Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Leicester 1-1 Arsenal: player ratings

A disappointing 1-1 draw against Leicester today and a disappointing team performance too. Here’s how we felt the players rated.

PLEASE NOTE: We’ve changed the system slightly, you rate each player then click the ‘Cast Vote’ button down at the bottom, rather than voting for each player individually.

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anyone seen stan?


Im sorry Sanogo was not worse than Ramsey or Cazorla. Yes the whole team was poor but still

New Shuttle

I fink its time we start being nice and – whisper it – next time he’s round the emirates we couple our “Venga ahht” chants with a song or two to Moreinyoe guyz, as he’s our only chance of buying dem strickers we need and win any noteworthy truffiez.

Fireman Sam

I agree. Unfair to put all the blame on Sanogo.

Ramsey was shocking.

So glad we have Alexis – at least he looks like he gives a shit.

this aint FIFA bitches

how long will Ozil be allowed to get away with these before par performances?

Wenger was wrong not to bring back Cesc.

Title chances done already.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

As long as he gets moved around from position to position, is expected to work in a fluid forward three with only Sanogo ahead of him and nobody making runs for him to pass to, and as long as he hasn’t had much playing time in which to gain an understanding of the way Sanchez moves. You’d have to expect he’ll play better when we have him in his correct position, with players he knows, and other people doing their jobs properly (seriously, Ramsey was nowhere near his best on Sunday, and nobody else in the team was making runs… Read more »

Gutbukket Deffrolla

After all he just said as clearly as he could that he is a brilliant No 10. He’s telling Wenger to play him in his favourite position so that he can do what Wenger bought him to do.


Agree whole-heartedly. See quite a few fans have commented on why the substitutions took so long coming – but honestly felt we played a lot worse when the substitutions were made.

Perhaps harsh on AOC who took a knock so soon after coming on, but Podolski was anonymous. Sanogo makes poor return passes but he works hard to give the midfield a passing option and makes a nuisance out of himself. He changed the game in the FA Cup by doing exactly the same thing.


Sanogo is raw material and Arsenal is a club too big for him to be our main front man for no!!!! He cannot be learning on the job!!!! AW should not be stubborn and headstrong. we need a proven goal scorer like costa that can convert chances created by our very mobile midfielders. i Chelsea game against everton, he had three chaces which resulted in to goals.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

People always say “We need a proven striker like” and then name a player who isn’t available.

So, what we need is a proven striker like Thierry Messi van Bergkamp. Why haven’t we signed him yet?


I don’t think the 4-1-4-1 is really working. If we revert back to the 4-2-3-1 Ozil is back in his favoured no.10 position and we will have more defensive stability with ramsey alongside flamini so will be less open to the counter.

The Ghost of Paul Robinson

I don’t understand why Sanogo is the one Wenger has decided to make a personal project out of? Yes, I know clubs will give extra game time to a rare young talent – hence why guys like Kroos and Isco (and many others) are given a lot of games – but Sanogo does not stand out like a rare talent. In any case, why has he be chosen above other young strikers we have at the club, like Chubs? Wenger can end a guys career after one mistake (like Senderos) yet occasionally picks a guy like Sanogo or Almunia and… Read more »


I agree. If any youngster deserves a chance up front, it is Joel Campbell.
He soldiered through three loan spells and improved at each of them.
If I were in his position, and saw Sanogo getting picked over me, I would seek a move too.

Andy Mack

Just one minor problem, Campbell isn’t a CF.

The Ghost of Paul Robinson

We’ve fallen into the trap of thinking we need a classic target man upfront. For years, players like Suarez, Villa, Benzema (even guys as diminutive as Aguero, at times) frequently lead the line as a sole striker. Wenger himself has usually favoured an Henry upfront, or an Anelka. He obviously sees Sanogo as an Adebayor – a hybrid of target man and skill, but there is a massive disparity between Adebayor’s skill level and Sanogo’s.

He even signed Sanchez intending to play him as a lone striker. My point being, there’s no reason Campbell cannot be played as a cf.


sanogo should be loan out andAW to get us a proven goal scorer!!!!!!! It is shame that a club like Arsenal will create twenty chances and only convert just one.


Well… few understood why Arsene persisted with Ramsey with the same reasons you gave! Personally I thought we went from misfiring to absolutely toothless when Sanogo went off. Podolski was barely found by any of the midfielders as he seemed to run different lines as opposed to the traditional hold-up play which let us bypass the Leicester midfield. While his execution on the return passes are occasionally dreadful – he has the habit of playing square balls across a set defence – he does a lot better when defences are turned. I think it was a matter of confidence and… Read more »


What is the point of having over 70% possession and around 30 attempts on goal when you are gonna score only one and draw the game, that you had to win by all the fundamental theorems of calculus


tl;dr Everyone was pants except maybe Szczesny and Sanchez who actually did their jobs properly.


Great point. Szczesny pulled off a brilliant save to allow us to escape with a point. And he didn’t do anything wrong during the game.


Fuck me, I just gave Fatgooner a thumbs up.


it turned out fatgooner had a point after all


Bonus points to Debuchy, Flamini and Chambers for standing up for their teammate and piling up against Moore in the end.


yeah, couldn’t believe that. in what multiverse was that a yellow for szczesny. fucking ludicrous.

this aint FIFA bitches

Szczesny instigated the incident by kicking back towards Moore


Chambers to me is the buy of the season so fr for us! The young lad has shown remarkable technical ability beyond his age!!!!! AW should get a better CB and move the young man to DM


Apparently the reason why we didn’t sign a certain Cesc Fabregas is because we have Ozil in his position. Didn’t know Fabregas was a winger.


Chelsea vs Leicester 3 1 Leicester vs Arsenal 1 1 Everton vs arsenal 2 2 Everton vs Chelsea 3 6 Arsenal strikers Sanogo giroud sanchez Everton strikers etoo lukaku Chelsea strikers costa drogba schurlle and now remy How will a sanogo who cant hit a barn door even against lower opposition such as Leicester gonna help us to the league title which in hindsight ( we lost due to not winning enough big games) Chelsea through the purchase of costa drogba and now remy ( who btw would have scored atleast 2 of chances sanogo got today) have already beat… Read more »


There’s no option but to bring in a big striker now. I genuinely thought we could compete for the title with Giroud up front assisted by Ramsey and a couple of goal scoring wide players, but now we have to buy and buy well. C’mon Wenger, let’s get it done.


well spoken my brother!!!!!!!! AW sign a striker


it will take a miracle for AW to proof you wrong!!!!!!!!!!!! He is too heady. He had the summer to address our problems in the team and just less than few hours we are still where we are at the beginning of the transfer window. He speaks of adding only quality but what is the quality about Sanogo that ha now played 17 matches for us and yet to score in a competitive match. AW you are breaking our hearts and making us a ridicule club

Gutbukket Deffrolla

I think the priority right now should be to bed in the new players by playing everybody in their favoured positions, and when we have had a solid run we can slowly start to develop new fluid tactics and turn wingers into strikers, strikers into wingers, and right backs into defensive mids. Keeping it simple and playing to the players’ strengths would help to consolidate our season. We’ve seen with LVG and his 3-5-2 that even the best managers have trouble bedding in a bunch of new players AND trying to instigate a new formation or playing philosophy AND trying… Read more »


Gutted for everyone wanting us to win today. It happens but, we need to start sooner rather than later killing this type of side.


What the fuck is Wenger doing? Buy a fucking DM. Buy a fucking striker. Buy a fucking CB. Release Flamini. Loan out Sanogo. Bring back 4-2-3-1.

Can’t be that hard…


A lot of anger at Ozil but he’s not even being played in his best position. He’s a 10 being played out wide and struggling to have any impact as a result. If Wenger genuinely thinks that’s best for the team that’s another big problem to be solved. Podolski, Cazolra and now Ozil all haven’t reached their potential on the wing. I’d love to see a dedicated left-sided goalscorer come in (Marco Reus is the dream here) but with another CB wanted, a DM (Flamini isn’t cut out for 4-1-4-1) and a striker needed urgently, I doubt it’ll happen this… Read more »


For me Nacho was man of the match. I want to see more this from him, he is confident like at the start of his carrer at Arsenal. I like him more than Gibbs because he attacks smarter (but that is mine opinion)… But last year he had a poor game against Southampton and since then he played bad through the season. He was the best spanish LB until he had a bad injury and Jordi Alba replaced him. I like Nacho an Gibbs both and we should use them like Pellegrini use Clichy and Kolarov. Against top teams when… Read more »

Norwegian gunner

I agree. Nacho was quite good today when you look around him and most of it was piss poor. The only reason he was a bit lacking defensively today was because he had to go far up the pitch to try and actually make something happen. Debuchy battled hard as well. I think they saved one point for us today, because with performance like the rest of the team had on the fullbacks and we’d be seeing the same figures as everton did yesterday…


Mostly i wrote this about Nacho because I still read he is not good enough for a backup. And like Flamini and Debuchy he was exposed today and did a good job.


Nacho has been our best player this season

Fireman Sam

I’d choose Alexis rather than Nacho as MOTM for Arsenal.

Nacho misplaced a couple of passes in dangerous positions.

Overall it was a game to forget.

Feel sorry for Sanogo as the lad is trying hard but is just not up to speed. What the fuck Podolski’s must think of this situation I can hardly imagine.

raron aamsey

Don’t know why people are criticising ramsey, thought he was clearly our best player for the whole match. The reason his play sometimes didnt come off was usually because the team played badly, not because he himself was bad.

I’m far more critical of Cazorla today, who was really awful, although I suppose you have to question the decision to put him in as a central midfielder. He got bullied off the ball far too often, and doesn’t have the athleticism to help us even come close to dominating the midfield.

Why do you ask my name? It is beyond understanding

Honestly, Rambo had a shocker today. Even Jesus had days when he was crucified.

“Even Jesus had days when he was crucified.”

Awesome quote!

Jesus was only crucified once!

Walcott's left footed curl

But he did stay up there and did nothing about it for days, the lazy bastard.


Because he had a terrible game. The bloke is pure class but is not above criticism. in his defence I think he looked like most of our players in that they all seemed devoid of a game plan.
He looked devastated in the interview after, maybe I’m reading too much into it but he seemed angry and annoyed at the whole situation.

El Fabuloso

Were we watching the same match??????

Ivan Stoev

Podolski looked totally indifferent today. I’m not sure if he touched the ball today…


you will not blame him as he is being relegated to the bench and yaya is picked ahead of him


Biggest disappointment for me was definitely Ramsey. Not because he was our worst player today, but because I expect him to be one of our best.

At any rate, everyone but Alexis and Monreal looked completely pedestrian today. Pass, pass, pass, pass. Come on, do something with the ball already!

Ah well, tomorrow’s an exciting day. I know I won’t be alone in being slightly distracted at work while trying to find transfer updates.


Yep, lots of misplaced crosses, ponderous running, wild shots, and missed the obvious pass to Sanogo to score the winner (and boy does Sanogo love a tap-in).


He probably would have missed it. I expect to see him delivering my post this time next year.


Are you suggesting you won’t be getting your mail this time next year?

El Fabuloso

What’s up with this damn 4-1-4-1 thing?????? For fuck sake we have the best no 10 in the world…
You’ve got 26 hours to sort CB and ST transfer. DM should be after this two.
There must be someone better than sanogo out there.
Sanogo does not deserve the pressure arsene’s putting on him, send him out to a championship club.
Get it sorted arsene.


You know what kind of match it was when our keeper was our best player. And he was.

Alexander Partridge

I agree that the fullbacks were steady today. Its good to see Nacho performing well when Gibbs’ injury problems can be concerning. I was surprised that we left it so late to make changes today. We weren’t exactly knocking on their door. 15 minutues isn’t long to assert yourself. Maybe it was because we had to use an early sub for Kos.


Özil was anonymous. I know he’s capable of better but so many of his Arsenal performances are a bit emperor’s new clothes.

German Gunner

Was slaughtered for saying this months ago, RM must be laughing their fucking heads off


I was as excited as anyone else when we signed him and it’s definitely hard to have to admit that he hasn’t had quite the impact I hoped he would. But I think that refusing to admit that would be akin to burying my head in the sand. I’m sure, as the argument for the defence goes, he would be more effective if those around him were also playing better, but that’s true of most footballers isn’t it? If I have to be told that the reason I don’t notice his influence on the team is because of its subtlety… Read more »


People need to stop making excuses for Ozil, yes he was played out of position but he made Mahrez look like Cristiano Ronaldo today compared to his performance, he’s good enough to be played out of position slightly but still have a positive impact on the game, he needs to improve dramatically if we’re gonna have any chance of challenging for the league.


I am coming around to agree with this point. We’ve seen Everton, Liverpool and CFC players loving their football and getting on with at times during a game this weekend. It’s not just Ozil but there was no player that kicked on and drove into the team and brought the game onto a level where we can control it. TR can, but he can’t do that week-in week-out, but surely a captain should be there to make that happen. Wilshere can, the Ox has been known too, but was there anyone there today apart from Ramsey that could? He had… Read more »

The Ghost of Paul Robinson

A lot of people claimed we wrecked Arshavin doing exactly the same thing we are now doing to Ozil – sticking him out on the left.

Puff puff

Let me admit it…never have I been a fan of Özil,in Real or wherever…he came when he wasn’t needed and plays due his’price tag’For me its Santi all day…for me and according to his performances,he is Överated…i mean 1 assist and no goal in 16 games for’the worlds best No10… don’t get me started on Sanogo…he should be sent to the academy cause even a loan can’t aid him…He has no potential as all of you suggest.There are many young strikers out there who are miles better than him…Munir,Morata,even akpom


Puffing on what exactly?


Who the fuck actually gave this guy a thumbs up? Shame on you.
Yes, there’s evidently problems with our team at the moment, but why would you agree with a guy who just said that he was “never a fan” of Ozil, before completely ruling out Sanogo’s chances of developing into a decent striker? Some of you “fans” need to grow up.

this aint FIFA bitches

it’s an opinion Matthew, not everyone has to think Ozil is the greatest Arsenal player to exist.

His performances in an Arsenal shirt have been mediocre at best especially in 2014.


Ozil hasn’t exactly been great, but the main culprit is our tactical approach, or lack of one for that matter. We don’t know how to attack with pace or urgency, which reduces Ozil’s opportunities to supply good passes. By the time he gets on the ball, we are already faced with a solid bank of defenders.
Yes, it’s partly a consequences of teams sitting deep against us, yet Everton, Chelsea, Citeh, Liverpool and even Spurs know how to break at speed. It’s something we used to be devastating at, now we are slow and uninspired.

emir of emirates

Yes even Benik Afobe has got 3 already for MK

2heo Walcott

I do not like Monreal at all. He’s so slow and always seems to be out of position, granted out left back position never gets any protection but I feel so much more comfortable with Gibbs there. Debuchy is not Arsenal quality, in that I mean he doesnt look comfortable passing the ball about. Forever giving the ball away. Mertesacker is just soooooo slow, whenever he tries to sprint its painful to watch. I’ve seen Flamini play well once for us since he came back and that was on his 2nd debut against Spurs, since then he’s been utter shit.… Read more »


You are what is wrong with our fans


You don’t like Nacho??? He’s been our best player this season!
Mad but true


Are you FatGooner in disguise? Regardless you give me chest pains.

Alexander Partridge

Also, I thought Flam was going to be a bit of a joke this season but hes been pretty solid in the past 2 games. Today he made two exceptional interceptions in the box within 5 minutes of eachother. Hes been a little bit less rapey and played a little more responsibly. Hes not going to set the world alight but he’s actually improves a little, in my opinion.

El Fabuloso

When would walcott be back??? Anyone has an idea????


I think the team plays too sophisticated football and instead of searching simple and smart means they try to dribble the ball into the net. There’s a lack of movement, everyone looked jaded. We’re obviousely lacking the physical factor – a strong DM who could play tough against strong sides. Comparing today’s games of L’pool and Us we seems like we have no idea, how to create a chance. We look slow, and clumsy. And Sanogo – sorry, he wouldn’t have been a first choice striker even in championship team. Maybe he looks well on training pitch, but on a… Read more »

La Défense

Alexis Sanchez may have been dispossessed a few times, but that was because he was trying to make something happen, and snap Arsenal out of the sterile, edge-of-the-area tippy tappy nonsense that seems to have become our forté of late…

Big points to Alexis for positivity and directness.


He was the only bright light in our attack


And about Ozil. I agree with Wenger. Everything he does is intelligent/special. You can’t see that if you don’t watch him closely. but his teammates are the one who make his job harder. They don’t give him space. Everybody wants the ball and sometimes they come for it. Cazorla wants it, Ramsey wants it, Sanchez wants it… They should think how to be a threat for opponent and Ozil will make sure that the ball will come to them. ozil had his best games at Arsenal when Cazorla wasn’t playing. As I said we have too many players who wants… Read more »


The team is playing crap. But I like your explanation too 😀

German Gunner

Wenger would say that, 42m down the fucking drain, hate a fucker who does not give a shit and thinks he is the greatest no 10 ever LOL


Got to say I agree. Santi’s a player I can’t help admiring and have a lot of respect and appreciation for. But, when he and Ozil play in the same team it can look a little slow and laboured. It was probably at its worst midway through last season when we would often play Ozil, Santi and Rosicky in the same side. All great players, (anyone who criticises Rosicky is a moron in my opinion) but they’re all the type of player to look for the pass probably 80% of the time. Play Ozil, Santi OR Rosicky alongside Sanchez, Walcott… Read more »

Dan D

We seriously lacked any drive or pace today in our play. Passing was way to slow all over the pitch and allowed Leicester to get men behind the ball in massed ranks. On the other hand, when they broke out they did it with pace and actually had the better gilt edge chances today. Now we looked perhaps a little fatigued after a tough night weds but the formation didn’t work today. Wenger doesn’t seem to know how to fit lots of simular players into the same team or isn’t ruthless enough to play his best players in their best… Read more »


The fact that our keeper is almost our top rated player on a day we had 69% possession and 24 attempts on goal against a newly promoted average team says it all about just how disjointed this team is right now.
We just don’t seem to have any shape pattern or direction.


Özil looked better when he was moved to the right but I don’t know, maybe just start him in the fucking middle like he played almost all of last season, maybe that would work? I don’t get what on earth is going on with our formation this season so far. Why is it that all of last season when Cazorla and Özil played together Cazorla played on the wing and Özil in the centre but this season for some reason Özil is being shifted out on the flanks where is does not shine at all… Is it because of the… Read more »






Well today it was nothing out of nothing so, probably didn’t need to correct that.


Did anyone see that article in the Guardian comparing Ozil to a ‘beautifully frail alien prince’… Funny! That is all


Well time to be blunt. We simply look lost no one seams to know what they are doing. Is there a gameplan? If so no one knows what it is. Ozil is a number 10 and needs a quality striker infront of him with pacy wingers running behind the defence as well. Has rosicky retired ? Why use last 2 subs so late?


Amazing article on Ozil comparing him to ‘a beautifully frail alien prince’ if you haven’t read it


Says it all when we pass and pass and pass and inevitably lose the ball after getting nowhere down the left every fucking time. Every attack Leicester had they looked more dangerous in scoring with 1 or 2 of their players running the length of the pitch straight through our defense. On paper we have a good team, so why are they playing so shite together? Sanogo is way out of his depth. Someone squares him the ball centrally in front of goal, Does he have a shot? Does he fuck. Backheels the ball to no-one. Twat. We are only… Read more »


I miss the good old counterattacking days

Was Born a Gooner

Szcny – 8 Kosc_ – 6 (Wasnt his Fault) Merts – 6 Monreal – 7.5 Debuchy – 7.5 Chambers – 6 Flamini – 4 Ramsey – 4.5 Mesut – 5.5 (Out of position) Carzola – 5 Sanchez – 7 Sanogo – 8… (Yes, am Sane) :)… . Probably wont be fans favorite for this but Sanogo was clearly our best player today… What? He had a chance saved? And should be crucified because wenger doesnt wana buy a striker? Well its funny cos Costa played ahead of Xavi, Iniesta, Alonso, Silva, Busquets for over 120 minutes had chances and missed… Read more »

fly away on my jeffers, i feel it more than ever

Admire your defence of an Arsenal youngster, but Sanogo was bloody awful today


i gave you a thumbs up just because of your username.

El Fabuloso

Szczesny – MOTM (7)
Debuchy – Solid (6.5)
Per – 6
Kos – 5.5
Monreal – Solid (6.5)
Flam – No Yellow, (6)
Rambo – Shit, No goal to cover up (4.5)
Santi.- Shit(5)
Ozil – Shit (5)
Sanchez – Busy (7)
Sanogo – Are u kidding me, Arsene (3)


Shocking performance. Wenger is clueless in thinking that Sanogo should be within 100 miles of this club. Wenger should have been thanked for his contribution a few years ago and sent on his way. Clueless tactically and clueless in the transfer market. We’ll be lucky to finish in the top 4 at this rate. Simplyawful.


Our problems have become so obvious. We clearly still need further signings. However, we should be performing better with the squad we have now. The team isn’t well setup.

A Yank

Are we rating by number of poos? Or is that just for transfer rumors?

Today was not good. That’ll happen, but save for 10 minutes against Everton, we haven’t looked impressive at all this season.


Haha, Arsenal fans, always worth a good laugh.

Sanogo had a good game – 6 from me. Did so much right today. If you don’t agree, do yourself a favour and watch the game again, filling out a pros and cons column on paper with all the things he does right and wrong.


Umm aren’t YOU an Arsenal fan???? Apparently not.


Ozil is seriously overrated honestly I think we should sell ozil in the next transfer window but I know that’s not gonna happen.. but man he needs to sort himself out he looks too disinterested and lazy he can’t be this lazy and lackluster I don’t know what to say I can’t defend him anymore he needs to step up so much or sit on the bench. We won the f.a cup without him. The shield without him and we played much faster and better with rosicky or cazorla in the middle we can use a striker of ozils price… Read more »


Rather than overrated… underperforming. I actually liked his comments about being one of the best in the world, because it shows a bit more arrogance. The timid shy boy thing is not going to work in the Premier League, and in his defense he was a touch more aggressive today. What I want to see is the earlier releases – Sanogo was making good runs and mostly held the ball up pretty well when passed to. More of it please… I felt really bad when Sanogo was caught offside in the first half and everyone hammered him – fact was… Read more »


Ozil’s not overrated. He’s good player but with teammates, who don’t help him. If you have someone like Ronaldo in the team, one of the best movers, the best players with no ball, then it’s easier to deliver fantastic pass than to three guys who actually stand on the pitch or just jog a little bit. I think it’s more on the team and tactics than Ozil himself.

Yankee Gooner

0/10 to the physio allowing Kos back onto the pitch.

Man Manny

How about rating Wenger also. Poor selectiom. He should have changed Kos immediately. Rosicky in for Ozil earlier and other goofs… 2.5 for the manager


I agree. His selections were poor. Didn’t recognize the players that were playing badly. In my opinion, I would’ve pulled Ramsey for Wilshere, Cazorla for Rosicky, and tried to reignite the midfield at 70 min.


And Sanogo should have been pulled at the half.


Hate to say this but when a team with this much talent on paper is playing so badly it points to the possibility that they are not being managed properly. I mean players playing out of position; no game plan ( no plan A never mind a plan), lack of direction…they just look lost. Now i’ve been supportive of wenger but I believe he has to take some responsibility for what’s been going on. This TEAM (not individual players) are not being managed well enough.

Macho Man Ramsey Savage

I feel that wenger is falling for the classic trap of trying to play all our best players at once instead of trying to select a team that would be effective against the opposition in question. The team looked totally lopsided today. We have two creative midfielders on the pitch in ozil and cazorla but nobody to make runs beyond them and receive their passes. I would have started the ox instead of cazorla and moved ozil more central. This would have given us a bit more of the pace that we were crying out for. Wenger needs to learn… Read more »


Campbell not playing seems to suggest he is going. What a crime that is having seen the team today. This could be Wenger’s biggest regret as he could very well turn out to be World class in the next few years. For me Wenger has to rethink his new formation, and try his hardest to keep Joel as well as bring in a striker. Ox as great as he is isn’t a natural goal scorer and sadly neither are the majority of our other attacking mids. Whereas according to TH14 Joel is. We need the width he can give the… Read more »


plan b*


1 day left to not make it another poor old 4th place season
in no order
ALL places must be covered with “top top” quality which is definitely available
money talks, not “how open we are towards transfers”


I hated how Sanogo got blamed for going offside, when he made a perfect run and never got the pass. Then the midfielder passes (Ramsey I think), by which time the run is wasted and the commentators climb into Sanogo. It was a very poor moment. Then he went legitimately offside, then got called offside wrongly. By which stage he suddenly had a “reputation”. Wenger really rates him, and I am pretty confident he’s around the corner from being a top player for us. The pace, the physique, the junior goalscoring record. One day he’ll get some decent service and… Read more »


Sanogo has a bad habit of often being offside. It’s a little reminiscent of Chiciarito when he was getting more playing time, with one exception–Chicharito could score.


Look everyone….Arsene has an ArseblogNews account!!


You’re really going to say he hasn’t had decent service when ever he’s been on the pitch?? Bc he hasn’t scored in 16 tries, so that’s what your repetitive comment is implying. It’s not his fault, he’s had more than enough chances, starts, & sub appearances….but isn’t good enough. I’m not knocking him at all, I’m knocking Wenger for not only playing him, but giving him a squad place over Chuba or Aneke. Your repetitive comment always says to “rematch the match”, we’ll I challenge you to watch our other young forwards in action & honestly say they wouldn’t offer… Read more »


Cavani is playing for PSG tonight so I guess that’s that.


Team didnt play as bad as people saying, lack of kosy at centerback was a problem. We have to say Leicester played well as well.


May I humbly suggest to Arseblog that the manager should be rated along side the players. If Sanogo “can not be blamed for being picked when he’s not ready” someone should be!


i was not shocked by this game. We really haven’t had a good game since the Community Shield.

A new striker please! We can’t rely on Podolski/Sanago all the way until Christmas. Campbell is obviously not even in Wenger’s thoughts…

Hope OX is ok!


also, sign someone with some bloody height! we are going to keep getting injured and bullied because of our lack of physicality!

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