enough ! LOL

Gutbukket Deffrolla

I refuse to get excited by a player who’s only got a 50-60 metre shot.


And keep Vermaelen….

Parisian Weetabix

@Double98 First paragraph 2000% YES.

Springbank 1965

Have you ever entertained engaging that oft-misunderstood facility of the blogging comments section:

The Reply Button?

An Oreo for Aurier

Great addition to the squad. Had me fooled, I thought Serge Aurier was going to be added to deliver lethal crosses for Giroud.


Looks like Wenger is trying to create a fairly conservative and experienced back line. Aurier would have been a good acquisition for the future but his attacking style, relative inexperience, and his habit of marauding forward might leave us exposed. Sure Debuchy, Gibbs, and even Koscielny can push forward but together they can provide a reliable back-four that hopefully can avoid the mistakes of Liverpool, City, Chelsea away last season. Of course it also leaves room for Bellerin and Jenkinson to develop and hopefully that means that RB is secure for the foreseeable future. Can’t wait for Sanchez to be… Read more »

Andy Mack

No mention of losing Aurier for a month every 2 years for the African football assocs money raising event (ACN) and the potential for long term injuries that the event exposes the players to.


Wenger seems to been concentrating much more on European players more recently, especially from the UK, Spain, and Germany. Maybe its because he’s been stung by players from the Americas, Africa, and Asia in recent years. Some, like Song and Adebayor, have caused him and Arsenal trouble whereas in other cases despite their ability elsewhere their adaptability to the Premier League has been far from assured: Arshavin, Gervinho, Park, Ryo, Santos, etc.

This might be where his doubts over the future of Campbell at the club creep in and might explain further his choice of Debuchy over Aurier?


Also, I get the feeling that Wenger’s getting round to some unfinished business this year. Taking a player from Newcastle after their knobheadery over Cabaye, taking Sanchez from Liverpool’s clutches while they are forced to sell Suarez (if we get Sanchez that is…), telling Fabregas that he is surplus to requirements. Be good to see him and Arsenal in charge of who goes where for once now that they have the financial clout and the draw of players like Ozil. I like to imagine Wenger on the phone to players like Sanchez saying: “Well you can play alongside Ozil and… Read more »


Mike Ashley is a bellend, but in what way was their behavior over Cabaye “knobheadery”?

They wanted to keep their best player unless someone gave them crazy money, which PSG later did.

Fair enough.

Joe Starkey

I hope that wenger includes a condition in his contract that he has to get little dreadlocks and dye them blonde.


Don’t think Wenger suits dreads


Not much of it though.


Seems to me that the only other name being thrown around as a possible RB signing is Aurier, who is unproven and Afcon tied, and honestly, reminds me of Ally Cissokho in the way his name has been bandied about. So I guess Debuchy is a solid signing, and pretty much close to the best of what’s available.

He’s not young (going on 29 this month), but we’ll get a good three seasons out of him if he does the job.

My understanding is that he’s better in attack than Sagna, and that’s A+ for me.


We are all forgetting the fact that Aurier also plays CB very well unlike debuchy. We not only lost a RB in sagna but also our fourth CB. that is why I was hoping for Aurier. With vermaelen also reportedly leaving, I am afraid this signing isn’t really the best. I just can’t see Wenger buying two centre halves after selling vermaelen




Toulouse play a 3-5-2 formation, and Aurier usually plays in the back three, but not in the center, or as RWB.


Remember we sold our stake in Vela earlier, so if this is true we’ve actually replaced Sagna, with a younger replica, and we’ve still made a profit this window. Leaves us plenty of cash for other ventures. Smart shopping so far by Arsenal for once.

Lloyd Townsend

Admittedly a little disappointed, I would have preferred the aerial ability of Aurier, not to mention his huge potential. Always liked Debuchy though so it’s not a bad signing, but really thought getting a player who would bleed red and white, fight in the air, has incredible pace and strength and can cross would be a great idea. Perhaps we could still pick up Aurier as a centre back? Doubt it will happen.


Debuchy is a Monster in the air. They are about the Same height and Debuchy’s leaping ability is fantastic. He wins 4 headers per game. For a full back it’s very impressive. I too got excited about Aurier, but position needs comes first and Debuchy is perfect for Arsenal. I literally cannot think of a better and more complete Right Back in the World to be our Number 1 Right Back for 2-3 years. Welcome to Arsenal Debuchy!

An Oreo for Aurier

Great progress either way with Debuchy added. I think we’ve got a keeper sorted with Hugo Keto signed. More to come hopefully. I’m definitely going to love a new Puma kit with Sanchez on the back. AOFA


Keto is 16.


Who is keto….is it official yet? Havent seen this anywhere so guessing not?

Thin Gooner

Pass to Debuchy on the right hand side.

Red Ed

That simply *has* to be the tune for his song !


MEH !! With big brass bells on.

Thoroughly unimpressed.


Ridhard is an anus


Richard is an anus


Haha wow. The misus puts up with my excited arsenal ramblings pretty well, but was looking somewhat confused there as I explained how this was a great bit of business, proven premier league quality, international, great age, pace. ‘You look confused love’..’yeah I was just thinking I’d never heard that name before…..francis Rightback’

‘No…..FRANCE’S RIGHT BACK….not francis righback’

she thought hus surnamne souned dutch or german. Reichtbauch.

Mate Kiddleton

That’s about as classic as when my friend thought ‘Samsung Speedball’ was a stupid name while we were watching the cricket