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Wenger backs Jenkinson after ‘perfect’ Debuchy capture

Arsene Wenger has given his backing to Carl Jenkinson despite the signing of Mathieu Debuchy today.

The Frenchman will replace his international colleague, Bacary Sagna, as first choice right back, and the manager spoke specifically about the England international, saying, “He is going to compete, of course. There is nobody today who can play 60 games at the top level – that’s why you always need two players.

“People always want for you to have two players in every position or sometimes three, and then they will ask you ‘who will play?’ You don’t know before the season starts but what is important is that you have good players to have a chance to compete at the top level.”

Wenger also spoke about the former Newcastle man’s experience in the Premier League standing him in good stead as his Arsenal career begins.

“He knows what to expect and that’s of course a huge advantage. Debuchy is also mentally strong and dedicated. He’s a player who has experience, he’s played in the Premier League and he will also be in competition with Jenkinson, who I expect to move forward as well.

“There’s an interesting fight there but of course he has experience and he’s a guy who will bring something to the team with the departure of Sagna. We needed to sign somebody and I think Debuchy is the perfect signing. ”

However, a Jenkinson loan can’t be completely ruled out as the Gunners continue to maintain their interest in Atletico Madrid’s Javi Manquillo. Although the Spanish side are keen to keep the young right back, Arsenal have been in constant contact to arrange a loan deal which could mean Jenkinson’s 2014-15 campaign would be spent elsewhere.

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Block 98

No to Jenkinson loan.

some smart american

Agreed, I’d rather see him rotated more frequently than loan him out and loan some other kid in.


The problem with ‘loans’ is that they go out to gain experience and to play. But all too frequently they wind up playing less than they would have if they’d stayed and competed.

I’d rather Carl stayed and fought for a place. It would keep Debussy on his toes as well.


Nah it’ll be a cakewalk for him.


I would rather see him in the team than Debuchy if I’m honest but ultimately the competition can only be good.

Hope Jenks looks at what Gibbs did last season in moving ahead of Nacho and can achieve the same.


I think that was more a case of Monreal falling off the pace than anything else.


Don’t think it wil happen … Debuchy is a top class fullback while Nacho is not. Plus in my opinion Gibbs is much better than Jenkinson.



A loan deal for Jenkinson doesn´t make much sense. Rather see him a regular rotation player this season to really push Debuchy all the way and give the Boss a real choice to make.


Glad we didn’t loan him to Newcastle, especially with their shiny new World Cup semifinalist. Good signing for them, but would have been hard for Jenko to get a game there (particularly since they don’t have a European campaign to impact squad fitness).


Yep, he still needs to learn a lot about positioning, and heading. One of Sagna’s big strengths was his heading ability. He’d rarely lose an important aerial dual. I hope Jenko takes this signing positively, and sets about improving his own game. Debuchy is 28, another year or two shadowing and learning, and Jenkinson could be our first choice right back for the next decade or so

Seduce me, Arsene

I hear we’re Peruzzin’ other options.


I believe in jenkinson as well


I believe in fairies.

Merlin's Panini

I believe in you, Peter Pan…



I believe in miracles. Don’t you?


Manquillo interest makes little sense to me given our needs. We really, really need a centre back and a backup goalkeeper before we should focus on getting a third RB / a second RB and loaning Jenkinson. Defensive Mid and probably another option up front needed too as priorities.


As important as they are, i’m pretty sure we can multitask when it comes to lining up potential transfers.


Where have you been for the last 5 seasons?


Right here, supporting my club while they dealt with the financial restrictions of building a world class stadium!

Rambo sambo

Still shocked by the Debuchy signing. So unexpected!


I simply don’t understand Wenger’s interest in Manquillo. Regardless of his potential, we do have Jenkinson and we also have Bellerin coming up. I’m all for competition but nothing about [our chase of] Manquillo makes sense to me.

Someone help me to understand…

Edu's Braces

When good young players become available you sign them, not sure if that’s right but that’s how AW sees it


I guess it boils down to this – is Manquillo significantly better RIGHT NOW than Jenkinson is? If he’s not, then there’s no reason to bring him in and loan Jenks out.

Does anybody know?

Andy Mack

Are we really interested or is it another ‘Hack’ making a story out of nothing?

Arsene Nose

Glad that the Corporal is still part of wenger’s plans.. He really does look after his own. Really can’t wait for the new season

Bobby Scotch

Jenko has been back up to Sagna the last 3 years and has been solid whenever relied on. He can continue to do that this season. He’s a rarity these days, ‘would run through a brick wall’ for us. We need younguns like him who are actually loving the dream and not coasting through , taking their careers for granted JACK *cough*. Two decent right backs in my opinion with already a young spaniard waiting in the wings with championship experience! let’s crack on without speculation surrounding singing a kid who’s played about 6 games for Madrid. GK, DM and… Read more »


Pending the acquisition of Manquillo (unlikely, lets face it), I would love to aee Jenkinson stay. Arsenal Lad thru and thru


Corporal has to stay. End of story.

Mr. White

Love Jenkinson but he’s so raw. Uncomfortable on the ball, positioning wise he’s not that good, decision making isn’t at the level to be even second choice if we’re goin for the league. But of course all that will come with a loan spell, where he’ll get a long run of games, so that would be the best option. We’ll be competing for the league with the likes of man city and their second choice right back is our first choice right back from last season. Think about that so if we could get a better second choice right back… Read more »

Andy Mack

He’s not particularly comfortable on the ball, but he’s not uncomfortable either. Positioning is still a weakness but as you say It could come with a loan but only if they actually play him which is impossible to guarantee. Most Loanees end up competing with the existing player who raises his game and the loan player gets very little game time.


God Lawd, you make Jenkinson sound like Nelson Vivas.

Man Manny

Just an honest question. How are we sure that Jenk will get good playing time wherever he goes? I remember le coq not having much playing time at Freiburg.
2. Why can’t Jenk stay and play whenever the loan guy would have been needed?
No thumb down please… just answers. I sincerely want clarity. My opinion is that jenk shd stay. Thanks.


Agree, Man Manny. He’s a fan favorite, he really loves the shirt, and he’s proven that he can do the job. Plus, we already have him!!

Man Manny

Thanks Charvakan. I appreciate your explanation. I asked those question because the initial posts seemed to favour a loan deal but somehow, it has changed. More people seem to want him to stay. Thanks and I pray your wishes for arsenal come true this season.


Thumb down, no answers and no clarity. How’d ‘you like them apples?


There’s no guarantee Jenks would get good playing time no matter where he goes. About the only two of our loanees who got good time elsewhere was Wilshere at Bolton a few years back and Szczesny at Brentford. The rest mostly seemed to be second choice or even third choice.

I’m not a fan of a Jenkinson loan. I think he’d do much better to stay here as first understudy to Debuchy, play the Cup games and a few league games, and continue to play the Arsenal way.

Man Manny

Arsepedant.. I couldn’t put it better. Exactly my thoughts. cheers.


Jenkinson can’t be loaned because the team is already short on home grown players. Even with him the count stands at 7 right now.

Paul S

The rule doesn’t specify how many home grown players you must have, it limits how many non-home grown senior players you’re allowed. Including Debuchy we have 14, 15 if Campbell stays. The limit is 17 so we have two more slots available.


Actually 16 with Campbell Debuchy, Per Mertesacker, Thomas Vermaelen, Laurent Koscielny, Nacho Monreal, Tomas Rosicky, Mikel Arteta, Mesut Ozil, Santi Cazorla, Mathieu Flamini, Abou Diaby, Lukas Podolski, Olivier Giroud, Alexis Sanchez, Yaya Sanogo, Joel Campbell Home grown (7): Wojciech Szczesny, Kieran Gibbs, Carl Jenkinson, Jack Wilshere, Aaron Ramsey, Theo Walcott, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain I am not counting in Johan Djourou, Francis Coquelin, Ryo Miyaichi. So from 25 men squad – 8 home grown and 17 non. If we keep both Sanogo and Campbell, there is only 1 spot left for home and 1 spot for none. Unless we sell of course.… Read more »

Ross Tommey

Sanogo is under 21 as is The Ox. Matinez will count as HG as he signed before his 17th birthday iguel is also HG! (Ryo isn’t). Temndfut

Ross Tommey

I have no idea what “Temndfut” is – my keyboard has let me down! – Typos due to keyboard fail! Arrgh!

Anonymous Physicist

I’m glad to hear Sanogo doesn’t count, as that would have made space very short. Thinking about this though, maybe this is why we still haven’t signed a goalkeeper? Because it would be much better to get a home-grown one, so that’s what’s being focused on, but it’s more difficult than just signing any good backup goalkeeper. Otherwise one goalkeeper plus one defensive midfielder fills our quota, and we’ll be forced to only consider homegrown players next year (one or two player might leave at that time, but Sanogo will count as well).

Paul S

Last season, of the top 7 only United submitted a full 25-man squad. Typically clubs have a few under-21s who can fill in when required, and they don’t need to be included in that squad list. Gnabry, Sanogo, Hayden, Bellerin, Zelalem, Akpom could probably all get some game time.

Also, I think Coquelin counts as home grown. Not entirely sure, but he’s been with us for a while.

Anonymous Physicist

The reasons teams don’t submit a 25 man squad is probably more to do with not filling the 8 home-grown spots than with not filling the 17 non home grown spots. Having done some research into the actual rules, I’ve come to the conclusion that our non home grown quota is actually pretty tight. Let’s count: Debuchy, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Monreal, Arteta, Flamini, Diaby, Rosicki, Ozil, Cazorla, Podolski, Giroud and Sanchez makes 14. Add either Joel Campbell or an unexpected striker signing (I think most people will agree the squad needs an extra striker) for 15. A backup goalkeeper makes… Read more »

Santi's Better Foot

The talk has always been of Debuchy mentoring Jenkison and Hector. I don’t see how that’s gonna be happening if either of them isn’t staying at the club.

The competition is bound to make them better players than they both are at the moment if Jenko stays.


Setting aside that Jenkinson is a gooner through and through, he’s a liability and his performances have shown it. I hope he makes the grade at arsenal but at the moment he’s not good enough for our club


Is wenger ok? Whats manquillo for? Allow carl to compete n thereby, develope! We should tune to khedira’s deal instead, and probably another center back!


Won’t a loan for Jenkinson reduce the number of home grown players we have? I thought there was a rule on that. Not sure

Mate Kiddleton

I have faith in Jenkinson. Still remember him running down and making a great tackle on a runaway Robben

The Beast

Keep Jenkins, we are in 4 competitions next season we need as much cover as possible.


I love Jenko he shouldn’t leave at all


really surprised all of you are so confident in jenkinson. id much rather bring in manquillo and send jenks on loan. as long as he plays frequently. dont think hes ready to play often in the pl.


I don’t know, there’s something there – I remember when we beat Bayern 2-0 and he was playing; he had Robben in his pocket all night. He’s also got one hell of a cross – probably better than anyone else at the club other than Podolski and Ozil.

I have no problem with him being our number two, as long as Wenger does give him game time; if he’s just going to sit on the bench all season (a la Vermaelen last season) then a loan might make more sense.


Look, I get it Jenks has had some moments getting caught out of position etc. etc., but I say keep him in the squad behind Debuchy and get the keeper and defensive midfielder and/or central defender deals done.

I think we understand that Arsene can walk and chew gum and all that…but I think there is still business to do and working out loan deals going both ways seems a bit much.

Thanks mates…..hope the summer is going well for all you lovely Gunners.



How does anyone know we are interested in Manquillo? Where is your evidence? Do you have inside information? If so, why didn’t your informant tell you that the weeks of speculation around Khedira were a load of total bollocks, concocted by click-hungry morons, and regurgitated by more of the same?
When will you ever learn?


How do you know the speculation around Khedira was a load of total bollocks? Where is your evidence? Do you have inside information? If so, keep it to yourself you obnoxious twat


Well – the player himself was still involved in the World Cup and was very unlikely to have been conducting negotiations personally. His agent has said he has had no negotiations with either Chelsea or Arsenal. Added to which he plays for a team which has just won the CL and is strengthening (Kroos a good acquisition). So why would he want to leave? Oh yes, he “feels unloved”. More gutter press trash.
Yes, his agent could be lying. Somebody is – either him or the gutter press. Your choice.
And please note, no personal invective.


Firstly I found your condescension and use of ‘click-hungry morons’ to be far more invective so don’t feel too sorry for yourself. Next, players have agents to do their negotiating for them. Also the world cup doesn’t take up all their time and when our own manager is in the same city as the player himself, it’s hardly beyond the realms of possibility that they could have met to discuss a potential transfer, leaving the contract negotiations to his agent. As you mentioned agents have been known to lie, just as journalists have been. Ironically, your little rant makes you… Read more »


quick proactive signings, refreshing.
Thing is, its funny how much work we have to do this summer. Still at least one centre half, and IMO one striker, and a good defensive midfielder purely for steel. We can’t get steamrolled like we did last year against slipping mugsmashers, talkative little horses and the like.


Jenko even his mother know he done needed a loan move like yesterday homes…

Sign chambes yo.


English. Use it.


If we get Manquillo, I am sure he will be almost as smooth as butter (check out the Spanish word for butter)


It’s not as funny if you have to explain it.

Big Dave

I think we have a strange fondness of Jenks because he’s living our dream! Those who say we need more competition for RB need a slap with a wet fish. Jenks is a promising English RB and arsenal through and through. Season before last he had a great run of games that lead to an england cap. This isn’t football manager.


in less exciting news:
Anyone know what happened with this? Must admit I don’t know much about the guy, but could bring dept to the squad?


Players come in on trial all the time. This only made the news because he’s quite quite a few caps for Egypt, which isn’t exactly a ringing endorsement. If he makes the squad it’ll be a miracle.


100 caps though I know its only for egypt, but they did win that nuissance africa cup a few times, how bad can he be?
Also is it just me or is 29 a bit of an old age to be coming in for a trial?


This made the news I think because the same player came on trial with us like 10 years ago.

Odd decision, to be honest.


Speaking of trialists, any news on the Colombian guy from last year?


I think Manquillo doesn’t make sense as well. We’ve got Debuchy who is a decent and experienced player and two young guns in Jenkinson and Bellerin ready to shine. I don’t think the deal will happen either. We are good with Debuchy/Jenko/Bellerin.


NO Manquilo.

Some people have their heads stuck up their arse.

AN Other

Manquillo deal is off so Jenko is the man for next season.


Good. Where did you hear that?


Dammit, there needs to be an “edit” button. I meant to put “please” at the end of that question. Apologies for the bad manners.


Id rather a man like Jenkinson who would run head first through the foundations of John terrys house, than a obviously talented player that I know nothing about. I refuse to even youtube this chap in the love I have for our Jenkinson. I mean, you send that man on loan, and he wont play like he does at Arsenal, and then people might start to see him as surplus. Take a minute, imagine you were Jenks, the ultimate fan come player (something ive spent my evenings thinking about), just scored your first goal for Arsenal, and then BAM you… Read more »

Hardcore Hleber

Harry redknapp can’t spell his own name


Debuchy and Jenks battling for 1st team place, Bellerin on loan and Manquillo as back up/league cup games.
Simple really. 😉


We have the best collections of French fullbacks


Can’t say one french fullback is considered a collection. Idiots at ESPN made some asinine remark as to Wenger signing his french chum again conveniently ignoring the fact that we only have 4 Frenchmen in the first team (sans Diaby) Contrast to 6 brits and a growing contingent of Germans and Spaniards. If you look at the team currently, there are no African players for a reason (ACN) Plus most of the players come from Britain, Germany, Spain and France. There is a Pole, a Czech, a Chilean and a Belgian. But the media are still stuck in outdated red… Read more »


I can understand why Wenger would want Manquillo and send Jenks out on loan. Both are pretty much on the same level and they’ll be Debuchy’s under studies. However, Manquillo is 20 (can somebody confirm, I could be wrong) and doesn’t need to be registered, Janks is 22 and needs to be registered, alongside Jack Wilshere and we also getting Joel Campbell back. So if we need to sign a defensive midfielder and maybe a striker we need to free up some space, and we still need another goalkeeper, either we sell or loan out. It terms of the ability… Read more »


We need a CBack. We do not need another RB signing. We do not need a DM. If Wenger deems Campbell capable of stepping up, we likely won’t take another striker. If he doesn’t get the nod to first team, Campbell may likely move on. I do not think given a good season with Olympiacos and a great world cup that he will settle for another loan. Campbell would have enjoyed fan fare had we signed him this summer but since it was Dick Law pottering around a jungle several summers past, most seem not to recognise his immense potential… Read more »


No Manquilo. Why on earth would you gamble on settling in two new RB? Particularly as we have both jenkinson AND Bellerin auditioning for eventual succession. That would be silly. As explained previously, the market is not a store where you buy players off the shelf at a fixed price. Much like the possible Khedira opportunity, it doesn’t necessarily follow that if we do not sign him, we will pursue a Scheniderlin or a Bender. We always go into negotiations on a player with ‘options’ on the card. This does not mean we have travelled down the line on them.… Read more »

Aurier's Chin

Come get me!


And Mvilla’s arse, Gustavo goatie, Wanyama’s belly, Samba’s molar not to mention Mitrogolou’s left testicle.

All as suggested by the media, the answer to our woes and none covering themselves in particular glory at the moment.


Debuchy like Cabaye was part of a number of French players frankly wasting their time at Newcastle.

He struck up a fantastic partnership going forward with Cabaye.

I had preferred Seamus Coleman but is ethnicity would determine a higher pricing.

This is a critical area at RB where we have enjoyed a firm dependability and it should continue with debuchy’s ready made experience in the PL.

Rambos mate

I am happy for this debuchy kept Sagna out of France team proper number 2 🙂 al tho no as good a Sagna in the air maybe could become undone from crosses . Glad jenko is staying am wondering who will make break through this year like in previous years Ramsey and Walcott for goals and all round play I am hoping and willing for it to be wilshire


Tony Adams a while back suggested moving Jenks to center back, as he has the height, strength and judgement to play there. Arsene probably has the same idea.
I think that’s where he will end up.


Not sure about that – his aerial ability is not great.


There is a real danger that Jenkinson would not perform on loan at the same level he does for Arsenal. He’s such a die-hard fan that he always gives 100% – hard to see him doing the same at Newcastle or West Ham, which might then affect his future.

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